Eva Brown was Jewish

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Hitler, like many great and talented men, was not a monogamous person. He was surrounded by many women. He allowed himself to go out into the light, going to the theater. For Eva, this was not a secret. However, she was restrained and patient, yet the elements of Christian morality did not allow her to behave differently. And the Fuhrer had a paralyzing influence on young girls…


Wife of such a controversial politician as Hitler, could only become an extraordinary personality. Next to him she suffered many contradictory moments. Although, in fact, his legal wife did not.

When she was still a very young girl, the fortune-teller predicted that she was destined to love so much, that everything would be said about it, as in her life, even after her departure. How could a romantic person suggest that these conversations will have a pronounced negative connotation. Her name is Eva Brown. Her fate is tragic and fascinating at the same time. And the information below is devoted to it.

A family

Eve was born in the family of a teacher and dressmaker on February 6, 1912. The second girl. In total, there were three girls in the family. They were brought up strictly according to the classical traditions of Christianity.

Education and training

Eve graduated from the school at the monastery, and after it — Munich Lyceum. A strict mother followed the daughters with all responsibility. Calling without permission, they were forbidden. What can we say about any dates, parties. It was assumed that girls should marry, have children and live the rest of life in an absolutely modest and Christian way. However, in the shower, Eva was a rebel. Such an order of things did not suit her.


She liked romance novels, she secretly dreamed of living beautifully. That’s why she did not want to devote herself entirely to the family and children and spend the rest of her life boringly. She got a job at a photo studio. Politics she was completely uninteresting. However, she was an active, purposeful girl.

And the owner of the photo studio in which she worked was an ardent admirer of the Nazi Party and a personal photographer of the Fuhrer. It was to him on the eve of the election that Hitler came to make a good photo for his election campaign. So she and Eve first saw each other.


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