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The book is written in a humorous genre. Anastasia, a daughter of the minister, lives near the Kremlin, alone, in a huge apartment, dreaming of meeting the man of her dreams. On March 8, she invites one of her acquaintances, the guy she has long liked. It’s going to be a languid evening.

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In anticipation of the party

On the morning of March 8, Anastasia woke up in high spirits. There was a wonderful spring weather outside, the sun was baking, birds were singing. The phone line had been burning there all day — she was congratulated by girl friends and acquainted men, and it brought her a great deal of pleasure.

In addition, she already had important plans for the evening, that day she invited only one guest, Nikita. He was the man she really liked, and she considered him a very promising candidate for a husband.

It is safe to say that in appearance, Nicky was a guy of handsome presence, about two meters tall. He dressed well, in the sense that he followed fashion trends in the choice of clothes and perfume, drove a decent luxury car.

Well, it wasn’t a Bentley, of course, but, however, why did she need the Bentley. What the hell did she need it. The most important thing was that the man would be good and reliable.

There was still plenty of time until the evening, so Nastya made a general cleaning of her luxurious apartment, properly dolled up and began to wait for the guest.

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