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Diet that works

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In every life there comes a moment when one realizes that he went not there. But not everyone has the opportunity to get out on their own.

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I did. And so it’s my right to write about it

Chapter one

Diet: cheap. tasty, effecive. And not hungry!

“Dear reader! If you opened this book — well, at least out of curiosity — then you’re already on that coveted rung of the ladder leading you to the exit and reached the stage of awareness where you need to change something, work on yourself, so — and his appearance — which is INSEPARABLY and directly connected (say, going forward).”

Hello curious reader! In the hands of you — my collected years of experience in the ascent and consolidation of harmony: from the weight of 78 kg to the weight 63. Yes, I know: about diet is already so much written! So much is said: the extremes — from the use of one product in one diet to harm in the other. But what to do: who to believe? I too, my dear reader, doubt, sought, chose, thought. And tried to come reasonably FROM THE beginning that all my path was calculated with a REASONABLE point of view without HURTING their health in the pursuit of harmony… Ah, if I knew what a cruel joke you play with me destiny,“gave” diabetes. Yes, and the first type. And my job interfered with the third objective: to be physically fit and …able to use force what is impossible — too small..

Dear reader! My name is Sergey. Live in the city of Volgograd.

A real Person, with his tastes, views on life. The idea to write this book — I had long ago, but pushed to the final writing of the book — the desire to really help achieve the desired result –a gradual, sensible from the perspective of “do no harm” to their health — – razbalansirovat your body – extremes diets, And proper fastening of the received result and maintain work –the result of simple restrictions and maintenance of certain simple rules of “life diet” Yes, my dear reader, I TRUST you: like all my friends. While they are by their actions (or inaction) in relation to me — proves the opposite. So — as my friends – lend a hand – open hand –almost horizontally. Open –to you and to them. Although this openness is very much hurts me, makes me trust target for bad people who are closed to me and just take advantage of my childish gullibility and kindness. Use – even knowing that I see it and me — it’s very, very frustrating and angry! But I just can’t help myself: such is naive and kind. Although –in order to justify – there are PEOPLE with capital who are the same as I did.. But — – a little. but there is! But you, my dear reader, meet and lend each other a hand for a handshake and I trust you and would like respect and trust — in return. Trust is a delicate thing. But if it is going to hold and the planet. The confidence will be stronger and clearer if we communicate on “you” Because the communication “YOU” — emphasizes the boundaries of “no convergence”. So go straight to “YOU”: so it will be easier to communicate, my dear reader. And so: I –Sergei. And you? Well met! Now, when I and you, my dear reader, can easily communicate, will tell you everything that I had to face and that had to go through: nervous shock, loss of hope and faith in the future — up to full joy in this life.

What I had to do, to change, to replace some products (flavors) in other — food, physical activities and exercises. In General to change their lives so that “diet slim”, “joined” into my everyday mundane life and became its integral part. and the desire to learn how the gradual climb to the desired result by gradual change of their life

— became my goal. Not like other diets: something short-lived, debilitating, cut off from reality. With a bunch of prohibitions and restrictions that are simply maddening! No, my diet – life with which to live: not hungry and delicious… So we’re it in the future will be called the “life diet”. That is LIFE. In which “co-exist” – diet harmony with satiety. Over these 10 years, has accumulated a lot of all the things I’d like to share with those in need of such information: a truthful, proven and… successful. Start from the beginning, my reader. By horoscope I’m Virgo: the meticulous sign of the Zodiac, dripping to the bottom in the details in search of realism and practicality of use in particular, the appropriateness of these applications, without going to extremes. Constantly looking for the ideal “middle ground and reasonableness – IN EVERYTHING from food to thinking — here. (as a result of feeding of the brain – barley porridge, which nourishes the brain, improves thinking and which Pythagoras – were added to the diet to his disciples — as a compulsory product, the product of mandatory consumption (our “life’s diet, too: there are “essential” products).Therefore, collected information, analyzed, choose the best. comparing the results of “use” – of a product in practice (i.e. myself) is the end result. Constantly improved, achieved and received-always “upgraded”, improved and recorded the resulting algorithm, exercises and the sequence of days. First it was the “dark forest”! But then when the harmony and clarity of mind become apparent and visible and gave not the eccentricity of my personality – it gave me confidence, and had only to maintain the gains achieved and to live without eating “love and harmony”, is tasty and varied, not gaining weight.

The book contains my 10 years of experience diets climbing the stairs-redesigned under him, to achieve the desired result: harmony and relatice body. without losing physical abilities and strength. And as it turned out — multiple increase good mood and beautiful thoughts, which have become much more thanks to the products in conjunction with a proper regime of physical loads. Opening this book, you stood on the first rung of the ladder leading you up out of the situation — to the sacred mirror in which you see your desired reflection. The stairs leading to the new world that its own efforts, taking only the best from my experience staying in"the life diet” — you build yourself. And this practical experience, I will share with you. No, not for profit, and to you, my friend, my dear reader, was able to achieve the desired result of harmony is after all GRADUALLY and confidently. And that means you’ll be CONFIDENT. And so in the hands of you “a practical guide”, a “set of Rules”, complex in the beginning and these simple — coming gradually to you experience of diets and loads and restraints shaping of your PERSONALITY. (that is what you eat.) your body and relief body (what you’re doing.).That eventually will change and your personal life: close to you (FINALLY!) –will be the coveted object, which is WORTHY to be with such a lovely person, perfectly capable to think and are able to apply their knowledge.

Always say, Intelligent design (of anything, and diet — with all the consequences emanating) — lies in the ability to think SENSIBLY.” And if you, my intelligent reader, appreciate the experience of others (bitter),and listen to the opinion of people who KNOW the area, what they say means that you are looking for a REASONABLE way to start: how to START, practical experience — better tips. And let at the beginning of this experience — a stranger (what else?!).How to check: does the diet of nutritionists ON YOURSELF? Yes, just look at it, this nutritionist: if he is slender and fit –it means the diet is working. Do not believe — fatty nutritionists, cosmetologists pimply....And I had to deal with such incompetence! Where I fell in the office from exhaustion, caused by diabetes and lack of strength to stay on his feet. While almost all doctors shied away and dismissed me as a nuisance with his obsession. “Think about it, acne! We are too!” assured with a grin, one of the doctors (in quotes), with ironiziruet about my panic because of progressive skin eruptions from me. And took me (guess!) — A PSYCHIATRIST!!!! Can you imagine?! And then, when competent therapist (GOD bless her health!) looked only ONE I have previously defined analysis, with horror, asked: “How much do you have to go here?” Well, I said three months… And she is just in disbelief: You can die here!” And showed me a figure that was 0.6 at a rate of from 6 to 30. And urgently have written m is not the “referral for hospitalisation”. And my “shiz” – was “diabetes… and even with full not production of insulin: “diabetes of the first type”. . I was in shock and …lost all hopes for normal life in the future and lost to it all interest in, And barely made it to the hospital, where he fell on the edge of the bed and night — in bed in a semiconscious state Wake up only from the fact that I changed the needle droppers… And scary –STILL knowing that if not for the doctor WHO REPLACED my therapist, HAPPILY and with a clear conscience and with a sense of completed duty, resting on vacation, I would have just died from “diabetic coma.” this “experience of incompetence”, which I had to face… and to FEEL all the “charms” — for yourself…

And when I was saved by a good, kind and helpful people of the hospital — I went back to that doctor, which took me with my diabetes – to the psychiatrist: “how was it? My ‘shiz’-turned out to be diabetes of the first type.”! To which she apologized and assured that"my case with skin rash — will become the basis of further tests patients with similar cases and test them for diabetes… I passed ALL possible tests, we Visited ALL the doctors! Paid, free....Alas: and those and others — do not guarantee correct diagnosis, proper treatment and… SENSITIVE and attentive attitude to yourself! Not the warranty is valid and necessary in the moment — skilled care and effective drugs! Had to drink a BUNCH of unnecessary medications (because of this competence, though for the money on a paid admission). So I had to experience what is called a “full” the Not competence.,and extortion of money in the paid centers.

So, where were we? Yes, you have already stepped foot on the stairs and in front of you — are already visible steps “climb up” in sunlight, leading upward. T ore staircase: AND WHO SAYS that from –would be easy? Who calls –specific terms and the results — in short срок7Нет, all individually! Hard way, with many temptations, and limitations. At some stage you stop, it will stumble, usagov back again. So I was (so). But up there, something coveted mirror, the dream in it waiting for you — YOUR slender reflection, that COVETED reflection of the dream that how obsession is calling you to go, rising higher and higher up. The desire that does not give you sleep. The desire to achieve the desired result and to see the MIRACLE will surely happen to you and your body at a REASONABLE and purposeful effort to change. All of this — you’ll have to get with the spirit, thoughts, and despite all the difficulties, even though at one stage — BUT UP! And gradually through this difficult path of working on oneself, from the bottom of the steps (when you wouldn’t yourself, my dear friend, to see in the mirror), to the victorious top: to the last stage. And to swing open the exit door of dreams, and in the middle of the bright room, the rays of the sun, in the middle of the room you see that large mirror. where in full growth — you can see your reflection: my sexy slim figure that you dreamed so strong… The hospital bed is the result of that is YOU. The MIRACLE you’ve been WAITING for, happened. You have achieved the desired reflection, for which there is no shame.. And I want to shout from the overflowing all of you joy, desire to go and demonstrate all the beauty and terrain of your body (within reason of course!) You got the reward received for their efforts, and those arising to overcome you difficulties. but when you smile you pretty people who just did NOT NOTICE you, and when the one you love – no longer shies away from you because of your fullness (as before) and when you’re CONFIDENT and that confidence overwhelms you, you can come for whom I have certain feelings and you have a CHANCE that you JUST COULD NOT BE! (for your external unattractiveness).When you see the wide open doors of new OPPORTUNITIES, doors that previously was closed to you. And you have — not the one that was before: before joining the coveted stairs of the diet and with each step you are changing and getting better and better. Prettier and more attractive! Clearly the desired shape and your thinking becomes even more dangerous when you’re already “soaked” the usefulness of the right foods: the BEST and useful for you and your body and your soul. TOGETHER with the correct and healthy diet and build the correct elevation of the body come correct and useful thoughts.

Chapter two

Efrigerator — each

Fridge: friend or… And it depends on you! Back in 2006, when my friend the dietitian “raided” to me, to fulfill their “professional duty”, doing with me (as I thought) – in a brutal way, I was literally shocked it with a smile — put of the products on the upper shelf, the part on the bottom — shifting them and hanging out like in a gambling type game “thimbles”. And some do: just thrown out of the refrigerator they brought with them the package. Then pulled out brought them a bag (as I thought with humor “tools or what?!) a roll of aluminum foil, well in what would normally be baked in the oven, one shelf — (as I remember) top — covered with the foil (and brushed up),so I-“didn’t meliloti”. A psychological technique that has worked. And firmly demanded these products — only after school (as he said then, “physical”). Middle shelf has been very poor: milk, yogurt, fresh vegetables… At the bottom — one water and … vegetable oil. And — one “mustard”. . In the door however, was still the mustard, lemon in tea, in NOT a lot! Yes! And pointed me to the package that he “threw” – the 20% sour cream, mayonnaise, butter, white bread, loaf meat pie, boiled and liver sausage, salty bacon and....ketchup, which as it turned out, was wrong: with starch! And asked to remember as he takes them from my room… from my present life. Well: it only remained to question what I do now with my diet! He, my friend is a nutritionist, with a smile asked me to go with him to the store: he’s with me – type “missing” as it was then called “tools” for the figure.. In both! We went to the usual “magnet”, where he began to show me that before I was a little worried: he began to show me OBVIOUS indicators of caloric content, fats, showed that I – is STRICTLY prohibited. Little by little, with interest from all these new things for me, I found in his basket buyer the following products (or rather"figure tools): low-fat cottage cheese firm “favourite city”, Kamyshin factory packaging — package of 500 grams, frozen salmon, yogurt, and 2,5%, green canned peas (brain varieties), fresh apples, and pineapple, and fresh, and I am VERY happy! And bread, and "Poliany"...Actually –hunger – don’t die! Arriving home, my “sorter”, as rabid, again began to “put up” all the shelves! The result: salmon –was in the fridge, the curd was divided into two halves, one of which was “routinely available, fermented baked milk, together with the first half of a curd — gone on the shelf “EXT. power” (as it turned out — that’s the shelf!), And only three cans of green peas — were “available” on “running everyday shelf of the refrigerator. Where was the vegetables. Well, the bread –as it turned out, for psychological support and fullness – mental satiety. Then gave me a number and told me to call immediately: there is a coach on physical training. After that, I had no choice, to obey…

My fridge and now –just to “use”: here, look, not to talk behind my back saying that tells about an empty fridge, and at most, he burst with Goodies, sausages, bacon, etc. No, I love you and others not going to “fool” and fool!

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