Golden Rain

Бесплатный фрагмент - Golden Rain

Intimacy. Rules. Secrets

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In principle, “golden rain” refers to a sexual game, during which the partner enjoys the release of urine. Usually, such a phenomenon experts refer to the concept of fetishism. There is this concept much more often than anyone could have thought.

The application of “golden rain” in sex is a feature and definition

People who have already tried to use “golden rain” in sex, claim that there is nothing unnatural in this.

Another “golden rain” is called a “raincoat”. So, these same “raincoats” positively perceive the urine smell when having sex. According to some people, only those guys who could not fully satisfy their soulmates for the whole life can not understand the positive side of the “raincoat”.

If the coition was good, then it can provoke the appearance of women “golden rain”.

Those who already have experience in this area, argue that during sex there is no distortion, there is only stiffness, which is the reason for complete enjoyment.

“Raincoat” — this is the only final moment, after which the woman receives an orgasm. Since a woman is afraid to show her strangeness, she can not be completely satisfied, therefore, often sex ends in boring ahs. According to statistics, almost all women in this way stimulate the achievement of orgasm.

Many women even do not know about the existence of a “raincoat”. In their opinion — this is not a way to reveal itself to a partner, but a perversion during sex.

It is known that the body of a woman is corrected with the process of urine emission much easier than the male. This is because in the body of men the “unit” is surrounded by many additional valves, which eventually leads to a change in the fetus.

If you fully understand the exciting question, you can find out that at the end of achieving orgasm in women, it is accompanied by the emission of urine of an easy nature. Which may be the reason to alienate a man for further relations. Such a guy’s fright may further lead to an awkward woman.

It can turn into a frigid kind of doll, namely, control your emotions of your body, and when it reaches orgasm, instead of relaxing, it will be tense.

And, so, what is covered by the concept of “raincoat” in sex? This is a frequent phenomenon that occurs when a woman gets satisfaction during sex. In most cases, “golden rain” during sex appears when, before entering into the act, a woman gets a lot of fluids. Therefore, a woman should watch over her food.

It is worth noting that during anal penetration, a woman will enjoy, however there will not be a “golden rain”.


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