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Harmonious Economics or The New World Order

Harmonious Economics or The New World Order

2nd edition by supplemented

329 стр.
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The modern economy, whose driving force is income, and not benefits to people, is inevitably monetary, rental, and exploitative. She does not cope with modern problems. In order for the economy to become a factory of useful things, it must abandon liberal principles, change the management philosophy, priorities and tools. The theory and features of building such an economy are presented in this book. It is original and has no world analogues.

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Vladimir Chabanov
Chabanov Vladimir Emelyanovich, was born 01/15/1938 in a family of «enemy of the people.» In 1963 he graduated from the Electrophysical Faculty of the Leningrad Electrotechnical Institute. In 1993 he defended his thesis Doctor of Technical Sciences. In recent years, he worked at the St. Petersburg Polytechnic University as a professor at the Faculty of Physics. Author of 3 monographs on physics and 9 on economics, as well as more than 100 reports, articles, reports, patents and inventions

Над книгой работали:

Ekaterina Bereznikova
Interpreter and translator
Victor Ryazanov
Scientific editor: PhD in Economics, Honoured Worker of Higher Education of the RF, Head of the Department of Economic Theory of the S-P State University