Forbid me to feel you!

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My presentation of the book of the novel (Star star)took place in Seoul, I was happy to move to this luxurious city. And was there for a week, friends came to me. with whom I communicated in social networks. The language I learned and couldn’t forget one person and bought a cardboard statue at full length, girls were laughing at me, every woman wanted to touch this statue. I gave everyone. When my distant friend from phillipine came up to me and said,:

— How long are you going to suffer? live near, why would you not …I put my finger to her lips and said,:

If you want, so go and meet people, and I’m not-but I’m not here for it!

— Yeah! I’d believe you still love him, but where do I go? he’s not gonna look at me!

— Would you like to look at me? don’t talk nonsense, he’ll send me far away, so I’m afraid to meet this guy and let’s stop talking about him, I don’t want to hear about him!

But you have still the heart aches and you’re very pretty, but a foreigner, well, anyway. Anna Romano did not let up.

— Again, it’s done now! Then I was approached by miniprimology(well, I called her so, she is only 15 years old, and Mr. for her, just ajussi, she knew. Her name was Mansa.20 friends came to the presentation. But then the door collapses, the fat hamster, he reminded me of a friend of Jonica, but I thought, you never know similar to Chicos and not delivered value. He was headed straight for me. When approached in dense said:

Girl but this is ridiculous! and neighed as not normal and began to dig into the phone, I did not pay attention to his words and continued to dance with his cardboard figure, until he knocked his leg, I fell right on his figure, at this point I heard the cries of the girls and they became many times more, I thought my presentation will be a success, I came up, Yes, Yes, the hamster Hichol and reached out, I turned away, because he spoiled everything, well, almost everything. He took his hand away and I saw a familiar hand with player and new tattoo flower, Oh yeah (just a flower)I’ve realized and covered his face with his cardboard figurine. He helped me to stand up, all sighed, and so here is where pandemonium, now all understandable:

— Well, you’re the face that closed, and the clothes and the figure, it is clearly mine! and laughed too. I went to Hichol and said: (even Though we were two steps away) — Tell him to get out of here! Hichol turned towards Hong Ki and said that everything she had given him was now Hong Ki’s turn:

— Tell her I won’t budge! Hichol turned to me and handed it over.(Oh, how they got with their games, through an intermediary) it’s time to get out of here!) So thought Hichol. Here I has become not to pay attention, but girls, say, that I must offer him to sit down near.(Ha! here’s something like that)But I showed him on the chair and wanted to push him, but he was tied to the second chair, I looked back and saw a satisfied hamster face and he was laughing and said:

— This is you will lesson, as the urge to mock me need to me! and sat behind us. We looked at each other, and then looked at hichol And said in one voice:

— Now untie me or I’ll kill you! We again exchanged glances and again in one voice said: – You’re copying me!(I love that phrase Koreans)

— Yes you still are worth each other! hichol hissed. We turned to him and filtered through his teeth.:

— Shut up! and again look each other in eyes.

— Again! stop it! copy! and all spoke in one voice. Everyone came up to us and I signed an autograph for everyone, but my hands trembled, the pen kept slipping out of my hands.And he stared, not at the fans, and to me, I felt his look and said:

— Please! leave, it’s late, in case you have a concert tomorrow. You need sleep and everything!

— Shiro!(Not want)!I don’t have a concert tomorrow, tomorrow is the day off.Girls became even more, they have filled all the building.

— They love you to come here! I said. But then my books began to disperse, there was one book and he looked into it and said:- Why is she in Korean?

— How why, we’re in Korea, that’s translated into Korean.

What’s this book about?(damn he opened it and watched it from the first page it is clear that we are talking about it).

— Love! I always write about love!

— Are you a writer?

And not only that, I learned here on writer-Director and already had three drama about love, but something is not right!

— Hm! I see!

Why don’t you go home? a while later, the girls are still here, because they are for you here!

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