Funny little animals

Бесплатный фрагмент - Funny little animals

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Cat and boot

Carefree at gate Barbos and an old cat sleeps. They had together a good time and froliced, and were played. Suddenly, the boot flies to a cat.

“Who could make it?” The dog of Barbos argues and a paw scratches a black nose.

“Maybe the boot was thrown by our Andrey,” the Grey cat assumes.

“No, Andryusha not the villain,” a dog in reply playfully barks.

The dog did not help with a problem. Again the boot flies to a cat. Long the dog still looked for the one who in a cat of boots threw. All it was much simpler. This day the summer fast breeze walked on a grove. He is a boot and dragged off. The owner washed boots and on a fence dried them, and the baby the breeze on a cat could throw off them.

The dog could not know about it therefore he did not help.

Marvin and sock

Hare Marvin ran in the field. Well to a hare at liberty. On a glade he jumped and found a sock in a grass. Hare does not know that the sock was dragged by a polecat. He escaped from people and took such trophy. Also the little steppe polecat would not throw a sock if the red fox does not wish to eat it. The fox of a polecat caught and with him in a mouth went to a hole. The red cheat is glad for her a polecat an award. At this time the hare to a hedgehog came and showed it a blue knitted sock. The hedgehog saw how a polecat, the poor little small animal, ran away from a fox, and the sock in a grass threw. About a polecat the hedgehog told and on a mink showed.

“Oh you, the red conceited person,” became angry gray hare. Marvin took the hammer from the house and put on a sock a hedgehog. To a mink the hare and a hedgehog quickly hurried. They decided to frighten a fox. Marvin threw the hammer in a fox. The hedgehog in a sock shouted, “Fyr-fyr”. The fox was frightened and ran away into the wood, and the frightened polecat remained in a hole. He to Marvin showed the way to a hedgehog and hare to a bear. At a bear the polecat treated a hare and a hedgehog honey the sock presented then to Marvin.

Hare Marvin and hammer

The little hare Marvin ran on a lawn. When he ran on a grass, saw the hammer. Marvin took away the hammer and to the house jumped. Now it will build the new house behind the big forest hill. The hammer knocks as a thunder our hare builds the house. Marvin saw a frog about a tree and caught her girlfriend. She is necessary to Marvin for catching of midges.

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