Horoscope about health for 2018

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To communicate it does not matter

Without prejudice and harm

Talk about health

Always available

I will not go far

I’ll lead my health

Speech — what awaits us all

In the eighteenth year

Sign of every aspect

Here is a short summary

Thank you for attention

Respect and Respect

Aries (21.03 — 19.04)

Aries go to sport the way lies

Kohl health cherishes

Let him raise his ass from the couch

And run a little

You can run, fence

Goal to score in goal

At least some movement

And do not just drift

Sports today is the light

The joy of life’s victories

And more useful Aries will be

Stadium and not lunch

Taurus (20.04 — 20.05)

Taurus has his own way

Stars with a finger threatening

They say that food is harmful

There is much there is no way

Dear Taurus!

Here, say, a cucumber

In its fresh form it is useful

And in cans, then — kapets

Only pure water

Fruits, vegetables — always

No — salty, floury

Raw food — Yes!

Gemini (21.05 — 20.06)

Gemini has long been attracted to

Fresh air, their magnet

Horoscope for this year

Everything will fine make up

Sun, air and water

This is not nonsense for you.

The path to health directs

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