Ego vs Soul

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Trace your rain

On my shoulders,

Don’t call me in your past…!

You are not in my present…!

I am fall into the stars….

See heart bit on leaves,

Drops sing your song…!

Memory flow away

Through wed of tied

I grow!

I am free!

I have enough

To be your dream into

This part…!


I come on the road alone,

Wind is sing in curving hair…,

My way lay on the ground in

Star’s dust….

May I tune Your violin

Into the heart with easy dreams…!

I can’t leave this Earth

Without kissing cinder

After glory night, path was cross

I want to lie on this stones,

Have warmed throbbing life in me….!

Calm down myself and

Listen Your poetry….

 Always as One,

But You — – shards…!

What’s helps to see You in Completeness…?

Breathe through my chest:

You see me Whole even in


That’s why feeling graveness….

Heavy in my arms…

Where is the Way…!?

Wind is sing about Golden Galliot

I adore to see pattern, written poems by You

On me….


I am blessing rain…

On this Holy Earth….

Don’t shy the sacred words,

Flowing through your chest….

Hidden under proud,

Listen true is come…!

I am Rain….

Seeding Stars on the amazing                                                      UNIVERSE!

Come to me mine force,

Broken frozen times..!

All complete in You…!

Hear spring is glow…!

I even believe in

I even believe in

I even believe in




Adore you run away,

Why are run?

I just want to say: Hello! Or hi!

Play in silly games,

Lose today and now.

Wipe off your face,

Go out from your mind.

Hide true under stone

Near the road,

Lay under falling stars.

No even single word

Will tell in eternity.

I want to little pray

With You, about You,

 In Your Holy words

Voice through the space

Give all us chance

To be in love

And be….


Awaken and start to fly!

With love!

With Joy!

In Space!

Forever Holy Spirit try

To guide You in new ways…!

Just off your fears, all tortures, fates,

Believe in light inside…!

You can live merry, happy dreams!

Awaken and fly!


Don’t cry my friend,

When bury me in the leaves fall…!

Don’t cry my friend,

When the way gone….

Don’t cry my friend,

If you go alone…..

Come, come, come,

Shy girl, Let’s go!

Run, run through the mist of failures…!

Run, run under river you grew…!

High way lay on

Slip, flow, stream

Always…, always….!

All ways you to Go!


In the Universe just you

Dyeing in your chest,

Dyeing in your mind,

Bless in to the golden hair,

Coming under Christmas.

Believe in your star

Way goes home.

True still awe,

I ripper mood

Silver table knife.

Who will come to me

If I am not grow yet,

Illusion tie,

Bow on top,

You stay younger.

I am drops in mystical comics.

Prepare to die….

Real …not ….

Deep sleep inside….

My emotion was rude,

Turn off my soul and guide

I am not in dark,

I am not even afraid…

Why I am must to die,

If you are command

You was nothing for me,

Just sound of tube….

Evil song sing but

I don’t listen….

Flame melt… spring


I forged my chain to build

New temple ….


Songs for Scuba

Every time i want to smile.

Every time send love.

Through my heart to EveryOne

Light and Bless and Love!

Every time I am smile.

Every day is good.

Take care about,

Happy Scuba friend.

Dance on wave now,

Dance like crazy storm,

Dance for peace in EveryOne,

Dance for earth loved home.

Gathering all friends

Under heaven roof

We will sing happy song

Love and Light


I am lost alone in this storm,

Where are You mine Friends?

Where are You my Light?

Come to save me now!

Lost alone in the dark woods,

Dance on the glade at night.

Sing songs with wild wolfs,

Licked up wounds,

Leave me from love.

Go on bare shore,

Lost in golden sand,

All prays and supplications

Sink in deep silence.

Lay move less on the cold ground,

Stretch hand inside,

Wish nothing and want no one,

Dead or may be try

Survive this day….


Just taste this life, Baby!

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