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Some time ago I had my own firm. We were engaged in small wholesale trade. The firm rented an office, two rooms, a small kitchen and a toilet. In the office, apart from me, there were a few more people working. One of them was Lida, my mistress. In general, Lida was married. But somehow it happened that we immediately felt sympathy for each other.

Lida was a blonde and a little “in the body.” Her lush shapes I immediately liked. Pleasant face, super-attractive figure, what else do you need for sex? It can not be said that Lida gave herself to me at once. There were signs of attention, courtship, meaningful views… And one day it happened. Right in the office, in the workplace.

We increasingly stayed with Lida together after work. Constantly there were some cases. One evening, when the staff had already left, Lida sat at her desk and scanned the reports. I went up to her, bent down and looked at them, too. On this day, Lida came in a blouse with a big neckline. Therefore, pretending to study papers, in fact, I stared at her breasts. Two big white hills completely took over my nature. To be more comfortable to stand, I put my hand on the back of Luda’s chair, lightly touching her back with my thumb. Gradually, somehow, my hand slid completely to her on the back. She did not seem to notice this. I began to softly stroke Lida, moving upstairs, to her gentle neck. My face approached her hair and I felt the exhilarating smell of sweet perfume. He touched her cheek to her forehead. Lida closed her eyes. I kissed this beautiful face with kisses. And then our lips met.

We merged into a long kiss. Some time passed. The pose was uncomfortable for both of us. I gave Lida a gentle push to get up. She rose from her chair. So it was much easier to kiss. My hands embraced Lida’s body and stroked it. Here one arm dropped to the waist, farther to the thigh. I longed to get to her naked body. Her hand sank lower and climbed under her skirt. But under her were still pantyhose. The intimate curves of the beautiful female body excited me tremendously. And I moved on.

Here is my hand penetrated under pantyhose and panties. The hip and the ass Lida were smooth, elastic and cool. With the other hand, I unbuttoned her blouse and climbed under the bra. It was no less admirable. Large, pleasant to the touch breasts, strong nipples, can drive any man crazy. I unbuttoned all the buttons on Lida’s blouse, freed her from the brassiere. Then he bent down and began to kiss her charms. The tongue and lips sucked on the nipples. Hands gently crushed and stroked large and elastic white sisi. Lida, as a token of gratitude, put her hands on my head and gently touched her hair with her fingers. After a while, I felt that it was time to move on.

White, soft, smooth female abdomen. I kiss him and breathe in the scent of the blooming body of a healthy female, hungry for sex and affection. Then my way is blocked by a skirt. I find clasps, unbutton them. The skirt falls down, revealing the pantyhose with panties that are slightly lowered from the hips. I boldly pull them down with lust. Here it is, the most inviting place! I put my face to Lida’s groin. Her pheromones turn my head, blood strikes the temples, I’m all solid Desire. With language I grope for the Lodging, I try to explore it. But the pose of Lida hinders me. She stands leaning against the table. The legs do not let the pantyhose half down. I take them off with panties from Lida’s feet completely, pushing her legs apart with my hands. The language goes on. There is more room for space here. I feel like it’s like a Woman. She clutched at my hair, her breath interrupted.

Then I put Lida on the table. If she lies on her back, I will have full access to her main place. So she does. I enter the tongue in the vagina. Lida in ecstasy. She began to moan. My caresses are indefatigable. I so want this woman! My member has long been in combat position. I get up at full height, unbutton my trousers and bring it to the hole of Lida. But it is a bit high. Unable to break away from the cherished goal, I put my fingers into the woman’s vagina. First one, then two, then three. Lida’s hole is all in a liquid. It, too, Wants. So I put my whole hand into it. Lida groans in full voice. “Turn over,” I whisper to her. Lida with my help rises from the table and falls on him with her stomach, leaving behind me a full space. I do not sneak into her cave as a member. Hands firmly hold her hips, penis strongly and sharply insert and insert into her, my Woman, in this sex-bomb. Tension and desire make themselves felt and I quickly finish. I manage to pull out a member at the last moment and water the sperm abundantly with the smooth and white Lida’s ass.


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