Horoscope for career 2018

Бесплатный фрагмент - Horoscope for career 2018

Russian horoscope

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On a career horoscope

Tops the new top

Predictions on work

In the year of the dog choose

Just read the start

It is possible not to receive

Money in the way usual

And pump them down

Who has career growth

Who has no meat post

What all signs expect

Here’s about this starry post

Aries (21.03 — 19.04)

Aries business will increase

If time will devote

Learning the subject

Where to be want is not broken

Analytics, layout

Average salary in industry

Reflections on the topic

How to make a better contribution

The market is flexible and lively

You have to think with your head

Where to give, and where to reduce

Develop your business brother business

Taurus (20.04 — 20.05)

In the bosses will break Taurus

He’s an employee, well done.

Among the proud plankton

The undoubted buzzard

There will be a new coat

Shoes, tie, well, then

By portfolio, by walk

Immediately seen the main person

Wider shoulders, above the nose

And almost closed the question

In the long run

Here’s the work, here’s the colossus

Gemini (21.05 — 20.06)

Gemini will receive gifts

Money is enough for the time being

The bucks 300 million

This is not huhrY-mahr

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