Earth maiden

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Earth Maiden

Oh, if I were a queen,

I would make you rich.

From gold I would

sprinkle with a kiss all loving.

Oh, if I were a Gorgon,

I would incinerate you.

Eyes as greedy as a flame,

I would devour loving.

Oh, if I were a Madonna,

I would idolize you.

I prayed, languidly looking in your wake,

Enslaving myself.

Oh, if I were Minerva,

I’d confuse your tracks.

I couldn’t get out of captivity,

and all paths would lead to me.

Oh, if I were a Hazara,

I would steal you away at night.

And I would ride away without looking

to love you in the steppe.

You are Mine,

by the stars and by the taste,

аt least I won’t be able to come to you.

Not Penelope, I’m an Earth Maiden.

But I was able to wait for you,

If you were on your way.

A dream in reality

A few months ago,

where winter is only in the picture,

a girl dreamed of love,

as if everything was in a foggy haze.

It is not difficult for her to love from afar,

but sometimes, suddenly,

as if from around the corner,

Melancholy rolls up.

There is sadness in her eyes,

though there is a smile on her lips.

In her dream, she is only happy

with one who carefully looked into her soul.

Оpened his arms, not afraid that it might

not be necessary.

She praises all the heavens for that,

What is Love, Longing, Separation.

After all, this is the only way

she could understand,

she is alive, and she really,

really needs him.

The only one

God sees what he has done,

time does not sharpen the laws.

He illuminated the path with light with love,

sewed canons for us with conscience.

Eternity is not destined for the worthy in vain,

the choice is soul or body.

You were born only for love,

I believe in it boldly.

God is boundless, the motive is beautiful,

the truth always triumphs.

How beautiful! And how pure!

The image of the goddess rejoices.

Sadness at work, problems in the family,

only under the moon of dreams.

How beautiful! Thank you!

Your light has found its outlines.

If I were a god in an empty world,

embodying my image,

I created a woman like you,

always remembering your face.


I want to open the window,

and fly like a bird, far away.

Where my darling lives,

and it’s not easy for me to reach him.

I will find you by the light

that shines above you, my dear.

This is your sign, because

you are my angel.

I will sing like a lark,

and I will wake you gently, my dear.

Only you hear me,

recognize the virgin in the bird, dear.

I am your beloved,

and I want to be with you, my dear.

You let me in, let me in,

open your windows, my dear.

Without you, I will be lost,

in a world that is alien to me, dear.

Who are we

Nothing lasts forever under the moon,

one of the classics said.

I disagree, I object,

I will give you advice from the heart.

Don’t expect anything bad from life,

you look for dignity and become yourself.

To give them my heart forever

with a confident soul.

The second sage said,

be afraid of your desires.

And again I disagree with him.

I’m not afraid of my dreams,

they lead me like a thread.

And those others who are afraid and think

that life has no better benefits.

I feel very sorry for them, because

they throw out a white flag in advance.

And only with the third I agree

that time is our ally, not the enemy.

Getting to know each other without a trace

will help us only in this way,

keeping us at a distance as a referee,

not allowing us to get close.

So who are they? The minds of the earth,

who have already known pain,

and we are fools, not understanding,

stepping into the abyss ahead?

I see it like this: whoever wants happiness,

he must go to the worthy ones.

I want so much! I wish so much!

To find your own on the way!

Love is a punishment

With a beautiful fairy tale as a legend,

I will tell my story.

It is unlikely that you will recognize yourself in it,

but there is a love order hidden in it.

«From the depths of the Siberian valleys

towards the southern steppes,

a beautiful eagle flew

up to meet its fate.

He turned for a long time over the fields,

not knowing where that edge was.

His hunter spotted him,

took a bead on him.

shot rang out,

and like a stone the eagle fell on the water.

No, he was not killed or wounded,

he became a hunter ringed.

Now that he is intoxicated with hops, he sits on his

shoulder as if he is not alive. He forgot everything:

where he was flying, what he was dreaming about,

and finally who was waiting for him.

And it was supposed to fly higher,

from the eyes of people under the clouds.

Fly to the blue-winged eagle

that awaits him from afar.

God alone knows how long

he will be in captivity.

But he remained unknown

just an answer to her pleas».

That’s how it happens in people’s lives,

you go to meet your fate,

and suddenly, some fateful case,

good or bad.

And you fell behind,

and everything seemed out of place.

So be steadfast men,

stronger than life’s obstacles!

As the universe decides

My soul is full of excitement.

Although I’ve never seen you,

I’ve managed to fall in love with you.

Now our meeting is close.

I should rejoice with joy,

but it’s not like that.

There are no guarantees.

That’s what you said.

You’re right. But as a helpless chick,

I don’t know what to answer you.

I feel confused, afraid of the disappointment

that may separate us.

When one of us remains

unhappy, we can’t change anything.

Perhaps it is better not to meet at all,

and continue to live in ignorance, loving.

One hope remains unchanged,

love and faith under the arms lead to you.

And may the universe bless us,

which has decided to unite us.

So know, I’m coming to you on the ice

with trembling legs.

Loving you as I know you,

holding on to a thin thread of happiness.


We met you on the verge of summer,

how long we went to each other.

In the excitement, the love of hopes are warmed,

in the eyes of salvation we have found.

That’s the end of the evening correspondence

and the time zone is no longer important.

My dear friend, oh my God!

How close you are!

You support me, I’m not brave at all.

You smile when I become ridiculous,

you hug when words are superfluous.

I won’t stop loving you now.

After all, I have a surplus of feelings now.

We will tell you now in the ear

how life is complicated,

insidious and beautiful.

I was a friend, and you were a girlfriend,

now a completely different fairy tale.

We were separated by kilometers of time,

because there are unresolved problems.

And the memory of joyful moments

caresses the feelings of my dilemma.

We alone know how we were together,

now we dream of meeting again.

A bed of fire, you haven’t cooled down yet.

I have known passion and tenderness and love!

A sip of dreams

It happens that a full-flowing river

in the quicksand,

two will dream when the lips dry up

from the wind of changes harsh in the destinies.

They go to meet at random, like a mirage,

the smell of a river visible in the distance,

believing in hope and luck,

a sip of a dream among the sands is salvation.

And, finally, they find a paradise,

an oasis of happiness and love, and

drink greedily, not remembering about the reality

that calls them to their former places.

The desert path is far away,

and we must hurry,

with the arrival of night, the cold comes,

so I want to hide and make a fire

so that I have a clear dream.

About that oasis, as a salvation,

about the feelings of a new birth.

About how, having drunk each

other’s dream, they never parted again.

I want to hear

How fleeting time is,

When breathing in unison.

When you’re happy to be together,

you don’t notice the date.

Eye to eye, hand to hand,

and you’re the happiest, however.

To feel love stronger,

there is separation in the world.

But after the meeting,

I’m not afraid of her anymore.

And I am many times stronger now.

I’ll compare it with an expensive seasoning.

Which will give a simple dish a taste.

She’s my ally, I know. There are many facets to

a happy relationship. And yet, I want to hear from you:

«Darling, I’ll be back to you soon».

The voice of the soul

Because of routine conversations,

I can’t hear my soul.

What should we do now with you,

maybe we just need to be silent?

Silence, peace, and again I will hear

a quiet voice from my soul.

But now she will tell

you how sad she was without you.

Where is the golden mean

that keeps the boundaries of our faces?

Guards and protects us

from unnecessary words, empty insults.

Tell me, my closest friend,

how not to lose in the routine of days,

what is called joy,

the joy of communicating people.

Love loves equals

To love, you don’t need to try.

You will understand everything when

you wake up in the morning,

suddenly smile, and notice


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