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ISBN 978-5-4474-4778-6

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Hellelujah is an anthem of Love and Death, that don’t exist without each other. If you translate this text into the music language, it will be like dark jazz and post-punk. If you don’t feel music and take personally everything concerned with religion – this book is not for you. It is for those who can sacrifice and love and who thinks that these are the same things.

Об авторе

Ada Veen

Ada Veen is a pseudonym of the girl who prefers to stay unknown, but wants to be heard. She loves to steal — the name from Nabokov, the way of thinking from Eliot, paintings from Schiele. She’s pretty, but not more than you can imagine. She doesn’t love herself, but she loves to make love with herself. And that’s all you should know about her.

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