Hedgehogs’ wet noses. Snub-nosed hedgehogs

Бесплатный фрагмент - Hedgehogs’ wet noses. Snub-nosed hedgehogs

Fairy-tales about hedgehogs. Bedtime stories.

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Eight kind fairy-tales for ours babies about nice and prickly small animals. Hedgehogs’ adventure in the forest and friendship with boys and girls. They suit for reading to kids as bedtime stories or for independent reading by children.

Hedgehogs’ family

In a small village near the forest live family — mother, father and girl Liza. She is five years old. Liza is kind and sympathetic child. The girl has an old magic lamp. Liza’s granny gave it for her birthday.

The magic lamp helps the girl finds in the forest, near the house, sick animals. Anyone has fallen of a nest, anyone has injured itself paw, anyone doesn’t can get out of a ditch. Liza saves them, take at home, cares animals with mom and releases in the forest.

This morning the magic lamp is signaling about necessary helping. When all is fine, lamp shines by yellow light. But when animals need a helping, it shines blue light. Liza without hesitation rushing to the aid! The magic lamp is showing her the right way.

The sun’s warm rays break through the trees and the narrow forest path meanders the glades and hills. Near girl has found hedgehogs’ family. The smallest of them can’t get out of the pit. The hedgehog’s mother and father is going around pit and worrying! The other children are sitting nearby. They are sad.

The prickly baby is puffing and climbing. At the top it frustrates and roll down as bristly ball every time. Then it is getting up on tiny paws and trying again. The hedgehog-child will get out of pit an hour itself, but it is not difficult for Liza! Besides, hedgehog’s mom and dad need the helping! The girl is pulling baby from pit.

Our girl carefully, trying not to prick small-small needles, has taken out the hedgehog from the pit. The hedgehogs’ are happy! They are running near Liza and saying: “Fuff, fuff, fuff!”. Then they have run in the forest. Girl is pleased. She has look after the departing family.

Our Liza has come back at home and told everything to mother. Mom has commended the daughter and rewarded her a sweet bun with cherry jam and warm cacao.

On the next morning Liza has gone on the doorstep and seen three mushrooms. They are raw, with small leaves and pine needles on the hats. Just out of the woods!

“I think, this is the gift from hedgehogs!” — mother has guessed.

Since that time prickly animals have been bringing small presents to Liza’s house doorstep: mushrooms, nice leaves, acorns or plums. Girl’s mommy, daddy, granny, grandpa and all guests are pleased! They sit at the veranda, drink the tea and tell about surprises from animals!

Now hedgehogs’ family is living in the corner of the garden. Everyone can caress them. Smirnovs’ family has tamed them!

Hedgehog and Rat

It so happened that Hedgehog and Rat have become friends. They met once in autumn forest and didn’t know what they what to do: to fight or pass on. They didn’t see each other early. Hedgehog lives in the forest at the burrow. And Rat lives in boy’s Matthew old house. Rat has all, what it wants: games, food, water and its house in cage. But it wants adventures! Sometimes it runs away from Matthew, because it wants to unwind, stroll through the wild forest, to forgive the boy resentment that yesterday did not play with it.

Today our Rat is running away again. It is taking along only a piece of cheese in a bag. But it has got lost! It doesn’t can come back! Rat is going on the forest and seeing an unusual animal! It’s like her, but its body covered needles from head to toe. They are staying opposite each other and puffing. Don’t know whether to be afraid or to trust.

“Would you like some cheese?” — Rat has asked. Hedgehog has agreed. Cheese is liked him, because it is taste and nutritious.

Hedgehogs and Rat have struck up a conversation. Prickly animal knows Rat’s house. It has agreed to conduct new friend to the house’s door. They have done it. Since then animal have become friends. Rat hasn’t any friends, except for busy Matthew. Hedgehog hasn’t friends too, because it’s afraid, that somebody will steal his stocks.

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