Funny Farm

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От автора

Дорогие ребята! Все знают, что в книгах нельзя писать — и это правда. Во всех, кроме этой! Это необычная книга. В ней можно и писать, и рисовать, и разукрашивать иллюстрации. Так что смело вооружайтесь карандашами, фломастерами и цветными ручками. Подчеркивайте незнакомые слова и смотрите их перевод в словарике сзади.

Я уверена, что вы полюбите героев этой книги. Они еще маленькие, поэтому постоянно попадают в нелепые ситуации. Без вас им не справиться! Все жители Веселой фермы очень хотят подружиться с вами. А главное — что с их помощью вы легко выучите много новых слов и значительно улучшите свой английский.

Перевод заданий к упражнениям

Act. — Сыграй роль.

Answer the questions. — Ответь на вопросы.

Answer the questions using the words. — Ответь на вопросы используя слова.

Choose right. — Выбери правильный вариант.

Circle the odd word out. — Обведи слово, не подходящее по смыслу.

Describe your clothes. — Опиши свою одежду.

Draw. — Нарисуй.

Explain why. — Объясни почему.

Fill in the gaps. — Заполни пропуски.

Fill in the gaps with the words. — Заполни пропуски используя слова.

Fill in the gaps with numbers. — Заполни пропуски используя числа.

Find the Russian equivalent for the idioms. — Найди русские эквиваленты идиом.

Guess. — Угадай.

Match. — Соедини.

Play a game I see something… Сыграй в игру «Я вижу что-то…»

Put the sentences in the correct order. — Расставь предложения в правильном порядке.

True or false? — Верно или неверно?

Chapter I

Hello! My name is Tim. I am a little puppy. I live in a big farm with my uncle Shaggy. He is a big old dog. He guards our farm. Our farmer Jack and his wife Mary are good people. They love animals very much and take care of them.

It is warm today and I am playing in the garden. Suddenly I see a little animal. It is sitting under the bush.

«Hello! I am Tim! And who are you?» I ask.

«Hello! I am Chloe,» she answers.

«Are you a puppy?»

«I don’t know,» she says sadly.

I look at her with interest.

«You have got a tail, four paws and two ears. You look just like me. You are probably a puppy. Can you say, „Woof!“?»

«Meow,» answers Chloe.

«Moo?» I ask. «You are not a puppy. I know who says «Moo’. It is a cow. But our cow is so big and you are so small. Maybe you are a little cow. Let’s go to Mrs Maggie and ask her.»

We run to the yard.

Mrs Maggie is a big black cow with white spots.

«Hello, Mrs Maggie!» we say.

«Hello, children! Do you want some milk?» she asks.

«No, thank you. I don’t like milk,» I answer.

«What is milk?» asks Chloe with interest.

Mrs Maggie smiles.

«I have got a lot of milk. The farmer’s wife milks me every day.»

She gives Chloe a plate with milk.

«Here you are!»

Chloe drinks it. She really likes it.

«Oh, it is so tasty!»

«You are not a cow,» I say. «Cows don’t drink milk, they give it to people.»

Chloe is sad. She likes cows and she wants to be a cow.

I don’t like that Chloe is sad and I say, «You are fluffy. So maybe you are a rabbit?»

We go to the rabbit’s house. Fluffy rabbits are playing in the grass.

«Hi, rabbits!» I say.

«Hello, Tim!» say the rabbits.

«Am I a rabbit?» asks Chloe.

The rabbits look at her with interest.

«You don’t look like a rabbit,» they say. «Our ears are long and your ears are short.»

«Oh, I am not a rabbit…»

Chloe is sad again.

«You are so small and so fluffy like a chicken,» says one of the rabbits.

«Chloe!» I say. «Let’s go to Mrs Ginger. She is a hen. She has got a lot of children. Maybe you are one of them?»

We go to the chicken’s house. Small chickens are running in the yard. Mrs Ginger is a brown hen. She is sitting on the nest.

«Hello, Mrs Ginger!» we say.

«Hi, children!» says Mrs Ginger.

«This is Chloe,» I say. «Is Chloe a chicken?»

Mrs Ginger looks at Chloe.

«You don’t look like a chicken. My chickens are yellow and you are red,» she says. «And do you like worms?»

«Worms?» asks Chloe.

«All chickens like worms very much,» explains Mrs Ginger.

Chloe smells a worm.

«I don’t like worms. I like milk,» she says sadly. «Oh, who am I?»

«Don’t be so sad,» I say. «You are red and I know who is red. It’s a squirrel!»

We run to the big tree in our garden. A deep hole is in the tree. Mrs Squirrel is sitting on the branch.

«Hello, Mrs Squirrel! Tell me please,» asks Chloe. «Am I a squirrel?»

Mrs Squirrel climbs down the tree.

«You don’t look like a squirrel,» she answers. «But can you climb trees?»

«Oh, I think I can,» says Chloe.

She climbs up and down the tree perfectly.

«Take this beautiful nut,» says Mrs Squirrel. «All squirrels like nuts very much.»

Chloe takes the nut. She smells the nut. But she doesn’t like it because she is not a squirrel. Chloe is very sad again. She doesn’t know who she is.

And I don’t know how to help her.

«You are small but you are not a chicken. You are fluffy but you are not a rabbit. You can climb trees but you are not a squirrel. And you like milk.»

«You are silly,» says someone.

Suddenly we see a thin black cat with a long tail. She is sitting on the green fence. Her name is Scratchy and she guards our farm from mice.

«Chloe is not a squirrel,» says Scratchy. «She is a little kitten.»

«Are you sure?» we ask.

«Of course, I am sure. I know everything. I am very clever. Chloe is a little red kitten. That’s why she likes milk and can climb the trees. Because all cats like milk and, of course, all cats can climb the trees perfectly.»

«Oh, thank you, Mrs Scratchy!» we say. We are very happy. Now Chloe knows who she is. She is a kitten!


1. Circle the odd word out

a) chicken, cow, puppy, kitten

b) climb, run, sit, bush

c) tree, bush, squirrel, grass

d) long, nut, short, fluffy

2. Match

cow                                                  worms

cat                                                    nuts

chicken                                             milk

squirrel                                             grass

3. Guess

Who am I?

a) I can climb the trees perfectly. I am red. I like nuts. I live in a deep hole in the tree. Who am I?

b) I am fluffy. My ears are long. I can jump. Who am I?

c) I am big. I give milk to people. I like grass. I say: «Moo». Who am I?

d) I am small and yellow. I like worms. Who am I?

e) I can climb the trees perfectly. I like milk. I guard the farm from mice. Who am I?

f) I guard the farm. I am big. I say, «Woof!» Who am I?

4. Fill in the gaps with: am, is, are

a) Fluffy rabbits ______ playing in the grass.

b) It ______ warm today.

c) I ______ a little puppy.

d) Chloe _______ sad.

e) Chickens ______ small and yellow.

e) A deep hole ______ in the tree.

f) You can climb the trees but you _______ not a squirrel.

g) Our farmer Jack and his wife Mary ______ good people.

5. Act

a) You look like a hen.

b) You look like a cat.

c) You look like a cow.

d) You look like a rabbit.

e) You look like a squirrel.

f) You look like a puppy.

Chapter II

It is early morning. The sun is rising. But everyone is still sleeping.

Our cock Mr Rooster wakes up first. He comes out of the henhouse, flies upon the fence and begins to sing his morning song:

«Cock-a-doodle-doo! Cock-a-doodle-doo!

                  The Sun is rising,

                 The Sun is shining

                 It’s time to get up!

                Rise and shine, too!»

All the farm begins to wake up. Farmer’s wife, Mary, feeds the animals. She gives some grain to the hens, some carrots to the rabbits, some hay to the goats, the sheep and a cow. She gives me a juicy bone. I am so happy! But I am not hungry now. So I must guard my beautiful bone that no one can take it. I put it into my bowl near the kennel. I am so proud. I guard my bone.

«Hi, Tim!» say the rabbits. «Let’s go and play tag!»

«Oh, I can’t. I must guard my bone,» I say.

The rabbits go away. They run and jump. They have fun.

I am sad. I want to play tag, too. But then someone can take my bone… or… of course! I can hide it!

I take my beautiful bone and put it behind the kennel. Not bad. But there is a fence behind the kennel and Scratchy often walks on the fence. She can see it. I take my bone again and hide it in the middle of the flowerbed. No one can see it among the flowers. But the sheep like to eat flowers. They can eat all the flowers and find my bone. So I take it again and run to the garden. There is a big bush between two trees. I put my bone under the bush. Perfect! It’s safe now.

«Hi, Tim!» says someone.

I look on the left — there is no one. I look on the right — there is no one too. I look up and I can see Chloe in the tree.

«Oh, Chloe, it’s you! Hello!»

She climbs down the tree and asks, «What are you hiding there?»

«Um… Nothing!»

«But you are hiding it under the bush. What is it?» asks Chloe again.

«OK,» I say. «It’s my bone. I must guard it but I want to play tags with the rabbits. And then someone can take this bone. So I must hide it.»

Chloe comes up to the bush. She smells the bone.

«Are bones tasty?» she asks.

«Yes, they are,» I answer. «They are very tasty.»

«Why don’t you eat it?» she asks again.

«I am not hungry.»

«But I am,» says Chloe and she begins to eat the bone.

«What are you doing?» I cry. «It is my bone!»

«I am helping you because I am your friend,» answers Chloe.

«You are not helping me, you are eating my bone!» I say angrily.

«Look, Tim! You are not hungry so you can’t eat your bone. You want to play tags with rabbits so you can’t guard it. That’s why I must eat it up!»

«I can hide it there under the bush. No one can find it»

«But I can find it under the bush,» she says. «I know where you want to put it.»

There is nothing I can do so I say, «OK!»

Chloe eats up my bone and we are going to play tags with the rabbits. I run after Chloe, she runs after the rabbits and the rabbits run after me. We jump and laugh. It is so funny! We have a great time together!


1. Put the sentences in the correct order

a) Mary gives to Tim a juicy bone.

b) Tim puts his bone among the flowers.

c) The sun is coming up.

d) Chloe eats up the bone.

e) Farmer’s wife Mary feeds the animals.

f) Tim puts his bone under the bush.

g) The rabbits have fun.

h) Chloe climbs down the tree.

i) Tim puts his bone behind the kennel.

2. Guess. What is it?

a) It is a house for a dog.

b) The flowers grow there.

c) It is a funny game. You run after someone or someone runs after you.

d) He sings in the morning and wakes the people up.

e) They are beautiful. They can be yellow, red, orange and violet.

3. Circle the odd word out

a) run, fence, jump, walk

b) hungry, beautiful, tasty, hide

c) flowerbed, behind, among, between

d) bone, kennel, guard, bowl

4. Fill in the gaps with: into, out of, behind, among, near, on, under, between, in

a) He comes __________ the henhouse.

b) I put it __________ my bowl __________ the kennel.

c) I take my beautiful bone and put it __________ the kennel.

d) Scratchy often walks ______ the fence.

e) No one can see it __________ the flowers.

f) There is a big bush __________ two trees.

g) I put my bone __________ the bush.

h) I look up and I can see Chloe __________ the tree.

Chapter III

It is autumn. It is warm. The leaves are falling off the trees. I like autumn. I like those beautiful autumn leaves. They are orange and red, yellow and brown. The wind blows them away and I try to catch them.

Chloe doesn’t like autumn. She is fluffy. So when the wind is blowing, she looks like a hedgehog.

«Oh, it is so boring to play with the leaves,» says Chloe. «Let’s go to the lake!»

Mrs Squirrel who is sitting in the big old tree comes to us.

«Don’t go to the lake!» she says. «A monster lives there.»

«A monster?» we ask with interest. «Are you sure?»

«Oh, yes! Listen to me! As you know it is autumn, that’s why I gather mushrooms and nuts. There are a lot of trees near the lake. I go there and see a big brown nut in the tree. I climb up and take my beautiful nut but the nut is so big and I can’t hold it. My beautiful nut falls from the tree just in the lake. I am so sad. I want to get my beautiful nut back. I climb down the tree and look into the lake. There is a squirrel there!»

«But squirrels live in the trees,» we say. «They don’t live in the water!»

«Exactly!» says Mrs Squirrel. «It is a monster!»

«Hm… I am not afraid of monsters,» I say. «I’m going to the lake. Do you want to come with me?»

Chloe is afraid of monsters. She doesn’t want to go.

«No, I want to stay here,» she says.

I go to the lake alone. The lake is big and blue. There are many trees around the lake. I look into the water. I can see a monster. But it isn’t a squirrel. There is a puppy in the lake! It is white with brown ears.

I run back to the garden.

«Tim, is it a monster in the lake?» asks Chloe.

«Oh, yes!» I answer. «But it doesn’t look like a squirrel. It looks like a puppy.»

«What?» Mrs Squirrel is angry. «I know puppies and I know squirrels. So I know who lives in the lake!»

«Ok, I am going to the lake and see the monster,» says Chloe. «Then I can tell you who lives there.»

Chloe runs away. When she comes back, she is very surprised.

«It isn’t a squirrel and it isn’t a puppy,» says Chloe. «I know very well who it is. It is a kitten!»

Suddenly we can see the ducks. They are going to the lake.

«Oh, no!» we shout. «Don’t go to the lake. There is a monster there!»

The ducks are very surprised.

«What monster?» they ask with interest.

«It looks like a squirrel,» says Mrs Squirrel.

«No, it looks like a puppy,» I say.

«Don’t listen to them!» says Chloe. «It looks like a kitten.»

«We swim in the lake every day but we don’t see any monsters,» answer the ducks. «Come and show us your monster.»

We go to the lake all together.

«Where is your monster?» ask the ducks.

We look in the water and can see three monsters: a squirrel, a puppy and a kitten.

«Look! Look!» we shout. «There are a lot of monsters in the lake!»

The ducks are laughing.

«You are so silly! Those monsters are you.»

Chloe looks into the water and then looks at me.

«Tim, this monster looks just like you. It is white and its ears are brown.»

«You are right,» I say. «Chloe, look at that monster! It is red and fluffy. It is you!»

«If there are no monsters in the lake,» says Mrs Squirrel, «I can take my beautiful nut.»

«Where is it?» I ask.

«Over there,» answers Mrs Squirrel, pointing to the water.

I help Mrs Squirrel to get her big brown nut out of the lake. She is very happy. And we are not afraid of monsters any more.


1. Put the sentences in the correct order

a) Tim helps Mrs Squirrel to get her nut out of the lake.

b) Tim plays with the leaves.

c) Mrs Squirrel tells about a monster.

d) The ducks are very surprised.

e) Tim runs back to the garden.

f) The ducks are laughing.

g) Chloe is afraid of monsters.

2. Circle the odd word out

a) blue, white, autumn, brown

b) kitten, nut, puppy, squirrel

c) listen, climb, want, water

d) duck, fall, laugh, catch

3. True or false?

a) It is autumn.

b) The flowers are falling off the trees.

c) The lake is small and blue.

d) Chloe is afraid of monsters.

e) The ducks are very angry.

f) We look in the water and can see three monsters: a squirrel, a puppy and a chicken.

g) I help Mrs Squirrel to get her big brown nut out of the river.

4. Fill in the gaps

a) So when the wind is blowing, she looks like a _____________.

b) «Oh, it is so ____________ to play with the leaves,» says Chloe.

c) My beautiful ____________ falls from the tree just in the lake.

d) «We swim in the ____________ every day but we don’t see any monsters,» answer the ducks.

e) And we are not afraid of ____________ any more.

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