Frenzy, voices in the head, fear and struggle with neither

Бесплатный фрагмент - Frenzy, voices in the head, fear and struggle with neither

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What happens to people who “hear”? Who are they? Frenzied or mentally ill? Are there ways other than tradition nnyh or traditional? Fear — How to defeat it?


The most terrible was to cope with the impulse. Know mad sometimes staggered sway. Here is a scribe, especially when a number of people this impulse appears out of nowhere and begins to walk all over the body. The vestibular apparatus is turned off. And all the same you do not have to climb on the wall, to beat the wall from despair. You can take an impulse on the front upper teeth. From other places he leaves and voila. All turns out.

Darkness, this is not evil. Darkness hides everything. And it is not known in what the power of God is greater in light or darkness. The universe is black. And evil has no color. But plunging all your thoughts into the dark, you will understand why many famous people like to wear without removing their black glasses.

If you are in the world of spirits, then know 90% of them are very evil: (Think about the flight of small light birds and your thoughts will be easy and you will easily live :) When meeting with cruel people who want to express contempt and insult, remember the following. These people live in a self-illusion of exclusivity and permissiveness. Considering their relatives, neighbors and neighbors, these people are daily discussed, agreed, scoffed and finally belittled and humiliated. Even the “coolest” and “famous” movie actor or politician is daily muddied. What do they say about dressed up pacifiers.

Many are afraid of thinking about the struggle, like most abnormal people. But still do not be afraid to read this book. If the book were written about the long years of a mentally unstable state, or about lost fates: families, jobs, financial conditions, this could not help you. As well as others to defeat this disease. It is very difficult to believe in yourself and your strength. Use your abilities to overcome difficulties. But after reading this book, you can easily cope with this ailment. Cope with the misconception that you are not like other people who have coped with their brains. Indeed, you were frightened and withdrew into yourself. But if you started playing poker with a master, it does not mean that over time you will not learn to play better than him. Having learned the rules, you are quite able to win from yourself and any master. See how much beauty surrounds us, that you can touch and try. Delicious food, pleasant interlocutors, favorite people, books, music and much more. Depending on the taste of each. Do you get stress by enjoying food? Will you be nervous or afraid? When you eat your favorite dish, do you think about anything else? Every parent would like to lure his child out of a trap like yours. Therefore, you also need to overcome your fears, for the sake of your parents. Cope with stress, defeat yourself for the sake of loved ones. What plays with our thoughts, what is misleading? Anyway, the determining moment is fear. Dwelling on fear, we can not cope with ourselves and stop enjoying communication with family and food. If you have tried many ways to fight your thoughts in your head and have gone through all the suffering, then you want to fall under the influence of this fear and drop your hands. It seems to you that this will never end and you will not be able to overcome it in yourself. If you think that right now you can not fight — it is fear that causes you such feelings. At the same time, fear is generated by your thoughts, which will not disappear without your participation. When you had this mental disorder, you could not imagine that you would be in this condition for the rest of your life. When will you regain your former state? Next week? A month later? While you are not tuned to victory, you will be in this state for life. Since the writing of this book, it’s been two years now. All this time I do not stop to correspond with people who helped the methods outlined in this book. Freed from fear, people could not imagine that you can live so easily and pleasantly. Sometimes the methodsdescribed in this book are similar to witchcraft, but everything has logical explanations. Later on, they will be written in more detail. Only an increasing sense of anxiety and fear canprevent you from reading this book to the end. But you will not lose anything, no matter what path you choose to go into your future.


I’m not a doctor or a psychiatrist by training, but I myself was sick and for three years I pulled myself out of this state completely. How can you do it yourself, it’s so easy to fight and conquer yourself with the ailment? Remembering the terrible suffering, I was convinced that they were not. Everything happened only in my mind. The fact is that in my opinion everyone who wants to recover will be able to pull himself out. He only needs to help in this. At the first stage, fear prevents a person from starting to save himself. When the patient conquers fear, he begins to ask himself: “Why have I been so long to cure myself?”. It is important not to be lazy and follow all recommendations strictly and on schedule. Settled at least for a month categorically, move daily to the intended goal, which will ensure success. If you do not understand or do not accept the techniques described in this book, doubt them. But exactly as much as you can question your views and traditional medicine with tablets. Well, let’s not forget to question the predictors and magicians with their methods of treatment.In any case, look for those who can answer you. He cured such and such patients with similar signs of illness.



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