Hamsters Country

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Tale about Friendship

Once upon a time in one not very small, but not very big Tale Land lived a little Hamster. His name was Ham. He got only «A’s» during study at school. In his grade he already done all tasks on Math’s, he also read all the books on other subjects. The little hamster wore glasses, because spent a lot of time looking at computer’s screen. He played different computer games, it was best thing to do. He spent hours looking at laptop screen, sometimes giggling, because of his victory on the next level of the game.

At the neighborhood of his family, lived a hamster named Khom. Khom did not study very well at school, but he knew how to defend his own hamster’s interests very well. Stylish backpack or delicious cheese could easily become his property, because hamster simply took it from any inhabitant of this fabled street. He teased Ham and Ham as response run into his house, and looking out of window, shouted to drown out his fear and not to hear how Khom called him «coward». It could go on the whole magic half of an hour.

And so the fight of two hamsters could be continuing, but once the chubby Ham went to exercise not in virtual victories, but on a battlefield. Little by little he built up his muscles, which became loaded, movable, capable of responding with lightning speed to any

move outside. He was unrecognizable from a chubby he transformed into sportive young hamster. And from now on, when he met Khom, he was not afraid any more. Khom stopped teasing Ham as coward, so there were no reasons anymore for them not to become friends.

Khom got interested in «strategic games» and even got better marks at school. Friends got the common interests. Such wise hamsters impacted on development of each other: begun to train the brain and the body.

Once upon a time they were climbing up the wall of 20-storey building, to watch the sunrise. The sun rose early and since the hamsters do not sleep at night time, but just during the day time, they were already prepared for the journey. Though they were not alpinists, they looked exactly like them. They were climbing up and up along the vertical wall…

They both, behind two cheeks, had a whole store of food, because all hamsters carry the food this way. Most of all, hamsters love potatoes, grapes and little birds’ eggs. They willingly eat

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