Heavenly rebelion

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Chapter 1

Los Angeles… City of angels. The city of hopes and the destroyed dreams. City full of love and passion, hatred and anger. City of entertainments. Sin City. The fact that Los Angeles was not surprising and remains the favourite place for hunting of demons. And time this city was so attractive to attendants of hell, needless to say, that there will be also a counterbalance here. But not acting through angels, and their children — nefilim and those who were called to exterminate offsprings of heaven, hunters. Old enemies, having united the forces, already hundreds of years fight shoulder to shoulder against the evil.

Worldwide the Centers in which children of angels lived were created, the Councils of War gathered and negotiations were conducted. One of such was also in Los Angeles. Every time, after death of hunters or nefilim in this infinite fight, the Centers rearranged, equalizing forces, compensating losses by new fighters. Generally it were hunters who were recruited from mere mortals of people. They were carefully selected, trained and let into intimate secrets of the good and evil. Showed a way to parallel measurements from which demons also came. After all undergone checks and successfully passed examinations, hunters were distributed in groups from nefilima on all Centers.

And here now, the Los-Anzhelesky Center expected arrival of two hunters on replacement to the dead couple of days ago in a fierce fight.

— Why Council surely has to send to us someone? — negoduyushche Sayfer spoke, standing on a roof of St. Sophia Cathedral and peering into fires of the night city. — Three together we will quite cope. So there were hundreds of years! And we do not need the help of these damned murderers at all!

— Sai, be appeased. — Penelope of the twin brother straightened out. — Hunters are necessary to us. Without their help the Centers will not cope. Ranks of hunters can be joined from ordinary people. They are enough, unlike us. Nefilimov remained too little.

— Here and let they battle in other places! On me, so the good hunter is a dead hunter. Never loved them. — Sayfer gloomy put the strong hands on a broad chest. — What are you silent, Sofira? Tell the opinion on this occasion that Penny sawed not me one!

— I am afraid to disappoint you, Sai, here and I am silent, — the girl quietly spoke, sitting on a parapet and having given legs from a roof down. Her dark long hair were frayed by wind as if playing with silk locks. Sad gray eyes were directed afar. — Hunters long time were our executioners. I did not forget it not for a moment, my friend. But to defend this peace, our forces are not enough. Time made of me the realist. And I agree with Penny, without hunters we will not stand.

— Women! — Sayfer sniffed. — You always on one party!

Sofie smiled on the next flash of irritability of the old friend. When Sayfer was angry, his tigerish gold eyes were lit by a bright flame as now. Black as night, hair were as well as are always tousled as if at all did not know a crest. It resembled so the sister, and at the same time is not present. Penelope’s hair were same black, but here eyes were more dark, brown. And the character was softer, but the obstinacy was the same. Both quite often argued, and any did not want to concede. Sofie always acted as the buffer between them.

All three were always together how many herself was remembered by Sofira. After the death of mother, it got and strongly got stuck in their company. Ages of wanderings, battles side by side brought together them so that twins did not think of themselves without Sofira any more and often called her the younger sister. Nefilima were immortal, and Sofira thanked God that there was no one in the eternity.

Sayfer not for nothing stormed this evening. He always sharply reacted to presence of hunters near it. He, as well as his sisters, remembered what it to live in an infinite race from them. And only half-millennium ago a truce for the sake of fight against the general enemy whose attacks went beyond any framework was officially called.

There have to arrive two hunters, instead of the death of one this evening. So that in their Center there will be at the same time dozen of hunters and only three nefilim, apart from the senior mentors of a nefilim of Michaela and the hunter Dzheymson. It is too much old enemies that sustained Sayfer’s nerves. Sofie with a heavy sigh already expected how she will begin to separate a large number of fights and to calm the excited heads. Penelope preferred to be on the party of the brother, but not to get into fights. This is Sofie at them was the peacekeeper.

Sayfer still muttered something on other end of a roof when Sofie shuddered from the run fever on a back.

— Do you feel it? — She rose to the feet, peering acute angelic eyesight down into city bustle.

— Demons? — with hope Sayfer questioned, arising nearby as if by magic.

— No. Hunters. They already here. — Gloomy Penelope answered, getting up on edge near the brother and turning an eye down.

Nefilima could feel hunters as in their veins the same blood flowed. Thus, nefilima were born immortal with angelic forces, and hunters gained these advantages, having enjoyed at recruitment of angelic blood.

Now Sofira’s veins hooted from proximity of new members of their Center. The more was hunters, the blood of nefilim was excited stronger. Her eyes burned with silvery shine, monitoring approach to Cathedral. The roar of two motors reached ears, and then she saw two bikes, the aggressive chromeplated look which easily carried the owners tightened in black skin.

— And horses on infernal fuel, — Sayfer hemmed contemptuously. — As it is not original. Also it is asked on whose they to the party?

— You know rules, Sai. — Chilly threw Penny. — So far weapon not directionally on nefilim, it can be any origin. Including it is borrowed demons.

— Yes, of course. — Sayfer muttered in reply, without cramping the blinked eyes from newcomers.

Here they stopped at a high porch, dismounted and took off helmets. At Sofie the convulsive sigh at the sight of one of them suddenly escaped. One was a bald black, and the girl hardly looked at him. And here the second was the high broad-shouldered blonde who sparkled a white teeth grin to the friend and it is easy as if the wild mountain lion, ran up to massive front doors. And even after both disappeared in depth of cathedral in which the Los-Anzhelesky Center secretly from human eyes was located, Sofie could not recover from what was seen for a long time.

— Sofie! Are you ok? — anxiously Penelope sighed, grabbing the girlfriend hand. — You so turned pale! Do you know them?!

— One… Videla earlier. — Barely audible Sofie spoke.

— And judging by expression of your person, this was not a meeting of old friends, — Sayfer hemmed.

— He reminded me one person… Everyone creates for himself personal hell. And if I was not mistaken, then it is my hell.

Chapter 2.

The oldest of the representatives filled with each Center. Nefilim and hunter. The meeting of new fighters, than now actually entered one of their duties and Michaela and Dzheymson were busy.

— Zakar and Gabriel, we are glad that you filled up our modest collective, — warmly smiling, Michaela when three nefilim left from round the corner down a corridor said. They probably again were on a roof, having chosen this place the consultative point. Michaela frowned, looking at this Trinity. Dzheymson took up an initiative for the colleague and began explanations of rules of their Center, and also an explanation of location of their rooms. When the old hunter finished, Michaela added. — I hope that our cooperation will be mutual and long, and will not be interrupted so soon, as in a case with Maykols.

— About it you can not worry, madam. We are not going to say goodbye to lives in the nearest future. — The voice of the blonde was deep and gruffish. On Sofira’s back ran a shiver again, chilling its blood.

— Remarkably, — Michaela chilly dropped. — And now, if they here, give I you I will acquaint with our main force.

Hunters turned back, having looked at three the suitable nefilim.

His eyes were just the same. Green and light, as a young grass on spring. They as if shone from within, burning Sofie through. His hair were in a disorder as if tousled by a hand and cast gold in dim illumination of a corridor. Even the figure did not differ from her memoirs. High, with a proud turn of big shoulders, with perfectly developed muscles. Strong and fast. Ruthless. With a dazzling smile of the rake and a cold glance of the murderer.

— This is Sayfer and Penelope Lassing, and Sofira MorinGrey. Our newly arrived fighters Zakar Blackwell and Gabriel Enzhels, — Michaela said, but Sofie heard her, as in fog. Even name… The name was the same…

On a beautiful face of Gabriel the shadow as soon as the name of the pale girl with huge gray eyes was announced that looked at it at first with doubt, but now with an anger spark slipped. Lines of her nice face in the eyes changed from confusion on aggression. Soft lips clenched to the firm line, the pallor was changed by a rage flush.

— Did you tell, MorinGrey? — in a mouth dried up and Gabriel had to clean a throat before asking.

— Yes, Sofira one of the best in the States. — It is proud Michaela confirmed and continued to chirp, indifferently. — It with twins costs the whole dozen. They already almost a century in our Center. They are the best defenders of the City of Angels…

— So means, Gabriel Enzhels, — told how Sofira spat out, having forced to stop the tutor stop short. Its voice was sharp, and the look was capable to freeze the Sahara. — What improper name for the fighter of angels! Do not you find?

She did not begin to wait for the answer, having turned away and having gone from cathedral. Twins of Lassing followed the girlfriend, without having commented on the come true acquaintance in any way and having left behind itself intense silence.

— It is strange what it on it found? Usually Sofira is silent as the ghost, — Dzheymson puzzly murmured.

— I assume, usually it seldom faces the past, — Gabriel hemmed.

— And you met earlier? — Michaela threw up an eyebrow, taking a stare of the fair-haired hunter.

— We are not present. But, perfectly knowing history of my family, I can assume that Sofira took me for one distant relative who played a sad role in its past.

— And what the role was? — Michaela pushed, in advance expecting the answer.

— Executioner. He was given the order to kill the woman MorinGrey and her angelic daughter. The task was performed not up to the end. And now, it seems, I will pay for this annoying miss.

— But there passed so much time … — there began Michaela, but Gabriel with irritation interrupted her.

— I am similar to the ancestor, as like as two peas. I was also called in honor of him because of amazing similarity. — It it is upset ran a hand over hair, hopelessly trying to smooth them. — It is sure that Council played a dirty trick with me, perfectly realizing whom I will face. And here question! For what it was required to them?

— Perhaps some mistake? — Dzheymson assumed. — But even if is not present, I all the same will check. And if it is possible, I will request the translation…

— Is not necessary, — Gabriel sparkled the boyish smile. — Past mistakes need to be corrected. And I will not run away from them.

Having picked up from a floor a backpack with the not numerous belongings, Gabriel easily went to the new room.

Chapter 3.

Safira flew over the night city. Tears of rage dimmed eyes, and strong wings with whistle cut cold darkness. Behind she heard a dispute of twins that flew behind it slightly at some distance, hesitating to disturb her.

How could allow Council it? How did dare? The history MorinGrey — Enzhels was perfectly known to them. And it… It is so similar to the one who was guilty in the death of her mother and the subsequent her persecutions. How many times she battled for the life against it… Not with it, and with his primogenitor! They resembled so that Sofira finally got confused. She split the head from the flashing images before eyes. Blood… Everywhere blood and among all chaos there is a body of her mother. Lifeless. Such is a penalty of fallen and their darlings. Death.

And it. Gabriel Enzhels towers over splinters of her life with the blood-stained blades in hands. His eyes were more dark and more rigid, and hair, on the contrary, cast silver. Now, remembering the smallest details, Sofie understood that at present Enzhels eyes were lighter, and in hair there was a gold of the sun. And the smile so quickly faded at sounds of her name was softer. Not that grin that was remembered by Sofie, being a small nefilim.

After murder of her mother, Sofie swore to exterminate all threat for herself. All Enzhelsov that will dare to follow its ways. Them was not so much. Five or six for all her life till Agreement times. Now her revenge will be related to the beginning of war. So, this Gabriel Enzhels will live. Its personal hell with the face of the murderer. Its punishment for the birth on this light in which at all it is not guilty.

So inopportunely her father whom she also did not know at all was now remembered. The angel banished to hell for the falling. Mother never mentioned his name at her and Sofie not strongly was interested. Its heritage flowed in her veins. Its force granted it wings. His sin cast her life into chaos. She hated it also desperately, as well as Enzhelsov, hunters.

How it to be now? How to live and battle side by side against the person whose person and a name — reflection of its most cruel nightmares?

Its anguish was sharply torn off by a pulsation in a breast. Demons. Close.

Having looked from height of heaven, Sofira distinguished far below Oliver Street with its restaurants, clubs and shops. Boutiques of expensive clothes were closed for the night, and here music across the road rattled, and bright fires flashed. The crowd to the people waited for the turn in pass of expensive club. Round the corner buildings there was a dark lane, and the fog seen only by Sofie exactly there curled.

In a moment, terrible creatures, not less than five crept out of a haze. Pale and bony, as if the zombie, with the oblezshy and decaying skin, with black empty eye-sockets and sharp claws on long extremities. Mouths were widely opened, showing yellow canines with lethal poison.

People at club also did not suspect about the approaching invisible danger, and Sofie, without deliberating seconds, sharply dived down. Having grabbed with hands by the scruff as if kittens, at once two demons, it at a full speed rushed in the closest show-window of shop, on the run causing the portal in a smooth surface.

Demons published the deafening indignant cry and began to escape violently from a tenacious grasp of a nefilim. Having angrily grinned, Sofira flew by through the portal, having appeared in the World behind the looking-glass. That there was a parallel reality in which fierce war between the good and evil was conducted, mostly. Here Sofira could not be concealed more, the World behind the looking-glass was absolutely empty, without people.

Around the same skyscrapers and the well-known buildings of the city of Angels towered, but there was no noise of cars and a sound of voices. The terrible silence was accompaniment to all. Only nefilima and hunters could open the portal here, having brought for themselves demons on mortal fight.

And now, soaring over two spiteful creatures that a moment ago strictly threw on the earth, it could give vent to the anger. Having thrown up hands over the decaying bones of demons, nefily called sacred fire of heaven that immediately directed from her palms down. Demons began to squeal and rushed in different directions, hardly the heat of a flame concerned them.

— You always complicate everything! — Sofie sighed and directed down on the enemies.

She did not worry at all that remained in the world of people, there were her best friends. Sayfer and Penny will take care of other monsters. And she will vent all the pain here.

Having sharply waved wings, it sent a vortex stream under legs to one demon. And when that fell and rolled on the ground in vain attempt to be untangled from the extremities and to rise, Sofie turned the angry look on the second. The flame broke from her fingers, having clasped a nasty creature in strong embraces. The monster writhed and shouted, but could not escape. Moments later its agony, unfortunately Sofira, terminated in bright explosion and a small group of ashes, dispelled downwind.

Having fatefully sighed for the gloomy work, Sofie was going to be engaged in the second demon as something seized her by a leg and strongly pulled down. Having screamed from surprise and resisting strong wings, the girl turned back. The remained unattended demon oklematsya from rigid falling and now, having released from a mouth long tongue with suckers, seized them an ankle of a nefilim. Footwear assumed all power of sharp canines that stuck out of each sucker and now mercilessly tore soft skin of a high boot.

— Here, nasty thing! You spoiled my favourite boots! — in rage Sofira cried out, snatching out from a sheath on a belt a short blade.

Several words in angelic language and an edge were tripled, turning into a full-fledged katana in hands of a nefilim. Sparkling and killing, as if a lightning in storm heaven. One exact wave and the demon squeals in an agony, a bryzzh black blood from the chopped-off language. With disgust having dumped a dead piece of flesh from a leg, Sofira rushed down and sharp blow of a sword demolished the bony head.

The body of the demon shuddered in the last convulsion and calmed down. Everything that it was necessary to make Sofie, it to remove weapon back in a sheath and to incinerate evil remains. Having finished it, she flew up to the next show-window and opened the portal back to the world of people. But having passed through it, Sofie appeared in the thick of a fight.

Chapter 4.

Fight invisible to people took place in the dark lane. Sai and Penny battled against demons who appeared more, than at first sight Sofira. But also nefilima were not some now. There were those with whom they got acquainted a few hours ago in cathedral. Hunters. Zakar and… Gabriel. Twins, having noticed Sofira, anxiously inspected it on symptoms of wounds and, without having noticed them, immediately returned to a fight.

And Sofie could not move. She as captivated, looked at the fair-haired soldier that effortlessly battled against three attendants of hell. The rigid grin did not leave a beautiful courageous face as if he enjoyed process. As if dancing, Gabriel gave mortal wounds to demons the sharp blades, itself remaining safe. Its movements were fast and exact as if at well harmonious mechanism. They struck with the force and skill.

And when all three demons, with a disgusting squelch and a crunch having died, disappeared in the reality, Gabriel with the satisfied snicker turned back and faced shrill gloss of silvery eyes. Devushka-nefilim, from family MorinGrey, stood at the beginning of the lane and did not tear off from it an intense look. The fight approached the end and its help was not required therefore Gabriel carefully moved to it. He did not notice it at the beginning of fight when they with Zakar arrived here, having received an alarm signal. But he saw out of the corner of the eye shine of the portal, so, she was in the World behind the looking-glass, battled absolutely alone.

Having run a concerned look its fragile figure, Gabriel found the boot top which is broken off by something sharp. But he did not scent blood, so it did not suffer what he was glad to, to the surprise. Though he also saw it only for the first time today, but something in it hooked on him. Its fragility, grief in gray eyes, a proud turn of shoulders and a nervous podragivaniye of gray wings behind the back. Having carefully got closer to her as if to a wild small animal, he as it is possible more friendly, asked:

— With you everything is all right?

— In full, — there was a cold abrupt reply.

— We had not a really warm acquaintance, and I would like to correct…

— What? — Her lips again strong clenched, and eyes were lit more brightly, showing angelic relationship. — You will not be able to correct deeds, the Hunter!

— The past remained in the past. — Chilly Gabriel threw, having guessed that reconciliations today to him not to achieve. — I am not responsible for actions of the ancestors.

— What I see before myself is not illusive at all. — Sofie convulsively squeezed a sheath of the katana in a fist.

— Good weapon, — having looked at her belt, the hunter tried to change the subject.

— It will not be required to me to draw one more Enzhels! — Ice of its voice walked on Gabriel’s backbone as if a knife.

It sharply threw up on it the light green eyes with doubt in them. He heard that he exterminated his many ancestors some nefily. All of them were killed, except for his grandfather, the father and him. The guilty person was not found. Really, it it…

Gabriel took a step forward, intending to shake out from it all truth. But Sofira did not begin to wait for attack obediently. She rose in air only by couple of meters and with such force waved wings that the blonde flew away to an opposite wall, brought down by wind force from legs. Having hit with scope against a bricklaying, it with hoarse groan slipped on dirty asphalt. Zakar rushed to him, and twin-nefilimy in perplexity stiffened in the middle of the lane. The ringing silence hung in mid-air.

Gabriel stirred up the head, driving away the asterisks flashing before eyes and slowly rose to the feet. He was shocked by force and anger, stored so long time in her soul. Yes, stay in the city of Angels obviously boring will not be. He lifted up on it the gloomy eyes full of a promise.

— The past is only the past, isn’t it, the Hunter?! — Its voice was reflected cold sarcasm from high walls of the lane. Lips were twisted in a smile, copying its manner. Or it is rather, a manner of that Gabriel whom it knew. Having turned away from him with haughty contempt, she called other nefilim. — Sayfer! Penny! We come back home.

As if on command, all three flew up and were dissolved in night. Having taken couple of steps, Gabriel swayed, and Zakar immediately came to be nearby, supporting the friend.

— Shaved, you are sure that you do not want the translation? This hot thing will become still that splinter.

— Everything is all right, Zakar. It — a burden of my family. The hostility between us will be finished. Either truce, or death. I will take care of it, the friend, be sure. — Gloomy Gabriel spoke, having slapped the black hunter it can do. Having warmed up the back aching from blow, he went to the motorcycle.

Chapter 5.

Days hung heavy and tiresomely. Demons quieted down a little. Only couple of attacks dispelled a melancholy gloom. Already two weeks as Sofira lived, ike a cat on a hot tin roof. And to all it, Gabriel was fault. Whenever possible, it avoided it as could. And at a meeting strongly pretended that it does not exist. What was devilishly difficult.

Each time she hated herself more and more when she caught herself on thoughts of it. She has to wish it to death all fibers of the eternal soul! But instead it faded at sounds of his laughter, her knees gave away from the smile seen accidentally addressed not to it. His eyes burned in it a brand, and it absolutely lost a dream and rest.

Holy Christ, well why her sworn enemy is beautiful as if an angel? She remembered the murderer of the mother. Its beauty was cold, devil. But this Gabriel was as if it is weaved from light and gold. He did not resemble that monster at all that so often pursued Sofie in dreams.

Its feelings stayed in terrible confusion, and she despised herself for such weakness. With it absolutely it was impossible to be because of its nervous breakdowns nearby, and twins decided to provide it personal space for a respite. All understood around a situation in which they appeared because of Council, but tried not to focus attention on it.

Here and today’s night Sofira rushed about on the bed, vainly trying to fall asleep. But kind of not so. Once she closed eyes, before her that hour scenes of battle with Gabriel in a leading role flashed. But instead of being protected, Sofie admired its movements, faded with its force and, eventually, fell to the ground dead with its blade in a breast.

— Yes you be damned! — in a fit of temper the girl exclaimed, having jumped, as stung, out of bed.

No, in the nearest future to it not to fall asleep, and Sofira went to library, hoping that the boring book will easily strike it to Morpheus’s kingdom.

St. Sophia Cathedral was constructed in 1952 and was located on U. Street around “The Harvard heights”. The facade of the building struck with the simplicity, but inside the cathedral was fantastically beautiful.

In a back part of church premises of the Center were located. There strangers, for quite conscious reasons were not allowed. On the first floor were located library where the rare and valuable copies including the history of emergence of nefilim and hunters were collected. The dining room in which all members of the Center, whether it be a festive dinner, or a mourning lunch occasionally gathered. And, at last, an office of heads of the Center in which important negotiations with other Centers and Council were held and also military meetings on distribution of forces in the city and its areas were conducted. On the second floor there were rooms of hunters, and the third with an exit to a roof belonged to nefilima. Winged beings liked to be closer to heaven, for this reason they had free access on a roof where they could be, without being thawed by others eyes and ears. When nefily dismissed the wings, it became invisible to a look of mere mortals.

In cathedral there was an absolute silence. It was music for sensitive hearing of Sofie. Having silently reached library, the girl frowned. The door was slightly opened, and from the room dim light from a desk lamp flew. But Sofie immediately waved away from the alarm. The mentor Dzheymson often sat up behind books late and when went to sleep, quite often forgot to turn off for himself light.

Safira slipped a shadow in library and quickly reached distant shelves at a window. Having taken the first that came hand, the girl was developed to a door and came across a stare of green eyes. Gabriel sat in a chair with a high back with the book in hands. Safira swore about itself twice — the chair stood a back to a door, and she did not notice that she not only has insomnia.

The hunter was silent, watchfully watching it. Sofie, trying to minimize a meeting, took a step to a door. But Gabriel immediately jumped and blocked an aperture big shoulders. Sofie’s eyes extended in perplexity, but she immediately got it together. To it not to intimidate her. Not in this life. It slowly, without cramping from it intense eyes, put the book on the next surface and it is weakened lowered hands on each side. Gabriel as the excellent fighter, perfectly knew that her tranquility affected. It could dart off and snatch in any second on it with a shattering strength of angels. Trying to calm her, he raised hands in a conciliatory gesture and quietly said:

— At this room quite lovely interior. Let’s not spoil it our skirmish. Besides we in the God’s temple…

— Oh, I perfectly know it, the servant of heaven! — Safira tried to muffle in itself panic from caress of its voice, hiding behind caustic sarcasm.

— Listen, so cannot proceed further, — having turned to its insult a deaf ear, Gabriel told and lowered hands. — We have to try to release the past to live further. We battle in one war shoulder to shoulder, and I have to be sure that you will not thrust to me a knife in a back in the next fight.

— I do not kill in such shameful way. It is rather a prerogative of your brother or, in this case, your forefather. — Her words exuded with poison. Told them cut her to the quick, her mother was killed foully, a blade in a back.

— I am not responsible for its actions, devil take it! I did not even exist in those days! — Gabriel muttered, losing patience. — I did not choose in whose family to be born…

— As well as I! — desperately Sofie screamed. — But unlike you, I am guilty that I was born! — Its voice ringed from centuries-old pain. It was so notable in air between them that the hunter uncomfortably shrank. — But I did not choose it too, did not ask… Why then the Lord punishes me? You cannot know what it to live, all the time fearing attacks, to knock about the world tirelessly for the sake of one more day. To fight to death for the life again and again!

— Yes, life is not fair. But recognize, and you are not an angel! You ruthlessly exterminated my sort … — the hunter began to be protected, but it was ruthlessly interrupted.

— In me … — Sofira hissed, having released fog huge wings behind the back. Her eyes began to sparkle in the twilight silver. — … it is much more from my father, than you think. And I killed to live. All prostrate me, were those who attacked the first.

— All right, — again threw up Gabrielle’s hands and took a step back. It did not want to incite hatred more. He was eager for truce and if for this purpose it has to concede to the first, well, he will concede and will forgive it. — In the past many mistakes were made. But now … — something in his eyes forced Sofie to tremble. — May I hope for truce now? I am not guilty in death of any nefilim and I do not deserve your rage. I as well as you, did not choose the destiny. But if so it happened, I ask, do not put fault of my sort before you on my shoulders. I am afraid, I will not sustain this cargo.

Safira slowly lowered wings and hid them, returning to their dark image tattoos on skin of shovels. Her intense look grew dull to human and not for a moment did not release the hunter before itself. His hands were divorced in open gesture, the look of a light emerald was sincere and uncertain. She so wanted to trust it, but the past did not want to release. And feelings which arose in her heart to it did not help at all. She has to hate, for the sake of herself, for the sake of the mother. But in her veins blood of her father, an angel flows. And forgiveness also in its nature, on a row with arrogance.

Gabriel gave to a nefilim the hand, having taken a step forward.

— World? — with hope he asked, looking as her eyes thaw in illusive gloss of tears.

Safira made an uncertain step towads to the enemy. His eyes shone hope, the hand was firm and did not tremble when she poorly enclosed the palm. It was small and fragile in comparison with it, as well as her trust. “Holy Christ, do not betray my heart, I ask you!” — about herself Sofira violently begged, and aloud firmly said:

— The world, but if you try to kill me, to spit on the Agreement — I will break off you to pieces!

— It suits me, — on his face the boyish naughty smile such open and light blossomed that it struck to Sofir as if blow by a knife. As if the sun ascended from behind the clouds, and it was heated in its blessed beams granting it forgiveness of heaven.

Having convulsively sighed, Sofira pulled out the palm from a strong male hand. As if a wounded small animal, her heart without restraint beat in a breast.


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