Futurological forecast

Бесплатный фрагмент - Futurological forecast

post —industrial civilization — nanotechnologies — nanomedicine — immortality

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Futurological forecast

post — industrial civilization — nanotechnologies — nanomedicine —


Victor Gryaznov February 24, 2016

What do post-industrial civilization, nanotechnologies, nanomedicine, and immortality mean?

While the script of the film was lying in a script writer’s drawer waiting for his hour of triumph, a lot of different events happened. The outstanding figures of the era passed away – Boris Yeltsin – the first President of Russia, Viktor Chernomyrdin – a brilliant orator, famous for his eloquence, Yegor Gaidar – the grandson of the famous writer Arkady Gaidar, and others. They did not await cyber immortality whereas the main rebuilder Mikhail Gorbachev – the last but one General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist party and the First President of the Soviet Union – is alive. For some reason, he celebrated his anniversary in London. If it had been possible to give him immortality, he would have done so many rebuildings during his immortal life that it’s even awe – inspiring to think about it…

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Let’s start with the terminology. A word “industrial” is obviously clear – these are factories and different manufactures, producing material wealth. The prefix post means “after”. After industrialization. Doesn’t it mean that everything is already produced, and nothing needs to be produced? But all material things are absorbed and eroded, fall into disrepair. We need to change and modernize them. But it’s not all that simple. It’s necessary to produce all the time but on a higher technological level. That is when nanotechnologies will come.

The prefix “nano” – is a billionth part of a unit. Revolution will happen when nanotechnologies reach the electronic level. That is when a fantasy begins. Fantasy, which is near!

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