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I want to be a God

I am really smart and kind,

You will never see the light,

You are walking like a ghost,

You will never speak if lost,

You are flying in the sky,

You will ask me «Why?»

You don`t want to sleep a lot —

«I want to be a God!

Time will fly like a year —

Problems break me in the day

Stupid pleasures given to me —

How it works, I can’t see?»


This poem shows the desire of a person to be higher and better than others, to be closer to the Saint, to God.


I live on the Earth,

My life is so good,

Like yacht comes to the berth —

I acquire blesshood!


We all comes to the berth as if we are performing an important task, like itinerant ships…

The Fates

Ourselves fates we can`t imagine!

God knows what will happened:

Today I have a pleasure,

But tomorrow be saddened..


This poem shows us that we can`t know our future fate, we can only assume what will happen…

Life, why you flying so faster?

Life, why you flying so faster?

Give me a time,

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