Give and Get!

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Al Trumpa
Give and Get!

Dedicated to my Greatest Teachers

Napoleon Hill and Dale Carnegie,

whose works really saved my life.

Perhaps, this humble work of mine, concerning

the secrets of self-improvement, will also help everyone in need, somebody who is really in need now…

— — —

With love and respect for

all the people on the Earth,

and for all the people’s

Big Hearts in our small Universe!


There is an effective, but simple mechanism here in the book. The golden rule is YOU GIVE FIRST — and only then you GET. First YOU give a PROFIT to your PARTNER — and only then you get a profit for YOURSELF. Use the RULE — always, with everyone and everywhere. The more you give, the more you get. A good example is a credit bank — act as a credit bank for yourself! Give your money to people at a small percent. Improve the quality of life of your partners! Do what everyone needs. Worldwide Bestseller!


This book, entitled “Give and Get” is a final part of the “The Universe is Your Heart” Trilogy. The previous books are the worldwide bestsellers, known as “Love and Grow Rich!” and “Money Loves You!”.

The main idea of the previous book is your PERSONAL ATTITUDE towards money. This is how you feel about the money energy. This is about the thing, wheatear you love this energy or not. How do you feel about this money energy? Do you show some respect to this energy or not? Do you love and cherish this type of energy or you depreciate and contempt it? How do you make your relationship with the money energy — with a feeling of love and “pure radiance”, or with a feeling of some malice and “dirty extinction.”? Think about again. Remember it always!

In this very book, one GOLDEN RULE is presented to your attention. It is very simple, but very effective mechanism for the operation of financial energy. Well, like any other energy in this world. The mechanism is this — FIRST YOU GIVE something — and only then you get something. First it is you who GIVES SOME PROFIT TO YOUR PARTNER — and only then the partner reacts and GIVES a PROFIT FOR YOU. If you don’t give anything first, you won’t get anything in return.

Look at yourself and other people. Look over and remember your personal reaction on the other people’s actions and attitude towards YOUR person. After all, if another person gives you nothing, you hardly want to give him something either, right? If another person does evil and harm for you, this person is your most hated enemy. And if a person does good and good for you — this person is your most mutual friend and reliable support (the great and profitable partner).

So now try to build all your relationships with people around you, applying this principle: FIRST you GIVE to the people something good, useful and profitable FOR THEM. Look from the other’s people point of view! And only then you get something from these people. And you will receive benefits too. Use the principle of mirroring your thoughts, words and actions.

And is it possible to apply this principle in your business? Of course, YOU CAN and SHOULD do this! Yes, and so you apply it. But you apply it unconsciously, and mechanically, it’s the totally “automatic option and reaction” of yours. Now try to apply these 2 principles of “profit” and “mirror reflection” in any sphere of your activity: in business, in family, in love, at work — anywhere, with anyone, anytime. Everywhere, with everyone and always!

If you don’t apply the principles of the mirror attitude and benefit, you will never get anything from people you need. Know one thing: nobody is interested in anything, if it is not useful, profitable and beneficial for the people’s needs. If you are profitable and beneficial for other people, they will want to have relationships with you and have business with you, — and more — build a family, love, have sex, organize business companies and leisure, and so on — WITH YOU!

And again think for yourself: would you have relations with people who are useless and unprofitable for you personally? With the people, who are harmful and evil with you? Of course, not. In the same way other people — people do not want to deal with those “subjects” (bad people) who bring only harm and evil in their common affairs and relationships.

The main thoughts of this book: do not bring harm for people, do good and benefit things and deeds to people — be beneficial, profitable and useful for people (for your partners).

This approach will give you a very big advantage over your competitors — over those who do not know these rules of “GOOD PROFIT”, “MIRROR REFLECTION ATTITUDE” and famous slogans of intent — “MOTTO INTENTIONS”.

These 3 main secret keys are your direct road to a new life, to a new world. To a world where the impossible becomes possible! Member and remember these 3 MAIN SECRET KEYS:

1- GOOD PROFIT for OTHER PEOPLE (Your Partners)



What to do and how to do it — this is the whole book is about. Read on — and you will find out what exactly you need to do in order to get into the new version of your reality — where there is something that is hard and difficult for others to do — it’s just gladly available ONLY for YOU…

— —




Al Trumpa.

Chapter 1. Add New Sources Of Income!

Rule #1. Add new sources of income!

If you think that you have to work for 8 hours a day, or worse — for days and nights, you are mistaken. Stop thinking like that. Stop believing that only your work is the only and stable source of your income!

If you want to get rich — you need to think correctly and act correctly. In your case, in order to become rich — you need to start to act more. Add actions.

Getting rich means expanding your sources of income. So add new sources of income, sources of any profit in your piggy bank of time.

Think about it. What it may be concretely? You are interested in any passive source of income that you can use for your own benefits.

Let it be: securities, valuable and important documents, any investments (investments of your money) in production, real estate, running and BESTSELLING goods and services, fashion and running and BESTSELLING cars, after all.

The only good stop-point for your caution! It is better to invest large amounts of money in real estate at once — in houses, apartments. And frankly speaking, I do not recommend you to invest money in the hotel business. It’s not always stable. There is always a lot of competitors in this area of business. Even TOO MUCH competitors and “enemies”.

Of course, you can invest in the hotel business. But only if you have an exact and concrete innovation (the innovative idea of service). If you came up with this NEW IDEA and developed this unrealistically cool and working idea for managing and servicing hotels — and your idea is really BRAND-NEW, the first on the hotel market — if your idea really has no other analogues, and you are the first and only one — then feel free to invest money in this an idea. You will increase your income so much and very easily.

In creating something new, you must always create something new, something competitive, something that is not exist in the world yet — something that is very necessary now and is necessary FOR EVERYBODY and only for someone. What is actually in short supply nowadays?

But what exactly EVERYTHING needs, not for a few people only. Never put money on an idea that is designed for a small number of people — you burn. Always put money only on the idea that will satisfy the interests of the “general public” — an idea that will satisfy the needs and requirements of a BIG number of people — ALL.

What kind of money you will invest — your own or others’ — does not matter. The main thing is what you will invest them in — in what business itself. The “holder” of money is not important. The most important point is the BRAN-NEW IDEA of any business, which satisfies the interests and needs of A GREAT AMOUNT OF PEOPLE — your clients, partners, customers. Well remember this law of success, always!

So, invest money in what is ALWAYS in great demand with ALL people, and not just with individual units. This is the only way to increase money from the invested capital. This is the only way to multiply money.

And what does everyone need? Ask yourself — what do you need if you were the main mass of consumers? Perhaps you will need a house, a home, an apartment — a place to stay and live?

That’s it! This is your way out. The best and fastest — real estate, housing. But even better and more profitable — houses and apartments, made from cheap materials, and made very quickly, in record time terms. These are hoses made by Canadian technology.

Of course, this is not the only way out. In the housing market there are many similar analogues — similar technologies. Canadian technology is quickly, cheaply, efficiently and reliably. Buy these houses and rent them out.

If there is a need, if you feel that you need to do it differently, for example, to sell this house more expensively — more expensive than you bought this house — sell it! Have the courage and do not hesitate — sell more than you bought yourself!

Just get the right information, study the market, study the demands of consumers and customers, surf the Internet. Make your personal research — study the material and quality of the houses you want to sell. Check out the ways to submit this information on the Internet (on YouTube). Copy the behavior of excellent and successful sellers and play you’re their roles as your personal ones. Practice in front of the mirror to submit information and sell your product.

Then boldly say the information about the products to your clients and customers — that information which you have trained with your “mirror friend” (with yourself).

Rule #1. Add new sources of income!

Chapter 2. Where And How To Invest Money Profitable?

Rule #2. Invest money in what all the people need!

Something about housing business

Try the Finnish technology housing market — this is also a good and competitive segment of business. Choose for yourself what is best suits for you.

But the apartment is still better to rent out, and not “throw” them — not to sell them in order to get rid of them as quickly as possible. But if you feel that you suffer losses — then quickly sell any property you have now. But this happens infrequently.

And you are unlikely to touch. Now everyone needs a house, a home — a place to stay and to live. This is one of your best and fast way out.

Something about office renting business

Another option for real estate — renting offices. But choose the busiest centers in the city. It must be the MOST industrial, or MOST economic, or MOST fashionable PLACE in YOUR CITY.

Never rent offices somewhere on the outskirts, in the village, in the backwoods. Always hand over offices in the city center to the “arena”. Rent the places where most people crowd. Where there are a lot of people — where there is more food, shops, boutiques. People love to eat and dress. Play on it. Use not the people themselves, but the people’s needs and the people’s status of self-importance.

Let it be the natural needs of people: food and drinks, fastfood cafeteria, cafeteria on the wheels, pizza — everything that is connected with food and drinks. Or the people’s self-importance — shoes, clothes, books, disks, dvd, blue-rays, MODERN GADGETS, and, of course, any sort of information — with some cool, beautiful and glorious ACCESSORIES that touches the people’s sense of self-importance.

Something about profitable places of business

Have your offices for rent or your points of sale where there are ALWAYS GREAT NUMBERS OF PEOPLE — whole clusters, huge masses. These people need something there in the centre of the city.

They are looking for it there. It doesn’t matter what exactly they are looking for. There is always a percentage of the probability that people will drop in exactly to you!

Offer people the average price for their product or service — neither small nor very large. Offer always the average market price. You can give a good discount. Especially for regular customers!

Your advantageous places: shopping and entertainment centers, BIG MALLS, sales offices and business centers, universities and other educational institution areas, cinemas, sport-grounds, crowded parks and squares — in general, any place where there are always a lot of people — A VERY GREAT NUMBER OF PEOPLE.

This is your goldmine! Because this great number of people is your potential customers and clients. This is your potential SOURCES of PROFIT AND BIG MONEY!

In general, place your business points where there are SO MANY PEOPLE — especially those who are ALWAYS able to pay you money for your goods and services.

Choose only solvent customers. You need them — the customers WITH MONEY, with their ability to PAY you MONEY.

You do not need just curious customers. Those people who came to have fun for free are not your target audience. Your target audience are those who are able to pay you money. Those who have money. So fix your main attention on them — on customers with money.

Something about car selling business

I do not advise you to spend your money on cars, I don’t mean anything. But as a good friend of yours, I really do not advise you to invest your money in car selling business. Not at all. At least, not all of your money.

You can spend money on cars. But reasonably only!. Luxury does not mean you get profit from it! Spend money only on those cars that are now needed by the majority of people. These are those cars that are now in great demand. But do not pick yourself a whole auto fleet.

Demand for cars is changing very quickly — faster than housing, or offices. But do not spend money on expensive cars. Let the cars look expensive and cost less. Look for such cars and such offers on the auto market. But sell them more expensively.

Something about your business reputation

In general, any things, any items of trade, any of YOUR SOURCES (real estate, homes, offices, locations, cars) — create a good reputation in advance. Create them a magnificent and believable legend. Make your consumers believe this legend blindly. To do this, agree with the consumer. Imagine yourself in the place of your consumer.

Ask yourself questions — what do I need myself as a consumer of such a product or service?

All this will help you navigate in live communication with your consumer. It is a look at some situation from the point of view of your client and consumer (BUYER) — that will help you sell the person a cheap or even not very popular product much more expensive than it actually is.

But for this, do not impose your opinion: clearly “I like it very much”! And do not say that your client has become better at once, as he purchased your product.

Always say that your client and your product have found each other by themselves.

Say something like that: “As if this product is especially for you! I have a couple more buyers for this product. And they asked me to hold it. But if you urgently need it — then for such a nice person as you are — I am ready to do a good favor! I will hold it for you. And when you need it — it will be waiting for you!”.

Do you understand? Read carefully again what is written there: it is not you, who buy a product, but the product itself will be waiting for you.

This is a very good psychological trick. This is the refusal of your duty to make a person buy goods, it is your refusal to get rid of the goods quickly. This intention to offer a person is not a product, but only information about the product. Information that such a product is for the individuality of your customer or client. And the product is at the consumer disposal, and not vice versa — when the consumer is at the disposal of the product.

These touching and grabbing are for the notorious self-worth and sense of self-importance of your customer.

Yes, it is as old as the world. But it always works perfectly. And don’t you dare to use this old rule — play on the sense of self-worth and self-importance of your customer, if you really need some profits. But don’t do the client any harm. Do the client a favor at the same time. Smile and nod. Do not turn on the cunning evil troll. Turn on the smiling and pure angel!

And there is another good psychological method. This method works magically indeed.

People love to be told something like this: “Take your time. Think well. And don’t hurry up to buy it. The product is always here, in stock, and it will not go away anywhere. If you want, I will hold it for you!”

Well, do you understand? People love when you give them the freedom of choice and try to save their strength, their energy, save their time and their money. It is a good favor and useful profit for people. People appreciate it more than anything else. Save other people’s resources and you automatically multiply your own benefits.

If this technique works in general psychology, in all aspects of human affairs and relationships, then this technique works equally in the trade relations — when you need to sell something to someone.

Create and add all new sources of your income.

Rule #2. Invest money in what all the people need!

Chapter 3. Be Cautious With Your Money!

Rule #3. Be cautious with your money!

Do you remember such an old rule: money loves an account and money loves cautiousness? This rule works just as well today. And it will always work so well. But even money loves careful attitude and attentiveness to itself, and not just attention.

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