Final Destination is Orphanage

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Final Destination is Orphanage

The first story. Sasha

Sasha got to the boarding school when he was 3 years old. His father brought him there. The caregivers weighed Sasha and gasped — the weight of the 3-years boy was only 8 kilograms.

And a little later it became clear that to top all of the above, he hears almost nothing. No, he is not completely deaf, and there is hope that the hearing aid will help him, but now Sasha practically does not hear and, as a result, he cannot learn to speak, so he lags behind his luckier peers in development.

But, despite this, he is unusually kind, affectionate, calm, smiling child, and extremely smart at the same time.

The back-story of Sashа was as follows. By the time he appeared in the project, his parents were 18 years old. Several years later, his mother died, and his father remarried.

A freshly made stepmother beat him. And the history is silent how Sasha was fed and with what frequency then. But, a poor idea of this gives his eight-kilogram weight.

The reader, probably, cools surprised, but Sasha’s father, who has not seen his son since he took him to the boarding school, isn’t deprived of parental rights. Although, I want to believe and trust in this case only that these rights will never be needed to him again.

At the boarding school Sasha quickly gained weight for the age, but the hearing problem still remains unresolved.

The second story. Frequent and general one

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