Forest Tales

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Once upon a time, a bear, Clumsy Foot, walks through the forest, hungry, seeking for some food to eat. Suddenly, he sees a bee Buzzy, flying towards him.

— Hello, bear, Clumsy Foot!

— Hello you, too, little bee Buzzy? Where do you fly to?

— I’m flying to the far meadow. The red, sweet, clover bloomed in there.

— May I go with you, to taste the sweet, red, clover?

— Of course, let’s go! The meadow is big and there is enough clover for everyone.

The bee Buzzy flew forward and the bear Clumsy Foot hobbled after him.

They came to the meadow. And there is clover, like a red carpet.

The bee began to fly from flower to flower, collecting sweet nectar. But, the bear grabbed several flowers with his paw, chewed it, and spat it out.

— Is this enough to satisfy hunger??

And Buzzy was going to fly back, already, with full buckets of flower nectar.

— Give me one bucket. I want to taste, — Clumsy Foot begs.

“No, bear,” the little bee says him, “I cannot give you this nectar.” These buckets I will to carry to the hive. And from this nectar we will make sweet fragrant honey and feed our babies. And if I give nectar to you, then our children will remain hungry.

— Oh, — the bear got angry here, — then I will come, and I will take away all your honey.

See, how big and strong I am. And you are tiny. What can you do to me? The bee Buzzy didn’t say anything. She just buzzed angrily and flew to her beehive.

All day the little bee Buzzy and her girl-friends flew around, collected the flower nectar. Full honeycombs turned out.

And then the bear came out of the forest tired, hungry and angry.

— Bees, give me my honey!” The bear roars.

Bees were surprised

— Is this your honey? Did you fly to the meadow? Did you collect nectar from flowers? Did you make honey from this nectar?

— No, bear, we will not give you any honey!

— Ah, don’t you give it to me? — Clumsy Foot roars even louder.

— Well, then I’ll take it from you. And I will turn your hives upside down.

And the bear stumbled straight to the beehives.

Bees grew very angry. They began to gather in a swarm. And then they pounced on the bear. And they began to sting him from all sides.

The bear spanned, spanned, trying to fight off the bees. Waved his clawed paws, but everything was useless. Not a single bee he was able to hook. And the bear himself already had his nose swollen and his eyes were swollen; only narrow slits remained. But still the bear could not get to the hive. Finally, Clumsy Foot was not able to withstand the bee stings. He turned back and began to run away, trying to escape from the bees. Only the hairless soles of the bear soles flash through the woods.

And the bees fly after the bear and sting him in these very soles.

And then the bees went back home to the hive.It is necessary to feed the little bees with sweet honey, to put them to bed, and to sing them a lullaby.

And bear got it right! Do not open your mouth on someone else’s loaf!


Once upon a time there was an eagle in the world. He was big and strong. The eagle flew high over the fields, forests and mountains, looking out for prey.

But one day, when an eagle was flying over one village, a shot rang out suddenly and the eagle fell to the ground.

A bleeding eagle was spotted by a sparrow that flew past.

Sparrow was very scared and wanted to fly away.

“Help me!” — Whispered the eagle. “The hunter shot me and hurt my wing.”

“But you will eat me,” answered the sparrow. “No, I won’t touch you,” the eagle said, barely audible. “I give you the word of the eagle!”

Sparrow nibbled the medicinal herbs of the plantain and tied up the wound to the eagle. Then the sparrow flew to the far spring, and he

carried some spring water in a dipper to the eagle. And also, the sparrow dragged the pieces of meat that he dragged off at the village feast.

So the sparrow courted an eagle until it fully recovered and was fully grown.

“Thank you, little sparrow,” said the eagle, saying goodbye. “From now on you are my greatest friend.”

And the eagle flapped its wings and flew away into the distant blue sky…

Here, one day, a sparrow flies through the garden. Chirps, enjoys the sun.

Suddenly, a cat! Jump! Grabbed sparrow squeezed in sharp claws, going to eat it.

And then, like a whirlwind flew. This eagle saw from the sky, in what a trouble a sparrow fell and rushed to help him.

Like a stone, an eagle fell on a cat. He beats her with his powerful wings, scratching with sharp claws, pecks a cat with a curved, hooked, beak.

The cat hissed, released sparrow from their paws, and began to fight off the eagle with its clawed paws. Then he sees that he cannot cope with an eagle. The cat turned and rushed off to the nearest woodshed.

And then the sparrow recovered a little from the cat’s paws. The rumpled feathers smoothed out and asked the eagle:

— Here I am so small and weak, and you are so big and strong. But you stood up for me. Out of trouble I was rescued. Why?

— Because, you are my friend, — the eagle replied. -You are my greatest friend.

Friendship, it is not measured by size, but does by courage and kindness.


There are chickens in the yard. Cluck-cluck! They peck grains, dig in the garbage, and seek out bugs and worms.

Suddenly a fox appears at the fence, a red sly fox. The fox saw chickens, licked her lips.

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