Galaxy Coach

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Chapter 1 Coach

“Well done guys,” I said to Yuri Gromov, the football coach. But my friends call me Thunder. – My guys. Today we won, even though the enemy was strong. – I praised my team of football players. The aliens liked the game so much that championships were held constantly. I took part in them myself. Although three years ago I was kicked out of the national team. I’m getting old, they say I’m thirty-five. Although the current year two thousand one hundred fifty-three is not a bad age for an athlete. But I had problems with the law. The former governor of my planet Saturn forbade playing football in the courtyards and near his palace. I rebelled. Blocked roads. Of course, the law was quickly removed. But I was suspended. So I lead the local junior team. Boys from ten to fifteen years old. Smart guys. At least some. Under my leadership, we won the world championship. Although we were defeated at the regionals. We’ll make it through next year. – Tomorrow is training. Don’t go out with ladies. – I smiled. That he was not young himself. Went home. The guys will take care of themselves. Moreover, their parents drove up to pick them up.

I walk down the street. Beauty. The lights do not go out and nature is not polluted. The beauties from Alpha Centauri passed nearby; they call themselves Deruvs. But we earthlings call them Elves. They have pointed ears and pale skin. They themselves say that they flew to earth in the distant past. It is from them that we have legends about elves. I don’t like them. Painfully cunning and strong. But still, we are still peaceful. At least those on our planets. The war has been between us for a long time. I took part in it myself. For now there is a tense peace between us. Not like the Casiopeans. The race is straight out of fairy tales. Warriors with heavy blasters. Strong. They feed on us. But we are holding on.

— Here you are, Mirte. – I said, spitting. A poster of our new dictator stands in front and smiles. An old man in his late fifties. Three years in power. It was quiet on our provincial planet. But there was a lot of destruction and pogroms on Earth. It’s calm now though. But the galactic council did not like it. They drove us out of it. Although we didn’t really have a voice there. So representation. All matters were resolved without our approval. At least there was peace. Sports are cancelled. They want to destroy the economy. Just animals. I’m moving on. The council of planets consists of five races. They call themselves the chosen ones. These are Kasiopeians, Lirepurami, Scorpios, Katalni, Deruvs. The remaining races are powerless and have no voice in the council. Although they participate in it. Just like the UN of old. But we are not there and that’s bad. Being on the council, even minimally, is a sign of the development of the state. Without this representation, we can be robbed by everyone without consequences.

— Do you have any cigarettes? – asked a hoarse voice. The guy stood in the shadows and held a blaster in his hand. It sparkled so beautifully, reminding me of past wars where I was a soldier. Reliable weapon. Burns through people. We have to be on our guard.

— I’d like to smoke. You’ll treat me. Dad. “Two others in leather jackets came out from around the corner. I understood their intentions immediately. Although we have a good planet, we still have crime. Many bandits fled from Earth from persecution. There are also a lot of rebels. But I don’t trust them. They are the same criminals as the authorities.

— Guys, I’m an athlete. I’ll beat you up and I won’t understand it myself. I hit hard and accurately. – It’s not for nothing that I served in the space landing force for five years. Went through two wars for satellites. Although he was wounded in the stomach. We fought against the council. But they lost and gave up their positions. But we were not crushed then, but were forgiven and allowed into the council. They liked our culture. For them it fades. For too many years they have lived in abundance, unlike us.

— We’re just going to talk. Don’t be afraid, we are not punks. “The leader came up to me. He didn’t put the blaster away. He took out a document from his pocket and unfolded it in front of me. – Sergeant Belov OSO (special secret department).

— Ugh, you. Scared. “I said, although I myself reached into my pocket and quickly dialed my roommate’s number on the phone. He answered and listens. – If I had known that OSO was coming to see me, I would have washed the floors and tidied up the apartment. – This is our secret password. Igor is my debtor. I drank a lot before. How my wife went to a rally and was shot. But now he has recovered and is not living badly. I even found a bride. I hope he will have time to enter my apartment and erase everything from the computer’s hard drive. – Under what article? Out of disapproval or calls for something? – I said, stalling for time. The phone vibrated once. Feel better. This means that the neighbor managed to erase everything. I smiled. – Maybe because of a too beautiful smile. Now you won’t understand why they can imprison you.

— Citizen, you think wrong. Don’t arrest you. Our leader wants to see you. There is a conversation. – He approached the second one with a scar on his cheek. – He needs you. Football hero. I used to root for you as a child. When the Scorpions were defeated in the final. Your goal in the last minutes helped me and the lady light up. She bet that we would lose. I owe you a lot. I have never had such a time in my life. Although she became my wife. But I’m sorry for that.

The blow was quick. Apparently a master of his craft. I fell into the void. There is nothing to be afraid of. I wrote only from false addresses and under pseudonyms. I shouldn’t be tracked down. Maybe the ruler wants to boast about me. They say he is interested in football. He’ll take a couple of photos and let him go. Tomorrow is training. What about the children? Although they will find a replacement for me quickly. My salary was paid by the parents of these children. They are not poor people.

— Well, hero, get up. Our champion. Our pride. A crowd favourite.

The voice was clearly female. Pleasant. Thin. I felt a hand on my cheek. Warm. Tender. Apparently she didn’t work hard. Office means. But not a firing squad. Their hands are tougher. He served two months for that rally against the abolition of football. They put me against the wall three times. They were looking for accomplices. Where will I get them? I’m not a politician, I’m an athlete. Football is my life. I don’t care much about who is in power. Moreover, they paid me well. I had talent since childhood. And throughout my life I have not lost it like many before me.

— What a big beard you have. I need to shave it off. The ruler doesn’t like such bearded men. He’s not like you. Haha

Laughs. Nice laugh. What did they inject me with? The mind seems to be in a fog. Although it could be from the blow. He opened his eyes. I’m indoors. Indoors. There are only two of us here. Me and a beautiful girl no older than twenty. She is wearing a beautiful blue special services uniform. I thought correctly. Kontorskaya means he wants to find out secrets. And the fact that my head is on her lap is a trick. Although the legs in this mini are beautiful. You don’t see these every day. I stroked them with my hand. She didn’t even react. She just laughed even louder. Not even tights. Her feet are warm. Smells like lavender. Nice perfume. How does it taste?

— Let’s stop there for now. We don’t even know each other yet. Although I have known you since childhood. You are my hero. Champion of the galaxy. Although a former one. We didn’t win the championship again. We didn’t even make it to the qualifiers last year. And now we have been kicked out of the championships altogether.

— Fine. I’m stopping. – And the legs are delicious. Just the same. She rubs them with honey. Apparently she was preparing to meet me.

— I am Lieutenant Maria Nilova.

— Born on the Nile. Right?

— Are you in the thunder or something? No, I’m in Asia, Novosibirsk. And don’t distract me. I am your escort to our great leader Myrta. Kind and fair.

— Let’s agree right away. – I said, straightening my sports uniform and checking my pockets. As I thought, they are empty. – Without this nonsense about the great leader. I’m a footballer, not a politician. I don’t care who rules where. Football is my world.

— Agreed. – A beautiful girl took my hand. It’s been a long time since someone like this came to me. Like being thrown out of the national team. Everyone turned their backs on me. The wife left. How I found out about the pianist. His arms would be broken off. Although he plays with the power of thought. -You are wonderful. I’ve been in love with you since first grade.

— What? “She can’t be that young.” Or am I that old?

“You weren’t sixteen yet.” You played on the ground with the Lirepurs in the youth team. Well, the ones with two heads. They’re scary. Strong. But you single-handedly defeated their team. I was at the stadium that day with my parents. I told them so. Is it true. That I love you. And I’ll get married. They laughed so much.

— It was a long time ago. You will find yourself better than the old football player. You are a beautiful lady. – I examined her. The figure is straight fire. Maybe she had plastic surgery. Although he may also go to the gym. The work is nervous. Whose lover or daughter is she? Probably a major or a general. Such people only sit in such positions. She is not a lover. The breasts are painfully large and she is not a man. Our elite have strange tastes. I myself have been to closed evenings more than once. He barely left alive. – So, where are we? – I looked around the room. But there were no windows.

— Here we are, my dear. – She got out of bed. I went to the wall. I pressed a couple of buttons and the wall moved to the side. Darkness with small dots. The most terrible sight in the world for me. My fear. Open space. – On the Soyuz Eighty-Six ship, the number of planets is in our control. Although many of them are unsuitable for life. The pride of a dictator. His swallow. We fly to Earth to the palace of the dictator Myrta. He’s having a conversation. I don’t know which one. He didn’t report to me. I didn’t ask. What’s wrong with you?

Fear took over me. I began to gasp for air. This started not long ago. All my life I’ve been wandering around the universe and it’s fine. But this is how they threw me into space for three minutes after the rally so that I would split up. So I began to be afraid of space. They threw it off five times. We laughed some more. “Another person would have died, but you are alive. At least write a new textbook about survival in space.” These are the office creatures. Hatred overwhelmed me. People like her are to blame for this. Creatures. He grabbed her thin neck. He began to press.

— What are you doing? Let go. Have pity on me.” My victim began to wheeze. You didn’t spare anything like me. I saw how they carried corpses in bags out of the cells.

— Die, you bastard. – I shouted protractedly.

I didn’t pay any attention to the blow to the back of my head. Another blow after him again plunged me into emptiness. Into the darkness. I only remember two blue eyes. Beautiful eyes. And the lips are plump. I should have kissed them. I remembered something, Elvira’s classmate Cyclops had the same lips. And I remembered my first kiss with her. But then she left me. The war between us has begun. She was taken away, taken away. So then we never met. Although I didn’t look for her. There were many other problems.

— You woke up, handsome. – Said the familiar voice of the lieutenant, who was stroking my head.

— Yes. I’m slowly waking up. I’m sorry. I have a fear of vacuum.

— You are the one to blame. I read about this in my personal file. I should have at least given you some pills. “She suddenly kisses me on the cheek. – I’m not offended. You are still my hero.

— You are my heroine then. – I smiled at her. Although she is a clerical person, she is cute. – And by the way, how did they get such a cutie into the office? There you have to study a lot and be able to shoot.

— I studied at the best institute to become a diplomat. But I always wanted to help my homeland.

— Well, yes. – She helps. Throwing people into space or driving nails into their knees. That’s what you do. They defend their homeland differently. “I’m just glad they sent you to me.”

— Oh. And I’m so glad. “She kissed me on the cheek again. That she’s like a child. The lady is an adult. He pulled me in and kissed me, as expected. – Not so fast. I’m not ready yet.

— Okay dear. – What a reptile. He teases with his body, but how did it come to the bushes? She reminded me of my first wife. I did the same.

I lay on her lap for about five minutes. It was nice and soft. She was silent, just smiled and fed him grapes. It’s a pity I didn’t take the Enturian as a slave when they offered me. They are also helpful and do not require any care at all. They really look like ancient harpies. Girls with wings and a beak instead of a mouth. I don’t like those. Although if I’m old when I’m alone, I’ll buy one. Yes, the new dictator brought back slavery. Only for people. They are half insects and live up to three hundred years.

— Dear passengers, we are arriving on Earth. The hatches will open automatically. No hysterics. – Said a strong male voice. He’s the one who hit me. I’ll have to thank him. A blow to the jaw.

— Yuri, take the pill. – Cutie handed me the red pill. When I took her, she touched her neck, on which there were traces of my hands. “We don’t want a repeat of the incident.”

— Yes, lieutenant. – I swallowed the pill. The usual click in my head. The world turned white. Then he returned to normal.

The hatch opened. How beautiful and there is no panic. Miracle remedy. He got up and went to the hatch. The earth is beautiful. The whole planet is one continuous city. The ships fly like a swarm of bees. A huge space elevator is ahead.

— We’re flying into the elevator. Have you always dreamed of riding it? – I said excitedly. On previous trips to Earth, I was simply transported by a beam to the stadium. To avoid illnesses before the match. There is nothing to be afraid of now.

— Yes. The leader knew you would want it and organized everything. “She came up from behind and hugged me. – The Motherland appreciates talents like yours, Grom.

“Only my friends call me that.” Although I will make exceptions for such a cutie. – How to choke you with bacon. Maybe there will be an opportunity in the elevator.

Our ship flew up to the mega elevator without any problems. Other ships made way. Knowing that it is better to skip such transport. Which captain wants to swim in space?

— Well, all heroes, let’s go to the elevator. You’ll love it there so beautiful.

The beautiful girl took my hand and we left the cabin. We went through two bulkheads. Twelve strong guys in black uniforms without identification marks entered the elevator. Here are her guards. She is definitely the daughter of a general. To my chagrin, I didn’t like the elevator. Regular waiting room. There is one like this in any space port. You stand in line, although it’s not long. You get into the elevator and three minutes of weightlessness, and you are on Earth. Without joy and delight. What a shame. Although this trip made a splash on my companion.

— It was so cool. I liked it so much. Let’s Thunder travel like this often?

— You haven’t forgotten. You are my escort to a meeting with a man I can’t stand. We’re not on a date. Of course, I like you, but don’t forget. And it’s not me who has to remind you of this.

— You’re a bitch. Here is our car, let’s follow me. I’ve been wanting to see you for a long time. And you ruined all my fun.

It was clear that Maria was offended. She pouted her lips and made an angry face. Although a pleasant one. I wanted to talk to her. But she refused. So we drove in silence. So I started looking out the window of the tinted car. Maybe it’s armored. But I would bet on the barrier. The sight of the city calmed me. Pleasant buildings are no higher than five floors. There are trees and joyful people everywhere. Although there were a lot of soldiers with blasters. And while driving through the alley I saw a girl of about eighteen being led to execution. I didn’t hear the shot. But maybe he was. This is what heaven looks like according to our dictator. Beautiful facade, but rusty core. Total fear and submission. Although there is less control on the outskirts of his country.

— Passengers, look at your license. – Said the rough male voice of the captain. He also works part-time as a driver. – This is the palace of our dictator Mirte. May his reign be eternal.

— We’ll be there soon. – Maria finally spoke. – So you need to shave. “She got everything she needed for such an occasion.” – You yourself or I can help.

— Myself. I can take a beard pill without help. You didn’t think I was using this junk. “I took the electric razor and threw it on the floor. Who do they take me for? For a cave dweller. Such devices have not been used for fifty years. Then he took a pill. The hair on my beard began to fall out. Convenient thing. Although it makes you feel dizzy afterward. But not for long, about five minutes.

— Now he will accept you. – Maria laughed, but then she said seriously. – And maybe he won’t execute. You have a long tongue. In all senses.

I bet I didn’t. All my life my character has let me down. Maybe he should really be silent more. Although I don’t know how to live like that.

In the distance I saw him. Palace of the ruler. The most beautiful building I’ve ever seen in my life, not counting the spilled condensed milk on the naked fan that was lying in my hotel room. All white, he was supposed to inspire awe. He coped with this task. A tall palace of two hundred floors. How long will the dictator have to fall if I overthrow him? These thoughts made me smile. Maria got it all wrong.

— I like the palace too. I just fell in love with him. It was built in just a year. Under his personal supervision.

— How many people died during the construction of this sarcophagus?

— No more than a hundred for sure. Although ten designers were shot afterwards. They placed toilets next to the kitchen. And he doesn’t like it. I’ve only been there once. When my hero received a referral to you.

— What is a hundred people for such a yes? You are all the same. Office rats. “I said, seeing how she winced. I wanted to kiss my nose. He’s so cute. But he didn’t. “Although you are the cutest of rats.” I would take you in a cage to live with me.

“If you ask nicely, I might agree.” – She winked at me. It’s not for nothing that they say that people with normal psyches do not go to such bodies. Especially in the twenty-second century.

Luckily, we arrived and the conversation ended there. Her obsession with me scared me. I knew such fans. At first everything goes smoothly with them. But as they get to know me better, they start scandals. Everything is wrong for them. Not according to their stupid fantasies. Although for now it’s beneficial for me. I can talk to her freely. Still won’t give in. If I had wanted to, I would have been thrown into space long ago for saying such words.

Near the palace we were met by an old bald butler in a tailcoat. There was no security. Although it wasn’t required. To enter the palace, we passed three checkpoints. Such a barrier cannot be overcome by resistance. They don’t even try. They are waiting.

— I welcome you, guests of the Palace of Justice and Happiness. I am his butler Sergei Dedul. “He smiled joyfully and bowed. – Great person. Our support and protection awaits you. You, dear Maria, are waiting on the first floor in the bar. He wants to talk to our guest Yuri alone. If anything happens, I’ll notify you. And you will receive another assignment.

— I will wait for your arrival. – Maria kissed me on the cheek and went to the palace. Then she turned on the white marble staircase and said. – My hero. Survive. “Then she quickly left.”

The butler just shrugged. Apparently he didn’t care. There are many guests like me who come. Fewer are leaving. He walked forward with his cheerful gait. I followed him. I thought that the palace of such a dictator would look like a dark crypt with torture chambers and gallows. But no, there were people inside in beachwear. The first floor reminded me more of a simple resort hotel. Nice music was playing. There is no screaming or moaning. Although there are plenty of them in the basements. As I heard. Even though I live in the provinces, I have access to the dark Internet.

The nice girl at the reception desk smiled at us and said, straightening her purple hair.

— Oh, new guest. Do you want a room with a view of the ruler’s statue or the sea?

— He’s not on vacation. He is his guest.

The grandfather said, pointing his finger up. Who does this dictator think he is? He aims too high. I touched the piece of metal in my hand behind my sleeve. Fine. I hid a small ice pick while we were driving. Maybe today will be his last day. How good life will be.

— That’s good. Elevator to the left. You know the password.

— I’ll figure it out somehow. – Said the old man.

We went to the elevator. Portraits of the dictator in various poses were everywhere. A statue describing his exploits. How disgusting he is to me. Three years of his reign were the worst time in his life. But then the elevator with pleasant music reached the two hundredth floor. We walked down a long narrow white corridor. It was empty. White carpets, white doors. Everything is white. What’s in this weirdo’s head?

— Here’s your door.

The old man said, stopping near a door without a sign. – The main thing is not to be insolent to him. He’s strict. But he loves to talk. So good luck. “He left and waved his hand near the elevator. The door closed behind him. I was left alone. Fear ran down my spine. I’ll see him. Even the thought alone is scary. He is the destroyer of millions. Appeared as if out of nowhere three years ago. Seized power. Keeps everyone depressed. A beast, not a man. I caught my breath and went in. He didn’t knock. Much honor for such a carrion.

— Peace be with you, hero Yuri. – Said the old man in the red tunic. He was exactly like in the portraits. Bossy. Proud. Nasty. Slippery. A beast in human form.

— Yes, Mirta. I came. – I began to come closer. The room was simple. Just a desk and two chairs. The window is open, behind it is a balcony. That’s my goal. – For your soul. “I quickly approached him. He took out a knife and stabbed him in the heart. Sparks came out of it. He turned out to be an android. He fell, I began to rejoice and kick him. – This is the end of you, creature.

— Bravo Yuri. – Said a female voice. “That’s how I imagined our meeting.” – The lady appeared out of thin air. A masking field is visible on it. – I am Mirte, the real and the only one. But in order not to glow, I chose this prototype. As you can see it is easy to replace. – Another android entered the room.

— But how? You were our Minister of Education, Elena Sidorovich. Support of the Republic. How could you betray her ideals.

“She’s rotten from the inside.” This is the only way we could save ourselves from the invasion of the Galactic Council. And their slaves Enturian. Races of corpse eaters. Having learned about the president’s betrayal, I removed him. He wanted to enter into a contract with him to sell people. They would eat them. Those bastards. I missed the first batch of three hundred million. But she couldn’t stand it anymore. Every restaurant in the galaxy is filled with people. Such horror.

“But your methods are no better.” Many people were killed.

— Whom? Tell me at least one last name.

— Well. – I hesitated. People were disappearing. But I didn’t know where. I also didn’t see any corpses. – Don’t know. But they definitely were. I think so. I just saw bags being taken out of the cells. I did not see the corpses themselves.

— You’re a fool. All prisoners were sent to the planet Paradise. There they live like in paradise and are happy.

— What about my torture? “I showed the scar on my right leg from the warden’s iron.

— It’s all in your head. There is no scar. And torture in reality too. It was all a hologram to get you to confess. My new way of interrogation. Look. – She came up to me. She took out the device and ran it over her leg. The scar is gone. – Here you see. Nice hologram. But it goes away when these imulfating waves are emitted. I found the technology during an archaeological expedition on Mars many years ago. But the government banned its development. These are the fools. The Old Republic disgusts me.

— But how can this be? “I was completely dumbfounded and confused my words. All I thought about the dictator of the lodges. Even who he is. This woman is my ideal in life. My idol. She saved us all from war for many years. She fought for equality and justice. I personally voted for her in the elections. But she lost in them. Maybe it was all a set-up. The world appeared before me in its true light. Having come to my senses a little, I said. – Elena, why did you call me? I will do anything for you. Know that I voted for you.

— I was very upset when our football team was kicked out of the galaxy championship. I’ve always liked him. My late husband loved watching it. This is his memory. I paid a lot of bribes for this. But we were allowed into the final part of the championship. Only three games and we are in the semi-finals. There will be an announcement about this tomorrow. But there was a condition. Another team will go from us. I decided that you will be his coach. The team is waiting for you at the training camp. I chose the players myself. Almost. They’re all nice guys. There are ladies too. Don’t hurt them.

“I will do anything for you,” I repeated. – There’s probably a car waiting for me downstairs? Right?

— Yes. And let Maria go with you. She is your team captain. The girl plays well and is faithful to me. “She saw my doubtful face and continued. – Don’t worry, she was playing football. And most importantly Yuri. Don’t tell who I am to anyone. – I nodded and began to go out. – By the way, champion. Stop writing nasty things about me under the pseudonym Champ88. It offends me to read that I am an old and bald grandfather. – She smiled a beautiful smile. Ladies under fifty. – Otherwise you will become the first person executed by me personally.

I swallowed the lump and left. Maybe she’s not as kind as I thought. The elevator played a familiar tune. I recognized her. This is the anthem of the Ministry of Education. Everything came together in my head. The face of a dictator is a collective image of the rulers of the past. Maria met me on the ground floor near the bar. A young boy in short black swimming trunks, with the body of an athlete, was clearly approaching her. She didn’t like it.

— The lady is with me. Puppy aside. – I said proudly. I’m the national team coach. I dreamed about this all my life. Wings appeared behind me. I can fly straight.

— Who said that? – He turned around. Big guy. On my head. He’s one of the new people. With altered DNA. Bred specifically for the war with the council.

— Don’t quarrel, boys. I’ll go with the hero. And you, Petya, go while you’re safe. “She took out a small blaster from her purse. He, seeing him, backed away and plopped into the pool. Everyone laughed. “Let’s go quickly before he realizes that it’s not loaded.”

She and I ran to the car at the entrance. Let’s go to the space port. These are the adventures that await me. After all, leading a team is a difficult task. Especially the new team. With such a captain.

Chapter 2 Training

— What do you say, does the coach like the base? – Maria asked when we arrived at the base on Mars.

— A good base – I said. Apparently they spent a lot of money on it. Everything is new and clean. New lawn. “It’s bad that that kind of money was wasted.” We are unlikely to win even one game.

— Don’t be discouraged, coach. The most interesting things are yet to come. I’ll introduce you to the team. “She took me to the field. Everything has already begun there. Two teams played a match. Some in red T-shirts, others in blue. Everyone is young and beautiful. I’ll give a lot. Which made me happy. They are beautiful, maybe I can go on a walk with them. This is what I always did as a team. Once it even happened with a nurse. These memories made me smile. The team thought I was glad to meet. What a bunch of incompetents. Yes, my team and I would have beaten them in our best years. But many friends are no longer there. Expelled for political statements. Some died from anabolic steroids. Sport does not tolerate weakness.

I sat down in the head coach’s chair. People came up to me to introduce themselves. Then I gave the command and they continued the game. It is clear that they played poorly. Only Nilova played well. The assistant coach and my friend from the national team approached me. Defender Pedro Liones. Not a bad player. But a badass.

— Hi, friend. What do you think of their performance?

— You should tell me honestly or lie. – I said laughing. A friend handed me a bottle of kvass. We’re clinking glasses.

— Don’t be strict with them. The best who are. And most importantly. – He said in my ear. – Not involved in political activities. Well, except for the captain. But she is a beautiful girl and the judges like her. Maybe we’ll get through.

“And they’ll definitely let us in there.” Won’t they throw stones at us? Because we attacked the Casiopeans and captured their fleet. Some planets even.

— Well, this galactic council has become completely insolent. He wants us to live the way they want. But we are patriots. And they had rights to these planets and ships.

— You are the patriot Pedro. – I laughed. I myself caught him reading prohibited literature in the locker room. Even in the best years of the republic there was a lot of such waste paper. The brainwashing machinations of the galactic council. The results show that they succeeded. Everyone has gone crazy.

— When it’s profitable, yes. I left the national team. He spent three years in prison. I made a team there. Won the championship between colonies. Mirte personally chose me. He knows that I don’t want to go back and will obey him in everything. Yuri, we live in a world that is so different from what it was before. Everything was simple there. Now everything is complicated. Any word and you are the enemy. Although you might not even want it. “He closed his eyes, apparently remembering his prison years. – Be careful. There are a lot of informers here.

— I already understood that. But let’s better discuss the team. How do you train them?

— Five three two. The simplest scheme. We have two scoring players. Nilova and Mess. He insisted on such a scheme. It’s hard to argue with him. Maybe you can curb him. I could not. Let me introduce you to him better. “He raised his hand and a tall man in his late twenties approached us. New growth of DNA of changed people. The pride of the new administration.

— Was your name Pedro? – He said in a hoarse voice.

— Coach Gromov wants to talk about tactics. You don’t listen to me.

The two-meter strong man looked at me clearly in surprise. They are born with a sense of superiority over ordinary people.

— I appreciated your game and will say right away. You suck. There is no defense at all. The attack was not played. You’re pulling the blanket too much over yourself. Nilova could have scored several times. But you didn’t pass. I change your position on the field. You are now a central midfielder.

— How so? I’m the best player on the team. Nilova cannot run fast like me and my kick is three percent more accurate.

— This is my decision. Do not argue. “I said loudly so that everyone could hear, because everyone on the field was playing as hard as they could, listening to our conversation.” – Whoever argues with me will not get a place in the starting lineup for the next match. So decide for yourself.

— Okay coach. “The tale is strong and began to leave. Mumbling to myself. – I won’t leave it like this. The dictator finds out about this. He himself chose me as a striker.

— Well, you built it. That’s the way it should be with them. It’s good that you are with us. We might have a chance. They are like children. These changed ones grow up quickly. He is only two years old. So he behaves like a child. But with him we have a chance.

— I doubt it. – I laughed. We are good friends. But I can’t do a miracle.

So the day passed. My requirements for the game were fulfilled, and the team played at the level of my backyard team. Well, there’s still time. But our opponent won’t give us a chance.

— Okay, guys. That’s all for today. Rest until tomorrow. But no nonsense.

The team happily headed to the shower room. I went for a walk around the city. Marsity. I’ve never been there. But I read a lot about its beautiful streets with shops.

Left the sports complex. Yes, it’s beautiful here. The sky is so red. But the air is pure, straight from the mountains. The best place for sports. Maria ran up to me. Well, where would we be without a spy and an escort?

— Yuri, wait. – She shouted, running towards me on her red heels. I like her legs. Especially this mini. She didn’t wear tights. Maybe underwear too.

— Yes, I’m waiting. How can you not wait for such a lady? – I said and smiled. You need to oil up your guard. Maybe he’ll give me money for ice cream. My pockets are empty. Only a key card for the room. It’s good that our food is free. Mirte’s innovation.

— I wanted to show you the city and your hotel. You didn’t want to spend the night on the street, did you?

“I thought there would be a fan of hers here and I’d spend the night.”

The lady blushed. She clearly didn’t get the joke. I can already find my hotel by following the signs. It’s a pity that I don’t have my phone with me.

— My room is next door. The team sleeps in the sports complex. But I didn’t want to live there. Too sweaty.

— Why did you choose football then? It’s a very sweaty sport.

— You know, I fell in love with football as soon as I saw it. You played it so beautifully. So lively and easy.

— Well, the team is still far from this ease. You play like a schoolboy in the yard. “I said and noticed her cute evil face. – Except you. Well done. Your left hand is a masterpiece. But the right one is lame. We need to improve it.

— Thank you. – The lady smiled sweetly. She likes praise. – I will try, coach. But you shouldn’t have sent our Mess to midfield. He is our top scorer.

— The team is more important than one. This is the principle of football. But these “Vicks” consider themselves the best.

“Vicki” is a simple designation for the DNA of altered people. Slang. An offensive form of conversation.

— Don’t you dare say that. It’s a dirty word. You can get a prison term for it.

— Yes. Now, it seems, you can get a prison term for any word.

— Almost. – Nilova laughed. She knew that while I was under the dictator’s protection, I was untouchable.

— So where shall we go, my dear? I have almost no clothes. You caught me in this sweatpants.


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