Guidance to happy death

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“Why do you look for the living among the dead?”

Bible, Luke 24:5

“I know your deeds; you have a reputation of being alive, but you are dead.”

Bible: Revelation 3:1—3

“Do you know what feels strange about this hospital? Nobody is laughing here.

The person who is not able to laugh anymore has no more reason to be here.”

Conversation in hospital


This book is dedicated to the people from whom I have learned the secrets about life and death: especially Michel Boje, my patient for several years who taught me about the mystery of death (he had hepatitis C, was addicted to narcotics but was able to fulfil his dreams), my beloved father Nikolaj Kozevnikov, former chief engineer for hydropower station construction in Russia, who taught me (he is in his 80s) the art of resolving any extreme situations, my dear lovely Danish husband professor Leif Bjørnø who taught me (and he is still teaching) the art of adaptation of any life challenges and many-many others who were my daily teachers in the school of life and death. Thanks to all of them this book was created.


— Do you have some extra time in your very busy life to read this book?

— Why extra time? — You can ask.

— Simply, because you are underway to your last place of rest — to the cemetery! Are you not? You are. Do not be silly! We are all underway together to the same place. We are on the same road. Time is spare. A lifetime is the most valuable and the most wasted resource in our life.

Would you still like to spend some hours with me to read about the mystery of life and death? Good! Stay with me and you will be rewarded with new knowledge, discoveries, and practical advice about how to make your existence richer, long lasting, and cheerful.

Now the first truth: you are dying and there is no way to escape. You are coming closer and closer to your life’s dead end. You have already made a good part of this pilgrimage. You are doing this everyday, with every step you make, with every breath you take and with every decision you choose. Do you think that you can avoid the dead end of life? No way! There is no escape — it doesn’t matter if you are a vegetarian and doing your yoga exercises or if you enjoy drinking alcohol everyday with black out experiences at the end of the day: both strategies have the same ending — at the cemetery. There is only one thing that is certain in your life: you will be dead one day. Do not fool yourself with unrealistic dreams. Jesus told about coming back, Buddha told the same, the terminator in every TV serial sent the same tricky message “I will come back”. Only the terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) was able to perform it with the help of modern movie techniques. No one ever comes back from the dead end of life to report about the transition processes.

Life is a marathon and everybody will be awarded with the first price: a place in the cemetery.

A near death experience is still good stuff to psychoanalysis, medical brain science and a lot of science fiction (it is good business indeed) — but very little of the truth here. I have had such experiences not once but several times in my life. Each experience was very different, colourful, and beautiful to watch and feel, maybe all of them were simply creations of my very tricky and wonderful brain, nerve system and the chemical processes in a dying body. I came back every time, but I was not totally dead, only partly and temporary.

You, my friend, are surely one of the billions of dying people on this planet. I am too — together with you. Can you feel it? Your wonderfully clever body one day will turn into your enemy and will deceive you. What can you do about it? Something you still can….

Stay with me and I will tell you how to die slower and in a more pleasant way. This book was created as a part of Belbooks© concept and will answer the questions: how to have a beautiful, painless, enjoyable, slow-speed and meaningful death. If it is possible for me it is possible for you too — using your own personal experience and touch. Try to follow some of my guidance and find what is working for you. We are all different, therefore explore this book and make your own experiences available. It is worthwhile to try because my experience with many of my students and patients shows that methods developed by me are good and reliable (and very simple) and the results are great. Some of my followers are more than 90 and still have wonderful health and life energy.

I wish you a wonderful journey with a lot of discoveries. And now a Russian toast: “For your health and long-lasting life! Cheers!”

Is the glass half empty or half full? Are you living or dying? I will tell you that you are both. This is the duality of life. You cannot really distinguish. Sometimes you react (or act) as a living person, sometimes as a dying (or dead). But you do it unconsciously in many cases. I will show you how you can make the choice consciously.

Many people “think” that they are a living person and they build their life from this imagination. They postpone all of life’s important decisions for “tomorrow”. They think that they have plenty of time ahead. If you are this kind of person — be careful! Tomorrow never comes. There exist only today and it is the “last today” everyday. Tomorrow is the biggest illusion.

Therefore the right motivation for a dying person (who you are, actually) should be made from another principle. I suggest making the decision from the position of Love: love to yourself, love to people around you, love to our planet.

How can you be rude with a person who you truly love and you know is dying? No way! You will do your best for this poor guy — yourself! Maybe tomorrow will be too late! This is the best motivation to make the right decisions. Hurry up! Learn how to die with dignity and beauty.

Here is my interaction plan with you. Read it and practice it. It will help you to make your life richer and filled with many new challenges and opportunities.

— Meaning of death

— Best diet for a dying person

— Day plan for a dying person

— Physical exercises for a dying body

— Breathing exercises for a dying person. “Dead man” exercise

— Holidays for a dying person

— Work/business for a dying person

— Love and relationship for a dying person

— Sex for a dying person. Orgasm as a open door to meet death

— Death and creativity

— Death and spiritual growth

— Death is beautiful — memento more!

This book is a manual for self study. It is not a medical book. It has the form of simple (but powerful) recommendations. If you are willing to apply some methods from this book in your lifestyle, please, remember, that it is your own responsibility. We advise that some people should have the professional consultation with health specialists before they make any adjustments in their daily lifestyle.

1. Meaning of death

A person went to the doctor to have a regular blood test. The doctor takes the results of the electronic test and is silence for 10 second. The patient starts to feel uneasy. “What’s wrong, doc?” “I think you have a serious problem. Deadly serious.” “How much time do I have?” “I do not know exactly, but not more than several months”. The person goes home in choking mood. Underway he starts to realised that his life is about over. It is not necessary to buy a new house, to be angry with crazy neighbours, to call the travel agency, to negotiate about a new bank loan. It is not important any more. No time for such small things. The person starts to think about what is important for him just now? He has forgotten what he wants in his life, what was his dreams, what life is all about. The next day the doc calls at 7 am and apologized; he looked at the wrong results. It was not his results. He has only diabetes 2, high blood pressure and high cholesterol — such a relief! He is happy again and starts to call neighbours claiming of noise in the evening, calling the bank and to his chief. Life is going on. Dreams can wait. He is full of energy investing his life to small unnecessary but time demanded tasks.

Can you recognise this situation? Life is a chain of small “necessary” actions, which create the illusion of daily activities. But who demands these actions? Society? You? Culture? Religion? That is why I would like to present to you the first concept about the truth of life. If someone tries to convince you to do something, simply ask 2 questions:

1. Who will benefit if you (a dying person) do/buy/invest your time in ….

2. Will you benefit as a “dying” person if you do/buy/invest your time in ….


Only people know that they will die one day. Animals, trees, and minerals have no consciousness about death. Human beings from the age of 3—4, especially people from the modern part of the world, know that death is part of existence — but they are so arrogant they ignore this fact. No subjects in school educate about proper death.

Aborigines and primitive society have a more “easy” attitude towards death as a natural process. Some of them even celebrate death as a funny and joyful event. Some groups of people in Indonesia have a laughter party for the celebration of death and during the funeral they even manage to “lose” the dead body — they just thrown it in the ground and laugh together under way to funeral place — so called “funeral forest”.

Modern medicine knows a lot about the reason for death but no one knows what death really is. One day you will experience your own death. We think that death is happening to others, not with us. The biggest mystery of death is that it has clear meaning: death is necessary for the everlasting creation chain. Death is part of the creation process. Without death the new creative process will suffer.

Everything has their own circle of death: things, trees, molecules, atoms, societies, planets, and living creatures. We know a lot about it. And still we try to avoid the threat of death. We would like to live, even when a person’s life is difficult and meaningless. Why? Because we have deep in us the natural instinct of survival and making a new generation — that is what nature needs. But you? What do you need?

When people in some, as we call, “developed” societies struggle for life survival they are not thinking about why they are doing this. They do it more by instinct. But, when a developed modern democratic society starts to give basic survival kits for everybody, the question of death’s meaning starts to be hidden. Daily modern TV is full of reports of bloody events — real and fictional ones (movies) — still it is not the way to know the depth of death experience.

Death is an everyday partner of our existence. We need to kill the life of plants, trees, animals to support our existence therefore life is very aggressive. You will kill the life of something to support your own survival no matter if you are a vegetarian or not. And the things that you produce (urine, faeces and sweat) are far from being useful for other creatures apart from bacterial and some fungus.

It is not critic — it is truth. Most important is that your life existence has a clear meaning: for you, for your society/family, for our planet. Why are you here? Who will benefit from your cannibal existence?

And, in fact, do you know the art of dying well? The next part of the book will help you to clarify some sides of this art.

2. Best diet for dying person

What to eat if you are dying? Easy! Eat what recharges and supports your life energy. And what is that? Easy again! Food that is still full of life energy: living food. How to recognise this food? It is in the tree, it is in the garden, it is around you jumping, going, and making sounds. Local, seasonal, fresh. It is your new mantra if you would like to sustain your life energy as long as possible. Fish are direct from the sea, vegetables are from the garden, and fruits are from the trees. No (or minimum) transport, no processing. Meat (if you still need it) is from the local butcher or hunter, milk is direct from the local farm. I learned in Pennsylvania that the best milk products, together with chicken and fish, are from the Amish community. When I lived in Pennsylvania, I was in the marked every Fridays just to buy their products. Amish community is not using any fertilisers or chemicals for more than 250 years and their ethical politics are still reliable. I have heard from my friend in New York that rich Americans make contracts with Amish people to deliver their natural fresh, just from the cow, milk in glass bottles early in the morning directly to their doors. And in the top of the milk it is cream. Jammy!

And now about the food combinations:

Group 1: I call it balancing and life support food. This food is easy to digest. It means that you do not spend too much energy for digestion and receive more direct life energy for yourself.

Second group is stimulating food. This application depends on your daily activity. If you work physically you can sometimes include some elements (moderate) from group 2 in your daily diet. But if you are unwell stick to group 1.

Group 2: Stimulating food.


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