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Ella is a girl raised in a liberal family, accustomed to living by the standards of her time.Like most of the US population, she is not mentallyshone. I didn’t like studying at all, but counted on that she will marry successfully.She was pretty pretty: her eyes were blue, like violets on her pale face, brown curls descended along the back. Favorite dress was a fluffy satin blue with pink flowers.Its main attribute was a felt hat with tea rose buds.Barry Street had a small two-story the brick house where Ella lived.It was one of the nicest houses in Richmond, around which the bushes of tea roses grew; in a small grape arch was located in a cozy courtyard.In the evening, Ella’s house took on a different look: around small gas lamps were spread out in the yard, which did not give too bright lighting. Ella’s room was on the second floor with balcony overlooking the pier. Cozy pink

wallpaper adorned its walls, and in the center flaunted a whiterug. A small bed was located near the windows; Ellaoften loved to watch life from her window small port town. One of her friends was Terry Blanche, her family acquired a house near the pier on Grove Street. Terri was not beautiful: little pale her face was like a cloud, her low-set eyes and small eyebrows stood out on it. Thinshe painted pale pink lips so that they were noticeably. She hid her rare chestnut strands under the hat. Ella is used to looking down on everyone. For her boys from all over the area were running.She had quite a few friends, since all of her considered selfish. And none of the girls wanted to be in her shadow.


Ella’s father, Rupert, was from England.

His grandfather also left England in 1886 with his family, built a house in Richmond.Then there were hard times — at this time Richmondwas just a fishing village, and only then, in 1907, the port opened and the city got back on its feet.Rupert was only ten years old at the time, and already knew that he would work at the port together with hisfather. When he was fourteen, his mother became seriously ill, the doctors could not diagnose and prescribe treatment. She died soon after.And after the funeral, Rupert went to study in university, where he studied for four years.In his first year at university, he metHelen.She was from a fairly wealthy family, her father worked as professor of philosophy at the university, and his mother taught French and German. Hallen grew up on the west coastCalifornia. Even as a child, she was fond of humanities, at the age of thirteen she decided to become a teacher.Although she did not go to school, her mother taught her at home.It was September 1914. Helen enrolled inUniversity to the Faculty of German Philology.

One day she stood outside the library, waiting for her girlfriend while she takes the books she needs.Passing the library, Rupert could not help but notice such a lovely lady. She stood in green satin dress, on her chest flaunted gold brooch in the shape of a rose. Her golden curls were beautifully gathered in a bun, and a small pink hat, slightly shifted to the side, emphasizing its beauty.Seeing her, he immediately understood who he wanted to live with before the end of their days. On the evening of the same day, he invited her for a walkalong the alley.They passed by rose bushes and many ornamental plants, light bulbs lowes, creating a romantic atmosphere.Rupert gave her a little silver ring with pink amethyst. Helen watched for a long time into his eyes and could only hear the singing of cicadas and crickets. He gently hugged her and kissed her — it was her first kiss. After seeing her off, Rupert in silence once again walked along the alley and went home.And four years later, after graduating from university, Helen gave birth to a baby girl whom her mother named Ella in honor to your mother.

Soon Rupert brought them to Richmond, where he was awaited bad news: neighbors said that in the past his father died in a month.It’s been a year since Helen and Rupert got married, they have there was no magnificent wedding.They lived in the same house where Rupert grew up. Helen planted tea rose bushes around the houseRupert installed a vine arch, later built the alcove and around the courtyard spread small gas bulbs.It was the perfect place to live and growchild. When Ella grew up, Helen went to work ina local school as a German teacher, and Rupertsuccessfully took his father’s place in the port. Ella was sent to a local high school. Herthe friend was the quiet and modest Terry Blanche. Ella went to her mother in appearance, and to her father in character: as stubborn as he is.


In the morning the alarm went off. Ella didn’t wake up straightaway.

— Finally. You are probably needed by the church wake me up with a bell, — Helen was indignant.

— I’m coming, — Ella said in a sleepy voice, quietly going down the steps so as not to break silence.

— How are you doing in school? — asked the mother.

— Is it so important? Now you can get a job without education.«Marry?» Helen asked with a grin.

— Okay, I’ll go. Bye! Ella did not like her school and was reluctant to go there.She walked so slowly that even the turtle overtook her.She was always the last to come to class, she could be twenty — twenty five minutes late. Herunloved subject was mathematics, loved she is literature and foreign languages.

Lesson by lesson, the school day is over.Collecting her things, she left the classroom and went home. On the way home, she watched the workers kicked out of the port. Unknown persons smashed a shop window. Having come running home, Ella saw her father:

— Something happened, why are you not at work? — withshe asked in dismay.

— Closed…

— What?

— The port was closed due to the crisis, everyone was kicked out,

— quietly the father answered.

— I saw how unknown persons smashed shop windows in store.

— There are no goods, the checkout is empty, everywhere looting, — said the father.For a long time Ella could not understand what was happening.

What could happen so that there was no money for the maintenance of the port and why loot empty the shops? Looking out the window, she could not recognize in this chaos their hometown, as if everyone was going crazy.For ten minutes there was silence in the house. Ella said:

— We need to wait for mom, she will figure out that make.- Eh, mom always knows what to do,

— with a smirk said the father.It was getting dark, and Helen was not yet there. Household Began to worry and decided to go to meet her. Helen’s silhouette could be seen through the darkness. Ella ran to her.- I had to stay a little longer at school, we cut wages and will not be paid until end of the year.«Let’s go home,» Rupert said.

It was a sleepless night. Ella woke up screaming people and the light of fire, quietly descending into the kitchen, sat down at the table and could not believe that for a daya small town plunged headlong into chaos.Deciding to go outside, I saw how past herthe crowd rushed… Where they all fled to such late time? After a while, Ella heard an explosion, she looked around and saw how they were storming bank building.


Ella could not sleep: fiery protests subsided only in the morning. On this day, she decided not go to school as no lessons were held. Because of teachers refused to cut salaries teach, some quit, and while had the opportunity to leave for Capital City.As soon as she fell asleep, her mother woke her up and said:

— I collected your things, they are downstairs, get dressed and went.

— Where? What about our house? We can’t do it all just leave and leave,

— excitedly said Ella.- Come on faster, we are late for the train, your father found work in Capital City. Ella, without thinking twice, got ready and left the house.They set off on a long journey.She didn’t want to leave, she loved her house very much, a cozy courtyard with a gazebo, where he and Helen were sitting in the evenings over a cup of tea. After all, she had to leave not only home, but also your friends and school. On the way to the station, they met many acquaintances.and neighbors affected by fiery protests -apparently, the doctors were in no hurry to help them …Helen checked several times to see if they had forgotten tale tickets with you?

— A little more, and we will be there. And here is our train, «Helen said. Everyone walked in silence, only looking back. On the platform, the conductor checked their tickets, and they entered the carriage. Ella for a long time could not find a place for herself. On it was her fluffy dress with pink flowers and small felt hat with tea rose buds.Screams could be heard from the train carriage protesters: very soon they will be in Capital City, in a huge metropolis. They rodean hour and a half, and during this time none of not a word was spoken by those present. Ella silently looked out the window and watched how quickly they drove past many villages.And then she realized that not only Richmond was on fire, but the wholeAmerica. The train stopped abruptly. She heard screams, hum of cars, father said:

— We are on the spot.

Slowly leaving the carriage, Ella sawCentral railway station and was surprised by the number of people. Trains with refugees and workers came and went. Their The quantity was impossible to count. ...The carriage was on a low platform, and Ella, deciding that she would go down herself, caught on and tore her favorite dress. Terrified that someone will see her petticoat, she ran to Helen.They didn’t have much money, but it still didn’t. enough to have the dress repaired. Sitting intaxi, they went to the outskirts of the city, where she my father was given an apartment in a two-story house.


Capital City looked pretty gray to Ella She had never seen so many houses. They are not here, as in Richmond, with separate courtyards, and stood right next to each other.It was deep autumn. Despite the fact that they were in Virginia, the city was quite

cold. Daily rains and strong winds are herewhat Ella got by moving to Capital City.It was quite warm in the taxi. The car is right there rushed to the address. Ella watched life through the taxi window metropolis: she was caught in the eyes of congestion on the roads, lots of people, lots of shops and restaurants."… Yes! It’s not like Richmond, she thought.And so, when the station was left behind, they drove up to the center of the city, where a huge square was located, here it was called «Market», and around it was many different buildings: residential buildings, cafes, restaurants, shops and more. Elle a little my head was not turned by such a variety. Straightaway After the center was the area that the locals called"Little Kentucky» is the name for him got it because of his small one-story houses with small courtyards and vegetable gardens, as invillages. He didn’t fit into the landscape at allCapital City. It’s like a big spot on the bedspread.Passing Ray Grove, Ella spotted a girl standing near a street lamp. She was short, with rather long haired, her green eyes were like buttons on shirt, rather asymmetrical eyebrows,

small nose and not very large lips. She is dressed was in a burgundy dress with a deep neckline.She wore a black shawl, on her legs there were nylon stockings and high-heeled shoes heels. «You can’t tell that she is a lady» — Elleit became very interesting who she was and, not for long thinking, Ella decided to ask the taxi driver:

— Excuse me, mister, do you know who this «lady» is? After what he heard, the taxi driver burst into laughter:

— Lady? What do you mean, she is one of these harlots.

— Harlots? Ella asked in surprise.She did not understand who this girl was and what she was engaged. And then he said:- This is their job, courting rich old people in brothels on Pearl Road.This ended the conversation. The taxi reignedsilence.Passing Glam Park, Ella looked out the window and noticed that it was already starting to get dark, and they still didn’t even make it to the new home.Their house was in the Hill Street area, and this almost the outskirts of the city. This area was not like the rest, even Little Kentucky didn’t seem so gloomy.

These were mostly untidy high-rise buildings and large estates, and it was not clear whether they were in the city, or in the village. From all sides the area was surrounded by factories. In the summer it stood here thicksmog, which made it hard to breathe. There was practically no smog in autumn due to rains that washed away everything in their path as inair, and on the ground ...The taxi stopped abruptly and the driver said:

— Here’s your stop.It was already deep night, and through the darkness it was difficult to consider anything. It was raining outside and left behind large puddles that were everywhere, the whole road was covered by them. Ella narrowed her eyes to make out at least something, and went to the courtyard of their house very carefully so as not to step into a puddle.It was so dark outside that even in the moonlight the light could not see anything. Rupert litgas lantern. Ella saw a huge house with pretty good lighting. On its territory there was a garden, arches and an arch. The house had two floors, on each floor of the apartment. They also got housing for second floor.

Upon entering the house, one could immediately notice a large stairs that led to the second floor. I went out to them young woman:

— Hello, I’m Anna, and you are probably new neighbors, she said with a smile.- Nice to meet you, I’m Helen, and this is my husbandRupert and daughter Ella.

— Let me take you to your apartment, that’s itI will tell and show.«Gladly,» Rupert replied.«Then follow me,» said Anna.They went up the stairs after Anna. Ella looked at the long corridors; she neverI didn’t think I’ll ever find myself in such a place.It seemed to her that she would live her whole life in a small cozy house in Richmond on Barry Street.After going through the entire corridor, Anna said:

— Here is your door, now we will open it.They entered and walked through the large apartment, and Annashe continued to tell:

— Here is a bedroom, next to another, there is a kitchen, bathroom, and this is a living room, also has its own balcony. I AMI think you understand everything. I’ll go home and you settle in, — she quietly left the apartment, went downstairs.

Ella immediately went into the second bedroom. It was a rather large room that evoked the feeling emptiness. Ella noticed the exit to the roof. In the room there was a bed that occupied a large part of the space, wardrobe, table and two bedside tables. Shewas not at all like a room in Richmond, it’s the walls were painted beige. Taking out the linen, she made the bed, changed into her white long nightgown and lay inbed. Ella could not sleep for a long time, she kept looking at ceiling…


Soon she fell asleep soundly.And what could have prevented him? It started to rain a little on the street, with each by the minute he grew stronger, cold spray from the roof-top flew into her open window. Feeling the coldness on her body, she shuddered.Suddenly waking up, for a long time I could not understand that happens. The sound of the rain buzzed in her head.She quietly got out of bed and went to the large window that was half a wall; faded light

fell on the face, and the naughty ocean wind developed a long nightgown.From her window one could see Capital City as inpalms. Ella looked into the distance and watched how gradually begins to brighten. In some areas little by little the street lights were turned off; someone into it time gets up to work, someone else is asleep.She closed the window, quietly returned to bed andstaring languidly at the ceiling. From the neighboring there was a noise in the room — her father was going to work. The rain still hasn’t stopped, but gradually subsided, and after a while stopped walking. Ella fell asleep, she felt so good in cozy warm bed. And outside the window it was coldOctober… Hour after hour passed, she was still asleep, now I’m going to sleep nothing threatened. Helen had no time for sleep: getting up in six in the morning, she went to the kitchen to cook breakfast to Rupert. In addition to breakfast, she also had a lot of work. During this time, she managed to cook breakfast for herself andElle, clean up the kitchen and bedroom. She is silent watched her daughter sleep. Looking at clock, Helen saw that it was already eight in the morning and it was time

wake up Ella. She quietly entered her bedroom and whispered:

— It’s time to wake up, breakfast in the kitchen is getting cold. Ella woke up and went straight to the kitchen.breakfast.…There was strong coffee on the table, she took a cup and went out onto the balcony — the city was covered with thick fog.Capital City was literally drowning in it; she felt a gust of cold wind that came fromAtlantic Ocean.Sugar interrupted the taste of bitter coffee; Ella was not coffee lover, she preferred aromatic green tea with chamomile. This day was you can hear the hum of cars and people passing by, only the quiet sounds of the plant. Someone is at work now, and someone is sitting in warm houses for a fresh release newspapers or reading thick books. In the city with work it was tight, especially at this time.The big crisis grew more and more every day.Schools, shops, restaurants were closed; the number of homeless people on the streets of Capital Citydoubled. The station was never empty: each day many trains arrived with refugees and workers, they were settled on the outskirts of the city in area factories.

Ella was still sitting on the balcony, finishing her coffee. The wind gradually subsided and the fog cleared.Before her stood giants-factories and many residential buildings. It was not a very tidy areathere were practically no roads. Somewhere in the distance you canwas to see the coast.It was surrounded by a chain of factories that produced not very pleasant sounds. Even coffee compared to him was not as terrible as it might seem at first glance.Sitting on the balcony, she missed more and moreRichmond; she liked their little cozy house with a courtyard, she loved this city, but nowI have to get used to a different environment.…


Ella was about to go to her bedroom asHelen suddenly came with news.The school on Drive Road was short of teachers, and she agreed to go to work. She didn’t want to sit with folded arms, and her daughter has not gone to school.

— Tomorrow we go to school on Drive Road, saidHelen.

at her with a surprised look; she didn’t like school much and was glad that she did notstudies. But her mother thought otherwise, she did not want to her daughter was without education, for her it was so important.

— School? Ella asked.

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