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For all signs of the zodiac

Time moves and here

A new year is coming

We compose a horoscope

Signs to all and to and from

I know he’ll be funny

Interesting, naughty

And the good will happen

Let it be with you and with me

The nineteenth year

He’s still a walker

The train started, but before

The driver gives a beep

Aries (21.03 — 19.04)

Aries is not at ease, brother

Horoscope is very happy

Waiting for next year

Rewards and awards

If you deserve something

Honestly, but did not lend

Get a big slice

Gold to myself from lived

And the reward is great

Full-flowing river

If you did not think about it

On thought of yet

If you have been working for a long time

Something has created somewhere

If you’ve worked a lot

I thought, ran, talked

The reward is

Here on the saucer keys

From an apartment or car

But do not scream about it.

Beware of black eyes

A strong evil eye is possible here

In the coal turns

Dear you diamond

The evil eye can be avoided

And the reward to withhold

If you enjoy less

And the emotions hold back

And for Aries the message

Nearby there is a place

Cute water reservoir

Fish there is full, do not consider

And for Aries the fisherman

There will be a clue for sure

The variant is excellent

There is no better yet

Taurus (20.04 — 20.05)

Sign as a sign, simple Taurus

Neither good nor scoundrel

Where is the silent one

Where is the cocky bug

Life seems to be boring

She stood firm

Only if you look closely

There is one highlight

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