Effortless Abundance

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Effortless Abundance

The Missing Pieces to Living

An Abundant Life, Effortlessly

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Effortless Abundance

Effortless Abundance:

The Missing Pieces to Living An Abundant Life, Effortlessly

How Is This Product Different From Other “Abundance” Products?

In this report, I have attempted to share the “missing pieces” that keep most of us from living a life of true abundance — no matter how hard we try to chase success, how many products we buy, or how much information we consume.

Like many people, and maybe even you, I spent a lot of years searching for answers. Hoping that one of those answers and solutions would finally show me how to achieve lasting success, happiness, and true abundance.

And, as you can probably imagine, I spent a lot of time, money, and effort on studying and applying the various techniques, strategies, ideas, concepts, plans, and formulas that I came across.

Many of them produced some results. But, none of them were able to get me what I was really after. And, none of the results lasted for very long. So, I had to keep starting over.

The interesting thing is, during the past 10 years of my search, I felt I was already very happy, and even quite successful. More so than most people.

But something was still missing. I still wasn’t experiencing abundance. Somehow, for some reason, it just didn’t feel right or complete. So, I kept on searching.

Whatever solutions or formulas that I came across always seemed incomplete. It seemed like they were all offering bits and pieces of the puzzle. Good, useful pieces, mind you.

But, there were always a few missing pieces. (Oftentimes, more than a few.) The ideas and formulas always seemed to have some gaps, holes or inconsistencies in them. And, I almost always had at least a few unanswered questions. The picture I was being shown was never complete.

So, I kept going. I kept searching, learning, and taking action.

Finally, just a few years ago, it all came together. At last, I figured it out! All the missing pieces were revealed, the gaps and holes were filled. The big revelation happened and, for the very first time in my life, I was able to see the complete picture!

Where the answers came from is not important right now. (I may get into that later.) The important thing is that I had it, at last!

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Effortless Abundance

And, even before I started using all the pieces, somehow I knew that it was going to work this time. I knew that I had finally found the answer. (And yes, it did work. It has been working ever since.)

How is this report different from other products out there?

Simple. In this report, I am going to reveal the missing pieces of achieving “effortless abundance”… the process that took me almost 20 years to figure out.

And, I’m sharing it with you so that you too can learn it, put it to use, and start living a life of effortless abundance, starting now.

Who This Report Is For…

The information that I share in this report can work for anyone… whether you’re religious, spiritual, atheist, agnostic, scientific, or something else.

Whatever your current beliefs may be right now, you can start to integrate the ideas revealed in this report into your life, starting today.

Some of the pieces can be applied immediately and produce positive results almost immediately.

Others may take a little more time — and practice — to get going. (Wait! But, didn’t I promise

“effortless” abundance? Yes, I did. And I will explain the “work” or “effort” that may be required in putting this stuff into practice.)

Here a Piece, There a Piece…

There is a lot of information/products out there on the subject of success, wealth, happiness and abundance.

Most of it is useless, as you may have already found out. But there is also some very good, useful and valuable bits and pieces floating around. (Some pieces are much bigger than others. And, a few products even have almost all of the pieces, i.e. almost all of the picture is showing.) If you’ve spent at least 5 years searching for answers to happiness, success, and/or abundance, then some of the ideas I mention below may be familiar to you. If that happens to be the case, consider yourself more informed than the average person and keep reading. :-)

The important thing for you to understand is, without all of the pieces, we cannot see the entire picture for what it really is. And, even a few tiny missing pieces can dramatically change our perception — and interpretation — of the final picture, as well as the kind of results you can expect.

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Effortless Abundance

Here are some of the pieces of advice that I have learned and applied, over the years:

— Do what you love, and the money and success will follow

— Find and focus on your passions, or “follow your bliss”

— Take massive action! Fail faster. Don’t ever stop paddling

— Never give up, keep fighting. Persist, persist, persist!

— Hard work is the key to success. Sheer will power and sweat.

— Use the Law of Attraction. Your thoughts can create things.

— Feel gratitude; be grateful for what you have and it will multiply.

— Realize that the world — and your life — are already filled with abundance.

— Visualize the future as you want it, and it will become real.

— Hypnotize the negative beliefs and habits out of your head

— Use NLP to re-wire your brain. Associate pleasure to money and success.

— Use mind power, psychic influence and energy to create and/or attract your ideal future.

— Use fluffy feelings, affirmations, emotional highs, hope, etc. to make it happen.

— ...and other stuff that I can’t remember at the moment.

By the way, the above list only contains the pieces of advice that do work, on some level. (I won’t waste your time with all of the other junk that I spent my time, money and effort on.) And, I’m not knocking or ridiculing any of the stuff listed above. They all have their place in helping one achieve some level of success, wealth, and even happiness.

But, as I’ve mentioned earlier, all of them (at least in my experience) give us an incomplete picture. Many of them come very close to revealing the entire picture, but still have a few, very important pieces missing.

What I have done is taken the best of the working pieces from the methods and ideas above, and figured out the gaps, holes and missing pieces that can actually get you to experience true abundance.

And so, if you do see some pieces of advice below, that you may have heard before, just bear with me, and read through the entire report anyway… so that you can figure out what the missing pieces are, to making this stuff work.

You will find, as I did, that the whole picture will be much, much greater than the sum of the parts — including the parts that are missing from most of the above methods and ideas.

You will also find that many of the proverbs, sayings and phrases you’ve heard hundreds of times before will finally begin to make sense to you, fully. You will see them in a new light, and understand them on a new, deeper level.

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Effortless Abundance

What is “Effortless Abundance”…

Before we attempt to achieve something, it’s wise to become clear on exactly what that

‘something’ is.

So, let’s quickly go over just what “effortless abundance” means. That way, we can both be on the same page, from the start...and we’ll have a clear idea of where we’re trying to go with all this.


The dictionary defines abundance as… an ample quantity, profusion, affluence, wealth, relative degree of plentifulness, etc.

My definition of having abundance is to, first and foremost, be happy and content with all areas of your life, including your finances. Next is to have peace… to not live in fear, worry, doubt, nor regret, sadness (at least for most of your day — and life.) And, of course, to never feel lack...to always have enough money, time, and energy for all of your needs to be met.

Abundance is not just about having a lot of money; although, money can be one part of it. (In fact, abundance is the least about money. I’ll explain more soon.)

And, it’s not about having a big house, fancy cars, or a lavish lifestyle either. Although, once again, those things can all be a part of your abundant life.

The point is, the amount of money you want in your bank account, or the number of material possessions and emotional experiences you can afford varies greatly from person to person, depending on what their current definition of wealth and/or abundance is.

However, I think you’ll agree that dollars, possessions and other measurements aside, being happy and content with all areas of your life, having peace of mind, and not living in fear, worry, or a sense of lack pretty much sums up the essence of abundance, doesn’t it?

And, that’s okay for now. We will clarify that more as we go through the rest of this report.


The dictionary defines effortless as… showing or requiring little or no effort.

That sounds about right to me. I mean, if you’re sitting on your couch doing nothing, and there’s a guy pounding on your door wanting to give you a million dollars, you would have to get up and open the door, in order to get that money, wouldn’t you?

And, maybe he would have had to call you on the phone first, to make sure that you’d be home when he came by to deliver the cash. In that case, you would have had to pick up the phone, Page 4

Effortless Abundance

answer it, and then arrange a visiting time that would work for both of you, yes?

So, all of the above would require some effort. But, it would be very little effort. And, according to the dictionary — as well as most people, the overall process would be effortless.

Are we agreed on that? Okay, good.

Obviously, the above scenario is not exactly what I’m promising that you will experience. My point is simply that some action will still be required of you. But, most of that action will be quite effortless.

In fact, in this report, I will also show you an easy way to save up a whole lot of your energy, and even start to make most of your current tasks, duties, and jobs effortless.

Unleashing the Flow

In this case, making things effortless would require that you make small changes to allow the flow of abundance to come into your life unhindered, i.e. without interfering with, or restraining the natural flow in any way.

So, if you were to think of abundance itself as a vast, endless ocean, you could then think of a river connecting directly to that ocean… and the flow of that river would represent the abundance that’s flowing into your life.

And, this metaphorical river is flowing inward, towards you. In other words, abundance is always flowing in your direction.

But, there’s a problem…

You see, the effortlessness with which the river flows abundance into your life depends on how many blockages or obstacles exist in that river.

The blockages/obstacles could be in the form of huge rocks and boulders scattered along the river, fallen trees or logs/branches, and any other debris that somehow ended up in that river (tires, bottles, whatever. I’m sure you can use your imagination.)

So, think of the current state of abundance in your life as that river. Some rivers are cleaner or dirtier than others, obviously.

The point is, if you are not feeling and experiencing effortless abundance in your life right now, it simply means that your river (which is still connected directly to the entire ocean of endless abundance, and is still flowing inward) simply has some obstacles and blockages that are slowing down (or stopping) the abundance from reaching you.

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Effortless Abundance

This is nothing personal, by the way. We all have to deal with this. And, as we go through life, a lot of garbage and debris gets thrown into our river of abundance, despite our best intentions and attempts.

The important thing is, we can change that. We can start to clean out that river, so that more and more abundance can flow into your life… with less and less effort, until it reaches the point of effortless flow.

The question that remains for you is…

Is it worth a little bit of your time and effort, to start cleaning out that river so that it becomes permanently clean — once and for all ...so that you can finally experience effortless and lasting abundance?

Is your life worth that? Is the life of those you care about worth that? (Because your life, and state of abundance, is already affecting everyone around you...and, will continue to do so.) Now, please understand that the effort required will be little, especially when compared to the results and benefits you will experience in return.

And, each block that you remove will also create momentum. So, the river itself will start to help you in cleaning itself out more and more.

Also, the more things start to flow in your direction, the more momentum it will gain. And, each additional action that you take to remove a blockage will only make the overall flow — and process — easier as well as more efficient.

You’re probably familiar with the phenomenon that those who have money are always the ones that are given more.” (Just think of how bank loans are approved, especially these days.) How are some of these rich folks able to continue getting richer?

And, they don’t have to exert much effort, and often none at all. But the money just keeps pouring in...automatically.

What they did was remove the financial blockages from their river, long ago (either purposely or by accident.)

You can do the same. Not just in the financial area but in all areas of your life.

By the way, which particular blocks you choose to remove first is up to you.

Some people like to start by getting the major ones out first. That can require slightly more effort in the beginning, but it can also create bigger shifts in the overall flow of the river. And, that Page 6

Effortless Abundance

increased flow can also assist you in removing the other blocks more easily, often without much effort from you at all...since you will be joining in with the force of the river, to get rid of some of the other blocks automatically.

Other people tend to start with the smaller blocks, so they can see some results (even though smaller) almost immediately. And the results can then inspire them to continue clearing out more and more blocks, and experience more and easier flow, while also harnessing the flow power of the river to make their future removals easier.

Whichever approach you decide to choose for the removal of blockages is up to you.

One of the things I would highly recommend is that you start with the block that are closest to the ocean, i.e. the source.

Because that block will impact the flow of the river in the biggest way. As such, it will also start to help you right away, in removing some of the other blocks just from the increased flow of the river.

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