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Universe theory the guilt.

Theory of guilt in insincerity with by yourself. Bob marley sang about love and freedom. His songs are very popular. But ready do people rejoice for ourselves on present. To not interfere and not fool yourself with thoughts of something either (good or bad). Many necessarily seek to do things to please themselves. BUT this is not need to. This is a fictional illusion of self-deception.

Einstein proved the theory that 2 +2 = 5 and 2 +2 = 6. Its not feel crazy. He is considered a genius.

This book is written by keywords. In order for you to become healthy and successful. The book may not be understandable to you by meaning and content. Is not A book is required for the forces that control your destiny. The purpose of the book is to collect 400 million readings of people wanting the best life for themselves, and built an Orthodox church.

One day I was covered with evil thoughts. I was drunk too well. As they say covered with malice. AND I wanted to do something bad. BUT then I saw a little church near me, hesitated with feet on foot, smoked and let go. That’s why I think it’s important to try to build churches next to their home.


My friend lived before 34 years of ordinary life of the average middling. AND suddenly with strange things began to happen to him. As if someone wanted to mix it with crazy BUT it all started after from he left the girl. AND he plunged, as always after parting with girls in literature on self-development. Re-read maybe. But the oddities going on around him worried. AT impulses appeared within him. Then in head then sorry in ass invisible power beat him. It was like air strikes. From which, decreased mood and wellbeing. It prevented live. If a would it not all the time coped would be with by this. In addition, there were noises, sounds of loud claps, as from firecrackers and sounds like the sound of a heavy truck drove on speeds in the speed bump, the neighbors began to speak unexpectedly loudly. Their conversations were not are clear. And he will think about sound appeared and incomprehensible and at this moment the neighbors laugh as well impulses beat harder. Things moved independently with places on place by the room it cost him to go out the next room. Sometimes he found things physically broken. Besides this when he walked down the street, oncoming cars blinked his headlights, some cars were alarmed. Another strange thing appeared, here he comes, he sees the person behind driving a car, nervous because of the appearing sounds, begins to feel impulses, somehow tries to resist and the sound of a blow occurs metal car body and the driver coughs. Sometimes it was thought that a passing car would stop and she stopped. Every factor of his bad began to provoke vomiting Just going to bathroom or in toilet he felt a pulse along the esophagus up throat causing vomiting reflexes. He didn’t vomit ceasing a few months until he understood that from that he can have fun too. Only then did vomiting cease. AT the rest of the time he coughed and I was expecting some clots during the day and at night. Many times he almost choked on vomit mixtures and coughing up clots. AND this was accompanied by constant headaches and pressure. Impulses that and without that unpleasant headaches turned into throbbing headache. Gradually beat pulses are even worse in shaped hands climbed into ears and further in body up vomiting. Then beats on the street. Then by head and he walked his head loose. Then by pelvis and he walked a wobbly pelvis. Most often by feet and leg not it turned out to put on land not jerking. Every step he was given with great effort. Only he thought he was coping with his thoughts were beaten with impulses, only he thought he was coping with impulses he heard insults from afar passers-by, only he coped with insults, shots appeared. Now from the outside, then from the inside. Then in ass, with feeling as if he had just been raped by an oval, then esophagus as if he had something cut off. Always impulses were accompanied by pictures of tearing off or cutting off him something from body. Something strained his thoughts about his bones up physical pain here and there, electricity from the inside.Something beat him and he walked like a wobbly man all sides toy soldier. All his life he endured all his illnesses feet. AND its not So would scare all of the above as accompanying thoughts about bad All the sins of the world wanted him to plunge into last corruption in forms in which are notorious perverted entsy smoked and would be nervous in aside. Rogues, murderers and rapes from thoughts that overcame him huddled would in angle and nervously sucked would be your thumbs up. He was physically intolerant to pain from incessant cascade of thoughts about evil, bad, from blood scenes violence Ia. All this was accompanied by the humiliation of his personality. Of neighbors and votes people on street that seemed tied to his thoughts added voices from from nowhere. It was scary because not had an explanation of who it is and from where The main joke of these voices was the phrase: who do you say that to? Laughing people around him, negative energy from surrounding in his side every day everyone who decided to earn his popularity points among his buddies or in front of his girlfriend called him fagot ace, ridicule, spitting in your side. When he was sincerely engaged in putting his legs in turn, in order to survive the blows of the impulses psychologically, accompanied by scenes ualo sex rape and murder suicides. Screams out from nowhere swearing, insults and humiliation It is good that he remembered that sometimes people seemed to him to be a gray mass and at these moments he felt and almost heard the annoyance of others. Helped and saved the idea that several times seen that the flow of people is painted in gray color and curses are heard.That is, there was an understanding that perhaps these skills, to hear the evil thoughts of people, somehow intensified. That is often what he heard, it was possible to highlight in clear voices from nowhere. It was hard to understand how to respond to people. For example on stop, hammered the man himself, it was his thoughts. At the same time it was impossible to agree with the thought that this man said. Therefore, if you agree with thought, then the person really begins to be rude. AT In general, it is difficult to explain. But it’s all flowers compared to the inexplicability of what is happening around. Appliances, TV, laptop, phone, it worked, it did not worked. The Internet worked, it did not have worked. Inexplicably changed files on the computer. Changed the operating system. Light in the room worked, then not have worked. Squeaks and rustles from all angles, blows to the walls. When he turned on the light at night, house opposite in many apartments turned on the light. He turned on the light and light in apartments opposite included. There were groups of people running around, as if guided by someone and them too. He was looking out window and ordered the car driving past the house to stop and she stopped. That person shakes the tree under his windows. Then frozen people with burning eyes, as if connected somewhere there. Then run up and runaway people. He looked out window and someone was hiding from him Or with steps shifted to run. Things moved by apartment only known way. On much he closed his eyes, thank god he had problems with memory and it was useful to him. People telling him something incomprehensible with burning eyes as well after saying that this is not talked about. Aliens or he introduced into hypnosis of people himself not realizing. Yes, it was not for him. Everything seemed nonsense, not I wanted to harm nobody, I wanted privacy and calm He also wanted to make money. He understood that not shines mind. But he was curious about working after dad died 15 years, often on two papers he is nothing earned. AND he is tired of work was curious. Like a horse tired of work but already moving on inertia is pure of curiosity. Already after the beginning of the “madness” he went to work for four years, all the time, rearranging his feet every day, every step with a picture that his genitals are cut off or worse. By telephone and they wrote him in writing correspondence is different, but after saying not remember what is said or written. Neighbors are constantly jumping like horses, but oncoming people were laughing and humiliated raising their self-esteem in his eyes. But what that inner feeling is struggling with current thoughts gave a hint not waste your nerves and forces on surrounding Gone gray, he sought a balance for his inner peace, calm and feelings of joy. Something not made him happy. But he wanted to eat, sleep well, not get sick and not puke Make money, keep a woman. To live with trivial worries. Good kind like u take all, bring, buy, give, help, repair. He earned a penny salary, but was a shopaholic. Therefore, I found shops of cheap things. He was just curious. Couple of times he disappeared into nowhere is the money. AND he was curious to appear whether back ever from from nowhere. Smile and buy something. Any harmful hamburger.


There is its own smell in every person like something in that he unconditionally believes. Memories of your own smell can be compared to pulling himself off hair out any psychological delusion. Sober look, neither good, nor bad opinion. Confirmation that everyone on unconsciously wishes itself well and good

Second on power is a feeling similar to feeling some removal from person when living with him in adjacent rooms for extended periods of time. Take 40 years of forced residence with someone evil, what have u we will be to his attitude, properly sustained.

Third. Berserker mode when you can not work statutory exists. It is only necessary to imagine that your feet delight you. Danger of this mode. If you notice that there is little to eat. You get enough sleep 3—4 hours and have time to do a lot of work. Then after a week, make rest to not there was a rollback effect. Disconnect though would think about its smell.

From headache helps me so same memory feet. Remembrance when sat legs. From head helps on million percent. BUT I honestly from any pain helps.

Well acceleration reception and time dilation. When we are sad, time slows down. BUT when we have fun is accelerating.

Love often gives us strength, and there is a force driving us to to success. Love to to your own smell so can lead to to success. Unconscious love to to yourself what can and everybody wants.

Work with the irritants.

Despite something that annoys.

We mentally imagine that we are offered a lot of good and good and refuse. WITH thought:

Not I need from good of you, not get and evil.

On at an unconscious level, everyone desires good for himself.

Therefore, it remains with good :)

Know the remaining flavor from glasses with juice Here after your mental sends to irritant you should have a similar emotional aftertaste from of the world.

Can you imagine that a man is good, evil together leaves itself.

Why good instead evil.

By its essence when one laughs at the other. Then one gets good as well other evil.

Thus the one who sends “evil” receives good.

AND here with positions of receiving “evil”, think about good of the receiver of good leave.

What we get leaving him his good? Our thoughts were about good and got the “taste” of good.

In this way we get good three times. The first when we think that the stimulus got a feeling of pleasure from us, the second time when we realize that we enjoyed him and the third time when we remembered that we wish well for ourselves unconscious level.

The meaning of the exercise, to pump yourself. TO external stimuli. Who laughs more often smiles longer lives. Proven. I believe this is due to received from smiles and laugh positive emotions.

I believe that the feeling of victory in laughter — give us real health through emotions.

The effect comes through pinching or relaxation of energies. Feeling buzz a, winning, laughing, thinking about opposite field, love, lead to relaxation of energies. AND respectively to improve health.


He is not exaggerated and telling that the human psyche may not endure. Or lead to all suicidal effects. Just what is easy to digest. Better you don’t will believe and you will laugh at him than take sin on yourself for your fate.

There is a possibility of discovery of youth and longevity. Behind through understanding that in Anyway, everybody is a sinner. But not give up because inside you on subconscious love for to myself and good wishes

It’s hard to understand that you need to try not get upset about mistakes. Around the whole world of values that are supported by rules, public opinion and financially. As they say, if u you have money, then she will love you very much.

You should always refer to stories, to understand that all mistakes have already been made and repeat them not follows. AND at also some 200 years ago not looked at TV performances favorite singers, it was hungry, cold and Slave work. So it’s still better now.

Interests with something, some legitimate hobby will give you the opportunity to discharge psychologically, to find strength for peace and contemplation.

The slowdown of the surrounding evil, very humane. Mentally stretching evil on for many years, the process gives a feeling of victory.Fighting clear conscience. Oddly enough, the interconnections of the surrounding world welcome this. The laws of the universe are very cleverly arranged.


Two hands shaking hands. Who of they believe that they shake hands with him. Tom and shake AND at the same time fate is ordained, handshake is nowhere gone It seems you, but is not altogether So.

Interestingly, every sound is accompanied by an invisible emotional wave. AND at same time can not pay attention to sound and on the emotion that he carries.

AND at also loudly slam the door each. BUT one who carries in imagine this energy of cotton.

It seems that the salute was invented to enjoy the beauty. BUT at China, the country where they created the salute, thinks that the pops of salute drive away evil spirits.

Have I sometimes get hit or create a clap sound.

But all in the world is interconnected.

What is the look of a man in eyes. How not pressure exerted by the gaze of one person on other. AND where is that stop helping to stop.

Energy tends to accumulate and splash out. Especially in minutes of tension, irritation, psychological instability.

This cannot be learned or learned. This is shamanism. Spirits, even evil ones, are chosen from people with who to play

Psychologically withstand what is constantly going on around even the one who managed and not became crazy, difficult.

Every day feel what others feel. For example fume in the mouth of the one who is nearby. Desires, experiences. It drives with crazyDynamic change of one vinaigrette on other. That one person nearby is another.

Shamanism is an interesting thing, from which is nauseous. As there is only one condensed milk for life.

Four years of life I tried not communicate with around until bring myself into order I was personally ashamed to meet a girl until I control yourself.

AND here comes the time when i can say that u me less AND I’m scared now, I survived all this because all my life I read literature on psychology and as if all his life he was preparing himself for to survive this.


What happens to people who “hear”? Who are they? Possessed or mentally ill? there is are there ways other than traditional and not traditional? Fear — How to beat him?


The worst thing was to cope with momentum. You know, “crazy” sometimes sway in size. This is a scribe, especially when a number of people have this impulse from from nowhere and starts walking on whole body. Vestibular apparatus is turned off. AND All the same, not need to climb on wall, beat from despair wall. You can take momentum on front upper teeth. WITH the rest of the places he leaves and voila. Everything turns out.

Darkness it’s not evil. Darkness hides absolutely everything. AND not known in what is the power of God more in light or darkness.The universe has a black color. BUT evil not has colors. But immersing all your thoughts in the dark, you will understand why a lot of famous people like to wear not taking off the black glasses.

If you hit perfume world then know 90% of they are very angry: (. think about flying small light birds and your thoughts will be light.AND It will be easy for you to live :) Meeting with violent people wanting to show contempt and offend, one must always remember the following. These people live in self-made exclusivity and permissibility. Considering their relatives, loved ones and neighbors, these people are discussed daily, stipulated, obsmeyany and finally belittled and humiliated. Even the “coolest” and The “famous” film actor or politician is sling mud every day. what they talk about dressed up soothers.

Many fear the thought of counter as most abnormal people. But still not need to be afraid to read this book. If a would in the book was written about long years of mentally unstable state, or about lost destinies: families, workplaces, financial conditions, this is not could would help you. So same as others defeat this disease. It is very difficult to believe in yourself and my strength Use your abilities to overcome difficulties. But Having read this book, you can easily cope with this ailment. Deal with delusion that you are not such as other people who have mastered their brains. Indeed you have been subject to fears and gone to themselves. But If you started playing poker with a master, it does not mean that over time you will not learn how to play better than him. Learn the rules, you quite able to win against yourself and have any master. See how much beauty surrounds us that you can touch and try. Delicious food, pleasant companions, loved ones, books, music and much more. AT depending on the taste of each. You get if you stress, getting pleasure from food? Will you be nervous or in fear? When you eat your favorite dish, do you think about anything else? Every parent would like to lure his child out of a trap like yours. Therefore, you should also overcome your fears for the sake of your parents. To cope with stress, to defeat oneself for the sake of loved ones. What plays with our thoughts, what is misleading? One way or another, the defining moment is fear. If we focus on fear, we can not cope with ourselves and stop enjoying the pleasure of communicating with relatives and from food. If you have tried many ways to deal with your thoughts in your head and have gone through all the suffering, then you want to fall under the influence of this fear and lower your hands. It seems to you that it will never end and you will not be able to overcome it in yourself. If you think that right now you can not fight, then it is fear that makes you feel that way. At the same time, fear is generated by your thoughts that will not disappear without your participation. When you had this mental disorder, you could not assume that you would be in this state all your life. When will you put yourself in the same condition? On next week? In a month? Until you tune in to victory, you will be in this state all your life. WITH Since writing this book, two years have passed. All this time I have not ceased to correspond with people who have been helped by the methods outlined in this book. Freed from the fear of people could not imagine that you can live so easily and pleasantly. Sometimes the techniques described in this book are similar to witchcraft, but in all there is a logical explanation. Later on they will be written in more detail. Only an increasing sense of anxiety and fear can prevent you from reading this book to the end. But you will not lose anything, no matter what path you choose to go to your future.


I am not a doctor and not a psychiatrist by training, but I myself was sick and behind three years pulled himself out of this state completely. How can you yourself, so easy to fight and win yourself along with the disease? Remembering the terrible suffering, I was convinced that they were not. Everything happened only in my mind. The fact is that in my opinion, anyone who wants to recover will be able to pull himself out. He needs only help in this. On In the first stage, fear prevents a person from starting to save himself. When the patient defeats fear, he begins to ask himself: “Why have I been going to cure myself for so long?” It is important not to be lazy and follow all recommendations strictly and by schedule. Tune in at least for a month categorically, daily move towards the target, which will ensure success. Not understanding or not accepting those techniques that are described in this book, doubt them. But just as much as you can question your views and traditional medicine with tablets. Well not we will forget to question the predictors and magicians with their methods of treatment. AT Anyway, look for those who can answer you. Cured such and such patients with similar signs of the disease.


The most important part of the cure for this terrible disease is the inner mood and sense of joy. It is to force yourself to look at the world with open eyes, without going into yourself and at the same time thinking about yourself (“about your body”). Search for what will delight you in others, not giving anything out of their past habits. If you like to play volleyball, you need to continue playing without succumbing to depression. Treat yourself first of all, pull out, so that brings or brought earlier a sense of joy. This may seem contradictory, but I will certainly further explain that the state of depression and regret clouding your mind does not give you anything good. The most interesting thing is that while we are fixated on ourselves and our state, we look at ourselves and try to understand the reason why we are doing this. Who or what influenced us in this way. But we feel a sense of joy, peace and understand real value when we are deprived of this “mind game”, looping, self-digging. AT At the same time, we have to admit to ourselves that the disease has hooked us seriously and will need plenty of time for deliverance. As soon as you believe that you will never get rid of this, you yourself will knock the stool out from under your feet. Therefore, do not tune in to an easy victory until you read the book until the end. On in fact, the method is simple, but you need to tune in at least a month to follow the instructions. Tune in to win, you just can not hurt. You need to live, become strong in spirit and body, work and live with your family and your relatives. Communicating with people who had signs of insane (mentally ill, possessed), I realized that first of all in this state are their fears. Removing fear in the process of communication, people came to their senses or ceased to be afraid. We felt pretty good. To start your life all over again: you got a job, made new acquaintances and a family.

The treatment consisted in communicating and reviewing their personal lives. What fears tortured patients on a subconscious level and how we cleaned them. Fear to hear someone else’s voice, suspiciousness and persecution mania. Even for severely clinical patients, the answer was extremely simple — what a difference. He advised patients to repeat during attacks and these two words really helped them. AND The fact is that under the influence of external factors acting on patients, such as: noises, conversations of people, failures in something, events taking place, were perceived by people too sharply. AND their own self was lost. When the patient started to relate to what was happening neutrally (relaxed), he helped. I realized that the words “What a difference” repay all unnecessary perception. At the same time restoring the usual picture of the world to which a person is used. The person is distracted from the “tales” and begins to think about his desires, the desires of his body and about to myself. His lack of understanding of his life, family, ways and goals makes the unwilling to be valid. AND on the contrary, understanding makes reality desirable, without any closure from reality. If we take a closer look at fears, we can discuss and decide how to treat each of them and quench the fear forever.

Anger is the opposite of fear, like hatred of love (you can compare these opposites with the sides of a sandwich). If we do not have time to be neutral about what is happening, then we are subject to either fear or anger. We are people and we are given these perceptions of the world. To deepen understanding, let us examine an example of how fears patients are exposed to. On example of normal and affected people. A normal person receives personal insult from another person and responds to him to the best of his upbringing and his perception of what is happening. He can remain silent and ignore, he can be afraid of aggression, and he can respond with aggression (return an insult to the offender or punish him physically).

Patients often complained that someone insulted them from nowhere. Not we will make out who. We will understand and cure the patient. A person hears an insult, but he does not on whom to respond to He can wave his arms over the air or, on the contrary, be frightened and hid in a corner. AT Both behaviors are subject to exposure, which can become mentally ill (sick soul). Accordingly, his relatives, who do not understand such a person, will take him to a psychiatric hospital. We understand how the mind of the ward is loosened. In addition to insults, added around the clock repetition of this insult. After that, any signal of a passing car seems to the patient as a pursuit. The addictive psyche of attributing sounds and actions attached to objects gets a break in the pattern of world perception In addition, some additionally appear images and Pictures. All of the above scares people. In no case should such people be allowed to surrender. First of all, you need to help overcome fears.

Let us examine in more detail: Insults. It is clear that the phrases occurring only in the head and in no way audible to others are shocking the patient. AT at the same time, focusing him on something helps distract him from phrases. Speak, communicate with the person. A person concentrates on something and is distracted from phrases in his head. So the perfect reading, working with documents, writing articles, drawing, listening to music and watching videos quiet (by the way there’s nothing like Soviet cartoons). One feature revealed by me. When a patient watches TV, he is distracted. If he is in the next room, then from remote sounds he gets worse. Games will do. Distracted from thoughts. Since the patients are much better feel if they have to a player if wearing glasses and wearing a cap.

But there is a method much more difficult to understand. It is necessary to invite the patient to try to present himself (“his own image”) to everyone around him, including at voices. It is very appropriate to recall here from the Gospel of Matthew: “In everything that you want people to do with you, do so with you, for this is the law and the prophets” (Matt.7: 12).

At the same time try to take all the fears about yourself, for yourself. The patient only needs to relax at the level of feelings and get fears, but with the purpose of getting adrenaline from experienced fears (“pleasure”). How do we get adrenaline when riding an attraction. On the second and third time on the attraction is not terrible at all, and fears are extinguished by relaxation and calmness.

Inexplicable moments. There are some points that may seem to them. For example, stirring in their field of vision, bizarre images, highlighting something from the surrounding images is particularly bright and sharpen their attention on this. Sometimes it seems to them that someone pinched them. They increase and decrease heart rate and pulse. It becomes hot or cold. It seems to them that there are odors. Not I can explain it myself and have achieved success only with those who managed to convince them that they do not need to look for the cause and thereby drive themselves crazy.

AND The following really helped them:

— breathing exercises;

— physical exercises (especially push-ups and pull-ups);

— prayers and the sacrament of communion in the church;

— cap on the head;

— headphones and player;

— Sunglasses;

— oddly enough: the kind of a burning candle, the sound of a bell ringing (or other sacred music), the smell of incense (other, but already Vedic means);

— holy water, pouring water, taking a shower, swimming in the water.

Separately, I wanted to dwell on breathing exercises: this method of breathing exercises helps. The first inhale and exhale, while mentally thinking about the hand. The second breath in exhale, mentally think about another part of the body (for example, about the other hand). Next, alternately about the legs, torso, head.

A long breath helps: Practice, at any time when you are worried about something, focus on a long breath. If the anxiety did not leave you, then the breath was not long enough and strong. (This exercise is really simple and strong. But it was thoughts about God that led to the knowledge of him.

God is constantly around us. AND we need to understand that he is around. God is like our own dad. When you are not distracted by extraneous thoughts and think that he is the strongest, you do not see and not has a guise. But he is absolutely around us and writes down all our life for the whole period given to us. He established the rules of our life and “this game.” When we think of God all the time (as saints who retired in cells and were alone to understand the truth). That GOD, who treats everyone like children, gives us “candy.”)

Three good words: When exhaling we say good words to ourselves, we interrupt bad thoughts, bad pictures and bad feelings.

On the first breath you utter the first good word to yourself. On second breath you pronounce the second word. For example (love, good and beauty).

Like for example: On one exhale “In the name of the father” on 2 “And son”, on 3 “And the holy spirit”, on four “Amen”.

Communion: It’s not for me to describe the sacrament of communion. As a statistic, two out of three felt much better after communion in the church. (The Gospel of Mark is recalled at once in chapter 5 verse 12 “And all the demons asked Him, saying, Send us into the pigs, that we may enter into them.” Verse 13 “Jesus immediately allowed them. AND unclean spirits, having gone out, entered the pigs; and rushed the herd from the steepness of the sea, and there were about two thousand; and drowned in the sea.”) And the fact that Jesus simply cured a demon-possessed word:”)”

Bad habits. Alcoholates s, cigars Ety, low mobility and passivity, leading to deterioration of patient’s condition. Quit smoking and alcohol received a dramatic improvement in health. Not unimportant is the correct mode of the day. Healthy sleep, exercise, timely nutrition.

Proper nutrition. Patients require eating as much fresh fruit and vegetables as possible to improve brain activity. Meat and dairy products give a lot of power.

Examples: Complaints and their solutions. The voice” Terro riziruyut” patients? Oddly enough, absolutely everyone.

Example 1: Family, threats to the life and health of loved ones. Calm, only calm. Hardly cross out the patient’s mind. Assure that since then, he and his family have done nothing. So, they are afraid of the law and the punishment of God. Reassure the patient that you are near and have removed all the negative with your presence. AND that now these voices in his head will do nothing to him. Just say that he should not look for people who communicate with him. Because these are not the people whom he knew and therefore will never find them. Then the patient begins to relax. Tell the patient that if something really happens to him, you will help him find and punish the guilty. Explain to him that appeals to the authorities must have an evidence base and are justified. An effective example of clarification may be such an example. When we are afraid in an amusement park or cinema, over time we remember it with a smile. Rather, because we paid money for new sensations. Just need to treat and to inexplicable scary moments. If it helps, get a piggy bank for the patient and give him small coins so that when he is uncomfortable, uncomfortable with something, he will throw “suppose 50 kopecks” into the piggy bank. It is very hard to find words and explain that those voices that are audible, they seem to be there, but they are not. They can do nothing, do not represent anyone, This is something, someone is weak, nothing and does not represent anyone not explainable by modern science. They have no relatives dad, mom, grandmother, grandfather. They are nothing and nothing, and as a result are insignificant.

Fear of your own death. Almost always associated with hallucin inations. Example 2: Explain to the patient that he should focus on what he is doing. On objects around him. WITH hallucin inations help to fight a rigid attachment to reality and surrounding objects. It is also useful to be in nature, to observe moving branches of trees and excitement on the surface of the water.

Learning to live now, this moment. Carefully considering what you are doing, there will be no time to fear death. In those who have learned to concentrate the attention of patients, voices disappear.

Interesting tricks.

— “Chewing Cow.” AT India there is a cult of the Sacred Cow. Cows are worshiped and worshiped. They are praying, it is considered a great success to meet during the day and stroke the cow. The presentation of the chewing lips of a cow chewing on the grass is very soothing.

A cow with horns and hooves very much resembles scary creatures that frighten themselves and carry names (devil, demon or devil). What if the cow and is a living creature really exists animal world that is somehow the prototype of the legends that scare and injected into the misleading mentally disturbed people in the centuries. Agree that the man is partly from the animal world. AND the effect of animals on animals is partly proven. As a not quite suitable, but well-known example, cats have a healing effect. Why not accept the obvious, people with their own head interpret the bad influence of the animal world into something more terrible. AT that which only the human head is capable of. AND returning to the cow image of an innocuously chewing grass is very interesting. But the most important thing — My thoughts calmed down and I had a lot of fun when I imagined instead of the words of others, chewing the lips of a cow.

— Objects can not offend or “bite.” Finding memories on what subjects during the life we looked for a long time. We will find the answer for ourselves, what subjects we like to look at. Accordingly, for a good mood, we need to focus every day on “pleasing” objects. Remembering in the “annoying moment” we remain in a good mood and replace the surrounding reality for a while.

— You will not believe it, but apart from the fact that you are afraid of sharp annoying sounds, they are also afraid of the people around them. In addition, our brain actually works faster than our perception of the world (we get answers to our mental questions instantly). In other words, the right question in our head overrides the surrounding stimuli. Accordingly, sending the mental question “Who are you afraid of” or “Who are your enemies” to yourself in the direction of an annoying, aggressive person. We feel subconsciously relaxed and calm.


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