Final Destination: Earth

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«The essence is always the same»


«The very last of all eternity will find its betrothed other half of the soul in the earliest.»


The Lemurian ship landed in the middle of a huge plateau. There was not a soul around. The flat plain was bare and as if hot in the sun, the stone took on a dark brown hue, almost like the skin of a Lemurian.

«I told you, there’s no one here,» Luan replied. In the ship, as a result of the state of weightlessness, their personal belongings lay in confusion — as they fell after landing, they still lay.

— So what. If we are destined to be the first, we will not miss the chance to settle on this noble planet, Shea sang back to him.

— What makes you think that she is noble? Luanu stared incredulously through the porthole.

— Because it is a planet of blue water bodies with a habitable atmosphere. Shea said this with reverence and, pressing the button to open the ladder, walked to the opened hatch and easily, like a cheetah, jumped to Earth. — Hot.

— Look not to fry in there. — Luan’s face appeared in the opening, where the sunlight was already falling.

Their ship was huge. So that two five-meter Lemurians could easily fit in it, the ship had to be at least twenty meters high.

The length of the ship was also impressive. They had special sleeping compartments, food compartments, a kitchen, a bathroom. And a compartment with weapons. All this was necessary for these two brave Lemurians in order to fulfill the mission with which they flew.

In a second, both Lemurians were already on the ground. In their hands were vajras — a weapon in case of encountering the unknown. Shea twisted his head 180 degrees, assessing the position in which they were now. Perhaps very soon their children will be born here. And the Lemurians will be the first to pacify this rebellious planet.

«You’re sure there are no volcanoes around here. Liera said that… «Luana began.

— Liera is a laboratory rat. What can she know about the Earth? — indignant, not even listening to his friend Shea.

The nature around was waking up. Morning dew lay on the leaves of the bennettites and tree ferns. «It’s damn beautiful here!» Shea noted to himself.

On the day Seo Pole informed Luan and Shea that they were flying to Earth to find out if it could be colonized, Luana did not argue. He knew that Shea was an experienced commander and explorer, and if the two of them went there, they would definitely fulfill their mission. If the president believed that the planet was suitable for life, then it was so.

He was a little embarrassed by the fact that not a single civilization he knew had landed on this planet to settle. Could it be that only they had the idea to make such a daring invasion? There must have been some catch. Or were the others frightened by these creatures — «dinosaurs» — who lived here? But for them — the dinosaurs — it will be a surprise that the average Lemurian (and he and Shea were both taller than the average representative of their race) is about five meters tall. And this is at least a third of the body length of a dinosaur. So they are unlikely to scare them much.

In any case, they took their weapons with them. And it’s good that they took it.

«Iarganians, by the way, could also be here, I heard that they were staring at the Earth. But apparently they are worried about the distance — 10 light years — this is not a joke to you. "Luana thought about it, but it turned out that he said it out loud.

— Nothing like this. Shea responded immediately. «They are interested in Venus, as far as I know.

— So it’s not a matter of distance?

«I don’t think so…» Shea drawled thoughtfully, bending down to pick up some red dust on his fingers. — I wonder what kind of breed it is?

— Ordinary stones, throw it. We also have these in bulk.

— Not. Rocky rock predominates on Earth. And volcanic.

— Well, yes, well, yes ….. — Luan chuckled in response. He started the vajra and tried to cut the stone. The rock immediately parted by the force of the cutter, exposing the layered structure. Stone chips have caked on the scorched edges.

— Shh! Luan! This is not the time to be entertained. We still need weapons.

— I just checked what’s inside…. — The young Lemurian sang apologetically.

The Lemurians most often spoke to each other through small vocalizations — whatever an ordinary modern man would simply say — the Lemurian had a need to «sing.» The soft timbres of this distant superior race allowed them to create entire vocal works from the most ordinary, daily used words.

It was morning, and they had to explore the area soon, so they could return to the ship before dark. They had 6—8 hours in reserve, according to the ship’s compass. Shea patted the backpack with two of his four hands.

«I hope you haven’t forgotten the lab suitcases Liera gave us?»

Luanu smiled.

— Not. Everything is in place. Well, let’s move forward? Who knows what adventures await us today?

«I hope there will be little adventure,» Shea answered as if to himself, and they began to make their way into the green part of the plateau, where there was a jungle of small and giant tree ferns. It wasn’t. How difficult: wielding two pairs of hands, the brave Lemurians quickly cleared their way. For the thickest plants, there was a vajra.

Gradually, after walking about five hundred meters, they found themselves at the reservoir. It was a river, with a rocky bottom and a fast, rushing stream that went somewhere to the right, and perhaps — so Luana suggested — turned into a waterfall.

«We need to stop here,» Shea warned in a chant.

Luanu obediently took off his backpack and sat down on the bank, where dwarf ferns grew from the ground. He took out a flask of water and began to drink greedily. She and she were wearing thermal suits, and it was already starting to get hot.

Shea pulled out a neat rectangular case made of an alloy of polymers — the prototype of modern plastic — from his backpack, opened it, took out an object from a rare crystalline rock that could only be found on their planet, and began to carefully draw water from the river into this container.

— We must study in detail all the elements, flora and fauna in order to understand whether we can fully exist here. Shea explained.

— We are with you? — tried to joke Luana, but the joke came out flat.

— We Lemurians. — Not reacting to Luana’s flat humor, Shea calmly explained.

When Shia finished, Luan suggested that they follow the movement of the river, and camp at the top, where it turns into a waterfall.

Shea didn’t argue.

He only said:

«If the Light wants it so, it will be so.

Luanu knew this was very important. Not only for Shea, but for all people of their race. Do as that Light tells. They were the creation of the Higher Forces, unity with the Almighty Mind of the Universe, and only in this way could they continue the development of their race: listening to what the Light commands.

— What time is it? Shea clarified as they began to move up the plateau along the river.

— On the ground? Like Mesozoic, Liera said so…. Luan replied without hesitation.

— No. I’m talking about the watch, — Shea responded a little irritated and no longer in a chant.

When the Lemurians experienced anger, anxiety or irritation, which happened to them very rarely, they stopped singing and switched to ordinary speech. But now was a special moment, and Shea’s excitement was understandable.

Luanu glanced at the makeshift chronometer attached to one of the hands of the front pair and said:

— 12 pm. Earth time.

— Well. We have time — Shea calmed down a bit.

Already two hours later, Earth time, Shea and Luana were at a cliff, from which water was falling with a roar and noise. Luanu was right: the river ended in a waterfall.

They set up camp and decided to have a little snack.

The air gave off steam and dust, there were many unfamiliar sounds around: hooting, grinding, creaking — but they were all exclusively of natural or animal origin. That part of the plateau that was overgrown with fern jungles stretched for hundreds of kilometers to the south, it was possible to determine from the sun that if they went this way, they would not have time to pass the plateau in both directions and return to the ship before dark.

But they had no choice.

«We still have the pleasure of meeting local birds,» Luana remarked while munching on pasty bread.

— The main thing is not to come face to face with Pterodactyloidea. These creatures are bloodthirsty, «Shea sang. He was pleased that so far they were all in time.

The water rushed past them incredibly swiftly — here the stream doubled its speed, and with a deafening roar fell into the abyss. Luanu thought there might be fish in the water. And if the river is shallow, then you could try to dive. But here it was dangerous. «Eh, it was necessary to check where the river was flowing quietly,» thought Luana.

Shea heard his thoughts.

«You don’t know what kind of monsters can be found here. The river looks harmless, but giant gavials can scurry along the bottom.

— What is this? — switched his attention from inner to outer Luana.

«You’d better not know.

— Okay, but if I meet them when we wade across the river, at least give a hint that it is they!

«It’s a four-legged something, with a toothy mouth and a constantly hungry stomach. Eats everything. Especially the one that flutters unnecessarily in the water, «Shea replied calmly.

Luana whistled.

— I would not like to meet him.

«You shouldn’t, that’s for sure,» Shea shook his head.

A sudden flap of wings from directly overhead at Shea’s caused both Lemurians to break away from their food and rise to their feet.

— Damn, what is it? — Luanu was indignant. He stood and, crazed, looked at a huge bird, more precisely a lizard, it was impossible to make out: either a bird, or a lizard.

— Hush hush. — Shea, not at all frightened, was already establishing mental contact with a bird of gigantic proportions, which dared to break their fragile solitude. «You…..you’re still a baby, right? Everything will be fine, — he continued to persuade the bird lizard. — We will not offend you.

— Baby? Is it a kid? What then is the adult? Why are you even talking to him? Let me take the vajra… and…

— We are guests here. Shea looked at Luana menacingly. «Besides, it’s a pteranodon. He doesn’t have tons of teeth. It feeds on small crustaceans that it catches from the river. He will not harm us.

These words calmed Luana a little. But he still didn’t trust this lizard bird. Lizard birds have been found on earth since ancient times. Even older than the records of the blue planet held by the Lemurians. Each adult individual could easily swallow, if not an adult cow, then the whole calf for sure. Therefore, the indigenous inhabitants of the Earth — the ancestors of the Maya and some tribes of the future Africa always hid their children when the pteranodons approached. But it was just a pteranodon chick and it was not dangerous. The fact that there are people on Earth, that is, someone other than animals, fish and insects — Luana and Shia did not yet know.

— Shea! What did you have with that girl like her? Lefia?

Shea stared at Luana in surprise, clearly wondering where he got such a deep knowledge of his personal life.

«Lefia and I are just friends. — still answered Luana’s insolent curiosity, Shea.

— Do you know, Shea, that Liera was wildly jealous of you for her??? Just gnawing blood on fingers and elbows?? Shea winked sarcastically at Luan.

And then he burst out laughing. Wildly, unrestrained. So that the laughter of this young Lemurian echoed through all the nearby mountains.

— I’ll tell you so, friend. Liera loves you and is waiting for you to return to her. Marry her. You won’t find a better girl. I guarantee! —

Shea smiled dreamily and a little shyly.

— Well, let’s settle here. And maybe I’ll propose to Liera.

Luana whistled.

«This is masculine, Shea. This is a man’s!

Luana finished chewing, stood up and pulled all four upper limbs with a crunch.

— Hey Shea! Let’s race along the coast, catch two minutes? Who is the first to be at the foot of that hill — that is a fine fellow? M?

— Eh, Lou! What a child you are! Shea sighed. And suddenly he added:

— Lets do it!

Luana did not have to persuade him for a long time, he took off from his place in hundredths of a second, taking with him his hefty hiking backpack.

— You asshole! Shea laughed and rushed after him.

Two friends ran as fast as they could. Exactly two minutes, and they both stood out of breath at the foot of a massive humpbacked hill.

«I want to ask you something, friend. Shea put a hand on Luan’s shoulder.

— Ask what you want, brother! Luanu smiled a dazzling white-toothed smile.

— When we get back home, please go with me to the temple. I want to pray for my parents.

I want you to be with me in

this day. We are on the verge of great changes, perhaps after we settle here, I will never be able to return to their graves and be with them.

I want to say goodbye.

Luana nodded in understanding.

The sun began to set below the horizon. And the two friends hurried back to the ship.

It was a little more difficult to go further. Both Lemurians were already a little tired. And every time, when a huge mouth of an insect-eating plant appeared on their way, they sighed heavily and started vajras.

Over time, they were able to reach a large flat area, where a surprise awaited them.

On the second plateau, which they reached, there were predators — the very earthly predators about which they were warned at home. Not having time to figure out what was happening, the two friends rushed scatteringly, in different directions, thus involuntarily separating and losing sight of each other. Now the question of self-preservation was very acute for them, and each of them rushed into the forest thicket of the jungle to protect themselves from the predator running after him.

Despair. Luanu now felt only despair.

In his hands was a piece of this monster’s paw, but there was still the «rest» that was walking around somewhere nearby. It had been six hours since Luana had lost sight of Shea, and he didn’t even know if he was alive.

His hands were shaking, his eyes clouded with a wound in his side, which was bleeding and aching.

Luanu was thinking convulsively how

then he should do it. If it is something somewhere nearby, then the only way to break through to the ship is to run ahead. He understood that the vajra resource would be enough to cut through the fern thickets, but it was unlikely to eliminate the monster. It was too big. He tried to lean on the ledge of the rock, and look out of his hideout to understand where his enemy might be now. A super-large specimen ALLOSAURUS FRAGILIS became LUANU’s opponent. They were famous for their bloodthirsty disposition. They attacked spontaneously, in packs, often on even larger predators. The five-meter Lemurian fought him desperately, using all his strength to defeat the monster. But allosaurus was too strong. Slightly yielding to him in power, and giving him a hole in his side, Launu hid behind a rock ledge, while the monster was distracted by small boars at his feet.

There was no longer any delay. Luanu quickly ran out of his hiding place, and rushed through the thicket towards the ship. As they walked, snatching out a portable communication device through which they were supposed to contact Shia in case of danger or unforeseen situations, Luanu began to shout in a hoarse voice into the speaker:

— Shea, Shea! Can you hear me? I’m running away from that giant gorilla in the sowing area black part of the plateau!! Shea, tell me you’re alive!!

In response, there was only a series of wheezing and groaning radio waves from the speaker.

Luanu put the device back in his backpack in a heartbeat and raced even faster, accelerating the pace of movement by about half. A little tired, he stopped and looked around. His monster acquaintance was not visible on the horizon, but he saw several pteranodons circling over some prey. Perhaps someone else was the victim of this bastard. Luana prayed THAT LIGHT that Shea would be alive. He did not want to lose a friend, and besides, he could not manage the ship himself. Luanu was only an assistant pilot and did not graduate from pilot school. If they both die here, their friends will never know what happened to them, what the situation on Earth is like, and how many more years they will have to wait for a new chance to find a new home. After some time, the top of the ship looked out from behind the thickets. Luanu breathed a sigh of relief. At last!

Luanu breathed a sigh of relief to see that his and Shea’s ship was in place, safe and sound. He made his way inside, and, reaching the sleeping compartment, almost immediately fell asleep.

Having previously battened down the hatch, so as not to become a victim of another predator, Luanu made himself comfortable and dozed off.

At this time, Shea rushed at full speed through the jungle, simultaneously slicing through the powerful fern thickets with his weapons. Which was already losing power and required recharging.

Shea was being chased by a beast called Spinosaurus. Spinosaurus skeletons were later found in North Africa. Spinosaurus aegyptiacus were originally from modern Egypt. The lizards reached more than 18 m in length. Shea was also not small in height, but unlike the spinosaurus, he did not have so many sharp fangs-teeth that could bite his ridge in no time. Liera warned her friends to be wary of the tyrannosaurus, Earth’s largest predators. But spinosaurs could be significantly larger than tyrannosaurs.

These reptiles had a long, narrow muzzle and moved on two or four massive legs. Their lifestyle was very different from the lifestyle of other dinosaurs. The structure of the skeleton suggested that they were some kind of a huge crocodile. Spinosaurs led a semi-aquatic lifestyle and were fish-eating predators.

Shea was not a fish, but apparently this did not at all embarrass this spinosaurus, which chased after him from the «darkest plateau».

Shea almost dropped his backpack to get rid of the ballast, but then realized that it would be stupid and shortsighted, given the fact that it has communications, additional attributes of protection and surveillance.

«How do you stop this monster?» Shea was frantically trying to draw up a plan of action. Suddenly, turning near the cliff, Shea saw out of the corner of his eye his opponent stagger on two legs and began to slide into the abyss.

Shea was overjoyed! If he falls off this cliff right now, it will be incredible luck. The lizard desperately clung to the rock with its forepaws. At the same time, biting back into the stone, already under the cliff. At some point, there was a hysterical cry of an animal, and it flew with a crash into the abyss. Shea exhaled. Fuh. It remains to get to the ship, and restore contact with his friend. Around the next bend, Shea saw the ship and gave out a victory cry. Their affairs were improving.


Liara looked worried and a little sad. For two days now, Luanu and Shea have not contacted, which could mean that they are in serious trouble. The head of the Lemurian confederation, Sao Pole, told Liera to contact her friends by all means before it was too late. She desperately sent messages into the abyss of the satellite radio signal, but there was still no answer.

The Lemurian Confederation was currently located on the planet FarFarOut, which was about 146 times farther from the Sun than Earth. But in the same solar system.

This planet was hidden from prying eyes, and many alien races did not even know about its existence. Thus, traveling in space, uninvited guests could rarely drop in to the LEMURIANS.

The Lemurian race developed such sciences as mathematics, chemistry, physics, and the sphere of shipbuilding developed.

Each Lemurian was obliged to be, according to the laws of the confederation, a fully conscientious citizen, which meant that, firstly, he would necessarily acquire offspring, and secondly, he would receive a profession that was relevant for the confederation, and would serve all his life for the good of the Lemurian community.…

Liera, tired of pressing the radio buttons without stopping, even managed to doze off a little. She was awakened by another lab worker: Nisu Bas.

Nishu alarmed Liera with his low voice when he entered the laboratory, loudly communicating over the radio with another department.

— My God, Nishu! You scared me! — Liera jokingly grabbed her heart and smiled at Nish.

— Sorry, Liera, I didn’t mean to. Hearing something from Luanu and Shea?

Liera shook her head.

— Silence.

Nisha nodded sadly.

— We must pray to the Light that our guys survive and bring us valuable materials.

— Yes, Nishu.

Now only prayer can help.

Liera brushed a strand of hair that had fallen to her forehead, rose from her chair, and walked out of the lab. At the door, she paused for a second.

— Niche! After all, they are trying for us… It’s really very important. To keep them alive.

Nisha nodded. Liera smiled and walked out of the lab.

Nishu walked over to the monitor. A single, flat signal line floated across the screen. The satellite was silent.


Imagine Shea’s joy when he climbed into the ship and found Luana sleeping there!

Shea didn’t wake each other up, but went straight to the food bay. He was hungry as hell! Running with the spinosaurus took too much of his energy.

Shea grabbed a protein shake from the formula drawer, uncorked it, and began to drink greedily.

Only now did he allow his body to relax a little, and his mind to come to balance and calm down.

Shea suddenly remembered that he had promised Liara to report every five hours on the results of the expedition, and in horror realized that he had not contacted for two days. Shea returned to the cockpit, fumbled for the radio, and pressed the power button.

— Liera, Liera. This is Shea. Please answer.

In response, there were wheezes and groans from the speaker, but Liera did not answer yet. Shea repeated the request.

Finally, the voice of Nishu, Liera’s lab colleague, was heard on the phone.

— Shea! How glad I am that you are alive! Is Luanu okay too, I hope?

Shea smiled. It was nice to hear the sounds of civilization in this (as yet) godforsaken place.

— Yes, Lou is still sleeping. Apparently I also had a fun today.

We are safe and sound. Tell me friend, is Liera far away?

Nishu replied:

«She’s out, Shea. I promise as soon as I get back, tell her to get in touch with you.

— Thank you friend. I miss you, brothers. — Nishu could be heard grinning.

— And we are for you. Gather everything you need and come back soon.

— We will try, Nishu. OK, we will keep in touch. Shea said his last words and hit hang up.


The leader of the tribe of the primitive Iroquois living on the Gautario River in the Uru-Eu-Wau-Wau reservation, the shaman and Indian Hiawatha made an offering to the gods of their tribe.

A small lamb was executed and sacrificed, and now his corpse, anointed with ancient incense (backgammon, incense, camphor, sandalwood, myrrh, musk, amber, operculum) was smoking on the ashes at the altar.

Hiawatha uttered sacred words, a prayer-spell, designed to invoke the mercy of the gods. For the seventh month there has been no rain in their area. The river dried up, the animals died from dehydration, the children were thirsty.

Hiawatha closed his eyes and whispered tirelessly:

Ee Mungu! utuhurumie, watoto wako! tunatamani unyevu! wanyama wetu wanatamani unyevu! wanawake wetu wanatamani unyevu! watoto wetu wanatamani unyevu!

(Swahili version — author’s note)

What in translation meant:

Oh Gods! have mercy on us, your children! we crave moisture! our animals crave moisture! our women crave moisture! our children crave moisture!

The lamb’s corpse was quietly smoldering, and the shaman continued to whisper requests for a change in the weather.

The children of the Mohawki tribe behaved strangely: at first they played, frolicked with might and main, and then everyone sat down on the ground and began to cry. One of the mothers, Arenk, sat down on the ground next to them and began to lull them to sleep with singing. Baby Amedehi calmed down first and began to smile with might and main.

Well done, Amedehi, — praised

Arenk. Now it remains to wait for the rest to calm down. Arenk hugged another girl, Aponivi, and began stroking her head.

Having finished the prayer, Hiawatha approached Arenk and the children sitting on the ground and turned to Arenk:

I trust in our Gods. What are they

will send us rain next week.

Arenk nodded.

O great Hiawatha! I, too

hope it rains soon! We need water so much!

Hiawatha smiled.

The gods will not leave us, Arenk, here

you will see.

He turned and looked towards the thicket.

Avoneko with brothers today

bring some water. Prepare your own and warn other mothers.

Arenk nodded.

The weather is getting worse. May be

Hurricane. — Having said this, she raised her head, and began to peer into the dull gray sky.

Hiawatha closed his eyes and said:

Kutakuwa na siku, kutakuwa na


Which in translation meant: «There will be a day, there will be food.»

Arenk smiled reverently.

I trust you, Hiawatha. Husband

says Hiawatha is a strong leader. You can trust him. And I believe my husband.

From the direction of the thicket, voices were heard, it was Avoneko and his brothers who were walking from their forest absence — they were carrying water.

At last! — Arenk beamed.

She rose from the Earth and sang, addressing the children to their folk song.

«Sweet rain, oh great rain!

Come to us soon!

To our beloved leader!

He was able to pray for us in April!»

The children happily picked up.

When Avoneko and his brothers were very close, Arenk called out to Avoneko.

Avoneko! What a fine fellow you are!

Today you are a hero of the tribe! The children were waiting for the water!

Avoneko smiled benevolently.

Yes, dear, Arenk. We brought

water, a lot of water… do you want to drink a little right now?

Arenk was frightened.

Can i?

Sure! Go

Avoneko waved his hand as a sign for Arenk to follow him, and they approached a huge reservoir built of vines and small tree pillars, inside there was at least 200 liters of water. Enough for everyone!

Avoneko scooped up a small ladle from the vat, and handed the ladle to Arenk.

Here. Have a drink.

But the kids want it too, I can’t


Come on, Arenk, enough for everyone!

Arenk gave up and obediently drank from the ladle. The water burned pleasantly with cold ligaments and larynx.

How wonderful, Avoneko!

Yes. Arenk. But if it doesn’t go

rain in the next few weeks, water will not be left anywhere else. Now call the children! Let’s give them water!

Arenk ran, shouting the names of the children, and circling around their village, calling everyone to gather at the vat.

Avoneko called out to Hiawatha.

Leader! We have to talk.

Hiawatha nodded and they went to the chief’s hut.

Ooooh! Yes, this is our baby

woke up!!! Shea whistled as he saw a sleepy Luana in the cockpit opening.

Luanu smiled. He was still bad at thinking. All these adventures exhausted him in order, and he just wanted to blink silently.

How did you sleep? — Shea threw in

air flask with water, Luanu coordinated hand movements, caught it.

I slept fine, Shea. Where

did the devils wear you? I screamed so desperately into the radio when I ran away from that fucking monster that I thought I’d lose my voice! Were you looking for me at all? Even a little? Luanu sank into the copilot’s seat and began to drink greedily.

Hey, hey, take it easy with the accusations! I

got into trouble no worse than yours! This was chasing me!! That you won’t even dream in a nightmare.

Luanu drained the flask to the bottom, threw it into the corner of the cockpit and coughed.

Means, too, was in the alteration.

Clear. I already thought you decided to leave me here, but you flew home…

Nonsense. You know that

I couldn’t let you feed the dinosaurs alone! Shea burst out laughing.

These creatures are very bloodthirsty,

Shi. I was really scared.

I know Lou. But now you’re in

security and let’s not get hung up on that. I’m afraid we will have to compete with them in endurance more than once!

Luanu leaned back in his seat and closed his eyes.

In front of my eyes all the time

Anu’s face stood. She was worried, I saw it. Do you think I could catch her thoughts at such a distance?

Unlikely. Too much

light years separates you. Speaking of girls. I have already contacted Liara, said that we are alive. He calmed her down a little. They were all on their ears already, we did not get in touch for more than two days!

Luanu looked up at his friend and smiled.

And what is Liera? Fainted from

happiness that you are alive?

Nearly. — Shea patted Luana’s

shoulder. — We’ll go back and get our girls. I promise you. You and Anu and Lee and I will definitely come back here. But already the winners. Not as a snack for these critters for lunch.

What are we going to do with them?

If we settle here? You can’t kill everyone, can you? Luanu looked anxiously in Shea’s eyes, knowing he knew the answer.

No, you won’t interrupt, friend. But! On the

there are areas on the planet where there are none at all. To begin with, we will coordinate the reservations at these points, and later we will think. I would generally find a use for the friendliest of them. You can fly on pteranodons. For example. These large ones with long necks can help with construction. Etc…

You think like a dreamer, Shi.

And this is good. But there is

reality… and so far these animals are not particularly friendly. Luana slapped Shea on the knee with his palm. «Okay, Shea! It’s time for me to grab something to eat. I hope you didn’t eat and drink everything under stress?

Not yet. Shea laughed again.

You’re kidding — it’s already good. So fear has receded. Come on, go and refresh yourself, and for now I’ll deal with the devices.

OK. — Luanu nodded and left


«Eh, Lou! What a child you are!» Shea glanced through the ship’s front glass. — outside the spaceship there was nothing but peace and quiet.


If life touched us at the point X at which it begins, then people would not experience grief. But life is multifaceted. And one of her faces is pain. The other is fear. And also — conscience. Or rather her torment. Luanu suddenly realized that he had never allowed himself to be kind before, to the fullest extent, as TOTAL LIGHT commands, Here on this planet, inhabited by unknown creatures, he is just a guest. And must respect the laws of existence on it. Luanu never allowed himself to be kind and light. Throughout his adult life (which took place up to this moment), he portrayed himself as a malicious bully, but the example of Shea, his older friend, made something like a revolution in him. Shea was such a fatherly guardian of Luana (who was younger) that the belief in unconditional love and acceptance was resurrected in the soul of this Lemurian cynic. He longed to be like Shea. Become the same as him. The same kind and generous. And he knew he could do it. With such a mentor, it could not be otherwise.

Luana took a squeezed squirrel out of a box. And he put a little semi-liquid mass into his mouth. Ooooh! It’s delicious. I’m ready to eat five of these! he exclaimed.

Then he took out a bottle of cocktail I eat on the basis of sea minerals, and also drank a little. Mmmm! Great. Luanu leaned back against the partition that served as a divider for the food and sleeping compartments. And closed his eyes. «It’s great that both of them survived today! After all, if something happened to one of them, the other would have a hard time. Oh, how hard it is!»

Now it was small. Collect the remaining minerals and roots, samples of volcanic rocks, pick and dry flowers and leaves of benettites, and also catch local small animals in the river and place them in special alcohol-free boxes and you can fly back.

Luana himself did not notice how he fell asleep. Shea’s voice woke him. It turns out it was already evening, and Shea suggested that he go to the sleeping compartment.

Luanu nodded sleepily as he followed his friend.


Climb!!! Shea shouted

it’s right into Luan’s ears. — Get up, get up! Today we will go towards the sun — to the northern part of the plateau. There we have to find berries and plants that, according to our preliminary data, can be eaten. Get up, sleepyhead. There is not much time!

Luanu stretched sleepily.

According to preliminary data

Liera, did you mean?

Friend, by our expedition

the whole department was engaged. Liera is only one of the scientists, and it is not good to be mocking about my girlfriend. Shea jokingly shook his finger at Luana.

Luanu rubbed his eyes with his index fingers.

Sorry friend. I could not restrain myself.

Shea patted his younger companion on the shoulder. — Get up. We’re not here to sleep. — already in a fatherly way he repeated.

Luanu got up on the bunk and, having taken a sitting position, straightened up.

Uh. To be honest, already

my enthusiasm dwindled. I may not survive the second meeting with these creatures.

Shea turned serious.

Lou, first in the northern part

they are not there, and secondly, we are not here to sit in the ship. You knew what you were signing up for.

Shea got up from the side of the bunk, on the edge of which he was sitting, and stopped in the opening of the compartment.

Wash your face, pray and

get ready. Be ready in thirty minutes. I’ll be outside. I want to pick up some of the fruit of these ferns. That are around the ship.

OU! Fruit? Are they

bear fruit?

Yes, but they are inedible. But who

knows what they can do. Up to drugs and medicines. We’ll see. In general, if anything, I’m outside. Hurry up. We need to get back before dark.

Shea said this and walked out, while Luanu stretched again.

The day promises to be



The ship of the Iarganians «hung» in the Earth’s orbit. Strange creatures with heads like humanoids and effeminate delicate bodies watched the two friends on a large screen in the main building of the ship. The senior, apparently the captain, reported his suspicions:

Looking for moha rasbo loa! — this is

meant: «They came to stay.»

A female, sitting in the wheelhouse nearby, said:

Dome Fao Kom! — Which meant:

«You’re right, captain.»

The captain continued:

Looking for carrna boha loa! — in

translated, these words meant: «We cannot allow them to do this.»

The captain got up and whispered something in the pilot’s ear. The pilot nodded and pulled the yellow lever toward him. The ship accelerated, developed light speed, and broke into the Earth’s atmosphere.

At this time, Shia and Luana roamed the paths of the South Plateau. Small boars swarmed under their feet.

Luanu heard a strange sound and raised his head to the sky.

Shea, look! Same


Shea turned and looked up, too.

Lord Lou! These are the Iargans!

They can kill us if they find out the purpose of our mission!

Luanu and Shea exchanged glances and rushed towards the ship. Luanu was gasping for breath from the fast run, but Shea did not let him slow down. In the end, they have not gone that far, and can still manage to hide in the ship.

But the Iargans knew what they were doing. Watching the friends on the screens, they corrected the course, and blocked their path 3 km from the ship.

Luanu and Shea are trapped. Nets thrown from the ship hanging above them bound them hand and foot.

Lou, pray that Light so that we do not

killed! Shea shouted desperately trying to gnaw through the net.

Shi! The ship has landed. They are

come out. What to do?

Shea looked to the right.

Do not move. And nothing to them

tell me. They quite possibly know nothing, and will let us go.

Captain Ssen approached

the Lemurians floundering under the net.

There was a translator with him. Alshi.

The captain gathered his hands in a salute and bowed.

Mas waho ruben jas! —

he said.

Greetings, Neighbors. —

translated by the translator.

Luana and Shea stared at Captain Ssen with wide eyes.

— What language to answer? Luana asked Shea in a whisper.

Speak ours. Translator

knows the Lemurian dialect.

Greetings, sir….

Ssen! — answered without waiting

the end of Alsha’s sentence.

Ssen. — continued Luana. — Than

owe such a daring intrusion to you?

Alshi translated the words to Luan to the captain.

Aho movie zhzhino Praba! Yesou

tucci koshine bilbao. — said the captain. And he continued: — Issa boha loa!

Alshi translated:

Friends. Earth is unsafe

a place to live. We are forced to insist on our help. Otherwise you will find death here.

Luanu and Shea again exchanged glances.

What is your name? — Shea turned to


My name is Alshi. she nodded.

Alshi, ask your

captain, why did he decide that we are going to live here?

Alshi translated the question.

The captain said something again and Alshi translated.

Captain Ssen says he knows

about the plight of the most distant planet. And so I decided to offer help. We flew from Venus. It is not yet inhabited. But it is ideal for races of our type.

Luanu’s eyes widened.

You invite us to share with

you Venus? — he was taken aback. Alshi translated. Captain Ssen was indignant at something, and spoke for about ten minutes of earth time.

Finally, Alshi started:

You can get dear

guests in our new home. We can offer you the whole north, because we know that you are not thermophilic. Every Iarganian knows from childhood that a Lemurian is a friend. We would be glad to see how children of your race are born on our new planet.

Luanu wanted to say something. But Shea interrupted him.

Tell President Iargi that

we want OUR planet. And we will

continue to explore the Earth.

Alshi translated, to which Captain Ssen silently nodded and headed back to the ship. Alshi bowed to the two friends and followed her captain.

When Luana and Shea were finally alone, they freed themselves from the net and looked at each other in bewilderment.

Friends? Luana said. AND

Both Lemurians burst out laughing.


On the farthest planet of the solar system, where the confederation of the Lemurian race was located, life was in full swing. When ordinary Lemurians learned that an expedition to Earth was sent, they began to pack their personal things in a hurry. The Lemurians were confident that a general evacuation would be announced very soon. Children were taken out of schools, transferred to home schooling so that parents did not need to be distracted once again. Sao Pole, the head of the confederation, made an address to the people, right in the main square of the capital — Janabe. Sao Pole said:

Greetings to you, great ones

inhabitants of Lemuria! Today has come a great day in the history of our people. Our fellow countrymen have landed on Earth. Their purpose is to analyze the flora and fauna of the Earth. If everything goes as we planned, then after two or three lunar cycles we will be there. All together, in full force! To all our people. I ask you to get ready. Start your camp and pray relentlessly that we will succeed! Twenty-four ships with 10,000 seats have already been built, and the same number will be built. We will evacuate in several flights, on the most distant planet there will be not a single Lemurian left. I promise you! —

The Lemurian people greeted his words with enthusiastic applause. After listening to the words of their leader, the Lemurians dispersed to their homes and began their preparations.

Work on the ships for the evacuation was in full swing. Ten thousand mechanics worked on their production. They were built in absolutely all cities of the confederation. In the right amount, so that «everyone» flew away. The reason why the Lemurians had to leave their planet in a hurry was the water that was unfit for drinking and the violation of the oxygen balance of the air. For some time, remoteness from the sun did not affect the quality of drinking water and the composition of oxygen, but over time, when FarFarOut entered a different orbit, the planet did not have enough sunlight for the photosynthesis of plants, and therefore the production of oxygen by them.

From that moment on, at the emergency Council of the Confederation, its head gave the task to scientists to study nearby planets for suitability for life. Scientists have proposed several options in the Milky Way galaxy and in several other neighboring ones, but it was the Earth that looked the most attractive against their background. And then the choice of the head fell on the Earth. It was decided to find daredevils who would dare to go to Earth on a small shuttle ship, equip their expedition, and get all samples of flora and fauna from Earth.

The search for daredevils began immediately

the same. A general mobilization was announced, and thousands of children who matched physical and mental characteristics began to be selected. The selection was tough and combined testing and training. When Shia and Luanu were at the point of combat training, they alone, out of hundreds of trainees at that moment, passed every single test perfectly. Shea was a former intelligence warrior and pilot, but retired when alien invasions stopped and Luanu was an excellent athlete. Since high school and at the Academy, he was the best thrower, also excellent archery.

Seeing their results, Sao Pole demanded them to him.

He started right off the bat, not letting the guys come to their senses.

Friends. You have a great

mission! You will have to go to Earth and collect animal and plant samples for us. As well as samples of water and soil. We must understand whether we can fully exist there, and not only we, but also our children.

Luan’s jaw dropped. None of the residents of the confederation yet knew about the government’s plans.

Mr. President, this is due to


Sao Pole nod

And because of the water too. Air. Us

soon there will simply not be enough air and we will all suffocate here.

Why is this happening? — deaf

Shea responded in a voice.

It’s all the fault of the orbit change.

The sun is too far away. The earth in this regard is in an ideal position. Well, speak! Agree?! Serve honor and conscience for the confederation?!

Shea and Luana exchanged glances.

That’s right, Mr. President.

We agree. — Friends spoke in one voice.

Excellent. I will order

allocate two places for you in the barracks, you will train with our military. And now out of my sight, I still have many unresolved questions. The two friends nodded and left the president’s office. The first thing they had to do was warn their girls.

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