Foxes Stories. A love story that became the prelude to death

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Foxes Stories

A love story that became the prelude to death.

Adler Foxs

Copyright © 2021 by Adler Foxs

The block is made by Reorvane.

Chapter 1

In the gods ' abandoned world of Arsalem, Adler’s soul companion was living out her 77th year of the new life that had been bestowed upon her. She had already exceeded her sentence by 27 years, but no one came for her. And her actions still remained without consequences. The Fox has long understood how and who it needs to hunt in order to continue its life. She hunted only in times of need, not intending to sow genocide on her prey, knowing that sooner or later it might end badly for her. And so, on one of the calm days when Adler was basking in the sun near her home in life, her ears caught the rustle of grass, at the sound of which the Fox turned its head to see its source, but instead its nose was buried in a fluffy chest of black and silver color. Adler couldn’t smell him, but the feel of him, the fur. A female would have recognized him out of a thousand. So her shock was unimaginable. With an effort of will, the Fox pulled away from the Fox in front of her, so that she could see its face, tail, legs, and chest. There was no doubt that it was Raor. When the male realized that he was recognized, tears of happiness flowed from his eyes, and he pounced on Ada, knocking Her to the ground and licking her face furiously. The vixen was still too shocked by what had happened and simply couldn’t react to this move, but her eyes were also streaming with tears. But hers were filled with sadness and regret, because that means that Raor died that night, and she also could not escape this fate. She couldn’t keep their pups safe. The Fox couple shed tears, but the reasons for their tears were different. Raor cried with happiness because he was able to meet his beloved in a new life. Adler also because her husband was overtaken by a sad end. The Fox and the Fox couldn’t calm down for a long time, not knowing what to say to each other. Not believing that this is happening in reality.

“Raor, stop, that’s enough. You’re drooling all over me. “Finally, the Fox couldn’t stand it anymore, still letting out salty tears, which were immediately licked away by her partner’s tongue.

“No. You’re still crying. “The male replied firmly, continuing to lick every tear from the face of his beloved, whom he no longer expected to meet.

“Stop it. I can’t stop until you stop. “Ada said, putting her front paw on Raor’s nose, “And you’re crying too… " She said softly and sadly, removing her paw from her lover’s nose, and began to lick his face herself. So they licked each other for an hour, until finally they calmed down.

“Adler, is that really you? Did I really manage to find you here after all these years? “Raor still didn’t believe in the reality of what was happening, after all, more than seventy years had passed since he died. Having been reborn as a soul companion, he no longer expected to meet her, but here she is. It is real, it is “alive”.

“Yes, I am Raor. “Adler said and placed her right front paw on his chest, lightly pressing it down. Right now, she was filled with both joy and sadness. There were many things she wanted to tell him, many things she wanted to tell him, but she didn’t want to ruin the moment they were going through right now.

“Let’s Go To Hell. To our burrow, I haven’t been there in so long. We can talk there… " Raor could see that his wife had a lot to tell him, and he could see that it was far from a happy story.

Adler and Raor strolled across the green grass toward their old home, and their hearts sank, for the last time they had approached it together, they had been greeted by the joyous yapping of little foxes, but now they were greeted only by silence. The couple went inside and lay down on the dry Mat, snuggling up to each other. In this position, Adler began her story of how they lived after Raor failed to return from hunting. She told how they enjoyed life despite adversity, how their children played and grew up. How happy they were. And how they met their deaths… Raor listened to everything and could not hold back the tears, he buried his face in Ada’s neck and whined in a muffled voice, from the very heart to the very depths of his soul. Adler hugged him tightly, singing the lullaby she always sang to their children. So they fell asleep in each other’s arms…

A new day came, but the reunited couple did not leave their burrow, they recalled their days in life for a long time, sometimes with joy, sometimes with sadness. Remembering ourselves. Awakening in them something that had already decayed for so many years. Now they didn’t need to eat or sleep, and they could make time for each other, which they did.

“So now we are just soul companions who must become one with those who killed us… " Raor said with a hint of annoyance, looking up at the ceiling of the burrow.

“Yes, or just live for fifty years and disappear forever… " Adler answered, not daring to tell her husband about her peculiarity yet.

“So, we are waiting for oblivion? The Fox asked, clearly not expecting an answer.

“If we’re together, does it really matter? “The Fox replied, nuzzling his neck and running her fingers through his fur.

“I suppose not. “Said the Fox, and then smiled and gently bit the left ear of his beloved.

“Do you think we can do this? Even if we don’t have any puppies? “The female said a little embarrassed when her ear was attacked by her partner. He always did that before they moved on, but she was surprised that he decided to do it now. She doesn’t feel the need she once did, and they both knew that even if they did, they wouldn’t have any pups. However, even so, right now, she was willing to do anything.

“You like it, don’t you? “Said Raor, gently biting her left ear, then licked it along the entire length and looked into the eyes of his beloved. Adler couldn’t deny that it was pleasant, her male always knew how to make her feel good, even in life he sometimes indulged in such things, but it never went any further. Now that they’re just shadows of their own lives, does that even make sense? Perhaps if it had been any other male, Ada would have given up on such a stupid thing, but she couldn’t say that to the Fox next to her.

“You know what you like. You always knew that. “The female replied, licking the “cheek”, and then rolled over on her back, gracefully straightening her front paws, inviting Raor to join.

“But you’ve never had enough, have you? “The Fox replied playfully, hovering over his wife and looking into her eyes. The male began to lick the pads of her front paws, then began to sink lower. When he reached her breast and made a couple of long, sweeping footprints, he climbed higher. There he went up to the neck, where he left gentle kisses, and then licked Ada’s nose and"cheek”. So that at another moment you can come together with her in a kind of “kiss”, connecting their tongues and intertwining them with each other. During this kiss, the foxes closed their eyes, drowning in each other and remembering how it was in the past. Then, breaking the kiss, Raor began to move down into the recess, to Ada’s nipples, leaving smears of his tongue on her neck, Rubi and stomach. Adler, on the other hand, purred intermittently, playing with her tails and his, as they intertwined them, bent them into bizarre shapes, stroked and caressed each other. Until finally, the Fox’s tail passed between the male’s hind legs. Raor felt the silkiness on his scabbard, letting out a contented sigh, while his tongue found one of Adler’s nipples, which he began to caress and suck, receiving a satisfied rumble and an answering caress. The Fox’s tail began to move back and forth on the Fox’s scabbard, sometimes playfully tickling its soft-furred pouch. What gave his master unspeakable pleasure, in response to these actions, each nipple of Adler was not separated by a caress, and the animals themselves were already approaching the main course.

“Adler, are you ready? “Raor asked, interrupting his petting while breathing heavily. His gaze was full of tenderness and lust, but so was his partner, who was now catching her breath and trying to control the incessant rumbling coming out of her throat.


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