English in Dialogues

Бесплатный фрагмент - English in Dialogues

137 Questions and Answers About Cars and Driving for ESL Learners

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This book presents 137 interconnected mini-dialogues that include numerous word combinations used by native English speakers in everyday conversations. Learn how to call or flag down a taxi, how to book a taxi on your smartphone, how to speak with a taxi driver, how to rent a car, how to use car controls, and how to start and drive an automatic, manual or electric car — all in English.

The book is for learners of English as a foreign language (EFL) / English as a second language (ESL).

All of the images used in this book are released under the Pixabay License / Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license.

About the Author

Artsun Akopyan is a writer and freelance translator based in Russia. He worked at a high school teaching Russian and at a university teaching English. His publications include books for English language learners, short stories and novels, translations of fiction and nonfiction books from English into Russian.

How to take a taxi

A: How can I get to the airport?

B: Take a cab.

(cab = taxi / taxicab)

A: How can I take a cab?

B: You can call a cab or order one online.

(online = on the Internet)

A: How can I take a taxi if I don’t have a phone?

B: You can flag a taxicab down or hail one in the street.

A: How do I flag down a cab?

B: Wave your arm to the drivers!

A: How do I hail a cab?

B: Stand on the curb of a street and raise your arm. Don’t wave your arm!

A: How do I call a taxi?

B: Find a taxi company in your phone book and dial their phone number.

How to speak with a dispatch operator

A: Hello! Can I get a taxi to the airport?

B: Yes, you can.

B: Where are you located?

A: I am at Grand Hotel.

B: What’s the address?

A: 11 Central Park.

B: What is your phone number?

A: My phone number is 123-11-11.

B: What is your destination?

A: The airport.

B: Do you have any luggage?

A: Yes, just one suitcase.

(luggage = baggage)

B: What time would you like to be picked up?

A: As soon as possible.

A: When will the taxi arrive?

B: Your taxi will arrive in 5 minutes.

A: What is the fare?

B: The flat fee to the airport is 65 dollars.

(flat fee / flat rate / flat fee rate = fixed price)

A: Are there any tolls to pay along the way to the airport?

B: Yes, they are included in the fare.

(road toll = a fee for use of certain roads)

How to book a taxi on the Internet

A: How can I order a taxi on my smartphone?

B: First, download and install a taxi application.

A: Where can I download it from on my iPhone?

B: Use the App Store.

A: Where can I download it from on my Android device?

B: Use the Google Play Store.

A: How can I order a cab using the application?

B: Create an account and follow onscreen instructions.

A: What must I do to create an account?

B: Type in your name, email address, and phone number, and create a password.

A: How can I pay for a cab ordered on the Internet?

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