Horoscope for Libra – 2018

Бесплатный фрагмент - Horoscope for Libra – 2018

Russian horoscope

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Libra (23.09—22.10)


Next only about Libra

Love them in heaven

Patronize the stars

Delight all: Ah!

After all, such a good sign

And others are

It’s just a misunderstanding

No sign, only marriage

How to Get Out Libra

Tearing up the noses

And do not know that a little bit

Here for rhyme and beauty

On vacation

Wait for Egypt flight Libra

T-shirts are collected, cowards

Their vacation begins

Straight from the runway

In the store Duty Free

The door opens with a foot

This resting start

Come on, one, two, three

Take-off, flight, look here

Sea Red, water

It’s a vacation, it’s a fairy tale

High, Egypt, Hurghada!

On luck

We have a ticket to Libra

Where luck is always

Just choose a stop

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