Don’t Fall in Love with an Aquarius: Don’t Trust a Libra

Бесплатный фрагмент - Don’t Fall in Love with an Aquarius: Don’t Trust a Libra

Volume 1

Объем: 122 бумажных стр.

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Anastasiia Deniz Mitchell

Don’t Fall in Love with an Aquarius:

Don’t Trust a Libra

Volume 1

All the characters of this book and the correspondence included in the plot are fictional.

Any resemblance to a coincidence is accidental.

This is a story of two people whose fate leads them to a possible encounter. After a few years of penpalling, they decide it is high time for them to meet in person. However, is it so simple? Nevertheless, let me note that none of them has admitted so far that they have wanted it very much, and that each of them has been steady in the purpose under quite a different pretext.

My name’s Aziza, and I’m from Kazan, Russia. The city near Moscow. I don’t know what you consider by the word «near’, though. Eight hundred and twenty-two kilometers. Twelve hours to get to either side by car.

It’s not a memoir. It’s much more. It’s about a person whom I value more than anyone else from my friend list.

You’d think I’m mad. I don’t think I actually am.

What happened during the story turned my life upside down and made me realize all my mistakes.

His name is Emre. We met online, on Facebook¹. By the way, I wrote him first. I was looking for someone who’d help me learn Greek. I love the language. He indicated that he lived in Athens.
1. Facebook is a social network officially forbidden in Russia since January 2022.

So, I wrote him.

28 August 2017

Me: Hello! My name’s Aziza. I’m from Kazan, Russia. Could you help me with learning your native language, please? I adore Greek, so it’d be really kind of you if you didn’t refuse to aid me! Thanks in advance!

Emre: Hello, Aziza! Nice to meet you! Of course, I would love to help you! But I’m afraid I’m not a native Greek, and haven’t actually been there!

Me: Wow! Where are you from, then?

Emre: I’m from Ankara, Turkey.

Turkey? At least, I will get to know someone from Turkey!

I’ve travelled to Turkey with my family many times, but there was no one to get acquainted with.

Me: Wow! Indeed? That’s great to hear!

Emre: Right! Summer is almost over. So, what’re you going to do?

Me: Well, I’ll go to university.

Emre: Wow! Me too!

Me: Where at?

Emre: In Ankara. I’m a mechanical engineer.

Me: As for me, I’m an English student! Here, in Kazan.

Emre: Wow! Good! And I’m studying English. Just studying.

Me: Amazing! In our country, people don’t know English really well.

Emre: Haha, I see.

Me: Okay, I must go now. Let’s talk later. Bye!

I needed to help my mum. I had no dad. They got divorced when I was three years old. I was going to be a fourth-year student. In Russia, English students have to do a five-year undergraduate course to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree.

8 September 2017

Emre: Hey! Where are you?

Me: Sorry for the late reply! I’ve been rather busy these days! What are you doing?

The first days at university were really tough. A lot of homework. Demanding teachers. And all that jazz.

Emre: I’m watching an anime. How was your day? What did you do today?

Me: Well, I’ve finished doing my homework. Also, today, I went for a walk.

Emre: I’ve got an idea. Why don’t you take a photo of a street in Kazan? I’d like to see what streets in Russia look like.

Me: Ah, haha, okay. I’ll take a selfie tomorrow.

Emre: You don’t need to take a selfie. Just a photo of any street.

Me: Ah, okay. No worries.

Emre: But if you want to send a selfie, it’ll be good for me. Haha. I will see you.

Me: Haha. Right.

Emre: Have you ever heard of «Owari No’?

Me: No. What’s this?

Emre: It’s an anime.

Me: Ah, I see. Not yet.

Emre: I can guess you don’t have enough time, but I think you should watch it. But, actually, I know a few animes much better than this.

Me: I hope so.

Emre: Thank you.

Me: Welcome.

Emre: Good night.

9 September 2017

Emre: Oh, the correct phrase is «good afternoon’!

Me: Good afternoon is a time period between 12 am and 10 pm. Lol.


Me: How’s your life?

Emre: What does it mean?

Me: It means «how are you’.

Emre: Oh. I’m fine. But a little but bored. But again, I’m fine. And you?

Me: Why bored?

Emre: Because I’m just sitting. Haha. And you? I don’t have any classes today…

Me: As for me, I had a class today.

Emre: Really? Oh my gosh…

Me: Yup. French grammar.

Emre: Wait, today’s the weekend!

Me: Yup. But not Sunday. Lol.

Emre: Wow! Bonjour, matmazel!

Me: Mademoiselle.

Emre: Oke. My French is over. Haha.

Me: Have you studied it before?

Emre: No, I just watched some movie… I ate a pepper. And it’s too hot. Omg.

Me: Poor you. It’s +18 Celsius here. What’s the temperature over there?

Emre: Oh, you’ve misunderstood.

Me: Seems like this. Haha.

Emre: Sorry. I had eaten a pepper, and I realized it was a cayenne pepper… So…

Me: Never mind… Omg.

Emre: It’s oke now.

Me: Hope you feel better now.

Emre: Yup. I’ve drunk some water.

Me: Go on. Haha.

Emre: What about you? How do you feel today? Are you great or just well?

Me: I feel good because it’s wonderful here. Now. Haha.

Emre: I’m glad for you. Which city do you live in?

Me: It’s Kazan.

Emre: Oh, I understand. Thank you. I forgot to say this.

Me: Welcome. Haha.

Emre: Tbh, you look so funny. Because you always say «haha’. Do you really laugh when saying this?

Me: Yes. Why not? Haha.

Emre: Are you kidding me? Haha.

Me: Not really!

Emre: Oke, oke. If your birthday is tomorrow, what do you want as a present?

Me: No. It’s on October 1. Haha.

Emre: I said «if’. Did I use it the wrong way?

Me: No. All right. Haha.

Emre: Oke, what’s your answer? Haha.

Me: Haha. Well, Idk. Maybe, a party with my friends. Maybe, just a gift. No matter which one.

Emre: Maybe, both of them. Oke. Do you have to go to bed in 5—8 minutes?

Me: Yes. So, you’re right. Haha. See you tomorrow.

Emre: Oke. Oyasumi.

Me: What’s this?

Emre: A Japanese word. Or do you prefer «slatkikh snov’?

Me: Haha. Both of them are appropriate.

10 September 2017

Emre: Hey you! Do you want to see a Kurdish wedding?

Me: Haha, why not?

Emre: I’m trying to send it, but I can’t.

Me: Okay. No worries! How’re you today?

Emre: Trying to decide what subject to choose. And you?

Me: Homework again.

Emre: Are you kidding?

Me: Not at all! Mass media English is a difficult one.

Emre: Oke. Do your best. I trust you.

Me: Haha. Thanks. And what subject have you chosen so far?

Emre: Oh, it’s too complicated. But I want to improve my manufacturing skills.

Me: I see. And what stops you from choosing this one?

Emre: I have to choose a 10-hour class. Now, I’ve choice a 5-hour lesson.

Me: Choose.

Emre: Ooops.

Me: So, you’ve got to choose another 5 hours.

Emre: I’ve got to use «yup’. Haha.

Me: Haha. Which subjects do you prefer most?

Emre: Well, maybe, manufacturing, or, well, some technical lessons. Like robotics.

Me: Oh, nice!

Emre: And project management.

Me: As for me, I like English in mass media and English grammar. And also French.

Emre: I don’t understand your last sentence. What do you want to say?

Me: I mean, I like French most. And all the aforementioned ones.

Emre: Oke. And why do you like French?

Me: It’s a beautiful language, you see…

Emre: No, because I don’t know France very well… Just some words. Because of that, I can’t comment on this subject.

Me: Knowing English is good as well.

Emre: Haha.

Me: I’m just sharing my opinion. Haha.

Emre: Oke. I think Japanese is the most beautiful language in the world. Haha. Oke. You see, I don’t know English. Haha.

Me: You know. Definitely.

Emre: I have to have an advice level. Haha. But I’m not good. I have made many mistakes.

Me: Advanced.

Emre: You see…

Me: That’s ok if English isn’t your majoring. Yup.

Emre: One native language — one personality. I don’t like phrasal verbs. You have to memorize all of them.

Me: Neither do I, actually.

11 September 2017

Today, I sent Emre a few pictures of Kazan streets. I picked up the best ones.

Emre: Omg. I think you should take a selfie.

Me: I will! For sure! I forget all the time. Haha.

Emre: Anyway, I have to ask this. I can’t send you a «good morning’ message. I want to say you «dobroe utro’. I imagined this — you will think like «Who have sent me this message?», and then, I will see my message. So, if you don’t tell me your real contact information, I promise I’ll just send you a «good morning’ message, or a «good night’ one. Did I lose my chance?

Me: Not at all! You can always use your chance! And, by the way, this is my real page!

By the way, why did Emre always suspect me of something like scamming? I’m just a usual girl! I wanted to sort through everything and help him if needed.

Emre: Oh, I know. I talked about applications like Whatsapp…

Me: Ah haha. Unfortunately, I don’t have any of them.

I didn’t indeed. Because I didn’t have time. And storage on my phone either.

Emre: Oh. May you try to install?

Me: I’ll try. Haha. Ok. How was your day?

Emre: It was good. So, did you install Whatsapp?

Me: Oh, not yet. I’m busy, sorry.

Emre: Oke. Sorry. Are you doing your homework?

Me: Evet. Haha. And you?

Emre: I’m watching anime. Hey, you didn’t tell me you know Turkish!

Me: Haha. Only some words.

Emre: Give me an example.

Me: Merhaba. Durumu. Evet.

Emre: When do you use «durumu’?

Me: It means «weather’, right?

Emre: Haha. Right.

Me: I must go now, see you tomorrow.

Emre: Bye-bye!

Frankly speaking, I started being curious why Emre didn’t trust anybody online until he saw a selfie of a person. Was there some kind of problem..?

13 September 2017

Me: How was your day?

Emre: Not quite good.

Me: What has happened?

Emre: My university has changed the program.

Me: Oh, my…

Emre: And how was your day?

Me: The things aren’t so bad, actually. These are just programs. Nothing else.

Emre: But I’ve made lots of plans! For my free time. So, I don’t know…

Me: Well, it happens. You live, you breathe. You haven’t died yet. So, everything’s fine!

Emre: Haha. Thanks for your support!

Me: You’re welcome. Haha.

Emre: What’re you doing now?

Me: Just reading up some grammar material. Haha. And you?

Emre: You should take a photo for me. Well, I’m sitting. And reading a manga.

Me: Do you like it so far?

Emre: What? Manga?

Me: Evet. Haha.

Emre: If you want to learn Turkish, I can try to teach you. I’ll do my best.

Me: Thank you. Haha.

Emre: It’d be fine. My aim is just to make a some practice.

Me: Some. Without «a’.

Emre: Thank you. You’re a good teacher.

Me: You’re very welcome. Haha.

Emre: But I don’t understand where I made a mistake.

Me: Don’t out an «a’ before «some’. It’s a mistake.

Emre: Oh. Yup. Have you got any hobbies?

Me: Well, I like reading, walking, riding a bicycle, and travelling, of course! What about yours?

Emre: Wow! I don’t have any hobbies, but I like some kind of action! Haha. Dancing. Playing the piano. Reading manga and watching anime.

Me: Wow! Do you play the piano?

Emre: I’m not good. But — yup.

Me: Did you attend the music school?

Emre: No.

Me: I did!

Emre: Really? I was a dancer from our Ministry of Culture. We had some music lessons. So, I learnt it there.

Me: Wow! A teacher taught you?

Emre: Yup.

Me: Glad to hear this!

30 September 2017

Emre: Hello!

Me: Oh, hi! I haven’t heard anything from you for ages! How’s your life?

Emre: In fact, I didn’t understand what you said. My life’s good, but I don’t know what’ll happen in the future. I’m watching a movie. And how’re you? How’s your life?

Me: Oh, I see. I’m fine, thank you too!

1 October 2017

Emre: Hey! It’s your birthday today!

Me: Oh, thank you very much! How are you today?

Emre: Not bad. And you?

Me: I feel good, of course! It’s my birthday! What are you doing?

Emre: Just lying. And, maybe, I’ll sleep. Earlier today.

Me: You’ll have an early night, then!

Emre: Let me guess — you’re doing your homework.

Me: Absolutely! You nailed it! And what are you doing?

Emre: I’ve just told you. Lol.

Me: Ah, I see. Haha.

10 October 2017

Me: Hey! How’s your life?

Emre: Boring. And have you got any news? Have you finally finished doing your homework?

Me: Yes, of course! Haha. Why boring?

Emre: Because nowadays, I have nothing to do. I live alone, so that I have a lot of time to think. And my semester begins, I didn’t have to study until now.

Me: Oh, my.

Emre: Yup.

12 October 2017

Emre: Hey, don’t you think we can start practicing speaking?

Me: Why not? I’m available!

Emre: However, I have to find courage. Haha.

Me: Haha. For what?

Emre: For speaking.

Me: Haha. You have nothing to be afraid of. It’s just a little bit of practice!

Emre: Yup, but you should find a topic to discuss. Because my mind’ll be gone. Probably, I’ll speak without thinking. Haha.

Me: If you don’t think of anything, just speak. It’ll be fine. So, what were you doing today?

Emre: Oke, maybe, just voice would be good. Won’t it? Haha.

Me: Why not? Good voice is the key word for singing.

Emre: I didn’t understand. I talked about voice messages.

Me: Ah, I see.

Emre: I’m shy, in fact.

Me: Haha. Let’s chat in typing, then.

Emre: I’m shy, in fact.

Me: But why are you shy of your voice?

Emre: No, no. Just a minute, and I’ll call you.

Me: I’m afraid I’m going to bed now. So, let’s just exchange messages. Okay?

Emre: Oke.

Me: Now, time for me to go to bed. See u 2morrow. Bye!

Emre: Oke. Bye. Take care.

21 October 2017

Emre: Hey, how are you?

Me: Hi! I’m fine, thanks! And what about you?

Emre: I’m fine, but I have to translate something into English. I’m not good at it, though.

Me: You will! I see. You will be good even at translation! As for me, I’m relaxing at the moment.

Emre: Thanks! How was your day?

Me: Oh, quite well. I’ve seen the first snow today. And yours?

Emre: Oh, the first snow sounds cold.

Me: Exactly!

Emre: Today, I’ve visited my great-grandma.

Me: Wow! And how did she accept you? What’s your impression?

Emre: It was quite okay.

Me: Did she give you anything yummy?

Emre: No.

Me: Oh why?

Emre: She doesn’t like giving anything.

Me: That’s pity! My grandma was very-very generous!

Emre: You’re lucky! But I’m talking about my great-grandmother.

Me: That’s right!

24 October 2017

Emre: Hey! How was your day?

Me: Fine, thanks for asking! What about yours?

Emre: Great! Today, I had a language exam.

Me: Wow! In what language?

Emre: In English. Last year, I joined it too, but I didn’t pass. This year, I’ll get 85 out of 100. Because I have to.

Me: You will! I believe in you!

Emre: Oh, thank you. Anyway, if I pass the exam, can you teach me some basic Russian? I studied it, but soon, I forgot nearly all the words…

Me: Haha. I will!

Emre: Oh, thank you! You’re the best! You are my best friend I’ve met here, on Facebook.

Me: Oh, 10q very much! 10q = thank you. So are you — one of my best friends!

Emre: I didn’t understand your last sentence. What do you mean?

Me: I mean, you’re one of the best friends too.

Emre: Oh, 10q. you’ve taught me this. Haha.

27 November 2017

Emre: Hey, I haven’t been available for a long time! How are you? Any news?

Me: Hey! I’m fine, thank you! And what about you?

Emre: I’m fine too. And you’re writing to me earlier than I expected!

Me: Haha, yes! What’re you doing?

Emre: I’m going home. And I’ll watch an anime.

Me: Haha, as for me, I’m doing my homework.

Emre: Oh, my gosh. Do u spend your whole life doing homework?

Me: Not at all!

13 December 2017

Emre: How’s it going in Russia?

Me: Plus 5!

Emre: Wow, it’s good! Here, it’s minus 3 today… What’ll you do on Christmas?

Me: Just stay with my family.

Emre: Wow, could you take a picture?

Me: Tomorrow — yes, because now it’s dark outside.

Emre: Anyway, my family has a house by the university I study at. So, I prefer to stay there alone.

Me: Wow! It’s amazing! Because they must love you a lot.

Emre: No, no! It’s because they can’t pay a dorm or a hotel room! Or they just don’t want to. Haha. By the way, can you teach me some Russian words and phrases you usually use in your daily life?

Me: Why not? «Da’ means «yes’. «Net’ means «no’. And, finally, «Kak dela?» is «How’re you?»

Emre: Horosho! Very good! Come on, it’s too basic!

Me: «U menya tozhe’ means «Me too’.

Emre: Dobroe utro. Good morning! How can I say «you are welcome’?

Me: «Pozhaluista’.

Emre: I was in Moscow and Moldova when I was a high-school student. Anyway, what do you think about my writing skills?

Me: They’re good.

Emre: Which ones should I improve? Have you got any advice for me?

Me: Well, just practice, read more books in English, and watch more films. In English too.

Emre: I will try.

Me: And you’ll manage it. I believe in you!

Emre: Thank you! Tbh, it’s not easy to find someone to practice because I’m a boy.

Me: Why? Is this a reason?

Emre: Generally, boys don’t wanna talk to me. Girls don’t wanna talk to me because some of them think I want to flirt with them.

Me: I can see that you don’t want to flirt. I’ve come across many kinds of people, and I can say if a person is flirting or not. So, you just want to practice.

Emre: Yup.

Me: But why don’t boys want to talk to you?

Emre: Idk. Some people are prejudiced against me. Because boys wanna flirt with girls! I think it’s a paradox. Lol.

Me: It isn’t, but it’s strange that boys don’t want to talk to you. Because it’s just practice.

Emre: It’s quite another perspective. People like the ones interested in him or her. I dunno, I think their ideas are strange. Anyway, what will you do when you graduate?

Me: Will be searching for my place in life. Wbu?

Emre: Come on! It’s a general answer! Don’t you have any specific idea? For example, I’ll go to Japan to do my Master’s Degree.

Me: I want to become a translator. Haha. Wow! You’ll do it.

Emre: I didn’t expect this answer. (Sarcasm).

Me: Haha. Are you going to learn Japanese?

Emre: Yup. If you have a question, I’ll do my best.

Me: Haha. And when are you going to start?

Emre: I have to get a scholarship, but Turkey doesn’t have enough of them. First of all, I’ll apply for Erasmus.

Me: That’s not a problem. You can easily apply for a scholarship right there, in Japan.

Emre: Yup. I think so.

Me: How many years left do you have?

Emre: A year. But Erasmus will be longer than expected.

Me: As for me, I’ve got to study another 1.5 years. Don’t give up. Follow your dream.

Emre: I’ll do my best. To be honest, I’m a little bit embarrassed about all this because you do many things, but I don’t do anything. If I can do something for you, tell me, please. I’ll do my best for my friend and teacher.

Me: Okay. Could you tell me about life in Turkey? Its customs? Habits?

Emre: What? What do you want to know about? Habits?

Me: Yes. Haha.

Emre: Bad ones or good ones?

Me: Everything. I want to know more about it. Because I know just a minimum.

Emre: First of all, I’ve never smoked. I don’t like to stay somewhere if someone has smoked there before. It’s not for me.

What? A non-smoker? This boy doesn’t smoke? Emre, you’re a rarity!

Me: But what’s life in Turkey like?

Emre: There are many people. I’ve lived in the capital of our country, Ankara, and Istanbul. Actually, most people care about money. As for the girls, most of the population here doesn’t accept working women.

Me: Oh, why so?

Emre: For example, if a driver drives poorly, they’ll probably say, «Maybe, it’s a woman who’s driving now.»

Me: How impolite of them!

Emre: But, in fact, women are more successful than men.

Me: I see.

Emre: And if a girl commits a sin, her parents won’t accept her back. So, she doesn’t know what to do because her parents don’t want to know her.

Me: And why so?

Emre: Because many families are rather conservative. It’s the East, you know. You can also marry when you turn 14. Oke, see you tomorrow.

Me: See you!

14 December 2017

Me: Merhaba!

Emre: Privet.

Me: Privet!

Emre: Perhaps, I should say something. Yesterday, I told you many bad things about Turkey.

Me: That’s okay, actually. There’re many bad things in Russia as well.

Emre: In Turkey, there are also lots of kind people. And other things.

Me: I know.

Emre: I just wanna say it.

Me: Turkey is a marvelous country.

Emre: Yup. I think so, but sometimes, I don’t wanna live in Turkey because of the Turkish people who aren’t that open-minded.

Me: I know. I want to know about young girls and boys most. How do they behave in different situations? It’s all interesting! And then, I might tell you about Russia.

Emre: Yup, you can. Tbh, I wonder… Well, you don’t have to be kind to me. We’re online friends, and you’re like my teacher.

Me: I like to be kind to anyone! Because it’s the guarantee of friendliness.

Emre: Thank you, it’s oke. I understand.

Me: So, people in Russia always grudge about something.

Emre: Why?

Me: I don’t know. And sometimes, the temperature falls down to minus 30 degrees!

Emre: Same here.

Me: Really?

Emre: Yup. Last time, I felt cold to the core! So, what will you do on Christmas? In Turkey, we don’t celebrate it.

Me: Here, people celebrate New Year on January 1st. And Christmas — on January 7th. So, now, you know such facts about Christmas here.

Emre: Yup.

Me: So, when do you celebrate these holidays?

Emre: The last day of December. On January 1st, we have a one-day vacation.

Me: And then? Do you study again?

Emre: Yup.

Me: Here, people have a 10-day vacation. Including January 7th. And when do you have Christmas?

Emre: We don’t have Christmas.

Me: Oh. I see. Because of the religion. I’ve forgotten.

Emre: Yup. But I wanna see the celebration of Noel or Christmas.

Me: Noël is celebrated in France. Christmas — in the rest of Europe. The USA. Etc.

Emre: Noel — Japan as well!

Me: Noël is a French word.

Emre: Wow. You know a lot of things, but I have to search for them.

Me: Haha. French is also my majoring.

Emre: Omg. Really?

Me: I study both English and French. Evet. Haha. And a bit of Greek and Turkish.

Emre: Jamapel Emre. Lol. Or something like this.

Me: Je m’appelle Emre (my name is Emre).

Emre: Yup.

Me: Yes = Oui.

19 December 2017

Emre: Hey! How’re you?

Me: I’m fine, thanks! Wbu?

Emre: I found a photo from my childhood.

Me: Haha, oh, really? And what did you look like?

Emre sent me a photo of him when he was a baby, which I’ve been keeping up to today. Although Emre got angry when I showed him the photo now… I’ll try to fix the things, so that he’ll be happy when I do it again.

Me: What a cute baby! I love children!

Emre: Thank you, but I’m not cute now. I lost all my being cute when I stopped being a child.

Me: I was a chute child too, haha, but, in all this mess, I’m unable to find the photo.

Emre: It’s oke. Don’t’ worry. I understand how you feel. Anyway, what do you do in your free time? If you don’t wanna get bored?

Me: Ah, I usually watch some series online. I read. And I help my family.

Emre: You’re a great daughter, then.

Me: 10q. Haha.

Emre: Don’t you ever hang out with your friends? It’s interesting.

Me: Not really. I have nowhere to hang out with my friends in. Or there are places with a bad reputation.

Emre: What is the last book you’ve read?

Me: It’s «The Moon and Sixpence’. By Willian Somerset Maugham.

Emre: I wanna get our conversation to quite a different level, much more difficult than now. And use more complex grammar.

Me: Why actually not? Good idea!

Emre: If we talk about specific subjects, I’ll get experience in new things. So, what’s the genre of the book? I mean, fantasy? Crime? Horror?

Me: Realistic.

Emre: Oki. Haha. Perhaps, you can tell me the summary. Cause I haven’t read it before.

Me: Well, a broker wants to get out of this world. And he becomes a painter. He leaves England and then moves to Tahiti.

Emre: A broker. Wow! Interesting! Oke. Let’s talk tomorrow. Take care. See u.

Me: See u!

20 December 2017

Emre: Hey! You know what? I realized I don’t know you as much as you know me.

Me: Oh, why?

Emre: Because you haven’t talked about you. I’ve just learned where you live. Well! I think you can tell me some stories about you, if you don’t mind. Because I’m curious about your life as well. You must be careful about people who you meet on the Internet, though. But I’m not a dangerous one.

Me: Well, I’ve got lots of them.

Emre: Them? Stories or dangerous people?

Me: Stories, of course! The latter is not to be mentioned!

Emre: Oke. Maybe, let’s talk tomorrow. You’ll tell me about your high school life, love or other things. Haha. If you want you can tell a

lie. Lol.

Me: Okay. See you! Good night!

Emre: Slatkikh snov!

22 December 2017

Emre: Hey! How was your day?

Me: Lots of tests! Grammar, authentic listening, and so on!

Emre: And how was your test?

Me: Fine, thanks! What’re you doing?

Emre: Drawing something. Can you draw?

Me: Well, I can draw a heart. Or a flower. And, probably, that’s it. Haha.

Emre: Did you try to improve your skills?

Me: I don’t have any time, and, what’s more, motivation for it!

Emre: If you imagine a thing, you can draw it very well. By the way, if you can draw a heart, you can draw every single living being! Because our heart is an important part of our body. You can love with your heart, and if you love drawing, you’ll have enough time to do it.

Me: Haha. As Lord Byron wrote, «Juan was a bachelor of arts, and parts, and hearts.»

Emre: Who? Lol.

Me: Lord Byron. An English poet.

Emre: Okay. I’ll look his name up.

Me: So, what would you like to hear my story about? Life, family, university?

Emre: I dunno. It’s your choice.

Me: So, I’ve got a friend, Kate. Today, I was going to my classes, when suddenly, I saw someone looking exactly like her! But it wasn’t her, it was someone else!!! So, that’s my story.

Emre: Haha. Interesting.

Me: Let’s talk tomorrow. I must go now. Bye-bye!

Emre: Good-bye!

30 December 2017

Emre: Hey! By the way, you haven’t taken a photo of yourself yet! And you know it! You told me something like, «I’ll go for a walk and take a selfie.»

Me: Haha. I can take a selfie now, but it seems like I’ll scare you. Because I have a few scars.

Emre: You can take it whenever you want.

31 December 2017

I sent Emre a GIF with the New-Year congratulation.

Emre: Hey! It’s too early! Haha. Good morning! I’ve just waken up and haven’t had breakfast yet.

Me: Haha. Really?

Emre: Yes. I’m serious.

Me: I see.

Emre: When did you wake up?

Me: Bon appetite, then! I woke up at 10 am.

Some time later…

Emre: Happy New Year!

Me: Oh, thanks a lot! What’re you doing?

Emre: Yeah, New Year. And I’m sitting.

Me: Just sitting?

Emre: And singing. Haha. What about you?

Me: What song? As for me, I’m sitting and eating.

Emre: A Turkish traditional song. Haha. Same thing. Do you have free time tomorrow?

Me: Tomorrow — a lot.

Emre: Perhaps, we can talk on Skype.

Me: Why not?

Emre: Oh, really? Oke.

Me: Or, maybe, here. Which one do you prefer? Skype or Facebook?

Emre: Tbh, it doesn’t matter. Which one do you use most?

Me: Facebook. Haha. And you?

Emre: Oke. Facebook is oke. But I must warn you that I’m not good in conversation. Haha. And I have a bad connection.

Me: Well, do you think I have a good one?

Emre: I think so. Isn’t it? I think you’re better than me.

Me: Oh, why so? 10q anyway!

Emre: I’m sure you’re a very good speaker. Anyway, I must go now.

Me: Okay. Sure thing!

Emre: Because my battery is almost over. See you soon.

5 January 2018

Emre: Hey! How’s it going?

Me: Everything’s fine, thanks. And what about you?

Emre: I’m fine too. Preparing for my exams. Just finished it.

Me: Really? So, now, you know everything! And what’re you doing now?

Emre: Drawing something. In my bed.

Me: Haha. What’s this «something’, to be closer?

Emre: I’ll send you a link.

There was a drawing of a Japanese girl.

Me: Amazing!

Emre: But I’ve broken my computer. It’s my birthday on January 23rd. So, I’ll tell my parents, «Could you buy me one, please?»

Me: Wow! Your birthday is coming!

Emre: Yup. Do you think a beautiful woman can be happy?

Me: I think so. Yes, that’s true. I also think a woman can make herself beautiful.

Emre: I think a woman can put some make-up on her face.

Me: Well, I never apply any make-up. I’m not kidding.

Emre: I wanna say something. I know many people who judge one another by their appearance.

Me: But their core is their heart.

Emre: And I was one of them. Tbh, I’m still one of them. However, if you really met someone who suffered a lot from love or something like this, they don’t care what they become when they break up with someone.

Me: Yes. There are a lot of people like this.

Emre: And I’m talking about myself. If you (or someone) know a man’s psychology, I feel you (or this «someone’) have just used me. So, I’d like to understand each other with my girlfriend. Also, I like to flirt with beautiful people. But just for flirting. Nothing serious. It’s just my idea.

Me: I think you just have to love a man or a woman, and that’s it. You mustn’t use any information in order to harm them.

Emre: Come on! Indeed? Do you have to love them? I don’t think so.

Me: Why so?

Emre: Did you tell me you must love only one person throughout their whole life?

Me: Haha. But I think it’s near to impossible. Seriously. I loved many people. Of different ages. Of different professions.

Emre: It’s clear now. Lol. Actually, I don’t like to talk about love, these feelings, or emotions. What’s more, I don’t think I can love someone. Because I don’t need it anymore.

Me: Haha. I thought so too. But when I was 17, I fell in love for the first time.

Emre: Tell me if you don’t mind…

Me: Well, it was marvelous and at the same time awful. I cried every night. Seriously.

Emre: How old was your beloved?

Me: Well, he was — don’t get mad! — 14! And now, he’s 18, accordingly.

Emre: And you were 17.

Me: Yup. Crazy, isn’t it?

Emre: Err… I don’t think so.

Me: Emre, maybe, let’s talk tomorrow. Must go to bed. See you! Take care!

Emre: Take care.

6 January 2018

Emre: Hey! How’re you?

Me: Fine, 10q! Wbu?

Emre: I’m going to buy a pack of chips. Lol.

Me: They’re tasty. And yasty! Yasty = yummy+tasty. A complex word. So, what brand of chips?

Emre: Ruffles.

Me: And are they tasty?

After some time… Emre didn’t reply, but I decided to ask him if he was okay. I myself don’t know why and what made me do so. Maybe, I did so because of sympathy and kindness towards anyone.

Me: Are you alright?

Emre: Why did you ask?

Me: Sorry. Because you haven’t answered yet.

Emre: You don’t have to say «sorry’.

Me: So, I decided to ask if everything’s all right.

Emre: Sorry! You waited for an answer…

Me: Yes, I always do. So, what’re you doing now?

Emre: Writing a story. And I’m really sorry.

Me: That’s ok. Never mind.

Emre: But I feel bad.

Me: Oh, why?

Emre: Because of this situation.

Me: Ah, haha, oke. Don’t worry, everyone always treats me like this! You’re the first person to say «sorry’ for that sort of thing!

Emre: I’m really sorry, but I dunno what I should do. Because we’re online friends, and I didn’t care about online friends until I met you…

Me: Haha, 10q a lot! I always do!

Emre: Actually, I wanna say something to you.

Me: Really? Haha.

Emre: First of all, I don’t trust you about who you are. Even so, I’m talking to you because I wanna learn something from you. It doesn’t matter if you tell me lies or not because I can learn a new word or phrase. But now, I’m asking you, so, please, tell me the truth. I don’t wanna think «What if she just messed around with me?»

Me: What do you mean by «lie’?

Emre: Are you a real person?

Me: Of course! Do you want me to prove it?

Emre: No. It’s oke. I trust you.

Me: I don’t even know what to say.

Emre: About what?

Me: About your statement. It’s really strange. I understand you, yeah. My sentences are good. But I’ve got to study a lot to achieve it.

Emre: Oke. It’s not the point.

Me: But let’s sort it out. So, why do you think I’m telling you lies?

Emre: Just a feeling. And you don’t have any social media.

Me: Hey, I do! Skype, for instance. But I seldom use it. Facebook etc.

Emre: You like yourself, you know yourself. It looks like someone created by imagination…

Me: No, it’s just my brain. Such people exist, but they’re rare. I know. If you want to achieve something, you must study hard, and try and try and try, over and over again. By the way, if I were a robot, how come I sleep at night?

Emre: What can make people understand yourself?

Me: Perhaps, I’m that of the UFO anyway…

Emre: First, you say you cry a lot. Now, you’re such a good person because you don’t wanna hurt anyone…

Me: That’s true. I live with my mum and bro. No daddy! No grandma! No grandpa! Imagine what I feel like!

Emre: Anyway, I won’t talk about it. Thank you for being my friend!

Me: You’re very welcome!

Emre: You know, I don’t have many friends because I always look at people down my nose. Because they pretend to be a rock-star, or they don’t know themselves. If I make friends with someone, they either turn out bad, or just braggarts.

Me: Same here. Lol.

Emre: I want to say — I trust you. But, please, don’t make me sad. Because I won’t.

Me: I won’t disappoint you. I promise! Some people also pretend to be good. But in real life, they’re complete idiots. You just dunno how much pain they’ve caused me!

Emre: Well, you’re not alone. At least, you aren’t because I’m texting you! Aziza…

Me: Yes?

Emre: I wanna know you better if you don’t mind.

Me: Thank you very much! No, I don’t.

Emre: Okay. Let’s talk tomorrow! I’ll ask you many questions.

Me: Oke.

Emre: I hope I won’t bother you. Haha.

7 January 2018

Emre: Hey! How’re you?

Me: Fine, 10q! And you?

Emre: Oh my gosh! You’re online! Haha.

Me: Haha.

Emre: How’s it going? What did you do today? Or do you have a plan?

Me: Haha. I’m relaxing now. Today, we have Christmas in Russia.

Emre: And what are you doing now?

Me: Eating. Haha.

Emre: Well, as for me, I must study, but I don’t want to. I’ve got 2 exams day after day, without any break.

Me: Oh, really? Is there much to learn?

Emre: I attended the classes, so I know the material. But I need to revise it anyway.

Me: That’s right!

Emre: When will you keep your promise, by the way? You said, «I’ll take a photo!» And still, you haven’t!

Me: Haha. I actually can take a selfie now.

Emre: So, Aziza…

Me: Yes?

Emre: Could you take a selfie now, please? If you don’t mind…

To take a selfie or not to take a selfie? In fact, I don’t do it just for everyone. I don’t know why, but Emre seemed quite decent to me. So, I did.

Me: Here it is!

Emre: Wow! You’re beautiful! Why haven’t you sent it before?

Me: Because I’m shy. That’s it.

Emre: So am I. I’m shy too.

Me: Wow! We’re in the same boat!

Emre: Or in the same sketch.

Me: Yup. Or a chart. Haha.

Emre: Anyway, what’s the meaning of your life? You study, for example. But for what?

Me: For languages.

Emre: And? What’ll you do with them?

Me: I’ll become a translator. Or an interpreter.

Emre: And?

Me: That’s it.

Emre: And? Come on! You’re too young! And you just wanna be an interpreter! Omg. You’re amazing!

Me: And I want to find a good husband. Not an idiot, but a Normal, Good one.

Emre: I want to found a good company. Do you wanna be my partner? I’m thinking about setting up an international company.

Me: Why not? Maybe.

Emre: But I’m talking about 5 or 6 years later. Perhaps, 7.

Me: Oke. What’s the point of hurrying up?

Emre: We should talk about money. Anyway I’m talking a lot. Haha.

Me: Lol. The only thing I don’t know is that I don’t know everything.

Emre: What’s this?

Me: Just a poem.

Emre: I know this poem. I wonder why you used it.

Me: I like referring to poems and all that jazz. Because it makes our conversation more interesting.

Emre: Okay. I have an exam tomorrow. Slatkikh snov!

Me: Good night!

Emre: Can you teach me some basic Russian?

Me: Sure!

8 January 2018

Emre: First good morning message.

Me: Oh, hi! How was your exam?

Emre: It was good.

Me: Wow! That’s great! And what’re you doing after a hard, difficult exam?

Emre: Getting ready for another one! I’ve got two exams tomorrow.

Me: Omg! What exams?

Emre: Hmm… One of them is about the engine, and the other one is about thermodynamics.

Me: Maxwell? Something like this?

Emre: The engine one’s about the engine — for example, differential, flywheel, and so on.

Me: I see. Complicated.

Emre: Lol. It’s not that complicated, I’m just too lazy to study!

Me: I remember something from high school.

Emre: I see. As for me, it’s for entire life that I’ve been studying it! By the way, do you know any traditional story?

Me: About what?

Emre: About love, perhaps. Haha.

Me: Any traditional story?

Emre: Or something supernatural.

Me: Oke, any story. There’s a rhyme:

There was little girl,

And she had a little curl,

Right in the middle of her forehead.

When she was good,

She was cute.

But when she was bad,

She was horrid.

It’s an old English rhyme.

Emre: Hmmm… I didn’t expect it.

Me: I like this rhyme. So, what about you? Do you like the rhyme?

Emre: Just a few. But I don’t have enough information about them.

Me: Old English rhymes were traditionally born in the old 14th century. So, it’s a tradition to sing them on holidays. Like Soul Cakes Day, All Saints’ Day. Or Guy Fawkes Day.

Emre: But those aren’t your culture’s. Right?

Me: Right. I also know many Russian rhymes.

Emre: Haha. Well…

Me: Oh, maybe, tongue-twisters. Haha.

Emre: What’s the meaning of these days? Why do you like them?

Me: They commemorate the dead. I just like them. Because the people chant such amazing rhymes and songs!

Emre: Wow! Do you wanna marry a foreigner?

I wonder how he guessed it…

Me: Yes, and a lot!

Emre: Why do you want it? Tbh, I also want to marry a foreigner!

Me: Because I need some change in my life. That’s it.

Emre: But I have a specific choice. So, when will you marry?

Me: When God gives me such a chance.

I’m not a Muslim, although I’ve got a name close to the religion. My mum’s an Orthodox, so am I.

Emre: This is a good answer. First of all, you must love someone. Right. But, as I told you before, I don’t think I’ll be able to love again.

Me: Yes. But why so? You CAN love!

Emre: I don’t think so. My heart is like a stone. You should know me better. Yeah, I’m a funny guy, and all that stuff. But, actually, it’s a cover for my other, bad side.

Me: Which one?

Emre: I don’t really know. I’m thinking a lot about the results of my behavior. Sometimes, it can harm people. I’m telling this to you because I trust you. And you’re too far from me.

Me: 10q a lot! It doesn’t matter, because I trust you too.

Emre: You know what’s interesting? I feel free when I talk to you!

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