God’s gift or God’s mistake?

Бесплатный фрагмент - God’s gift or God’s mistake?

Mind, life, sleep, fatality, clairvoyance

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Author’s note

Hello reader! My name is Alexander Shurlov. This book is the work of most part of my life. It is a reflection of the research process, monitoring of several directions of science in the fields of neurophysiology, philosophy, religion, psychology, analysis of the general way of life of a person and the functioning of his brain, both in the conscious state and in the unconscious one (in a dream). It presents analysis and research of unusual abilities of the human brain, for example, clairvoyance and similar cases of brain work.

Throughout the book a struggle of two opinions takes place. As a rule, 85% of people believe that they are the authors of their destiny, while statistics prove that 97% of people experience the feeling of dejavu. Recent philosophical researches, scientific researches in the field of neurophysiology and personal scientific research of the author of the book also give rise to doubts, or at least put the question very sharply: maybe we have no choice and free will? And this question affects almost any person on the planet. And most important, there is no such book, in which this topic would be so openly discussed, not to mention documentary films.

Why have I decided to write about it?

Probably, first of all, because I have the gift of unconscious clairvoyance. For 28 years I have been studying this topic. What was I doing? I have read various literature on philosophy, psychology, esotericism, I’ve watched a lot of different documentaries about dreams, neurophysiology, physics and other interesting things. In 2006, I started a diary of dreams and of the real day. On the basis of everything that I have studied, my thoughts and the conclusions, I have outlined in this book my opinion of what our life is. Do we have free will, or does it have any degree of opportunities? I have reinforced all my conclusions with my stories from real life and dreams. I’m sure they are so interesting and simple that they should be close to the reader. Most people have faced such stories in their lives, and I’m sure that not once. But, for various reasons, most people are afraid to talk about it. And most importantly, I don’t impose my opinion. At the end I offer everyone to make their own conclusion about us, about our abilities, about life based on what has been read in this book.

Part 1. The First Clairvoyant

We can’t comprehend the Divine order.

And can’t comprehend the eternity’s volume,

But three questions don’t give us rest:

Where are we from? What for? Where are we going?

Here is an interesting philosophical thing I have noticed. On our planet, in our life, everything has an “Author”. You and I had or have parents. Animals have them as well. Nature has laws of reproduction, movement of rivers, rocks, air masses, gravity and so on. The cause is also an author. The cause often gives rise to an action, and the result is a consequence of the cause. So it turns out that everything in the world has an “Author”. And, it would seem, it should be clear to everyone. But, that’s what a paradox turns out. In all the religions it is said that God gave us free will. This means that we, at least, people, create the future. Our own one and common, i.e. history. And what is the future? Imagine that we walk. It’s nineteen hours and fifty-nine minutes. And we stop at the moment of the arrow at twenty hours. It turns out that nineteen hours and fifty-nine minutes are the past, which doesn’t exist anymore. That’s why they call it the past. Twenty hours is a moment, which means the present. And the time of twenty hours and one minute, which has not yet come, is the future, and I will remind you, it has not come yet. You can make a lot of assumptions about what it will be, this future. Our imagination can come up with more than a thousand options. But let’s imagine that the time has stopped at the mark of twenty o’clock. In general, if we accept what we are told by religious leaders and optimistic, self-confident people – that we have free will, and we decide how we should live, how to act – it is we who make the choice. Then the future is not there yet, it just can’t be. Our future is a guess. At this moment, the future is darkness, not struck by the light of the moment of the present. You will ask the question, but what about the buildings, the moon or the sun, should they exist? Are they permanent figures? But the trouble is that this dispute between Professor Bohr and Einstein continues to this day. Until now, representatives of quantum physics and classical one argue among themselves. Einstein lived with the thought that the moon, for example, exists not only when we look at it, but also when we don’t look at it. Bohr said that according to the theory of quantum physics everything is not really real, as we think. And everything appears and comes to life in a moment of glance of our consciousness.

But here is one more interesting conclusion I’ve made. And a story from one documentary film about the secrets of thunder-lightning and Einstein’s great discovery about the relativity of time helped me in it. In the story about the lightning the author tells us how, when studying lightning, he used cameras for shooting at different frame rates. In ordinary reality, as a rule, we see a lightning strike, a flash of no more than a second. But, when we look at the same lightning strike on the camera at an interval of ten thousand frames per second, we turn this second into six minutes of viewing time. And we see how many different events happen with the impact of electricity. In reality, we see only a second of flash, but in fact this process is very long. The beginning, the middle and the end of the development of the lightning strike – there are really several stages there. Just because of the huge speed of action, our eyes are not able to catch the process. And it dawned on me! And what if our “Author”, the one who invented us, our life, is just moving at an incredible speed? What if he, for example, moves with the speed of light or even more? Then, for him ten minutes of time, can be ten thousand years for us. So, the future can already exist. Exactly this my conclusion can explain those cases about which many people tell who have been in various extreme situations, for example, at war, when for them the events that took seconds lasted incredibly long, and it saved their lives. And the assumption here is only one. The human brain in extreme situations begins to work at an incredible speed, so that time really slows down.

By the way, I had the same feelings related to my dreams, but it was only when I had a nap when a huge number of events and a long plot of sleep gave me a sense of time, as if it took at least two hours. And in reality, I was sleeping only for twenty minutes. I think that in this case it is also related to the speed of the brainwork. And why does it work so, I don’t know.

But our whole life and even our dream are connected with the work of the brain. And this is how I tell you now the story.

But our whole life and even our sleep are connected with the work of the brain. And this is what a story I will tell you now.

Distant year of 1991. I have a dream

I get out of my car and go towards the other car. It stood turned around right in the middle of the highway. I swear hard. I understand that I got in a car accident. I wake up in the morning and remember a dream. This can’t be forgotten. Just a dream or not just a dream, there is no difference. Feelings and emotions from what was seen are equal to real life. I knew myself, and for a long time I already suspected that I had clairvoyant dreams and therefore I thought about everything that I had just seen at night in a dream. All this is very unpleasant! But, thinking, I reassured myself that even if this dream was clairvoyant, there was a positive side in it. At least one but most important, I will be alive. After all, in a dream I went out and, swearing obscenities at another driver, approached him. It means that everything will be fine with me. I will be alive and healthy. After all, the car is just a piece of metal, although necessary and very comfortable. What else could I understand from the dream I saw? For example, I realized that this would be a route. A country road. Why, you will ask? Because it’s a long road. And along the road there are trees and fields, to the right and to the left of me. So this is exactly the route. But the only trouble that from the dream I didn’t know what day, month or year it would be and on what route it would happen, if it certainly happens. And this is important in the event that this dream is clairvoyant. But, unfortunately, the dream itself didn’t say anything about it. It didn’t not have a stamp “checked”, if it was clairvoyant or not!

And this is the most important problem. You do not know if the dream is clairvoyant or not. But if is clairvoyant, you don’t know when it will come to reality. Agree, you can’t give up driving a car because of the assumptions. Especially if the car is a necessary condition of your work. And at that time I worked in a company for the production and sale of fish cuttings. I was an ordinary merchandiser. And then after about two months I return by car from the last supermarket I visited in the area, not far from Saint-Petersburg. It was a deep autumn, November. As it sometimes happens, it rained all day. And in the evening a light frost hit the road. It became very dangerous, slippery. I was driving home on the highway, I saw the car on the right side of the road. The cars were driving towards me, but they were still very far from us, which incidentally saved us from a serious accident. I see the type that stands on the roadside turned on the left turn and began to move. Honestly, I didn’t even think of anything bad, he had to see me. But imagine, this grief driver not only wasn’t looking at me, he not only just wanted to get on the highway. This madman decided to turn the other way of the road. When I noticed this and understood it, I began to put pressure on the brake, as far as possible on a slippery road, and twisted the steering wheel to the left to escape from the collision. But this clown – how else can he be called – caught up with me. After all, he tried to turn around. I went to the left, and he was turning to the left. So I couldn’t avoid a collision. And then everything was as I saw in a dream. I got out of the car, and went to him, cursing in foul words, with the question of how to turn around on the road, from the roadside and at the same time not to look to the left, but only to the right, to the oncoming cars. Apparently a person got a bit mad. It happens. This is how my dream about the accident came true. My first clairvoyant dream.

The question for a million. How is it possible? How can you see the future?

If in theory and in numerous opinions we ourselves create our own destiny, then future should not exist by definition. It should not exist within the linearity of time.

But I saw it. It’s difficult to forget the dream in which you get into an accident.

Besides, it was a very clear dream. Let a very small episode, but I remembered it. It was laid into my memory by my own fear.

But, I’m not the only one who sees the future, even his own one. There were Wanga, Wolf Messing, Edgar Cayce, Jane. Lord, we know more than two dozen predictors and prophets of the future. Can we be the heroes of a computer game? The Creator sits at the computer and plays a game called “Earth”. But if it is possible to see the future in a dream and assume that we know for 100% sure that we saw this future, then we have the opportunity to really change it, as in the movie “Special Opinion” with Tom Cruise. If you have not watched or don’t remember this film, I will remind you. Distant future. There was a police department, which with the help of visionaries who saw the future, or rather pieces of it, collected a whole picture and tried to understand and decipher it. Thus, the police of this department had a chance and a very good chance to prevent the crime before it was committed. And thus they changed the negative future to a positive one, and prevented the crime.

Agree, it is interesting, to avoid the negative events of the present, changing the predicted future. Very tempting, in any case! Although I wonder why the royal family of Nicholas II of Russia, knowing about the prediction of the monk Abel, for almost a hundred years ahead, about his fate and the sad fate of his family and the country, did nothing. And it all happened, as predicted! Or Napoleon, whom a collapse was also predicted if he went to war with Russia. The same fate was predicted also to Adolf Hitler. But no one listened to the predictions. Why? Blind faith in the divine destiny? Or an exclusive belief in one’s own strength and will?

Part 2. Sleep and Dreams

Now let’s take a closer look at what we know about dreams and dreams? We know exactly one thing – that everyone likes to sleep. Everyone knows that sleep is vitally important for us. But few people know what a dream is. Even numerous scientists from different countries can’t give an unambiguous answer to the questions: why do we sleep, why do we not sleep, why can’t a person live without sleep. Many theories have been created, which are trying to give us the answers to these questions, and in each there is only a fraction of the truth. Until quite recently, mass studies of the nature of sleep were rather difficult. The person needed to be persuaded or interested in participating in the scientific program, placed in the laboratory, and use special equipment. The duration of sleep, for example, is such that it takes up a third of our life. This is about twenty-five years old, think about this figure!

However, this is impossible just to decide and reduce the sleep time. For normal existence our body needs about seven or eight hours of night rest, and some people, like me, for example, need even more. Forgive me this weakness, I like to sleep. If this figure is much smaller, then there is a rapid decline in mental and physical abilities. However, scientists noticed that over the last century due to rapid technological progress the average sleep time decreased from nine hours to seven hours. Although there are some people who sleep only four hours a day and they have enough. Who knows, maybe this is not the limit either.

Some people claim that they never see dreams. However, this is not true: according to scientists, everyone dreams. But, we forget the absolute majority of our dreams. And this definitely doesn’t concern me. I have long developed a habit of remembering dreams. Earlier I also didn’t remember them, since they were simply not interesting to me, like to most people, until the moment I experienced a feeling of deja vu several times. And after that, I became very interested in dreams, since I immediately realized that the feeling of deja vu and dreams are connected.

But most people after five minutes of wakefulness, can’t remember fifty percent of nocturnal adventures, and if ten minutes have passed, then this figure is approaching ninety percent. Hence the conclusion: if you want to fix your night’s dream, put a notebook with a pen or a dictophone next to you to do it right away.

Now let’s talk about what clairvoyance is. Clairvoyance is the acquisition of information through supersensory perception. It is a person’s super-capacity, through which one can see the future and the past, as well as the present, entering an altered state of consciousness, or while unconscious to see a dream, which after a while happens in real life. They say that clairvoyance can be mastered by any person. For this you need to work, train, just as you develop, for example, communication skills, you can develop also the skills of extrasensory vision. Although I consider this statement very controversial. The example is simple. If nature has not given you a hearing, no matter how you try to get into notes, you can’t do it. But many psychics say they have an inborn gift.

You just have to meet these real psychics and predictors of the future. I, for example, have not met them yet. And I was not personally persuaded by those who consider themselves such and those who are shown on television.

First, briefly about what a dream is. A man’s sleep consists of several cycles, each about an hour and a half. And each cycle, in turn, consists of five stages. Four stages of slow sleep and one stage of fast sleep. The stages of slow sleep are drowsiness, superficial sleep, delta sleep and deep delta sleep. The stage of fast sleep is also called the stage of paradoxical sleep because of such a paradox: the body is relaxed, but the brain works hard, and the eyes move quickly. The stages of slow sleep prepare us for the stage of fast sleep, that is, to dreams.

What else is interesting about our sleep and dreams?

Children start experiencing the stage of drowsiness at the age of eight. Until the age of eight, children are either awake or sleeping soundly, they don’t know how to really nap. We often envy children, the way they can quickly fall asleep and carelessly sleep. Only a few people say that this their ability is due to their mental state, and not just a physical feature. All the animals see dreams, but predators see more dreams than their victims. All due to the fact that predators have less reason to fear for their lives, and they can relax enough to watch dreams. Although, of course, this is not a statement, but a hypothesis. Or just a logical conclusion, if you want, because most of all we are relaxed when we dream. And this is due to the fact that our brain produces a special enzyme, gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABAA) and glycine, which “turn off” special cells in the brain that are responsible for muscle activation.

Many scientists believe that every dream is a conversation with yourself and about yourself. We are not surprised at all in a dream, because all the miracles that we see are nothing more than our own thoughts, sensations and inclinations. But, this is far from reality. And in this book I’ll tell you about this, and there are very many examples that it’s not so.

When your sleep does not interfere (extraneous sounds, uncomfortable posture, cold, heat, hunger or thirst, pain, etc.), the dream takes place at a slower pace and lasts just as much as in the ordinary life the events that you dreamed of last. For example, if you go to a friend in a dream, then the road in a dream will take as much time as in real life. Our dreams last from five to thirty minutes. But, it is necessary to add, that more often it occurs in a phase of fast sleep. And there are many over the night.

When nothing interferes your sleep (extraneous sounds, uncomfortable posture, cold, heat, hunger or thirst, pain, etc.), the dream takes place at a slower pace and lasts just as much as in the ordinary life. For example, if you go to a friend in a dream, then the road in a dream will take as much time as in real life. Our dreams last from five to thirty minutes. But, it is necessary to add, that more often it occurs in a phase of fast sleep. And there are many of those over the night.

There are no people who don’t move in a dream. All people have twitching and sudden contractions of muscles while sleeping. I once really liked how my brother, rising from the pillow and flapping his arms, shouted a word “touch down” in his dream! It’s good that he scored goals in a dream. In real life, he managed to do it rarely.

And I like to listen to what the person says in a dream. It’s so amusing for me. Not always what you hear is easy to make out. But, when a person very clearly mutters or says something, and sometimes screams, it really amuses me. By the way, I caught myself many times because screaming or talking loudly in a dream.

There is such an interesting feature of some people that is called somnambulism. This is walking in a dream, it occurs at the first stages of a slow dream, when the muscles are not weakened. People suffering from somnambulism mostly repeat the usual actions from their daily lives, to which they had developed an unconscious habit. But it is not always the case. To see it in reality is not everyone’s luck. But, for example, I managed to see this twice. One comrade, possessing this property, was called Konstantin. So, he was at my place and stayed for a night, and at night I woke up to go to the toilet. Walking past the dining room, I saw him, in the moonlight, standing at full height, and in his hands he had a chair. You should have seen this picture yourself. Just some kind of a house with ghosts. When I decided to turn on the light and ask what he was doing there, it turned out that I woke him up. He dropped his chair with a fright on the table on which the dishes stood. Of course, they were shattered. You should have seen his face. He didn’t understand where he was and what was happening to him, because he really slept.

The second case happened also in my house, with my friend named Ivan. You won’t really believe in this story. It is very funny and sad at the same time. You can safely send it to a column “you can’t invent it on purpose”. All this happened at the time when I lived in Rostov-on-Don. My friends and I watched football at my house and at the same time drank beer and ate king prawns. We were six people and everyone decided to spend the night at my place, so it was not just once. I spread them all over the sofas. Many have already fallen asleep when I heard a strange sound of a murmur of a stream or its noise. All we know this sound well, because we all go to the toilet. I jumped like stung. I switched on the light in the next room, where I heard the sound. I saw a terrible picture. Ivan stood in the middle of the room, holding his cock in his hands and pouring a large coffee table with his jet. I kicked him with my feet, so that he fell down. Apparently, this woke him up, and he immediately stopped peeing. Nearby there was a sofa, drops even got onto a guy on it. I started screaming at Ivan:

— What is it? How can you do it? Completely crazy, white fever or what?

He told me that he really thought he was in the toilet, and that it seemed to him like a dream. He also said that he often suffered from somnambulism, and some things in his house suffer from this. So one night, he just broke the remote from the TV into pieces, thinking that it was a branch for a fire. Not everyone will see people suffering from somnambulism in his life, and I was a personal witness, as well as my friends.

Dreams are seen by everyone, and several times during the night. Even those who are blind from birth see dreams. Our night sleep consists mainly of five cycles, one and a half hours each. It turns out that for a night you see, at least, five dreams. But, I quite often see more dreams. In a quick dream, a person almost always sees bright events accompanied by strong emotions, and in a state of drowsiness – quiet dreams that look like thoughts..

Those who like to sleep see dreams twice as often as those who sleep a little. Scientists claim that after stress, when nerve cells get shaken, a person sleeps without dreams, and one who leads a sluggish life and has long forgotten about shakes sees many bright and colorful dreams, because a quick sleep is a training of those nerve centers that have been loafing throughout the day. But, the opinion of scientists is more erroneous and it is not exactly so. Under stress, the person on the contrary can activate the brain’s work so that he sees a clairvoyant dream. I’ve had this many times. The explanation for this is that our consciousness or the unconscious is afraid of our future, which means that it must be convinced and calm down, knowing that everything will be fine with his body.

A little about the children. Even in the womb of the mother, the baby dreams. It is possible that the phase of dreams (fast sleep) helps the development of the brain, so up to two years the child is dominated by dreams. Why have I said “perhaps”? Because in reality, no one knows what the meaning of dreams is.

Adult people see dreams during about twenty-five percent of the total amount of sleep. During sleep, we stop breathing for about ten seconds on average five times a night. With age, the number of such stops of breathing increases.

If all the animals and people can’t do without sleep, then it is really very important. Therefore, it is interesting to study it and try to find the cause of its existence and especially the cause of such a phenomenon as clairvoyant dreams.

Part 3. First doubt

They say: Free is the one who can not lie. I can lie like everyone else, but I don’t want to, and I don’t lie as much as I can in my life. Especially to myself. I understand and I realize that the majority of what I will tell you now, most people won’t accept, because a person is egocentric. And the fact that I draw conclusions about our life is rather not pleasant, I would say, offensive to all people. But, as I said, I don’t want to lie to you and to myself. Therefore, I will tell you everything that I know and what I think about our life.

So, everyone knows what incredible talents and knowledge people have, what they are able to create – great Good and terrible Evil. A person that seems to be an ordinary one with his will can turn the world around, change the historical course of events. This has been many times in history, it’s not just empty talk. It is considered that freedom of the will is one of the most important values of a person. But do we really have free will? And where are its boundaries? The older I get, the more often I think about this issue. In fact, do I control my life? And am I the master of my fate? Looking at many human fates and at many years of my own life, I have doubts. It strikes, as sometimes little accidents turn the human destiny 180 degrees, both with a plus sign and a minus sign.

The ministers of the Churches tell us that the Creator gave us free will!

1. God created a man like Himself, and free will is one of the components of this resemblance.

2. If a person didn’t have free will, he couldn’t be a rational person able to accommodate, use and appreciate all the blessings that God decided to share with him. A person will appreciate more what he himself had voluntarily chosen!

3. God-Love doesn’t impose either his Self or everything that is in Him, because unobtrusiveness is the property of His Love and the trait of His character. God seeks not mechanical obedience from man, but free-filial obedience of love. Therefore, God himself will be happy if a person chooses Him voluntarily. And for this, a person must have free will.

4. A person is responsible for his actions only when he is free when they are committed.

Although in the same holy scripture, or rather in the Gospel, there is evidence of situations where the events are predetermined, and Jesus knows about it.

For example: in chapter 26 of the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus says:

— You know that in two days there will be Easter, and the Son of Man will be crucified.


“When evening came, He sat down with the twelve disciples: and when they ate, he said: Verily I say unto you, that one of you shall betray me.

And one more example:

— Peter answered and said to Him: If everyone is offended by You, I will never be tempted.

Jesus said to him: Verily I say unto you, that on this night, before the cock crows, you will deny me thrice.

Here is a pure example of the fact that the future is already foreseen and Jesus knew about it and predicted it. So if we ourselves create the future, how can it already exist?

Another thought gives me no peace. We scold people. They are bad, they betrayed the Lord and chose the robber Barabbas. And now think about it from another point of view. If we don’t decide anything, everything is predetermined by the Creator, then what have people got to do with it? After all, this is how He invented everything.

Here’s another example from the Gospel: when Jesus prayed and asked his father to change his fate on the night before Judas’s betrayal, and he knew that a crucifix was waiting for him, a physically very painful thing. But, He said in the end, that for all the Father’s will, as you decide, so it will be. Here is this excerpt:

“Then Joshua saith unto them, My soul is sorrowful unto death; Stay here and watch with me. And he departed a little, fell on his face, prayed, and said: My Father! If it is possible, let this cup pass from me; Nevertheless, not as I will, but as You”(Matthew 26, 38–39)

It turns out that the Creator wanted his son to be crucified for the surrender of the sins of man. And Jesus himself, his son, didn’t really want this. But again everything happens, as the “Creator” conceived.

But I don’t understand what kind of sin people are talking about, if we do not have free will?

If all this is conceived and embodied by the Creator!

Then where is our notorious, free will given by God?

I understand what a serious accusation against the Creator and all his servants now sounds. But I can’t think otherwise, because all that we know, logic and my analytical thinking tell me exactly about this.

And that is why I often recall an excerpt from Mikhail Bulgakov’s great work “The Master and Margarita” about how a person manages his own life and this really makes me wonder if the words that I just said about the Freedom of the Creator given to us are correct!

And that is why I often recall an excerpt from Mikhail Bulgakov’s great work “The Master and Margarita” about how a person manages his own life, and this really makes me wonder if the words that I just said about the Freedom of the Creator given to us are correct!

In this passage of Bulgakov’s famous novel “The Master and Margarita” there is a dialogue between Volond (devil), Berlioz, chairman of the board of MASSOLIT, a major Moscow literary union, editor of a large art magazine and poet Ivan Bezdomny. These citizens, in addition to Wolonde, don’t believe in the existence of God and believe that the person himself creates and manages his destiny. On that Wolond answers, how can you manage your own destiny, when a person can’t vouch for his own tomorrow’s day. And he gives convincing examples. For example, a person decided to manage his own destiny, but unexpectedly, khe-khe, falls ill with the sarcoma of the lung and dies.

Wolonde’s question is if a person has ruled himself so, or rather, that someone handled him. And as a result of the conversation, Wolond predicts what kind of death Berlioz will die. And everything happens exactly as he predicted. As we see, this topic was of great interest to the great writer Bulgakov. He couldn’t pass by it.

Part 4. Prophets of Time

In continuation to what has been said above, I will recall various tragedies that occur almost every day, when people die. I’m sure that most of the people who died didn’t think and didn’t expect that everything would end like this. But, who created this situation? Mr. Tragic Case? And who is this “Case”? They say the case is the second name of God!

World history knows a huge number of people who predicted future events. There are a lot of books, films about these people, amazing stories. If there are so many people who predict the future, the destinies of states, of concrete people, is everything predetermined in our life? You know the stories of such interesting, unique people like Wanga, Edgar Cayce, Wolf Messing, Nostradamus, they are known to everyone. But most of all I am amazed in a number of these prophets and predictors, such a historical personality as the “Black Spider”, monk from Florence, who lived in the 14th century. He wrote: Iron birds will fly across the sky, they will drop barrels, and the earth will be blazing with fire. This is all really recorded in the church books of the ancient temple in Italy. Just think about it! Imagine, already in the 14th century, he described the aircraft and the war with bombs that occurred in the twentieth century, during the First or Second World Wars. Six centuries ahead!!!

The art of divination is connected with the possibilities of the human mind, which is called clairvoyance in science. People who can penetrate the past and predict the future are clairvoyants, or more recently, psychics. They see through barriers, read thoughts from a distance, they treat with words and eyes.

The predictions of each seer are formed in their own way. Delphic pythia breathed in the vapors of a dope-producing source, and then fell into a trance. The great Merlin, according to the legends, was able to turn time in the direction necessary to him, predicting the past and the future. Michel Nostradamus said that he saw pictures of the future looking at the fire for a long time or even simply into darkness. Saint Odile met an angel telling her about the future. William Bruce composed horoscopes and read his famous secret Black Book. Elisha Bumel looked at the sky and in his huge magic crystal. Sister of Alexander Pushkin, Olga, just looked at the open palm and read on it the fate of a man. A famous doctor of the XIX century, Muscovite Alexander Over, saw the future of himself and of his patients in the dreams. Some seers recorded prophecies in trance. Others used cards, runes, magic boards, balls, stones. Well, the profession of an astrologer who uses horoscopes for predictions, compiled from the movements of stars and other celestial bodies, up to the most recent time of history was one of the most widespread in the world.

As a rule, visionaries are strong in one way of predicting. But the great Maria Lenorman could predict almost everything. She wondered at her famous cards, saw fate in a crystal ball, could predict by numbers, she learned to make horoscopes – she became an astrologer. This multiplicity of abilities only emphasized the inexhaustibility of her gift.

However, most often the soothsayers are clairvoyant: that is, certain visions arise in their minds. This was the case with the great disgraced Russian prophet monk Abel, who foretold exactly the fate of not only the princes in whose time he lived – Catherine II, Paul I, Alexander I and Nicholas I, but future sovereigns – Alexander II, Alexander III and Nicholas II.

The twentieth century gave a new impetus to the development of the art of prediction. First, the world was overwhelmed by the fascination with spiritualism, and it became fashionable to recognize fate through mediums communicating with spirits.

Almost all public people of the twentieth century turned to the services of fortune tellers. American presidents – Roosevelt, Truman and Eisenhower – listened to the prophecies of Jane Dixon. The couple Reagan used horoscopes of Joan Quigley, Hilary Clinton listened to the advice of her personal parapsychologist Jean Houston.

However, a special role was played by predictors, clairvoyants and astrologers during the Second World War. And their contribution was recognized by materialistic historians. The fact is that everyone knew how Adolf Hitler treated mysticism. The Führer used the services of many predictors. However, after their prophecies ceased to satisfy him or he simply didn’t like them, Hitler, with enviable methodicalness, ruthlessly sent those who didn’t cope, or “defrauded” grief-prophets, to concentration camps, or even simply ordered to eliminate them. However, for a long time, Hitler trusted his personal astrologer Karl Kraft. That was for Hitler deployed horoscopes, which the Fuhrer, proud of his special mission, gave Himmler and Goering for reverence, so that they could reconcile their lives with the fate of Hitler. In short, any significant event in the Führer’s headquarters and in the upper echelons of Nazi Germany was first “viewed” by German predictors and astrologers, and then it was already implemented according to the recommendations they gave.

Having learned about it, British intelligence gathered its own clairvoyant group. On the personal orders of Prime Minister Winston Churchill, it was headed by the astrologer Louis de Volle. He was personally acquainted with Karl Kraft. Before the war he studied in one of the German institutes where he practiced studying astrology and other ancient magical sciences. So Volle was well acquainted with the rules and techniques used by the esoteric school of Germany. Wise Volle decided to use them during his own calculations in order to be able to look at the events from the German point of view. And the “duel of the prophets” began, as military historians later called this operation.

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