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The basic meaning of human existence is tradition. One grazes the cattle, the other plows the land. Each person has his their occupation. No one seems to be bothering anyone. However, even among the brothers, there is envy. And Cain kills Abel.

That’s how it is among people. Everyone goes about their own business, and yet they interfere with each other. There is no such person who does not feel superior in another person, that is, there is no person who is not Cain.

And yet, would it be better or worse if the conditional Abel did what all talented people were born for and realized? All the potential Abels would still be alive, and the Cains would recognize them of superiority.

How much evil and enmity has happened in the world because of envy because people, feeling someone else’s superiority, tried to harm, hinder, intrigue, grouped against super Abel.

In Revcon, Abel is a Zelot who is also a superman.

But the book does not only deal with the mass-produced seal of Cain. Here we are talking about the mass of Cains. What are they doing? They’re jealous. Which is what all Cains are supposed to do.

Because all people live for tradition, they themselves do not know about it, they seize someone else’s cattle, someone else’s land, someone else’s space. They kill innocent people.

So from a small capture, they get more big ones, then even more, then more, finally, they get an Empire. All captures are complicated in one name. But people do not remember the victims of the aggression, those who died, no one knows. People only remember the winners

And after all, the winners have always been hindered. All the winners of the past were the Zelots of paganism.

What mores, such and heroes.

Then the super-ambitious were replaced by entirely different people. And they weren’t missing anything either. They were similar to their predecessors only in their rejection of monotonous everyday life, their rejection of tradition. They were taller than the mass of identical people.

However, the new Zelots did not come with Super Cain’s plans. They came for Super Abel. The new Zelots are the innovators. Against them, crowds of small envious people were grouped at once. No, the petty envious people were respected people of the society, they were authorities. But the authorities of what? They were just the best and the imitators. They were traditional authorities or authorities of the tradition. Furthermore, they did better the other traditional people, so it was believed that the masses did represent by such an elite. Both the traditional elite and the traditional people are the same thing.

The moment of the arrival of the innovator (the new Zelot) instead of the ambitious nobles meant the end of the growth of the empire. That’s all. From here, it was no longer the captures that began, but the universal love. The masses were entering the arena of human history. But these masses of people began to love, it seemed to everyone, for tradition. In fact, they were abandoning tradition for democracy and socialism. To understand all this, this book is written

The main message of the book — learn to give in. This, in addition to biblical simplicity, has great potential for the positive construction of a new world.

Chapter I


The children of powerful parents often ruined them reputations. The most famous filial betrayal took place in ancient Rome. So, the eldest son of Tarquin the Proud Sextus failed his father. Who was Tarquini the Proud, this is little known today, and even uninteresting. However, we are talking about the last king of Ancient Rome. All the Ancient Rome of the kings was seven. Modern historians and readers are more interested in the history of Rome when Rome was the great empire of antiquity. And it reached its highest power when Rome was headed by emperors. And what is an emperor? Or who is the emperor? Isn’t this a different version of the same autocratic version of power? When we look at a modern car, don’t we realize that this car is a modern version of an old peasant cart? It is obvious that autocratic power also underwent changes, but the principle of sole rule remained. This is most likely a requirement of the time and situation. And even more, precisely this is the moment of triumph of the next superman. He finally defeated his rivals and began to dictate his will to everyone. Today, there are almost no such super people. Because the Zelots, which is what we will call the super people now, should not exist in the democratic world of the market. Therefore, it seems to everyone that any empire at the moment is impossible.

You’re wrong!

Today, a global empire is being formed.

But the modern empire is created not by super people, but by super money. The richest clans of the planet control its fate and at the same time no one knows, except for narrow specialists, who these rulers of the world are. A conspiracy of financial elites reigns over all the peoples of the world. And several dozen people interpret this dictate according to the guidelines. But few people want to call the new system an empire. Because the concept of empire is also outdated. Even the destruction of the USSR bears little resemblance to the collapse of empires based on the principle of unity of command. Yes, yes! Empires are based on the principle of unlimited autocracy. Empires were ruled by super humans. Well, maybe in personal terms they were nobody, not all monarchs matched the qualities of genius leaders, basically, all monarchs were ordinary people. Like all the leaders of democracy today. But that the pyramid of the empire is created in the form of a pyramid, where the tip is a Zelot, there is no doubt about it. Perhaps the children and heirs of any Zelot did not fit the concept of an over-task, but they led the over-system of their time. And the best system for every empire is a monarchy. When only one will create history de facto, and this will is superhuman. When empires had nowhere to grow in the physical sense, and empires expanded just physically, as any living organism grows, then came the natural old age of the empire, stagnation, collapse, and fall. That is, every empire should think in time on what principles it should now grow, what to eat. You can feed from a land and grabs — this was the case in the past. This is how people have lived on Earth for 5000 years. In this spirit, the history of mankind took place, some people, peoples seized the land of other weak peoples and fed on it almost in the literal sense of the word. The Empire should never have stopped, the seizures should have been permanent. The captured peoples, if they were fed, and shared power with the local elites, allowed them to grow, to enter the imperial apparatus, did not mind at all. If the empire continues to take over, then it is strong! So, there will be trophies. This means that the central government will share both material things and non-material glory. But if the Empire will stop and cease to grow and everyone not gets a piece, and that’s when all the internal people are beginning to doubt. Local elites are seeing through their greatness. They are looking for their way, finding their glorious past. They are just as much imperial embryos as the lost, dying empire was in the past. But on what principle all the empires of the world actually develop, we will understand in this book.

Chapter II

Empire of the Wolves

Who is Tarquin the Proud, and why was he thrown off by the Roman Nobles?

In essence and in the aggregate state of Ancient Rome, Tarquin the Proud was a military leader. But his term of office was unlimited. This is an early monarchy when all the nobles remember their origin, their root, and the reason for the rise of their current leader. For any leader, the legend of the origin of his family is important. In addition, he must perform an extraordinary act.

His heirs can then use this glory. For all traditional people, the glory of their ancestors and their services to the people are in the first place. If the current leader, even in the status of a monarch, makes seizures (imperial actions), this leader will intimidate everyone. In addition to glory and victories, all people will receive material trophies. The nations that have glory use this glory to justify their domination over the defeated nations. In this case, it is not necessary to use force and resort to weapons, it is enough to call yourself: I am a Roman! And his opponent immediately lost the spirit and will to resist. This is the glory of the ancestors. (This is still very relevant today. To suppress the will of all traditional peoples, it is simply necessary to make a mockery of their heroes. Everyone. For they would have nothing to be proud of. To have a people without heroes, had an inferiority complex).

King Tarquinius captured the area around Rome-Latium. Defeated the Sabines and Etruscans. The Romans themselves were 80% Etruscan. But the Romans were not autochthonous. They fled from Troy. The lack of a Latin root forced the Romans to first defend themselves against the natives, then attack and steal their wives. (All the peoples of the migrants still do. Migrants have no roots, so they have no choice but to attack and create a root of glory for themselves. And it is even easier to create a root for yourself, a reason for pride). So it was Rome that rose and became an empire, not the Etruscans or the Samnites. All migrants settle in, get married, start families, and “attack”. Lev Gumilyov called this process metisation and the need for a jump, that is, before the jump. It is such passionate (energetic) people who jump, create fame for themselves. There is no reason for all Aboriginals to jump so “vigorously”. They say every time: I am a German! Or I’m Russian! This is enough to do nothing and not jump. That’s how the Etruscans were proud of their ancestors and roots, and the Romans came to visit them and captured not only the Etruscans but also the entire Apennines Peninsula. And went on.

And when the Roman route became so large that it was enough to say “I am a Roman!”, from that moment the limit on the next captures was set. The army began to recruit savages who had no civil roots, did not know civilization but remembered their glorious ancestors. In general, all savages, conventional savages, pagans, who still remember their seven ancestors, have the potential for imperial development and land grabs. And the more they take someone else’s land, even if the peoples who had their own huge tail of glory, the more honor they will have. Someone else’s tail of glory will pass to them as ordinary trophies. So did the Germans. They proclaimed the Holy Roman Empire. Although their empire fell far short of the prototype model-Ancient Rome.

But let’s go back to Tarquinius the Proud, who defeated the Etruscans and Sabines, but suddenly became unnecessary.


I will tell you that even if the leader of the Bolsheviks, Lenin, instead of writing to the Congress the letter, had appeared himself at the 12th Party Congress, no one would have listened to him. And in a secret election, he would sensationally give way to Stalin. Stalin was the leader of the peacetime. When the Bolsheviks defeated all the armed enemies, no one threatened them, and they had to share power and spoils. Who needed their world revolution?! This is nonsense. No, they didn’t want to. They wanted their spoils from the victory over the bourgeoisie and the landlords. They wanted their empire! Stalin took advantage of this mood of Zeremids. Under a plausible pretext, he quickly shot all of Lenin’s associates and especially hated Trotsky. He passed on his hatred to the people. And the people have always disliked the Jews.

During the revolution, the Jew Trotsky could disarm the garrison of the Peter and Paul Fortress, self unarmed and unguarded by anyone. No one remembered his origin, his root. But those who trapped in the wolf when pit get out, they turn back into predators or prey. When the safe moment comes, everyone tries to remember to say something about their ancestors and their achievements in power. And then all of Zeremids very proud of their ethnicity. By the way, this is the basis of nationalism. But the reason for this is the first defense, and then the attack to get trophies.

And what did happen to Tarquin the Proud?

De facto, his son raped a certain Lucretia-the wife of a noble and the nephew of the king. Whether there was a rape or not, this event became a peacetime occasion. When the current leader is hated. Who else are they afraid of? They are no longer afraid of anyone. All the neighbors are defeated. At this point, all the nobles pull out their family records and spread their tails.

Tarquinius was banished. Although Tarquinia made conquests. But his power was not protected by the system. He did not have his own oprichniks, ton-ton makuts, “Lenin’s call” from the plow and the National Guard. It were not Zeremids. Who are the Zeremids? These are candidates for power without roots. And we already know that those who have no roots are the most energetic.

Chapter III

The superman’s tail

So, to take the power, the applicant in need of a tail. Without glorious ancestors, he is nobody. He must have the past, the root of fame. So, that the applicant can say to his opponents: And my ancestors are better than yours! It immediately becomes clear that the applicant for superman does not need to perform a personal feat, and his dispute with rivals takes place in peacetime.

If there were a war of conquest, the most ardent and ambitious pretender would have to seek victory. The applicant, even with a small tail, could immediately increase this tail. The soldiers would have supported him. Military democracy, and this is what we are talking about, implies a mass of soldiers who can be used as witnesses to the new leader. Let him have a small tail of past glory, a short root of glorious ancestors, but today his root grows with the hands of professional warriors.

And they, these professionals, will support their commander. No one will resist but simply escape from the eternal city. Roughly so, Gaius Marius fled from Lucius Cornelius Sulla and Gnaeus Pompeius from Gaius Julius Caesar. The fugitives had everything. All the Republican nobles were for them, the treasury of the republic was in their hands, just such legionnaires could defend the republic. But it didn’t help. And the valiant soldiers of Lucius Sulla and Julius Caesar, by their very appearance, by their very glory, frightened the leaders of the enemy. We can say that there was an act of revenge over the leaders of the republican system. Takwini the Proud was avenged. Although the last king of Ancient Rome during the empire was forgotten. The Romans did not simply submit to the new Zealot, they wanted such superman power.

The superman of antiquity is a warrior. And this warrior leaded new units into battle. Crowds of tailless soldiers could get their trophies from victory, and this means their joys. Masses of tailless (rootless) people can turn into new contenders for power. On any power. For any glory. But first, fame gives power in the traditional world. If there is no war for a long time, then the tail of glory is inherited from the ancestors to completely undeserved and completely worthless people.

Thus, the dictatorship over the person will be defined as an institution of hereditary monarchy that will be ruled by Rex, Caesar, king, basileus which meant the unlimited power of one person in the future. And the next monarch will not necessarily have to perform personal feats and win victories on the battlefields, although victories will still be desirable, will warm the vanity, and his children may even be completely incompetent in military and state affairs.

This is what the root of glory, aka the tail, means, given by glorious ancestors or even by one great ancestor. That the heirs automatically inherit power, and all the courtiers start running around, fussing, scheming against each other for a kind look, and for a caress from a completely worthless person on the throne. (If you take any regime of modern autocracy, then today even the glory of the ancestors is not needed, the power itself is important, and the dictator will be loved and respected by all the courtiers and all the people.

They love and respect him so much that in place of the non-existent tail or root of fame, a huge tail of hypocrisy and lies grows. Where exploits are supposed to be recorded, there are tons of flattery and instead of the root of real glory, a cult of personality is built. Although the cult of personality is more of an institution of Asian fame).

Whatever it was, but any worthless descendant of Genghis Khan could take power and the title of khan, while the great commander Tamerlane modestly limited himself to the status of a local emir (local official). How could it be that Tamerlane, who had won so many victories and overthrew the mighty Golden Horde, was limited to the status of a Roman praetor? It couldn’t be in Rome. It just couldn’t. Yes, the Roman Zeremids, the Roman horsemen, captured Rome, one after another. But this was the time of the soldier emperors. The time of the soldier emperors lasted for a very long time, almost three centuries. And this time ended completely disastrously for Rome and the imperial population. The time of the rootless on the throne led to the collapse. But even more, to an empty seat, came the backward barbarians. But they had their own big, wild tail. These new empire tails were the old tales of the Germanic ancestors. And what is needed for the empire? The empire needs the tails of its ancestors!

But when the completely tailless from the position of noble ancestors, that is, there can be no noble ancestors among the Zeremids at all, began to usurp power, this signaled only one thing: that the time of the seizures had passed, the time of the division of the old lands had come. An empire exists only if it expands. It grows with new lands and newly conquered peoples, which can be cultivated and plundered at the same time. If there is no longer an opportunity for expansion, and therefore for military captures, there comes a time of stagnation. The time of stagnation is the time when people without roots act.

It seems to them that there will be no more war than the power can be seized by intrigue, bribery, or by showing off your power. Of course, there are battles, but these battles happen inside the imperial territory. The victory in the civil war in the ancient world was much less valued. But who cares if there is a way to take power! Then a number of courtiers will run around you, these people will sing for you the Hosanna. The people preprocessed by the propagandists to love. The power is so sweet!

All the rootless (tailless), rootless proletarians want to climb up all the time. And there it is completely irresponsible to enrich yourself at the expense of the people. If a given people are so backward that it supports the cult of the family more than the constitution, then all officials use power, simply for wealth and fame in the circle of their relatives. Of course, the court singers can immediately inflate such fame to the skies. And the whole similar coven with embroidery of a colorful tail for the owner will inform everyone only about one thing, there is no noble class here. And nothing else. After all, all the Zerefs in human history have always imitated the propertied class. They tried dressing up in an expensive dress, a suit to surprise people, and it also says what “fame” is valued here.

Chapter IV

There are no castes, there is no empire

If there is a metropolis, there must be dominions. If there is a Horde, there must be satellites. If there is an imperial center, there must be provinces of the empire. Why do need this list of administrative status?

The fact is that traditional worlds do not live outside the hierarchy. If there is the main territory, the center of the empire, where the most privileged people, citizens, live, then there are people of low status. The provincials themselves are uncultured. (And this is not a simple stereotype). And if we were talking about the tail of glory that inevitably grows when two traditional people come together, in this case, when two representatives of the traditional elite (the Zerots) meet, then they greet each other as an equal. If ordinary people go to meet the feudal lord, they are obliged to bow and greet him in accordance with their status.

Previously, people were ready to fight. In peacetime, and this is a quieter period, longer in time, people of low status were required to work. So, in ancient India, there were castes. The Indian example of a tradition is perhaps the most rigid version of the division of people by status. So rigid that transitions from one caste to another were not allowed. That is, the Indians use such an ancient root of their fame that it is so thick and deep, and the root must go deep, it closes their view of additional options. No talent and no merit!

Suck it up and work!

If you were born in a slave caste, then you are a slave and your children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren will be slaves. This is what heaven has decreed for the existing life. And who is born where, in what family, it depends on how a person spent his life. If he did not resist his slave status and did all the work conscientiously, only in this case in the next life, the new birth, he will be lucky and will be born in a Brahmin family. If he did not recognize that he was a Sudra, was lazy, and resisted fate, it means that he did not fulfill the task assigned to him, he will be born again in the family of a Sudra. Everything are decided by the sky and gods.

Among the Zerefs, civil laws are generally difficult to take root.

They can issue many codes, constitutions, codes of laws, but they still do not work. Wherever the people with such reflection meet, they don’t pay attention to these laws. Professional lawyers try to make an essential face at the same time. They point a finger at the lawbook. They quote some paragraphs, sub-paragraphs, but this is done formally, it is done to correspond to their profession. An adult who goes to an important meeting or for a solemn meeting must wear a strict suit. This costume shows other people’s formal respect. If a person comes in untidy, in pajamas or a sports suit, what will they think of him? That’s how lawyers can’t sit and be silent when clients come to them

But both the lawyer and the clients know that traditional people do not live by formal laws. Who wrote these laws? Maybe some tailless monkey? What does it mean, the tailless human? But it means in a figurative sense. The authors of the law may be yesterday’s proletarians. Maybe not. But they were learning to have a new status. Everybody, who do such. But in the traditional world, they will first are asked, who is your father? And then they’ll see how smart and professional you are. In the beginning, you must be respectful. Sometimes old people use it.

All traditional people still respect old age. And if they respect particularly old age, let’s say this old man, give him a place in public transport, then they will look at any other root. In the traditional world, it is not this particular old age that is respected, but the former glory and merits. And if there is respect for the past, then all the time there is a search for the root. This is the root of every informal law.

Traditional people will not look for a professional, a connoisseur of the criminal code. They will look for the big official first, then they will search for the old man. It will be excellent for them if a relative or friend holds a high state post. Therefore, among the Zerefs, relatives are always respected, but they do not necessarily respect professional lawyers unless, of course, they are also relatives. If they are related, they will help with problems. It is also an informal connection with the root, with related blood.

But if we return again to the Ancient World, where everyone was concerned about their glorious ancestors, then we will ask, why do the nobles need such difficulties?

They could create a family-like ordinary people and produce their offspring. That’s the problem. Offspring is of what status? After all, without feats, there is no domination. And there is no domination without merit. So, that the children of the Nobles do not experience problems in this world, all traditional people want to increase the tale of family fame. And then everyone will hang around their children, their descendants. Their descendants will walk with an invisible tail. And everyone will know that this family, this family, has a deep root.

Chapter V

Empire is a song

So, why for Zerefs do need a tail? First, they need the root first. From the root, they make themselves the very tail of glory. And we found out that the root is necessary for the surrounding people to always see the merits of the family if it is an ancient tail, the tail of the past, or the personal merits of a person who grew the root for posterity by a feat.

In the traditional world, and this is not necessarily just the world of antiquity, in the modern world there are also many peoples who openly adhere to traditions. There are half-civilized nations. There is a quarter cultivated, there is the eighth part, and so on. The relationship between tradition and culture is difficult to determine at once, but it is possible.

If the people value informal services and informal laws, people worship officials, leaders, leaders, or even just people of age, then these persons are 100% traditional. These are the Zerefs. If there is worship, a deification of leaders, officials, but disrespect for old age, this is already a semi-traditional people. There is so insecure transitional caste of Zeremids. If the officials themselves respect the state and do not need a dictator’s stick to maintain discipline, then civilization has slipped by a quarter among the people. If there are Remid statesmen, responsible people who do not need either a root or their own personal tail, this is excellent.

After all, every nation has a memory. So, every nation has a tradition. The more memory governs the people, the more the people are traditional. And vice versa. This means that the more people look back to the past, the stronger the tradition. And if there is a tradition, then there is a hierarchy. If there is a hierarchy, then there are roots. After all, the root means the past. People look back, stare at the shadows. Any tree has roots. The older the tree, the deeper the roots. And so far in this area, there is no constitution or code of laws for everyone (first for the completely wild, who know nothing but war, and completely rootless, nomads and full of migrants) this means that this society is based on a hierarchy of local nobles (Zerots). There are patricians and plebeians, feudal lords and black people, white bone and black bone, blue blood, and all sorts of different blood.

There comes a time when people with money (the Refags) can impose their will on the Zerefs. How could this happen? So, that people without a root and without fame become dominant. This will tell us only one thing: the people here are so mixed up, and in addition, the number of tailless migrants in this place has exceeded the critical line of unconsciousness. No one is interested in who is who. Who came from where, from what place they moved, just ran away from the feudal lord or from the fierce father. Or maybe the father himself kicked out because there were many children in the house, it was difficult to feed all the household members.

There is another essential variant of taillessness.

The most savage tribes, depending on the whims of nature, who did not have enough intelligence, natural sharpness, to oppose something to this very nature, for example, the same nomads. The most aggressive children of nature of all the barbarians. Of course, there were various root gatherers and hunters in history. But the consumption of plant roots is such a primitive development of farming, besides giving so few calories that a hereditary root did not grow from children, descendants because most of those born died of hunger, so such an economy could not create an aggressive force. To assemble a squad and attack need a force of blood. And what can attract a group of hungry herb gatherers? Therefore, we can only talk about wild nomads, whom nature itself forced to unite on a related principle.

So, these are the most nomads are strongly reminiscent of the tailless merchants, the Refags. And the Zerefs and the Refags don’t actually have a tail. In any case, in a new place, where they came and settled. Nobody knows them. Who they are, what they are. This is if we are talking about migrant Refags. If we are talking about Zerefs, then none of the Zerefs had ever appreciated trading. Well, what can be the glory, if you managed to sell a herd of pets? Another thing is if you are lucky enough to exchange for the right thing, and even better to capture, rob the defeated victim. Therefore, the Zerefs, although they always have memories of the glorious past, start all over again in a new place. In that, the moment their memory resembles the floors of a building or the sheer cliffs of a mountain, one rock rising above the other. This is the time for all rootless or active passionaries without a glorious ancestor to show their prowess. Well, the Zerefs can’t live without the roots of glory. Because in a new place, the hierarchy does not disappear, it is updated.


Another thing is that Zeref does not need so much to be happy. He can build or install a portable dwelling, find a wife or capture a wife from a neighboring tribe so that this woman will bear him heirs. This is enough for him to be happy. In order for the heirs to have something to inherit, then they need to continue the war. Neither hunting nor gathering roots, it’s all unimportant, but go to war, they always must go on a campaign.

If this Zeref has succeeded, performed feats, entered the elite, turned into a tribal aristocrat (Zerot), from now on, one ordinary dwelling will not be enough for him. From now on, each member of the traditional community must not only confirm their status with the root, but literally build a palace. The palace of the  tribal nobility should be larger, wider, richer than the dwellings of ordinary members of the community. It is also not enough for them to have one wife. What if she’s barren! So, the nobles have several wives, and the very first chief has a whole harem.


Any elite is not very interested in the home. These are the lower classes of society, who marry quickly and procreate quickly, interested in the home. As soon as the urges appear, they seem to be afraid of not having time. This is understandable. In fact, ordinary soldiers could be sent to war. They will not be asked whether they want or do not want to fight for the glory of their master, and for the future of the state or empire. But the owner, the state, and the empire know about this, they try to single out heroes, reward them, and encourage them financially. If there were no hierarchies in such a society, no Zeref would go to war. He would have children, his wife would give birth to an heir every year, and he would not know what to do with them. After all, Zeref itself is part of the mechanism of war. If suddenly there is no war, no one attacks, he multiplies the heirs, potential soldiers become more and more, then he will look around. He will look once, look twice, and the third time he will become aggressive. He will go out on the road and start robbing passers-by. An Imperial man is always a warrior.

The rulers know this. Therefore, the Zerots are always engaged in propaganda of war. Even in peacetime, they train the population, train them military skills, and create physical support, a physical number of their supporters, in advance. And we already know that for the traditional population there is only one formal and informal deity — their leader. As he commands, so be it. One of the prizes of an empire, real or with the phantom pains of former power, is the constant work of propagandists. No one seems to be interested in the interests of the population. Are they want to fight, or they don’t want to? The empire lives on. And that says it all. Propaganda-and only propaganda!


If the Zeref builds houses, the Zerot builds palaces. If the Zeref has an ode to a wife, a noble may have several wives. If the Zeref goes to war, so it means that the Zerot may be able to afford these palaces. To make the state richer and the state strengthened. And if the state grows territories, which in turn helps the population to get rich, then we are talking about the empire. Because the empire is not only an arrogant elite that always needs a root, it is also a proud (“tailed”) population. And the propagandists are always raising this almost invisible tail to everyone. They have no choice. The rulers of the well-fed, his spokesmen. And the population gradually sees the light, sees the truth, and grumbles. No matter how many heralds and troubadours try to sing the military marches, people get tired of holding bright dummies and banners all the time. The first one is heard, when the crowd is unhappy: Down him!

Chapter VI

Superman vs the Envious

Of course, the leader of the ancient people is an unusual person, a talented and brave person. But he was elected at a difficult and dangerous time. It appears in an extreme situation. You can say it has a one-time application function. He is a war chief. For peacetime, groups of tribal fathers were always present, and they resolved all issues. And the honorary elders had their children and their relatives. After the war, the dictatorship of the leader seems to have stopped working. And again the tribal council met, where the priests decided everything. So, in Ancient Sparta, the council of elders chose the leader, and not the leader chose the council of elders. And without Gerusia’s approval, the military leader couldn’t do anything. As a peacetime tribal administrative institution, any council of elderly priests was always superior to any hero. The hero is born for war, for rare and dangerous situations, and the old people were carriers of valuable life experience. For example, the council of elders of Sparta forbade King Leonidas even to take all the soldiers because of the holidays in honor of Apollo of Carneia. The gods are above everything! Above even the Persian danger. And Tsar Leonid went on a campaign only with the famous detachment of 300 Spartans. But the fate of all of Greece was at stake! The question arises: did the Ephors wish their king good luck?

For Sparta, there is such an opinion the best option was the death of King Leonidas. Which is exactly what happened. But this time the Greeks fought back. But it wasn’t just the Greeks who fought back.

At all times, the feudal elite (the Zerots) was separated from its people. In every possible way, it overgrew and released occasionally the tails of its ancient root. The traditional elite still shows that they are superior to other people. In fact, they grow tails and germinate the root of their kind-this is the meaning of life in the traditional world so that the descendants of the family do not experience problems with their status. So, that no one can say to them: Who are you?

In this case, in Sparta, the superman (the Zelot) was King Leonidas, and his opponents were the feudal elite (the Zerots). In the clash of interests of supermen and the envious group, the history of empires is determined. Some were heroes, others were envious and competitive. Some had already created their family root, and some people wanted only fame. According to legend, King Leonidas was a descendant of the legendary Hercules. What else did the ambitious man need? Maybe the king wanted to be equal to Hercules? In that heroic time, glory and honor were more important than just life. It was not so much that such famous people and ordinary Spartans were obliged to die in battle. And they become heroes. The two Spartan survivors of the Battle of Thermopylae, even as messengers, deserved to be shamed. No one spoke to them.

For the same reason, starting from the end of the V century, the decline of Athens began. But Athens was the main rival of Sparta in the Greek world. The famous Athenian democracy contributed to the rapid degradation of the polis than backward Sparta with its primitive laws. And so, it happened that 50 years later, just after the Greco-Persian warrior, a war broke out inside Greece, between Athens and Sparta. It seems surprising that the advanced Athenian democracy, by modern standards, has lost this duel of traditional systems. After the victory over the Persians, Athens was the only great city that rose. I will not consider all the twists and turns of these tragic events for the Greeks. What the Greek union turned out to be, and why Athens literally lost. The subject of this book is the empire, not history.

This meant that one of the two Greek states had to organize an empire as well. But neither of the two equal rivals managed to create a full-blooded and long-term empire. Everything was limited to the Greek world and the Greek lands. Athens and Sparta formed alliances of cities, but not an empire. All they could do was take any city from each other, tax it, and prolong their existence. The strangest thing, in this case, is that something similar to the empire was created by the Athenians, who had a trade and craft democracy. This meant that a large crowd of rootless people could and were eager to simply profit. Because for democracy, the most important thing is money. To increase their tail, every citizen tried to earn, trade, speculate as much as possible. No one knows the calmness in democracy, but no one can guess why it is so uneasy. If anyone could tell these people that they were missing a tail, they would think that this person was crazy, he was just crazy. In fact, no one can guess what is the reason for this pursuit of money until now. Today it looks like a race for pleasure. Simply because the human family has ceased to dominate the modern world, the traditional institution of the family is experiencing a crisis. Two people are the minimum to create a family, only one man, and one woman, but there are only selfish singles who want pleasure. But even these singles want or pretend to want to start a family.

But when the Athenian democracy was in full bloom of power, all the Athenians wanted to have a family. Therefore, the Athenian democracy, although it is so-called, is still one of the subspecies of the traditional world, the traditional system. It’s just that democracy expands the number of applicants for elite status. In a democracy, money in the form of funds comes first. So, there was also bribery. Honorary citizenship could be bought. Or just citizenship. Because in Athens, the ancient tribal elite still ruled. It was the elite that the merchants and artisans wanted to drive out all the time. As long as they were unable to expel them, there was no way they could gain civil independence. So, that no one can say: Who are you?


The Zeref- a traditional person with rigidly set social actions, low reflection almost zero, hence the word zeref-reflection zero (zeref).). Has no semitones, serves the idols of the genus, communicates in the circle of native blood. Zeref has no semitones of perception, is categorical, irreconcilable, hostile to others and to another opinion in the development of rejection of “not your own”

The zeref ‘s loop — the baby boom, overheating of the population.

The Zerot (zeroot = zeref+root) — the traditional feudal elite

Zerot’s loop — the creating a solid cast, impenetrable social barriers. None of the lower castes can enter the feudal elite. The lack of social mobility pre-revolutionary situation.

The Remid — a new traditional elite, rulers, officials, authorities, teachers; Remid put actions for Zerefs, determine morality, laws, politics, reflection average-middle (remiddle).

The remid’s loop — the struggle of the elite with the brightest personality, the collusion of second and third parties against the hero and the prophet.

The Refag- person of a trading civilization in several generations, reflection is high, selfish, utilitarian refag (re + high).

The Zeremid is man of the first generation of traditional elites (or city, fresh citizen), has a half-hard social reflex custom, neither the inferiority complex that wants to cover up, so invents a new ancestry, creates fine root, and it has the fancy “tail” behind. If this is a modern Zeremid, it is usually a former villager who has mastered the culture of urban life superficially, he is half urban and half rural.

The first generation to undergo industrial and cultural modernization

Zefa is a man from the first generation of the city with inclinations towards the market and speculation, and to trade, at least what, he was forced by circumstances. The bourgeois stratum of socialist citizens who quickly converted to market morality.

The zeremid’s loop — the Zeremids are approximate imitators. They imitate the elite, any idea, any direction just to be good for their families. By imitation, hypocrisy, and even fanaticism, they harm any cause, state, or idea. The hypocrisy, pharisaism, fanaticism, the adjustment of marginal strata to the existing idea and order. When the elite religious organizations from governments accumulate the Zeremids, there is stagnation and crisis. The collapse of the idea and system of Zeremids conformity inevitable. They adapt to the system for the sole purpose of supporting their family. That is, they do the same thing as the Zerefs, but for this, they want to get into the elite, the privileged stratum, or the state system, they quickly learn, master new skills, and imitate the formal standards of idea and responsibility.

The Zelot is a superman, a hero, a prophet, the most gifted among the traditional elite. A Zelot is an ambitious but disinterested person, he is a fighter against the traditional elite (Zerots), with Pharisee officials (Remids, Zeremids), with the people, if the peoples are obsessed with dark passions.

Chapter VII

Land and water. What the empire consists of.

Once upon a time, Xerxes sent the Greeks parliamentarians. The parliamentarians told the Greeks “Land and water!”

The Greeks responded: We will not give anything.

Greece has been unable to create an Empire in every sense of the meaning of the word. Although the main criterion of the empire is the seizure of land, a large territory, super the area, although perhaps only a small part of this area is suitable for cultivation and exploitation.

For the pagan superman, the utilitarian part of his conquests is not essential, for the superman, the super territory is important as a guarantee that this Zelot will be compared to the gods. If his descendants will be represented as gods, then superman has fulfilled his super task.

Although in the pursuit of size, the Zelot often forgets to start a family. This is how he wants to appear as God. So great is his super-task in him. In fact, that is why he is a superman. All the conquered peoples, every Zeref, would be against the rule of a new ruler. And their rulers themselves want to be gods, calling on their people to go with them to fight against the stranger, scaring the Zerefs that they will no longer be able to pray to their gods, the gods which will die together with the aborigine and will not be able to help their people create families, have children. You will be enslaved! And the slaves have no family, no children!

What could be clearer than such a bleak prospect? And if the local natives go to battle with a foreign Zelot, what else can they do? With the mass of their small family interests, as if to block the ambition of another zealot, and to support the egoism of its aristocracy.

But superman is superman because superman must be confronted by the same a superman, otherwise, no mass of his relatives and people will save the local Zelot from defeat. So, the huge human mass of the peoples conquered by the Persians could not protect Darius III from death. Because Darius III was not a superman. And the mass of his Zerefs found a loophole for their small tasks.

Who cares who rules us? If the new Zelot promises the Zerefs not to touch anyone, just to change the administration, why should they fight with him? So they will solve all the Zerefs and sell their old master? Then such peoples can be taken with bare hands. Although the military leaders of Darius tried to lead the conquered peoples to battle with a cruel whip. Cruelty is also valid. Under the penalty of punishment, the Zerefs also go into battle. They do not yet know who will defeat, their Zerots-their own king or someone else’s king. Every local dictator is obliged to conceal any of the defeat of his troops. So, that the peoples conquered by him do not run over to the victor in advance in their small souls.

Napoleon, for example, could have taken Russia after the Battle of Borodino. The battlefield remains for the winner. Napoleon then took Moscow, which was abandoned by the Russian tsar and administration. If in the time of Napoleon there was a modern connection and the whole people would have learned about the tsar’s abandonment of Moscow, then Kutuzov would have had no place to recruit soldiers, some of them would have fled in different directions, and the horses would have died, the peasants would have beaten Kutuzov’s rear services, and not Napoleon’s quartermasters. The Zerefs don’t care who rules them. Just to create a family and continue your family they don’t need anything else.

Then it was still unknown what tasks the local administration sets each Zerot. Everybody hopes to make friends with a new conqueror. The only one who remains with the unfortunate local dictator is his relatives, the same small cell of the meaning of life of all traditional people.

Yes, yes! After a huge desire for glory equal to the size of the conquered territory, the empire lives only in one human institution — in the family. Family is the only meaning of life for all traditional people, without discrimination. If there is no family in the form of meaning for life, then do not look for an empire here. It was only in the 19th century that German thinkers started talking about the need for living space for Germans.

But the rational, perhaps the most rational people in the world — the Germans did not come up with the idea that to conquer the living space, you need a superman. They only saw vast areas of land. The huge areas of land were necessary for the German people. From the fact that the land is the main criterion for the well-being of the nation, we can immediately say that we are talking only about the empire. From here, the main criteria of the empire it there is land and family are immediately formed! These two criteria are inseparable.

If there is no land, then there is no possibility for the growth of a new population. If there is no family, the institution of the family is destroyed, discredited, people have turned into egoists, they have ceased to answer to their relatives, and therefore to the people, then why do they need land? The people who do not have people with super-responsibility can never become imperial people.

Similarly, cultured people will not be able to become imperial. The over-cultured Greeks failed to create an empire, for example. Alexander the Great did not create an empire because he wanted a lot of land. This ambitious superman wanted only one thing-fame. The Greeks built an empire on the corpse of the Persian Empire. And in general, to create an empire, the people must be the necessary way of life. Only savage peoples with the cult of the family created large empires. We will not consider all the victories of savages over cultured peoples.This is no longer necessary. Everything has already been said.

It would seem that the cultured peoples had better equipment, were organized and were led by educated strategists. But all this was a pointless exercise before the onslaught of any savage horde. All the barbarians, vandals, Horde people thought about how to feed their families. All civilized societies think about how to have a good time. To not get bored, to enjoy life. Enjoy your life! (Seize the moment! How similar it is to the modern cliché “every second of your precious life is precious”).

But none of the Imperial people do not think about the culture! In any case, about the culture of one person. The Imperial people propagandize the culture of society and the collective. You can tell the imperial people there is no need to propagandize anything. The cult of the family, the family, the people themselves will do everything as it should, correctly educate each person.

If you take away from any people the cult of the family, for which ideologists (Zerots, Remids) invent a living space, these people will again return to the original savagery. (For example, modern traditional peoples are very fond of the culture of democracy, although their culture, just even the genes, did not come out of the cult of the family. This leads to unbridled corruption, rot, and destruction not only of the state but also of society as a whole. These people can disappear even without the invasion of sudden barbarians, as it was shown in history. But the new barbarians with a real cult of the family will create a new empire in the vacated place. Only for the peoples for whom the cult of the family is not just a sound, a figure of speech, there is an opportunity to create a state. But this state is also powerless and doomed in the second generation of civilized barbarians. The means of communication have reached such heights that they accompany each Zeref all day, and he does not part with his smartphone until nightfall. Who will he listen to more, mom and dad or hip-hop music?)

So, every pretender to the empire thinks about living space, so about the future of feeding millions of new members of the horde.

Of course, we will not take completely wild hordes. So, the Dorian hordes took over almost the entire Peloponnese and the Dorians, like the Spartans, did not create an empire. Because the Dorians were forced to the cult of the earth. All those savages who run or wander anywhere will never create an empire. They are simply not old enough not experienced to see life beyond the ancestral settlement. Beyond the forest, beyond the river, beyond the valley, there is no life for them, that space beckons them and hunger can drive them at any moment. These people depended on the favor of nature.

And the first impulses of ambitious people who began to fight with backward elders, with the old elite with ancient roots, are the first signals that knowledge of geography at least will increase here. To create the prerequisites for an empire, it is necessary to generalize all the experience and justify the conquest of living space.

But look at Ancient Greece?

Ancient Greece never got out of the state of the polis, a city-state. Because they had a mossy elite, the ancestral aristocracy (Zerots) with thick tails of the glory of family ancestors. Then they developed a lot culturally. And for a philosopher, orator, or strategist, the family is not in the first place. The cult of the family and the meaning of life for its provision is the occupation of the Meteks, Helots, and another rootless rabble.

Could the most advanced and cultured Athens create an empire based on the cult of money and the struggle of the rootless for their rights?

That’s another question. After all, the modern global empire is created as a total democracy without any cult of the earth, and it is not interested in the traditional family. On the contrary, the financial empire does not need any traditional family. It does not allow to them to enjoy their freedom. The traditional family strains and violates the rights of women. The only available and guaranteed pleasure for everyone is informed. Information is the only thing that is needed in the modern financial Empire. Information also promotes so-called democracy. This is what distinguishes the past superman with his ambition, vanity, living space, war, cruelty from the modern superman, with his money and other opportunities.

Chapter VIII

Who wants fame

These heroes belong to the traditional elite. That is, not all active aristocrats turn into Zelots, but only the actual winners. Although the logical sequence of the tradition starts from the very bottom. The traditional chain starts with the Zerefs, but the Zerefs are soldiers, and the soldiers can never feel superior to the generals. All the Zerefs, every one of them, want only to repeat the tradition: to start a family, to continue themselves in children. In other words, they would just like to live, repeat the path of their ancestors. We are not talking about any sense of superiority.

But this only seems at first glance.

Yes, a sense of superiority is brought up in the elite, among the children of arrogant feudal lords (the Zerot). This circumstance can not in any way cancel the competition among the aristocracy.

The entire traditional aristocracy can also be called the people of the Empire. So, literally, the entire aristocracy is riddled with vanity? Yes, it undoubtedly.

And how can vanity be fed?

Only after personal successes, only after victories in battles, only after the conquest of foreign territories can be fed. The winner, who really grew the empire with new lands, drove thousands of new slaves to the fields, covered his name with unfading glory, that the image of a great figure is immediately cast in bronze, a record is made below. Such a Zerot can really be called a superman.

But even small people have ambitions. The Zerefs have vanity, too. Not so big as in the Nobles, but it’s there.

Zeref cannot be an imperial winner because of its scale, its low social status. The life of the Zerefs is simple. The goals of the Zerefs are simple. The Zeref, for example, can be the winner in a street fight with an equal Zeref. It is also a point of pride for the street mob. But this does not negate the possibility of Zeref being Zeref superman at the level available to him.

How can Zeref become a hero (a Zelot)?

And how can he help his people? Only as a hero soldier. Only as a victim. When Zeref sacrifices his life for his family. But Zeref’s family is not visible here. It recedes into the background. Although the Zerefs fight for their families, when Zeref sacrifices his life for the people. Only in this interpretation, after a feat on the battlefield for the nation, Zeref becomes a Zelot. That’s how every person, even the most simple and inconspicuous before the act, can be a superman and stand out from the rest.

All supermen are distinguished by a great act.

And it does not depend on the status that the hero occupied in the traditional hierarchy. The whole point is that traditional society is always hierarchical. Everyone gets a chance from the degree of the possible. But everyone has the opportunity to perform an extraordinary act.

Any greatness is determined by the social significance of the act.

Positive significance and, unfortunately, negative significance. But Herostratus, who set fire to the temple for glory, is certainly not a Zelot, he is a zealot. But it’s not an idiot, either. It’s seemed, handicapped person, filled complexes. And a person with such data always moves along the shortest path. Even if he is a Zeref, he also wants fame. Traditional people all want fame. This directly affects their status, the same painted tail that we talked about earlier. But what is the social significance of the destruction of the temple subservient to a madman? Therefore, Herostratus is not a zeref-zelot, much less a zerot-zealot, he is just a Zeremid, just a Zeremid, and that’s it.

Similarly, there are deceptions and dummies among the elite. Those of them who have great ambitions, a lot of honor, excessive pose, painted show-off. But there are no material facts. There is no proof of them real exclusivity.

What do we see here? Everyone sees only the wishes of the applicant for exclusive privileges. These dummies may just be losers who overestimated their strength. And there are such things. And who overestimates the strength? Just not a smart person.

Of course, the influence of majesty’s chance cannot be denied. It is clear to everyone that the circumstances can be different. The circumstances may be most unfavorable. There is also an expression that a person is not lucky, he was not born under a lucky star. But after all, no one demands from an ambitious person beyond his abilities. If a candidate for a dictatorship, for example, fails, everyone can sympathize with him. And it is also possible.

If a certain ambitious person in the elite feels strong, he will certainly make an attempt. No attempt — there will be no victory over the competition. Competitors, in turn, of course, will do everything so that the most arrogant and arrogant of them will not succeed. This is how human society works. Against the most talented, all the incompetents unite. They will interfere with him in every possible way, plotting intrigue, and preparing all sorts of different flavors of meanness. And him need a great coincidence of the conditions that the stars came together on luck so that the candidate for superman everything worked out, and the opponents were left far behind.

Only the names of the greatest contenders remain in history which manifested themselves, then proved even to posterity that they were Zelots. But when it comes to the Imperial people: zealots make captures create violence even over wild peoples, but this does not cancel violence, so this is a pagan element, therefore, Zerefs and Zerots, turning into zealots at their level each.


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