Flower fairy and moth

Бесплатный фрагмент - Flower fairy and moth

Fairy tale for children and adults

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The fairy is making jam

From tea rose and lilac,

From lilies, mint and sage

A fairy is making jam in the garden.

In winter, it’s nice by the fireplace,

When the frosts are cracking with might and main,

Eat jasmine jam violets, lily of the valley, mimosa.

Yunna Moritz


Many people have night dreams.

But some of them are even able to feel in a dream the refined aromas of a blooming night garden filled with fabulous creatures.

It is about one such wonderful dream that I want to tell you in this book, the colorful illustrations for which were prepared by me with the help of artificial intelligence.

This edition of the book uses illustrations created by me using a neural network on the website https://dream.ai/create which was pre-set to several varieties of the floral art style.

If you order this colorful book from a printing house, it is best to print it in color so that you and your children can fully enjoy the wonderful bright fairy-tale illustrations created on the basis of artificial intelligence.

With best wishes, V. I. Zhiglov

Fairy tale about a flower fairy and a moth

Fading light and twinkling stars soon herald the coming of evening.

The evening brings with it a sense of calm and silence in a bustling world.

People look forward to the night because it gives them a much-needed break from the stress of the day.

Cool breezes, pleasant sounds and smells, and twinkling stars provide a much-needed respite from the hustle and bustle of the day.

At dusk, the garden is filled with life and fabulous night creatures appear before the human eye.

When dusk falls and the first stars flare up, fabulous flower fairies appear in the garden.

And we will tell about one of them in this marvelous tale that I had in a wonderful dream…

There lived a flower fairy.

She was very fond of walking in the night garden and looking at the bright, multi-colored stars that sparkled like precious stones in the night.

But she especially liked it when the bright moon shone in the sky and illuminated her beautiful face. She smiled charmingly, enchanted by this ghostly night light.

The fairy looked at the moon for a long time, not taking her eyes off her and thinking about the wonderful time,

when she was very small and hid among the flower petals of roses.

One day, while walking in the garden, she met a night moth and fell in love with it.

The moth fluttered over her all the time and, like a fan, wrapped her wings around her, from which the night coolness blew.

At the same time, he quietly hummed a beautiful song and the fairy listened to it with pleasure.

So they often walked with him together in the night garden.

But one day dark clouds appeared in the sky,

a strong wind blew, thunder roared and bright lightning flashed.

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