Don`t Be Silly

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Цель рассказов — дать детям Понимание: Что такое «ХОРОШО» и что такое «ПЛОХО».

И одновременно Ваш ребёнок усвоит английский язык «на слух».

Ваш ребёнок будет понимать английскую речь и говорить на английском языке.

My Family

I’m Mark.

I’m a boy.

I’m 10.

I’m from Russia.

My family lives in a big house near the Park.

I have a tiny sister.

Her name is Lisa.

I love her very much.

I kiss her on the forehead.

I kiss her on the nose.

I kiss her on the cheek.

I say, «You’re a good girl.»

And I sing songs about the sea.

My family is very friendly.

That’s right.

The Duck takes care of its ducklings.

Birds take care of their chicks.

The Bear takes care of her cubs.

I take care of my sister.

My Name Is Masha

It’s me, Masha.

I’m a girl.

I’m 5.

My family lives in a big house near the sea.

One summer day my dad said, «Masha, do you want to go with me to the sea?»

«Yes, I want,» I said.

We went down to the sea.

On the seashore we met my friend with his dog.

Then I and my friend Marco played with a ball.

My dad played with the dog.

We were happy.

Soon my dad said,«Masha, it’s time to go home.»

And we went back to our house.

The Clever Hen

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