Fantastic Fables

Бесплатный фрагмент - Fantastic Fables

Book 2

Объем: 23 бумажных стр.

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About author

My name is Dana Erik. I was born and grew up in the southern part of the wonderful country of Kazakhstan in a city called Shymkent! Here I absorbed warmth, kindness and the beauty of relationships that I was lucky enough to see. I grew up in a family of kind and open people who I love and respect! I also respect people of different cultures, who I see as different flowers in a garden, each with their own unique color and scent! I have 3 wonderful children that I raise. And through it all, I have had to go through complex lessons in life, which are continuing and through which I learned to find joy that I want to share with you. In my stories, you can also feel sadness, but there is no life without it.

I love reading, dancing and cooking. And, of course, I love to dream. If you imagine yourself as a bird, then I would hug you with my wings.

Fay Mama

In the cold, dark room, the baby lay in bed, pulling a blanket up to his chin. He lay quietly with his eyes open. He had learned not to cry because everyone had stopped paying attention to his cries. His parents were too busy, and he was often occupied with himself. On this night, he was again told not to interfere and to go to his room. He did not even take offense at them. He thought this was the way things were for him.

Before his eyes, a cloud appeared from nowhere with the face of a cute, smiling woman stretching out her soft hands to him and gently lifting him.

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