Fairy tales about Nuta

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Fairy tales about a girl named Nuta

Once upon a time the was a very nice girl named Nuta. She was a great child, but she always had arguments with her parents. Her father and mother very really smart and wise, so they tried to find out an unusual solution for all family problems.

Nuta was a typical child, but her parents wanted to teach and bring her up in a specific way. Instead of punishing and shouting, they used other methods and tricks to make their sweet child listen to them and change her mind.

They were struggling with different difficulties, but thanks to their wisdom they came up with a good solution.

The story shows that traditional actions don’t work out, so parents, who really love their children and care about their health, should be patient and creative. It is really necessary to learn how to be wise parents.

Nuta was a very talented girl, so she used to paint the walls in her house. Of course, her parents did not want Nuta to do this. Instead of punishing the child for such bad behavior, they allowed her to draw on wallpaper in her room.

It was a great job to make Nuta eat something. On the one hand, she was a fussy eater, on the other hand, she was just a sweettooth, like most children. Instead of prohibiting, her parents came up with a great idea and persuaded Nuta to eat healthy food.

It was also a real trouble for poor parents to make their daughter sleep. But wise parents always work out great tricks. Nuta started to sleep tight and was happy.

These are a few examples of all challenges, which Nuta’s parents faced. Just because of being kind and loving parents, they found a compromise.

The main idea of the story is: love your children, be responsible for their future, let them love, live and create.

Accurate Nuta

Once upon a time there was a girl named Nuta. Her parents were very kind and smart, but they had really bad memory.

One day Nuta came back home after a long walk, put one of her gloves on the shelf, but left the other on the kitchen table. Her mother took the glove and put it back, on the shelf.

Nuta played dolls in the living room, ran suddenly into her bedroom to draw there, but forgot her doll on the floor. Her father lifted the doll and took it to the toy- bed.

But once something unusual happened: Nuta’s parents started to forget everything.

«Father, Nuta shouted, «Where is my doll? Why isn’t it in her bed?»

«Oh, sweetheart! I must have forgotten to put it into the right place», father tried to justify. «Excuse me, daughter!»

Nuta started to look for her doll, but she couln’t find it anywhere. Where was it?

«Father, I can’t find it, now it’s your turn to search».

«I can’t, I have to do some urgent work,» father answers, without looking at his daughter.

So, the doll disappeared forever…

Nuta and her mother were getting ready for a walk. They were already dressed, but just one glove was there, the other was nowhere to see.

«Mother, where did you put my glove», asked Nuta angrily.

«I didn’t put it anywhere. I forgot to look for it yesterday, so I didn’t put it on the shelf».

«You are so diffuse, mother! How shall I go out? Give me another pair of gloves.»

«I washed them all», mother replied, «they are wet».

«Should I put on just one now?» Nuta said annoyed. «My hand will become cold!»

«Keep your hand in the pocket», mother said.

«How will I play then?»

«So, you won’t play today».

They went for a walk just with one glove.

Next day Nuta put her gloves on the shelf and said to her mother:

«Listen, mother! You have to keep both gloves together, in order not to look for them later. You are such a scatterbrain!»

One evening Nuta was playing with her teddy in her father’s room, while he was working.

Her mother called her to watch cartoons, so Nuta ran head over heels into the living room, but suddenly she realized that she didn’t take her teddy.

«I forgot to put my teddy into the chair, I can’t find anything after you. The doll disappeared. You are such a scatterbrain!» told Nuta to his father.

In this way Nuta taught her parents to be accurate, and their memory improved.

How Nuta recovered

Once upon a time there was a girl named Nuta. She had very nice and smart parents, but they worried a lot.

«Nuta, you shouldn’t eat biscuits outside, you have dirty hands. You know, there are so many bacteria around you. Moreover, it’s a bad manner to eat outside.» her mother said.

«Nuta, please, put on your gloves, your hands will be cold. And don’t forget to take your scarf. You may get ill while walking from our house to the car.» father told Nuta.

«Go away from this boy», her parents said together, “ he is sneezing, you may get ill.»

Finally, Nuta became ill. Parents called the doctor and started to cure their daughter: with mustard plaster, pills and gargle. But Nuta didn’t recover. Her parents had to go to work, but they could’t leave Nuta on her own. So they had to call grandmother.

After arriving to the house, Nuta’s grandmother looked at the parents and said:

«I don’t know what you think, but I’ll take Nuta to my place. The situation is getting out of control, you are making her worse.»

Just because she was older than the others, everybody obeyed. Nuta and her grandmother got on the train, and her parents went to work.

In a week father and mother came to visit sick Nuta. They went into the house, but Nuta wasn’t inside. They got fear. Where was she? Maybe she was at hospital, and nobody told them?

They went outside and saw grandmother working in the garden and watering plants. And next to her was Nuta, jumping in puddles, barefoot, and singing a nice song:

«The sun helps me to grow,

The rain makes me grow».

Nuta’s face was dirty, but she looked so happy and healthy. With her dirty hands she was holding a cake and in some pauses in her singing she was chewing it with a great appetite.

So Nuta recovered, and her parents stopped worrying.

Hungry Nuta

Once upon a time there were father and mother and they had a daughter named Nuta. She was smart and beautiful, but very hungry. The reason was her character: she was a fussy eater and, all the time she was eating, she was very naughty.

One day her mother said: «Nuta, eat this tasty porridge with milk and raisins». But Nuta pushed the plate away and complained: «It’s disgusting, I don’t like porridge».

Father said: «So, sweetheart, eat then dumplings with meat, they are so delicious.» But Nuta refused to eat and started to cry: «I don’t like dumplings, eat them yourself.»

Parents asked: «Okey, what do you like? What do you want to eat?»

«I’d like some candies or cookies. I like sweets, you know!»

Parents thought how to make Nuta eat healty and tasty food and they came up with an idea.

One day they started to eat and mother asked her:

«Well, Nuta, you won’t eat, will you?»

«What do you mean? What are we going to eat?»

«We have disgusting lunch: mashed potatoes with meat.»


«That’s great! Then I’ll give your plate to father, and here is your candy».

After a long walk Nuta came home and shouted: «I want to eat.»

Father replied: «Your dinner is on the table.»

«But these are only sweets!» said Nuta surprised.

«Yes, you are right, but you like sweets. Our dinner was not tasty, yucky boiled buckwheat».

So Nuta ate sweets, but she was still hungry.

«Please, give me something to eat, but only real food!»

«What’s the matter? What’s wrong with your food?» parents pretended to be surprised. «That’s all you like. We have nothing else for you.»

«What? You don’t have anything? Look here!» Nuta ran to the fridge, opened it and pointed with her finger: «Look! There is some milk, meat, porridge.»

«But you don’t like it, answered Nuta’s parents without standing up from the sofa.»

«Okey, well! Then I’ll take it myself!»

«Yes, but don’t touch my porridge!» remarked her mother.

«So, what should I eat then?» said Nuta unhappy. «I am just starving».

«Well», agreed her father, «take a half of my cutlet».

«Sure», added her mother, «take a few spoons of my porridge.»

So became Nuta a smart girl with a brilliant appetite thanks to her wise parents.

Nuta as a painter

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