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Elitism II

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Until the 21st century, world history consisted of the confrontation of ideological blocks. The core of the blocks consisted of specific countries and states. The USSR represented socialism, and the USA represented capitalism. With the collapse of the socialist camp, there are no blocs left in the world, in fact, there are no states left. All the so-called states with regimes are essentially regions, colonies, and branches of the dollar. This is where all the problems of opposing any decrees from above from the colonial center arise. If the Dollar Financial Center instructed everyone to get sick, all branches immediately got sick. Against the background of the planned reduction of an absolutely helpless population, can the center of opposition to the conspiracy of the world mafia come from? They even convinced President Trump of a pandemic. Although Trump is a billionaire, in this case, he is stupid. For a billionaire, the most important value is his money’s selfishness. At one time, President Putin has been holed up in a bunker. He had something to lose, too. Why would he need a throne if he’s not here? How would people expect help? So far, these are separate groups of people. But these groups and people are scattered. There is no one center for opposing the mafia. The ideology of socialism is also not suitable because billions of egoists do not believe in anything today; they will deny it. Socialism? This is Cuba! This is North Korea! It is better to give injections and save yourself. There are billions of such zombies on Earth today. Even the Internationals are made up of egoists and cowards educated by democracies. For these people, socialism also remained in the form of past socialism. Right now, when an alternative to the global world of profit and greed is required, no one from the top of public organizations knows what to do. It remains to be hoped that some oligarchs like Trump will want to save his life for his billions of money. Or a dictator like China’s Xi will show the quality of a world leader. There is also Brazil, India, and the BRICS. Although the Chinese elite and the governments of Brazil and India also consist of technocrats and egoists. There are no personalities in the world? What happened to the society

Chapter 1

Revolution, out of turn

When the Bolsheviks carried out a coup in October 1917, their opponents accused them of a crime. There is a fact necessary to prove a crime for any criminal offense. If you combine the criminal law attempt on power and the civil code, it turns out that the revolution violates the right of inheritance. A massive violation of the most important, one might say, sacred right — a violation of the entire nation’s inheritance right. From here, the opponents of the Bolsheviks quickly narrowed down the group of criminals to the gang of Lenin and his Jewish accomplices.

But the citizen Lenin, or the revolutionary Lenin, has nothing to do with it. If someone wants to find out who actually carried out the coup, and this is not the revolutionary Lenin at all (although de facto Lenin), he would have to contact the civil code himself, to the extent that you understand how serious this case is in his fate. In the fate of everyone. In the fate of every family. And in the destiny of the state, In the destiny of the nation as a whole. Let’s start with the fact that the pillar definition of the state and the social system is the right of property. What is the right of ownership? So is the state. If this is a Salic right, then, as a rule, the people’s property is managed by one authorized person: the monarch and his children; the monarch, today the autocrat, his nobles, the new nobles, the court camarilla, and so on. If bureaucrats manage the property, then usually, as is customary, such a system is called socialism.

How so? Today, former officials also manage the property, but this is not socialism at all; readers will object. Really. Under socialism, private property is abolished. But only in terms of the appropriation of wage labor. In fact, the property remains. But this property was called “personal property” for convenience. It, they say, can be inherited. The underdevelopment of socialism is attributed to the shortcomings of the classics. The classics of Marxism here acted as gods (perhaps the lifespan was not enough for them; Lenin still fell ill at the wrong time). But in general, the whole problem revolves around the property. However, everyone wants to spin it around the Russophobe Lenin and his Jewish gang.

In fact, once again, Lenin had nothing to do with it. And Marxism has nothing to do with it. For Marxism to germinate in Russia, contrary to Marx, by the way, the soil must be “abated” by something else. Why Marxism, or its parody, started playing in Russia. No left-wing patriot, aka Stalinist, will ever answer. Usually, there is a quote from Marx on the topic of production forces and relations. Or it just sounds like the answer to your question, “you is fool himself”. This means they don’t have an answer to the question. If you have already heard about Salic law, we will continue.

Usually, monarchists are considered on the right, on the spectrum of political activity. This does not seem to concern the disposal of property.

The right also includes fascists. Officials are also present here. They also talk about the people and the nation. But they set priorities. The property belongs to the people, the nation, the state, and the officials. Do the Fascists have a Salic principle of inheritance transfer? No. The Fascists already have a majority. The ruling center shifts away from the center, the monarch and his relatives’ will, towards the people (to be more precise, towards the bourgeoisie). During the European revolutions, the European revolutionaries removed the distribution function from the sacred figure and handed it over to themselves. Hence, the same disposition of property, but on the surface, the rights are reserved exclusively to the eldest sons. The Fascists do not abolish property; everyone knows this (Please remember this point about the eldest sons)

Why was there no inheritance transfer from the father state to the eldest sons in the same way in Russia? First, Lenin advocated his doctrine of expropriation of expropriators. Ah, so Lenin and Marx still have something to do with it! Yes, Lenin and Marx are still at it. In Russia, there was no institution of private property. In the bourgeois sense, to convey it exclusively in the traditional sense. As a people’s community, the Russian world was deciding, and so it was.

The main principle of rural communities is not Salic. The community is based on patriarchal laws. But for the community and village elders, the main principle is justice. This means that they could pass their heritage to both the seniors and the juniors. With a large “turnover”, mortality, perturbations, and other anarchism, everyone could inherit. After all, what is anarchy? Why it appeared in agricultural communities. Although this is a distraction from the topic, anarchy is just the most communist principle of distribution. Anarchy is the work of the young, and it is the people’s right to abolish the old’s self-will. Marx is also a kind of Jewish anarchist. He was deprived of property, and he was engaged in the promotion of democracy all his life. Yes, by the way, promoting democracy does not imply the abolition of property. That’s why everyone likes it, including the eldest sons — Europe’s main contenders for property.

The eldest sons can always remain monarchists if there is enough property for everyone. They settle for monarchies. If the property is insufficient, all the older sons join the Blackshirt units. It all ends with a world war. It is this side of fascism that everyone knows.

The moment has come to explain why the eldest sons proclaim national socialism and the younger sons international socialism. No one will mind that in both cases — isn’t the monarch doing it? Every proletarian internationalist follows precisely the fate of the rootless revolutionary Marx, who has absolutely no claim to his father’s inheritance. Lenin too. And this situation of the abolition of patriarchal queues just corresponds to patriarchal Russia. But only during the crisis of the inheritance distribution system itself did all the younger sons cancel the old queue, cancel classes and ranks, and take whatever they wanted.

For Russia, it was the most important issue with the land; during the reign of the last Romanov, for forty years, the population of Russia had grown by a third. The first sign of overpopulation and rebellion of all the younger ones in the families is terrorism. This was not only in Russia. No one wanted to wait their turn. Especially if the younger son received the light of knowledge, none of them would tolerate it. They watched as the incompetent sons of generals and nobles got positions. They were filled with indignation, and it was a civil protest. Socialism, in the usual sense, is the system of all the younger sons. This is a denial of the patriarchal queue. After all, communism abolishes private property. However, this is not possible yet.

Lenin and his” gang” tried to abolish private property… by decree. Thus, legalize the right of inheritance in the form of personal property already. But the people are the people. The Russian people have never lived under formal laws, although they always want to teach them the European order (majorat). Under informal laws, new officials quickly replaced all the Leninist revolutionaries who had taken power in Russia. The bureaucrats replaced the revolutionaries within 15 years. And they bowed to the new secretary. Essentially, Stalin was a new red monarch. What has changed in the power structure? Nothing. The same dictatorship of the father of the nation.

Stalin tried to create a caste. They were all so quiet, bureaucrats, because they all had enough rations. The bureaucracy began to be selected according to the law of seniority so that no upstart could jump right into the generals on behalf of upstarts. Soviet elitism, when the general post is available for his son, is a repetition of the habits and traditions of the overthrown nobles. And the usurpation of power among the Russian nobles remained essentially the usurpation of the younger ones. However, the Soviet bureaucrats depicted a new, already Soviet hierarchy of the old style. Until 1991, this usurpation continued. Although the younger liberals have already come, they have taken power, and the future is now not from the “Lenin gang” but from the entire Russian state.

This did not make their Soviet law any more legitimate regarding historicism. As we can see, all these socialists, democracies, and other isms are just names for inheritance. Removing Lenin’s associates from their inheritance rights is essentially an accelerated transition to the old system — to the patriarchal majorat when the general’s son will be a general. But if we cancel historical materialism for the theory of reflection, everything becomes clear. Plain as day.

I anticipate the first reaction to this topic being, “You fool yourself.” Yes, it is so. For too long, the old analysis system has fed hordes of chatterboxes.

Chapter 2

These are the rules. Or as the regime matures

Who, if not Egypt. Egypt flag. Abdel Nasser symbol.

When a bloodless coup occurred in Egypt in July 1952, the “Free Officers” carried it out. King Farouk quickly abdicated and fled to Monaco.

This was the first anti-monarchist act in the Arab world. Then, the coups followed one after another. Morocco declared a republic in 1957, and the monarch was deposed; he had just declared independence and was immediately overthrown. In Iraq, the “free officers”, yes, also free, as in Egypt, also carried out a coup in July, but six years after the Egyptian one, in 1958. The Iraqi coup was the most violent of all the coups because the royal family and the monarch, Faisal himself, were shot (In Iraq, the elite shooting will become a tradition). Algeria’s independence was declared in 1962 and Yemen in 1967. In Libya, Idris was overthrown in 1969. He just didn’t come back from the trip. A group of junior officers led by Gaddafi took advantage of this.

What do the younger sons have to do with it?

Senior officers carried out all coups in the former Arab Caliphate, except for the young Captain Gaddafi in Libya. Naguib, who led the anti-monarchist coup in Egypt, was a general, and Abdel Qasem was a general in Iraq. Only Houari Boumediene of Algeria was a colonel. The Arab world is a world of centuries-old tradition and hierarchy. Where there is tradition, there is a hierarchy. Why were these generals senior officers? Yes, because only the shoulder straps allowed them to turn into senior status. In addition, almost all the senior officers of the Maghreb and the Middle East and the entire republican elite had peasant, therefore not noble, origins. That’s the only reason they’re all junior in the traditional hierarchy. These generals were senior officers in the army but were junior in status in the traditional hierarchy. Perhaps even many of them did not have noble roots. They belonged to the peasant class.

If you look at all the Arab officers, namely, the officers will solve all issues (not in the likeness, but it is), like the traditional military class. If you want to go up the former Caliphate elevators, you must again wear shoulder straps. The military is still the main caste in the Middle East as if there was no Arab modernization. So strong are the traditional values here. (However, the picture is similar in Latin America. Although economists, lawyers, and other lawyers are actively replacing the military in the field of public administration. Gradually, but surely. Who they are by status in Latin America will have to be watched separately for each country. However, as a rule, the largest group of active military personnel in Latin America is the colonels. This brings them closer to the senior officers and the eldest sons in the hierarchy of inheritance of privileges, hence the charms of life.


Since the end of 2011, orange protests have swept through the Maghreb countries. They were orange because the orange coups sounded like democratic rhetoric. (In the East? Democratic rhetoric? In the former Arab Caliphate?) The people awoke from the long tyranny of the Eastern autocrats, namely, by name: in Tunisia against Ben Ali ( he fled to Saudi Arabia after 24 years of rule, then in Algeria against President Bouterflika (he ruled for 12 years but could have been more, the third term of the rule was not completed just because of the unrest), in Libya against Colonel leader of the Jamahiriya Gaddafi (ruled for almost 43 years, was killed by Islamists), in Egypt against Hosni Mubarak ( he ruled for 30 years, was put arrested). In Syria, against Bashar al-Assad (the Assad clan has ruled the country for half a century, a civil war began after the Islamists’ speech, only Putin’s military assistance prevented a coup). Spontaneous riots and regular self-immolations also occurred in Saudi Arabia (King Abdullah promised to distribute money, which paid off, although a coup was unlikely). In Morocco (Mohammed VI promised reforms), in Bahrain (King Hamad also promised payments, pay-off), in Oman, and so on.

I am not just listing the names of deposed Arab dictators. After the name, I confirm the duration of their reign. And this era of rule is no different from medieval “Asian” practices. This suggests that the younger sons, and according to the traditional seniority, are all younger, although they are the eldest sons in their families. But these are peasant families! (If we draw a parallel with Romanov’s Russia, these are all the children of the same Russians raznochintsy. These are the Russians Alexeyevs, Kornilovs, and Denikins — generals of low birth who also overthrew the Romanovs. They went on a campaign against Moscow under the tricolor. The tricolor is not the monarchy’s flag but the republic’s flag.

So, there are no doubts about the prospects of the Russian Revolution and Russia’s future destiny if one of the white generals won, Russia would have a dictatorship).

If, in the traditional world, someone has taken place beyond their age, this does not mean at all that they have abandoned the “overthrown” rules. Even if this ruler came to power through a coup and at the same time distributed Republican or even populist promises to the right and left. The environment, conservative system will still force him to turn into the subject, however he has taken over. Of course, he can’t turn into a monarch all at once. But what does it matter how he calls himself and others lick his ass? The essence of the matter does not change from this.

That’s how all the Arab generals and Colonel Gaddafi began to play socialism because socialism was the only justification for their insolence.

However, conservative socialism is different from really socialism. This is not real socialism. So far, we can call it cargo socialism because socialism was used voluntarily by people who were completely unsuitable for their status in the traditional environment. No matter how one of the young, conditionally younger sons does take a conditionally alien place, which the people have determined in advance in their culture (or, more precisely, in their reflection, the collective unconscious means), this ruler is doomed to play a not peculiar role to his age. He will become the “eldest son”, even more so into a dictator in 20—25 years. These are the rules.

Chapter 3

The Ouroboros Cycle

The traditional world develops according to its laws. Marxists and other specialists of the old sociology can only “rest” here. These codes are not for them. Since sociologists and political scientists do not have a new “microscope” of Revcon, everything revolves around the symptoms. In turn, every old specialist interprets subjectively, but everyone understands. Because it is stereotypical, we will reject it at once. Imperialism has nothing to do with it. By analogy with the spiral DNA of historical repetitions, Revcon offers mankind a loop-like RNA. Namely, the tradition only looks eternal from the outside. It is also repeated in actions. Tradition is repetition. But traditional people are influenced by world news in terms of more than just technical discoveries. The earth is round, but the Mercedes is comfortable. Traditional worlds are also happy to breathe in social theories. It is for a civilization that the new thoughts of ideologists are theories. For traditional people, this is a new way. If you take a specific member of a collective kindred community, this is the path to fame- the most valuable prize among the Zerefs and, of course, to a new status. Zerefs not only love different discoveries that they will adapt to their household utensils but also like new ideas. I’ve already told you why. The new ideas destroy the hierarchy. In general, the process of influencing the development of traditional civilization communities in Revcon is called flotagia. The traditional world is developing in leaps and bounds (riots, coups, revolutions — who likes it, so count it). The reason for these jumps is the cycle (in Revcon, the general node of the cycle consists of loops). You can also call the entire loop a traditional loop.


The Zeref’s loop.

Technical perfection, an invention, or a new skill causes an additional product. The additional product contributes to population growth. If the traditional people have a lot of food, they will have many children. The growth of the traditional population (Zerefs) is a Zeref’s loop. If we temporarily turn off the civilizational background and leave traditional communities without the surrounding modern world, then no visible shifts in this seemingly eternal traditional behavior are expected. All the Zerefs of the world are born for war. If the growth of the traditional population caused the war, it meant the inability of the elite to support a large number of new people. Therefore, the Zerefs are doomed to war with their neighbors. The whole story consists of wars caused by the disproportionality of the new population and the old product. Thus, all the Zerefs of the world are born for war. Socialist regimes replace war with labor. The Gulag of the Stalin system in the USSR is a clear example.

The most successful example is in the shock five — year plans of socialism. That millions of non-Serfs work for free in the camps is not the worst thing. The worst position is when the intellectual elite should engage in “such labor”. Intellectuals should create thought forms, and intellectuals should maintain high morals. If the Remids are engaged in Zeref affairs, the Zerefs in power get complete freedom for a future coup or counter-revolution. And modern local Asia dictators are being saved, just saved (by sending all guest workers to Russia, where they were used as a labor force; if they went to their homeland, they would soon revolt). If you do not create Remids from Zerefs, a military caste of colonels will arise for a series of sudden, violent seizures of power over time. Often, the elite, consisting of former peasants, feel the impossibility of constant repression, which is what the power apparatus of such regimes actually does, and goes to a soft development option. The former peasant elite obstructs the former system and defines the departed leader as a pest to move to the soft option. In the tradition of the Soviet regime, there was a constant practice of the new leader negatively assessing his predecessor.

Further, the Remids are the elite of civilization and, of course, of socialism. If you raise the moral atmosphere with moral authorities, there will be no colonels coup. I have a separate book for getting acquainted with the Remids. The Remids are the heroes of socialism. If the people dislike intellectuals, the people are doomed to traditional cycles. Another party of hypocrites will claim power under different ideas and pretexts. The next cycle will pass. The old rascals will create a base for their personal success. And what does a traditional person need? A good home (in the Bahamas), a good wife (model), what else do you need to meet old age? The next cycle will pass, and new scoundrels will criticize the previous ones with bad words.

It cannot be said that the Remids do not take part in this tragic cycle “Ouroboros”. Dictators find for themselves the hypocritical chroniclers and obsequious composers of solemn hymns. (It’s true, very often, all these hymn-writers belong to the same people.) If the traditional people found their destiny in the revolution, they did not love all revolutionaries — only those who promised the people a bright future. A revolution is such a massive leap after fate, after its success. Therefore, the crowds love and worship, as it will be presented to the public by the next propagandists and learn to claim the highest places. There is such a contradiction here.

The dictator’s fork of fate.

The revolution can train only a part of the lowest class. Then, there will be future Muammars of Gaddafi, colonels, and juntas. Or train all the people at once. So, that bloodless orange coups would take place later.

Now, however, what is a Remid’s loop?

The fact is that if you choose one leader from a dozen elite candidates. If they select the best, these same ten candidates themselves, all these ten will choose the weakest of the ten. What’s the point? Probably, every applicant expects a quick discredit from this manager. Or they will wait for him to die, his quick death because the second sign of selection to the elite is a physical illness and, therefore, senile infirmity. These elite oligarchs will select an old man or a sick man, and this is another guarantee of a quick release of the place. However, when a tiger and a bear fight, a monkey watches from the top of the hill. And no one will win the fight of unworthy people who beat and kill each other. If the next candidate, a monkey, wins, which the arrogant tiger and bear did not expect, it is the choice of the most unworthy of the squad of worthy candidates, which is really Remid’s loop.

During the time of peace, a conditional peace, when the totalitarian regime is resting, and the people are working on the construction sites of the five-year plan, completely legally outspoken scoundrels penetrate the elite. In a war, none of the potential crooks will take any chances. This version of the mass penetration of crooks and hypocrites to the very top in the Revcon is called the Zeremid’s loop.

And finally, all those people, all those traditional people who began to build nests of personal well-being harming the idea, the state, the system, the people, and they will definitely do this because there is no other motive in the traditional cycle, will turn from Zerefs into another next feudal elite (the Zerots). This group, completely according to the laws of feudalism and despite the space flights of rockets, will create impassable barriers for the next upstarts — the zerot loop once again. They should turn into old men, like the old men of the Politburo in Soviet Russia, and thus complete the entire general Ouroboros cycle. In short, it all sounds like this: Good times create weak people, weak people create bad times, bad times create good people, and good people create good times. Who’s sick of it?


Zeref is a traditional person with rigidly set social actions, reflection is low almost zero, hence the word zeref-reflection zero (zeref)). Because it has no semitones of perception, is categorical, irreconcilable, hostile to someone else. Has no semitones, serves the idols of the genus, communicates in the circle of native blood.

Zeref’s loop — baby boom, overheating of the local population.

The Zerots is feudal elite.

Zerot’s loop creates a caste and class society in the Zerots. Lack of social elevators. A revolutionary situation.

Zeremid is a person of the first generation of the traditional elite (or the city, a fresh citizen), has a half-rigid social reflex of custom and inferiority complexes that he wants to cover up, so he invents a new pedigree, creates a noble root and from this has the most bizarre “tail” behind his back. If this is a modern Zeremid, it is usually a former villager who has superficially mastered urban life culture, and he is half urban and half rural. Zefa is a man from the city’s first generation with inclinations toward the market, speculation, and trade, at least what circumstances forced him.

The Zeremid’s loop is hypocrisy, Pharisaic, fanaticism, and the adjustment of marginal strata to the existing idea and order. When Zeremids accumulate in the elite of an organization, from religion to government, stagnation, and crisis occur. The collapse of the idea and system due to the conformism of the Zeremids is inevitable. They adapt to the system for the sole purpose of supporting their family. That is, they do the same thing as the Zerefs, but for this, they want to get into the elite, the privileged stratum, or the state system; they quickly learn, master new skills, and imitate the formal standards of idea and responsibility.

The Remids are the traditional elite, rulers, officials, authorities, teachers; Remids set the actions of Zeref, determine morality, laws, politics, reflection middle-middle (remiddle).

Remid’s loop-the struggle of the elite with the brightest personality, the conspiracy of second and third parties against the hero and the prophet

Refag — a person of a commercial civilization in several generations, reflection is high, selfish, utilitarian-refag (re + high).

The Refag’s loop is sedating the traditional population with fashionable goods, quick benefits, and the prospect of rapid non-reflexive growth. Manipulation of Zerefs, Zeremids, zere-the physical majority who want to turn into an elite, to replace Zerots, Remids in power.

Extended Refage’s loop — the presence of a zeroth loop (feudal castes). Phase one: seducing the traditional population with fashionable goods, quick profit, and the prospect of rapid rise. Cultural crisis. Lumpenization of the scientific, cultural aristocracy. Disrespect for teachers. The second phase is the economic crisis. Protest of Zerefs, Zeremids, zere, and young Refags against the traditional elite. The demand for equal opportunities and the abolition of any restrictions. Manipulation by a third party of Zerefs, Zeremids, zere, and young Refags — the physical majority of the population to displace the traditional elite Zerots, Remids. Maidan. The desire of the Zerefs, Zeremids, and zere to dominate without any degree of conformity of the candidates for authority: high position, honor, glory. A moment of glory. Everyone can.

The Zelot is a superman, a hero, a prophet, and the most gifted among the traditional elite. A Zelot is an ambitious but disinterested person; he is a fighter against the traditional elite (Zerots), with Pharisee officials (Remids, Zeremids), with the people, if the people are obsessed with dark passions. Flotagia — the influence of social ideas and technical inventions on the traditional community. Population growth. Acceleration of the traditional cycle. Seduction of the lower classes and disinherited sons by the prospect of extraordinary elevation, a change in the hierarchy.

Chapter 4

I’ll tell you the truth about you… which is worse than a lie

Youth is not an eternal thing. The reflection in the mirror will always tell even bachelors about old age, about physical old age. But there is also mental old age. By tradition, every young person is obliged to start a family. Point. No more questions. And then all the rosy dreams of the happiness of all mankind will come to an end. Even the very idea that it takes some junk, clothes, food, and all the suffering, hungry humanity to maintain the heart will take a back seat. Hungry children nearby are not an abstraction. “Do you love me?” your wife will ask. Maybe there will be some idiot with the answer: “No, I love all of humanity.” This man is definitely an idiot; any female will understand even before marriage.

Therefore, females prefer people who are down-to-earth and cunning, and females dislike idealists at all times. Idealists themselves are contrary to nature. Although it sometimes seems that nature itself loves such infantile. Life glows on such idiocy. To make the creature grow old, any wife and family, not only the usual female minnow, will help. This is certainly not a topic for the study of female psychology. Let’s make a reservation about children: for a woman, all of humanity, all the world is not her children. And no more. If women start dreaming of scale, all of humanity will end. And the idealistic revolutionaries will have nothing to dream about. It turns out that for old age, thoughts need very little, but for physical and even final age, it still takes a period of, well, about 25 years. Just the term of one generation. How long is it necessary for the party of Revolutionaries, let us note that they are de facto almost all young and are the youngest sons, to turn into a party of conservatives with the thoughts, then the words “we do not want a world revolution”, we want socialism at home, in our the state, as if on our table. Immediately, a large group of innate homebuilders will stand out from the crowd. All of them, as a selection, will be with village faces. So far, no one has specifically selected them but they will definitely have special faces. The selection of personnel or the business of stamping such persons for senior personnel will begin with a little delay.

The punching machine is not ready yet. There had to be a break for such a group to separate from the restless and loud people. Some respite for everyone to think about this is for me, and this is for you. And, in general, what did you fight for? Any smoke break causes pernicious laziness. Thoughts fly very far away, to the homeland, home. An idea is not just a motive for extreme marginals. Smoke break over; get up! — a non-marginal commander gives the command to rise. If the rank and file have no reason for their personal campaign, no Lenin, and even more so Marx, will help. The idea itself is a huge hole.

The idea itself is a huge hole. Imagine the future as a large hole in a solid, dark obstacle background. This solid, dark obstacle is a tradition. Few people represent the common future. And hardly any people think about it. Do not think about anything in traditional communities; authoritative people decide for everyone. Everyone knew that it was just necessary to observe the rites. And then everything will be like everyone else. But everyone saw their perspective, even with the general similarity of such destinies. Even with the standard set built, a house, starting a family, and raising children, there is a small difference between the Zeref twins. Each of them still thinks about private joy. These separate plans of each Zeref have small holes in the same background of the future.

The intellectual prophets have cut a huge new hole in the tradition. At once, great happiness became apparent. Moreover, around the hole is written — “this is your paradise”. The idea gathers all the small egoists and private owners into one group, into one army. This is its strength. There will be no army until a window, or intellectuals and then leaders cut through a conditional hole still everyone will stay at home. I won’t trivialize the socialist idea if we call this hole, for example, socialism. I show you how to get to the next stage — by mice through the small holes of tradition or by people passing into socialism in full growth. Holes always live in the backward mind. Everyone sees personal happiness through a narrow spiritual corridor. This does not mean passing through a common ideological hole and everyone has forgotten their name and nation. Everyone can pass through the window cut through by idealistic intellectuals. But no one knows what they are thinking about when they pass into socialism and look at the arches of the tunnel.

The revolution is the very hole where all the conditional mice saw the passage to the room with the grain. One can imagine or assume that the counter-revolution penetrated not one by one but in a herd of mice. And the same mouse herd ate the collective stocks. The rest of the grain became unusable. The window to a bright future with the name “Socialism” at the entrance was covered with mouse shit. Well, who is to blame for this? When the building collapses, eaten by mice, there will naturally be accusers. Naturally, they will blame everything not on mice but on temptations. Why cut such a hole? Who cut through it? Why was this socialism necessary at all? It only shattered such a beautiful palace where everyone lived well. There was a lot of grain. And they would have spiked it. There are mice everywhere. It would be better for them to chew through small holes in their biographies, as is the case throughout the civilized world.

There is corruption everywhere. But not like ours. And in general, if there were no socialism, maybe there would be no oligarchy. Everything written on top is just the beginning of explaining how the nation is aging, how the younger sons of tradition turn into the older ones, not men, but mice into the conditional mice. After all, socialism in the form that took place still took place, but it was chewed through. Who? Why? The answers to these questions are possible only under one condition. They provided that the tradition and its tasks are considered. The only tradition wins because tradition relies on a physical majority. So far, this physical majority represents a minority of intellectuals. Then, this minority becomes the majority thanks to the younger sons, who are disinherited under normal conditions. The younger sons will see their happiness in the happiness of all mankind and will turn into revolutionaries and Red Army soldiers. Everything is consistent. The enemies will be defeated. All paths will open (the window of a bright future will yawn with the alluring light for everyone, absolutely everyone because everyone sees their private future in a general light). In theory, it should take only 25 years for the window to socialism to seem too large. That’s enough! There are few places, but everyone wants to.

The aging of the revolution is generally instantaneous. And it does not take some 25 years and another 50 years for everyone to understand how a socialist internationalist brother turns into a nationalist brother. The nation of internationalists is turning into chauvinists. And there is no doubt that it takes two generations for a country nation to turn into radical egoist democrats. The evolutionary path in Europe and America has shown how high reflection is achieved. Only through the market does this transformation into National Socialists take place much faster (than through the hole of socialism in the wall of tradition).

The idea has great power! Therefore, do not touch the idealists. And even all the wives of the world should be forbidden to nag the brains of men. If you really still want to get into socialism. If you prefer not to get into socialism anymore, another option exists. But you probably won’t like it.

Chapter 5

Empire or death

After the defeat of the Spanish Revolution in 1939, then after the victory over fascism and Japanese militarism in 1945, the Russian version of communism was imposed on the world. Russian communism, or Moscow communism, was actually a new Russian community. Despite the declared internationalism, everyone knew, the Russians themselves knew, that they were the fathers or older brothers of the new system. This sense of superiority persisted at the very bottom — in the Russian people until the collapse of the USSR. However, the top of the overripe Politburo and the Central Committee tried in every possible way to appease the republics with spiritual internationalism and, most importantly, ideological materialism in the form of subsidies. Karl Marx could not have taken root in the Russian world, rather than in the form of a Russian “big brother”, which in fact was a rural kinship modified into an urban appearance. The former “rural” or national cadres of provincials, nurtured by the regime, also pretended for the time being. Then they suddenly remembered who they were. And so, it turned out that communism was liked precisely by its totality to the peoples — large communities. And it happened on the site of two empires — the former Mongol ulus, which turned from a horde to an empire thanks to hired cultural trappers, and the Qing Empire of the Middle Kingdom.

And in Asia, communism in the form of a community of younger brothers could not establish itself. The most obvious example is the flight exit from Afghanistan of a limited contingent of the Soviet Army. Islam opposes communism as a denomination everywhere globally, even in hierarchical Iran, where it might have a chance. On the territory of the former Arab Caliphate of the Ottoman Empire, such “rural communism” had no chance. All the younger brothers in Arab families found their socialism in the Muslim Ummah. If there is a chance of a revival of communism in another environment other than Russia and China, although it seems that Marxism is supposedly triumphant in the PRC, (Nothing like that. In China, a modernized Confucian community under the guise of communism leads the people into the future. Although the people also agree to call their system communist), then Arab communism will be exclusively Muslim. And the Arabs will never agree to call their state communist. The Libyan Jamahiriya collapsed just from tribal squabbles of semi-nomadic elites. The former nomads settled in cities like Benghazi, but that didn’t make them Democrats or socialists. Such elites are generally difficult to define in a civilizational manner. But the imperial idea of dictatorship is constantly being replaced, first by the Russian idea and now by the Chinese version of communism. Communism marches around the world in the form of national-cultural dictatorships. This should already be clear to everyone. Are there any other questions? To put it simply, The majority of the population is used to collective life and dictatorship. If Marxists call these worlds communism, such Marxists will push their people to tragedy in advance. Fidel and Raul Castro (by the way, both younger sons in the Castro clan, that is, innate socialists) proved it. To them, you can add Ernesto Guevara, an Argentine revolutionist. He also denied the dictates of the Moscow bureaucracy. (Che Guevara was his father’s eldest son, as was Mao) That’s why Che and Mao became friends in absentia. Nowhere in Marx is it written that the peasantry can be progressive. But the Chinese leader wrote that the peasantry could “encircle the cities,” and the Argentine thought that a handful of fighters would stir up a revolution in Bolivia. There is one but. If Che had won, he would have revolutionized Argentina, and the Castro brothers would have been his comrades. Then, by analogy with the tragedy of Bolshevism in Russia, he would have had to repress his brothers. He was the eldest son. Fighting against the Peron regime, he fled to Mexico, then ended up in Cuba, in a foreign land. He no longer wanted to grow old in Cuba and turn into a pot-bellied bureaucrat. So, he went away young and holy. This saved him from a showdown with the Castro brothers.

So, the imperial totality cannot live in a small republic or on an island except as an idea. Ideologically, in the same Cuba, they could recognize the communist idea, but they could not translate it into a harsh dictatorship. There are enough showdowns of warring factions to call for discipline in a small country: enough authority and charisma of one man. When Castro went to the Camaguey barracks unguarded against the Catholics of Comandante Matos (Trotsky also took the Peter and Paul Fortress garrison without firing near the time of the October Revolution. Stalin’s police officers could not bring him to Alma – Ata in January 1928 because of his great authority. Stalin went to the deception. They announced the postponement of the time of the train departure).

A large territory requires tough power all the time. Otherwise, the empire will fall apart. But this rigidity constantly grows when the idea is insufficient, and all the older sons inevitably grow old and become executive bureaucrats. The socialism of the younger sons is always inferior to the traditional discipline of the empire. Socialism is actually a convention of each historical case. There are different names for the emerging new dictatorship. It will be there again, or the empire will break into small islands.

Chapter 6

Natural and unnatural aging

Why do political activists and the people choose different versions of the tradition? Some activists select the collective path-socialist ideology; others demand democracy, and then nationalism and fascism replace anarchy. That is why one brother selects socialism; as we found out, the younger brother breaks the queue, while the other, older one always supports evolution and observes the order.

No people can support democracy if there is no reason to do so. People who have lived in harsh conditions have always preached the principle of collectivism. One of these folks is the Russians. The same people live all over Eurasia. They didn’t create empires, but they tried. Before the Russian Empire, which became the USSR after the revolution, there was a Mongolian Golden Horde. It cannot be said that the Mongolian Genghis Khan was a socialist or a collectivist. He united the scattered nomadic tribes into one union. His soldiers and bureaucracy maintained a brutal order and discipline. In the Mongolian steppe, it was difficult for one person to survive. And all the Turks could not do without the help of their relatives. There was no socialism in the Horde, but the tasks of the state, the fate of the military empire, depended on general discipline. Here, the state and the empire are represented as one collective.

Ordinary people never know where prosperity comes from. With the general wildness, this is not allowed. Any head of a patriarchal family or a simple family finds it impossible to relax. Therefore, any empire is supported against disintegration by a cruel tyranny. The central government is the same patriarchal family but a large one. If there is no respect for the power of all members, the family empire disintegrates. The Horde, the empire, is a large patriarchal corporation. What problems each family had, and the tasks of each family in such unfavorable climatic conditions are always the same, the same tasks of the tyrant. If any tyrant decided to distribute a part of his wealth not to his children but to all the Horde people, all of them a little, someone would probably think of calling him a socialist. He would dismiss the thought immediately. And would have done the right thing. The Zerefs would have eaten this gift. Thanks. They wouldn’t have understood. And the Khan’s entourage would think that the ruler was mad.

But this is all a preface.

We must understand that socialism or the collective system is caused exclusively by collective values from common tasks. Many may not know where these national riches come from in living conditions. They don’t need to because knowing and reasoning are the traditional elite’s prerogatives. By the way, the presence of hierarchy and traditional discipline, caused, as described above, by the severity of the climate and the general patriarchal savagery, also says there is a condition here; there is ground only for socialism. And this wild socialism will necessarily be wild, cruel, and barbaric concerning the means to achieve the goal, as, indeed, all previous attempts to build an allied horde. This will be the same socialism that was established on the planet in the 20th century, and only this practice continues, and there can be no other. Karl Mark was wrong. But all socialists liked his words very much. And all the younger sons in strict patriarchal families liked it. After all, socialism took place precisely in the former empires, where there was strict discipline, a community, and a central tyranny, such power as the continuation of each petty tyranny in a separate family. In addition, all these younger ones broke the order. They were not supposed to inherit positions from the old government. The children of the feudal elite were to inherit the positions of the old government. But that is why technological progress is taking place, to disrupt the production of goods and the order of inheritance. It is flotagia, and flotagia we call the process of the influence of the new world and modernization on the Zerefs (the traditional world after processing by a new practice). As soon as the traditional people learned about the new system, the new socialism, they literally lost shame, forgot their turn in the queue for material goods, and therefore dropped caste. Only in a world of strict morals and defined order could this happen, only in the world of historical-cultural dictatorship. Karl Marx was not liked in a distributional and law-abiding Europe but in a wild and moral Asia, where informal laws, including the laws of a hierarchy, are always in force. “The proletariat has nothing to lose but chains, and it will gain the whole world” — and everyone will forget the old queue for the “inheritance”. After all, it is the inheritance that interests everyone. It is not a literal inheritance; some fathers simply have nothing to give to their sons of any age, but a symbolic inheritance as part of the general national product. You can get nothing at all to get your share in the old scheme. Everyone knew that. People of all ages understood this. The lower castes, the humiliated strata, the proletarians, and the peasants appeared as the younger sons. This, first. Secondly, to turn into a new feudal group, into modern oligarchs, in other words, these “younger” ones will need, as the practice has shown, three generations of feudal socialism. Does it turn out that? It turns out that the rebirth of all the younger sons can occur in an ordinary family. If nothing happens, the order is observed. Natural aging makes everyone law-abiding philistines.

This does not exclude all the older heirs sitting at home and growing old quietly during crises. They can go out on the street, appear as nationalist patriots, and march through the squares with torches. This happened in Germany in 1933. ( Nationalist detachments have been marching in modern Ukraine since 2014. All of them are former residents of Ukrainian villages. Former provincials. All these events point to the similarity of processes for all peoples. In Ukraine, fascism matured with a century’s delay). National socialism is the natural “evolutionary” aging of the nation. The march is a natural aging of the nation. But here, all the socialists are the eldest sons de facto and de jure. They are all state patriots and have nothing to be ashamed of this hatred -so that’s what they think. They were to receive the inheritance by law, but they didn’t get it. So, they became nationalists. They took everything themselves. Then, they did not have to grow old and simultaneously be ashamed of their arrogance. In Soviet Russia, where the eldest sons also came to power in fact (the entire Stalin faction is the eldest sons), they aged artificially when they took power from the Trotskyist intellectuals (Trotskyists are all the younger sons in their intellectual families). They remained carriers of the inferiority complex until the end of the unnatural cycle under the natural conditions of feudal socialism because they didn’t have the proper wealth. Until 1991, the peasant children wore this complex for three generations to overthrow unnatural socialism and become legitimate senior rulers.

Chapter 7

let’s look at Stalin’s associates

Lazar Kaganovich, 1891.

He was born into a family of well-to-do peasants. That is, this is a rural boy from near Kyiv. What does rural mean? This means he is close to the tradition or observed the rites while living with his father. Most likely, the age difference with the father is insignificant. It doesn’t matter to Jews. Jews in Romanov Russia condemned the Tsar’s economic, class, and ethnic – for double oppression. What could prevent them from joining the revolution?

The Stalinist faction, the future updated CPSU (b), consisted of rural boys who grew up on the periphery. If they were all older sons, that is, they obeyed their father without further ado the eldest sons are the most disciplined and responsible but why did they rebel against the system? Against the Russian community. After all, all the older sons would have received an inheritance. But what inheritance will the son receive from a poor father? If you went to the revolution, it means there was nothing to inherit from your father — one of the obvious signs of overpopulation. There are many children, but there is no inheritance (land).

But what is the eldest son for Revcon? This young man is also a future father; that is, he imitates the father, showing all his views. After his father, he is the second head and deputy of his father. The eldest son should not have an opinion; he should fanatically perform rituals and observe tradition. To have the rights in the traditional community, he is obliged to marry and start a family. To start a family, he must have the means and the money. To have money and support a family, he must earn it. If the father is poor, there is no difference between the eldest son and the youngest. There is nothing to inherit from his father. All the property is still passed down to the eldest son. But what can the poor inherit? There was no difference among the Russian peasants between the elder and the younger. Even parents could choose their children’s favorite. The most loved one could also stay in the parent’s house. And those who have nothing to take and inherit went to the city. All the young men without money or inheritance will find a new father in the city.

Such a father of traditional guys could be Stalin. He became a great teacher and leader; all the former village boys were gathered in his office or sat next to his portrait. But not immediately, of course, but after a while: after the revolution and the civil war. Then, all of Stalin’s associates, all those who sat near his portrait, began to lead the USSR. All the nomenclature during the reign of Stalin and after all the time sat near his portraits. Another portrait of the father and of the leader hung from each party boss behind his back. Like all the older sons in the village, the nomenclature had no face. But it was very efficient and disciplined.

Dzhugashvili Vissarion, Stalin’s father, exact born date unknown, circa 1850. Stalin himself was born in 1879. The Difference with father is 29 years. It doesn’t reach 30. But Stalin chose a revolutionary path (a new mountain robber), although his mother Ekaterina wanted Soso to become an Orthodox priest. Joseph left the provincial city of Gori and went to Tiflis. If the age difference with the father is significant, any son becomes a rebel, which goes against the father and the system, which means that he goes against the law. Therefore, Stalin turned out to be a good robber before, a robber of mail coaches with money.

Molotov Vecheslav 1890

He was born in the settlement of Kukarka in the Kukarskaya volost of the Yaransky uyezd of the Vyatka province, the third child in the Scriabin family. Father-Mikhail Prokhorovich Scriabin, from the burghers of Nolinsk, was a clerk in Kukarka. He wrote in a biography, “My grandfather was Prokhor Naumovich, a Nola Philistine. Mother-Anna Yakovlevna Nebogatikova is from a merchant family in the city of Nolinsk. Ten children were born (Mikhail, Viktor, Nikolai, Zinaida, Vladimir, Vyacheslav, Sergey)”.

Stalin’s deputy had no oratorical talent, strong will, or revolutionary energy. Remember storyteller Yershov’s? “The first (son) was smart, a big guy, the middle one this way and that.” Here it is, “this way and that” was Molotov. Of course, by status, after approaching Stalin, he was part of the cohort of favorites and elders, so he also served as the eldest son. And all of Stalin’s associates, too. Obedient and dutiful “eldest sons”.

Molotov’s memories of his father: “he came to see me when I was already working in the Central Committee. He went to churches… he was religious. “And when I was a child, my father beat me like a gray gelding”

The younger ones are never beaten. You should know this. They are pampered. But the older ones are being prepared to replace the elderly. The attitude to them is the strictest. They are prepared for adulthood to observe the rites. Molotov escaped from the provincial hole to the capital of the Empire as the most ordinary “eldest son”. According to indirect signs, Vyacheslav Molotov is the eldest son, although he was the third. But he didn’t follow in his father’s footsteps. He found for himself a leader. He found Stalin.

Nikita Khrushchev was born in 1894 in the village of Kalinovka near Kursk. Father was a miner; if Mother Khrushchev was in 1872, the year of birth, then Father was the same. It turns out that Khrushchev’s father was 24 years old when Nikita was born. The “Eldest son”.

It was no accident that these village boys had risen so high. Their rise and career were written in the tradition of the people. They were raised for the dictatorship. It was not Stalin who raised them so high. This is culture. And Stalin found them. Or they found it. And they forgot their father. As it is, if they stayed in the village, they would be very authoritative farmers. Disciplined guys have grown up to the level of party Communist authorities. They became the fathers of the people. And they were always ready to change their queue number to the most important place, keeping order.

Chapter 8

Why there were fascist putsches

All fascists are defined by xenophobia. All those who hate representatives of other ethnic groups are fascists. All those who are internationalists are also enemies of the fascists. All communists have, therefore, sworn enemies of the fascists. This is a somewhat simplified view, Soviet or communist stereotype. All fascists are conservatives. If certain types of conservatives advocate the preservation of the old order, then the fascists believe in the state and their leader. This leader restores order after democracy.

Consequently, the democrats and liberals are also enemies of the fascists. However, liberals and democrats are the same conditionally rootless people. This is the same faction of marginals. But they have a head start of several generations. Their ancestors had successful careers or made a profit from the family business. You can call the liberals the bourgeoisie out of old habits or call them the middle class, which is firmly on its feet. Every liberal has a big store or other business. If he is an intellectual, a liberal has some privileges or merits. He is willing to tolerate other people’s opinions. In fact, he will not tolerate anything, and he is just a hypocrite. The potential fascists include all small merchants. In any case, the ruined shopkeepers and the intellectuals reduced to poverty support any irritation. The real fascists put the state’s coat of arms on the banner. They believe that there are only thieves in the state apparatus and that mobs of communists threaten the state. The Communists are ready to take away all the property and transfer the profits to various loud and mismatched loafers. In the political dictionaries of Marxists, Fascism is presented as an expression of bourgeois reaction. (By the theory of Revcon, the fascist is an older brother from a patriarchal family because the continuity between generations is visible).

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