Secrets of the Ottoman house

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ISBN 978-5-4485-5252-6

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One is the gardener, the other is the Vizier. The capricious will of the Great Sultan reduces them one by one, and they begin a deadly race for survival. Who of them is a hunter, and who is a victim, will decide Fate. All this happens under the unflinching gaze of the Lord of the Osman and thousands of secret spectators. Who will win? The result of the duel you will learn, after reading my new book «The Gardener», which is based on real historical events.

Об авторе

Konstantin Krokhmal

Many know me as a public figure, an auto expert, a journalist, a participant in television and radio programs. Today I am opening up for you on a newer side, as a writer. Possessing a huge amount of information, historical facts, I do not use them in full, except that I sometimes quote the classics in speeches before citizens, on television, radio, etc.

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