Elves Valley

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This is a fairy tale about a girl named Alice, who was brought into a fairyland by a hurricane — there lived good elves, fireflies and gnomes. But she really missed her parents and dreamed of returning home.

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Elves Valley

Alice lived in a small house on the outskirts of the village. Although her parents worked in the field from morning till night, they led modest and poor lifes. Certainly, how to get rich under such circumstances. Strong hurricanes often happened there, they spoiled and destroyed crops.

And one day, when father and mother went to work, heavy clouds brooded over the house, lightning flashed, a strong hail started, and then the wind broke out. It was of such a force that it began to demolish all the buildings around, to smash the boats into pieces at the nearest marina.

Alice was very scared, she climbed onto her bed and pulled cover over her head. That way she had been sitting until she felt that the house was got off the ground and carried in an unknown direction.

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