DETECTIVE Stories — 3

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Detective stories are written in the genre of adventures that take place with the participants in the events obsessed with the extraction of wealth without reckoning with anything. The characters are fictional. The names of the actors are arbitrary and given below.

Author’s note.


Igor met her in the company store “Diamond”. She stood behind the counter showcase where adorned with gold rings glittering with diamonds inserted. Glitter jewelers beckoned Igor colorful play of light, iridescent sparks spy Hive polished stones. Enchanted magic power of gold and glitter of diamonds he did not immediately realize that it has been broken sticks out half an hour here.

— You want something to buy? — Singing girl’s voice brought him out of oblivion and reverie. The guy knew that speaks directly to him, and lifted up his eyes, tearing them from the light of jewelry in the window. Two emeralds shone no longer in the window and in front of an attractive girl, extraterrestrial sparkling light, tenderly looking at Igor. The boy was struck by this view, as they say on the spot. Magic and some attractive force lived in them.

— You want something to buy? — I sang the girl again. But he continued to treat her. Golden hair color shade depth eyes gave clear depths of the sea. A correct oval face, her mouth a little chubby and a little upturned nose, gave resemblance to the beauty queen, whose portrait he had seen in one of the American magazines, bought at a kiosk printing.

— I, I, I look like this, — said Igor embarrassed. And having seized him, continued, — And tell me, how to distinguish between a normal diamond from a real diamond?

She abruptly turned away to hide a smile and pretending that someone was looking eyes turned to the guy to control himself and has profound connoisseur, began to explain: — Diamond is the same, but…

But he was not listening to her. Igor admired her as just admiring the brilliance of precious stones.

— And your a stone? — Has brought to the consciousness of Igor.

— What did you say? — Mechanically he asked.

— And your a stone? — And with curiosity began to look at the guy, and then added, — My Sapphire!

— My Emerald. — Igor answered at random, without delving into the symbolism of stones.

— And you, which one is most like?

— Emerald — repeated guy looking at the beautiful eyes of the girl, then cautiously added, can I take you home after work?

— I live near here and get home very quickly. I was just one stop on the pass line trolley.

— Okay, so after work I’m waiting for you at the entrance. — So saying, he turned abruptly and walked out of the store.

In the morning, Igor told his friend Oleg, he met with an amazing girl.

— And what, you went to the movies with her, accompanied her and even kissed? — asked Oleg. What will happen to meet her again. At that Oleg busily boomed: — Come on, come on, keep up with soaring living. And most importantly, do not forget, she’s from the Department of diamonds.

— I will not forget, but with her, I think, forget everything…

Friends walked through the plant in the flow of workers. They waited for the shift. Igor technology department, Oleg metalwork shop.

Igor graduated from the faculty of the Institute of Technology; he joined the factory as an intern, where he met with Oleg. Oleg liked Igor like a mighty big man. He had a surprisingly shy and timid child at a meeting with the girls. Igor, on the contrary, behaved naturally in their circle freely, even a little self-confidence that impressed Oleg. The two friends could often be seen in the city park, where they spend the majority of time off work. Today, after the change, we met friends in the alley of the park and strolling discussed here for the umpteenth time the same question, a question of money production.

Igor was slightly below Oleg. But boots on the platform of fashion, gave him a little more growth and it becomes somewhat above average. He was dressed in gray, mouse color, costume, which used to go to work. Long black hair, nose and chin slightly extended, were the stroke profile of the modern man who liked women. In addition to all of his blue eyes insolent with scattered eyes staring at the female sex, enveloping mist mysterious mystery.

In contrast, Oleg, Igor was the opposite. High strength to bear guy, different loud bass. His face was always sullen, prickly eyes looking at others from under frowning eyebrows. Heavy massive chin spoke of uncommon strength of its owner Close-cropped hair and a small flat nose, gave him the look of a heavyweight boxer. Common interests and hobbies have combined these different people, cementing friendship. Both liked to drink. Before meeting with Igor Oleg drank everything from alcohol and vodka factory to cheap wine, the so-called “ink”. But then came the life of Oleg, Igor and led him into the world of luxury wines, cognacs and smart women. Naturally the money for all this they did not have. A whirlwind of carbon already circled the imagination, creating a picture of the exciting entertainment.

— We like air needed money. — Said Oleg, inciting shoe yellowed leaves in the alley of the park.

— Yes, my dear boy, I had to feel it too. Listen, you could sell the diamonds?

— What?

— And, in general you are oak in these matters. Well, okay, I listen, I have an idea. — Igor has told all that Lena was the name of the girl with emerald eyes, has long bothered him that he wants to take the diamonds in the store. What she told him in detail about the alarm and location of surveillance cameras and a method of storing valuables.

— Do not! Do not go! — I protested after hearing Oleg.

— Why?

— What kind of a fool to get into the store alarm. You do not have to cope with.

— What do you suggest?

— In the afternoon to pick them up.

— And, you know, you’re right. Leaving one rescue, saleswomen go to dinner.

At the next meeting with Lena, Igor found out when she is on duty. And every detail outlined his plan to Oleg. In the morning one-time friends took leave. Time passed quickly in the cinema

around 13—00, they came out of the theater. Igor came to the store alone. He was holding a briefcase. Lena met his friendly smile.

— Igor, I have waited for you, you brought that promise?

— Yes. — He said. — Let’s go to the room.

The back room was a table with two chairs. The walls are also very often consisted of a set into the safe where valuables were kept. There also hid them in the night. Igor went in and put in on the table bag, opened it, and then not giving time to recover Lena, a towel soaked with chloroform, wrapped her head fiercely resisted the girl. When the body is dropped limply to the floor, he took a towel, put it in his briefcase and walked out of the room.

When returning from dinner saleswoman discovered Broken Glass counter with stolen jewels and Lena sleeping in the back by a strong dose of anesthesia, immediately called the police.

Oleg met Igor in the doorway of a neighboring house. By taxi, they got to the airport. The plane brought criminals in Odessa. There are two diamond brooches in denominations of twenty thousand dollars, the captain of the Italian ship bound for US ports, promised to take them to New York.

Friends cheered. They took a cabin in a comfortable passenger cabin. Tightly supper, and noting the deal fair whiskey “Jameson”, they went to sleep. At night in the open sea in their cabin quietly opened the door, letting in five people in a sailor’s uniform. Without saying a word, they tied Igor, thrusting his pre-gag in her mouth, Oleg was not there. During this time, he watered the waves of the Black Sea whiskey from the torment of his seasickness. splashed another batch in the sea, it became a little easier, and he decided to return to the cabin. Coming closer, I saw two guys go out the door of his cabin. The night was dark and he could not see. He hid behind a corner, and then began to observe what would happen next. The two that were signed to the deck of the cabin and the rest dragged associated Igor. With the fire board, Oleg took the gaff and went to the aid of another. Cutting the skull two of the sailors, three of the remaining darted away, leaving the bound body of another. Oleg untied him and said to him:

— It is necessary to pass the buck with this ship.

— And the diamonds? — Igor asked anxiously.

— I was still asleep when you went out and hid under canvas bag lifeboat. Come quickly, while we did not have. They shadow slid to the boat and quickly became one of them down to the water. When the boat reached the sea themselves descended the ladder and pushed off from the ship sailed away into the open sea. This morning on the boat, they found the light of day emergency supply of water, dry rations and briefcase stolen jewelry that Oleg hid on this boat.

— You know, my brother, because you saved my life. — Looking into the eyes of Oleg, Igor said.

— A friend is you to me, or what? — Oleg sluggish boomed.

— That’s what we can not show our treasure to anyone else. Now we’re the victims. When we pick up, no one should find diamonds and gold. Let’s split evenly and hide on itself so that no dog is not found.

Oleg nodded, took a seat on the portfolio and the boat began to lay out the jewelry.

— You have a belt on his trousers, leather or tailored? — Said Igor.

— Made of artificial leather. — Oleg replied.

— So it is a double, and there is much to push your share.

— A brooch?

— And that brooch? — Said Igor.

— Well, if you smash?

— You do not lose anything. Gold, as gold, so it will remain, and diamonds as well, okay?

— Aye, Captain!

They laughed their salvation and began to hide treasures in the trouser belt. All went remarkably well. None of the product is not lost, and was neatly squeezed into the seat. Then belts solemnly hoisted on the location, on the trousers. The portfolio was solemnly committed to the sea, and friends began to drift into the blue expanse of the Black Sea until they picked up a Spanish merchant ship bound for Spain from Turkey.


— My son! — Breaking a weak voice called an old man lying in bed. — Son, you hear me?!

— Yes! — I said Bass sitting on a chair, broad guy. — What, grandpa?

— Son, I die. I smell, here it is at my head with a scythe. The cold has chosen me. — The old man took two heavy sighs and hoarse voice continued weakening — Take it home, right there in the box near the mirror — he pointed to a cabinet with a large mirror — all that I have.

And quietly died. Grandson grandfather buried with full honors. He has not sold a massive gold ring, which is found in the box. All funeral expenses covered their meager savings. Grandfather was dear grandson. Having lost his father and mother too early, he brought Grandfather and Granddaddy learned the joys and sorrows. I loved all orphan soul Granddaddy, which replaced his father and mother. And there is no longer heat an empty house in the village. Do not meet him more affectionate words, do not say to him: — “There’s grandson in the oven cushy soup, get.”

Loneliness of the blue suddenly flooded wave oppressed young heart, drove off with cold hut.

— What are you pinned, Dmitri? — I asked the foreman tractor brigade collective farm, where he worked man.

— This ring, the memory of his grandfather, gold, among other things, — he said, pointing his hand while wearing the ring on the ring finger, and continued, — will sacking, Zachariah.

— Why so?

— Melancholy me alone in the house, I go earn some money, build a brick house. Well, after the second marriage will be.

— So what we have not been able to build you a house collective farm?

— No, I want to own, to their, own expense.

— Well, where I am going?

— In the mines in Siberia.

— Gold wash?

— It is the same; there are earnings, say hi.

— Well, well, come on, come on.

Dmitri resigned from the farm where he worked for five years as a tractor. He was now twenty-fifth year. The guy was tall. The dark gypsy looks, attracts local girls. In it they saw and power and become a beauty. Dmitry has been famous and quiet disposition. I do not drink and did not smoke. Occasionally he goes to a dance club. Girls secretly sigh for him, but he did not show, it seemed, no attention to them. But it seemed at first glance. He reached for it with his whole being, but to overcome himself, he could not, to come and invite Woman hold it, because his beloved he wanted to present everything that she could wish for in this world. In his dreams since childhood lived rosy picture of the rich aristocratic life, which is so beautifully told grandpa, who served as a footman at the manor yard. Grandfather grandson was drawing pictures of entertainment rich young Pan, fueling the imagination of small Dimka. And now it’s time, Dmitri was determined to buy a large amount of money. Marry. Fill darling gifts. Rebuild a beautiful house. Buy a car and live happily. And maybe even move to the city.

With such dreams, he arrived in the taiga village of Gold. The office issued its mine workers with a substantial salary, plus bonuses and even. By counting in your mind, as it turns out, Dmitri smiled satisfactorily. The hostel it is embedded in the lock and closed the nightstand where his belongings, toiletries, razor, and most importantly, a passbook. With neighbors in bed, he did not speak and did not get acquainted, he kept to himself. Of course it could not like guys with whom he lived in the same room. Then one day, after the salary earned money when pleased, he returned from a savings bank, which took the wages at the table sat three men with drinking.

— Hey, lad, what are you Biryukov go? — Said the blue-eyed boy, realizing plane dull eyes at the newcomer.

— And your cares? — Said Dmitry unfriendly.

— You be quiet. I’m with you on a human talk. — Drinking buddies were silenced. In the smoke-filled room was a painful silence.

— Hey, leave me alone you, prim young lady from me. — Dmitry lay down on the bed and pulled the blanket over his head, turned to the wall. Insult, a hundred times fueled a disapproving glances and under the drinkers, drunk and insulted by the remark guy said, referring to Dmitry:

— Do not leave me alone, because for almost a month you CORN my eyes.

— Floating, I’m going to ask politely, but not here and I shall sleep. — For evil hissed Dmitry.

— You do not barnyard grass and courtesy you would not hurt to call. — Chimed another. The third sub-drunk guy said: — Men are not worth it. To work tomorrow, I’ll go to him. — And he left slamming the door. Second silence followed. A neighbor, evil looking back at Dmitri, became stowed safely in his bed. Workers in the dorm trying not to violate the residence, knowing that violating this mode fall into the black list, and will never be able to be arranged on a meat place. Therefore, in this introduction Dmitry colleagues so peacefully ended. So he lived alone, with no one talking in his secluded world. Entertainment one, which he himself is allowed to swim in the cool, even on the hottest day, the waters of the river.

In the evening sun gilded the sand beach. Quiet splashing transparent waters of the river. The needles of pine trees, emitting a refreshing invigorating “drink” taiga flavors, drunk and dizzy. Dmitry undressed and sat on the beach, admiring the sunset colors. We breathe the air inexpressible balm consisting of the smell of pine needles, pine resin, impurity mushroom, almost inaudibly smells mixed with aromas of last year’s rotting leaves and fatigue of the day took place disappearing without a trace. The body poured energy boost, like running, jumping, as a child. Laugh and love. But loneliness bears a invisible veil, restricting movement, causing sadness. He could not help remembering his grandfather with it was so good. His eyes large black eyes often stayed at Mr. array of gold rings, memory Granddaddy.

One day, as usual after work, Dmitry came to a favorite place by the river with a bottle of champagne Coy. Today is his first quarterly bonus. He got the money, put it all on the passbook, leaving some food and one bottle of champagne, decided to drink in honor of this event. Undressed on the golden sand, uncork a bottle, foaming stream, hissing spilled on the sand. After waiting when the last remnants of its drops fell to the feet, and only then, he turned it, and drank from the bottle all at once. Tossing the bottle, he jumped to his feet, and quickly jumped into the cold river and swam for a long time, is that out of the water. Cold body, pleasantly touched the warm sand, like when he was a child warm stove in the winter. Basking pleasant languor of heat, he collapsed on the sand, raking his fingers through his loose weight showered themselves. The wine is pleasant balm has hit in the head, paint the setting sun became more contrast and the sun gilding the beach beam suddenly turned into gold grains. Dmitri watched in surprise change in color of sand as the sand was like gold. He began to pour out of the palm of your hand palm.

— “Just think of it, and then the sand and the sand is, the only difference is not in the big, the gold, and it’s just so microscopic pieces of stones.”

It came into possession of the largest grain of sand, brought it to the ring, comparing its color with the color of gold on the ring. Then he threw a grain of sand and involuntarily began to consider a ring of ancient works. It is interesting to find out when it did the jeweler? Father, I remember, said that this ring he got from his grandfather, and he gave some kind of pan, for my grandfather saved his life, breaking up the robbers robbed Pana coach. Dmitry carefully removed a ring from his finger and began to twirl it in his hands. Looking suddenly caught a barely discernible ledge. Hook nail, guessed the guy hooking and pulling the tab to the top. The upper part suddenly moved, revealing the inner emptiness. Dmitry tried several times to open and close the patterned gold cap. It closes silently easy to open as it does not require much effort,. “So this hidden poison in the ring!” — Imbued guess the thought. Suddenly an arrow pierced another thought. Dmitry lightning on his feet. Find a bottle of champagne, he took her trembling hands.

— “To think that a kilogram a kilogram. If you take the three dollars per gram, there are three thousand dollars! And in rubles if one gram of say, two hundred rubles, th, two hundred thousand.” His head was spinning from the suddenly open gold mining. And now, when Dmitri came ashore, he had long waited, and then making sure that he had not been watching, he went to a secluded place and poured the golden sand of the ring into the neck of a bottle of champagne.

So it went in the winter, and even in the dead of winter. To do this he had to become a walrus. Pour the gold, he plunged into the hole, then rubbed red body and wrapped in Midwife tallow-toe, left.

After working for the put term, more cheerful, he designed vacation. Neighbors in bed, working guys have noticed a change in Dmitri. He tried to please them all, and for this was communicative, shirt guy, sparing no money for drinks and snacks in the payday. And guys are not stingy with honors accompanied him on vacation. Dmitry decided to go to the village. But the wasps leave its main aim, of course was selling stolen gold and accountable, he decided to sell in Moscow, did not know…

Dmitry for that arrived in Moscow and stayed in a hotel. Bottle of golden sand lying on the bottom of the duffel bag wrapped in linen underwear. This bag he instinctively shoved under the bed, which is now lying in the clothes of imagining himself a millionaire. Of course the gold warm feelings, but now it is realized, that is the question? Racked head guy. Neither your relations or friends, no one. No one knows him from the clandestine buyers of stolen jewels, so how can that be? He bought a newspaper advertisement, where on the page, buy, almost the whole page was devoted to buying scrap gold, sand and metal drag. When he was looking for a hotel room, then another, and gold buyers saw the advertisement in the form panels where the front and back in large letters was written “Buying gold, scrap, sand.” Ads in the newspaper guy inspired confidence and he decided not to call Declared-mends, and come up with a small portion of the sand and offer buyers-street. So did he held in his hand while holding a plastic bag all day, not daring to go to street buyers, which counted as many as six different parts of the city. And I decided that the break for a few bags of sand and will offer various buyers-up, will not come true until the whole batch. For a start it was necessary to sell a single package. It’s for faithfulness took two ready-made package, and in the morning left the hotel. I decided to go in a taxi on the Arbat, there is also a certain gold buyers. At the park, leading into Arbat, Dmitri stopped and began to look through the eyes of the buyer. Just sitting on the bench alone with a cigarette. It was obvious that the person advertising sat down to rest. Dmitri rushed toward him, sat beside him.

— You free? — I asked. Sitting advertising man did not answer, just looked at the scattered Dmitry sleepy blue eyes.

— “What would he say that?” — Frantically flashed the thought in your head, do not have to immediately start with the sentence, and then: -Tell me where you can buy American cigarettes?

— You’re that fell from the oak? Do you know that on every corner and in every kiosk selling? — Drag on his cigarette with relish “Marlboro” man advertising, then take a closer look at his neighbor, blowing smoke. — Listen, man, I do not need to talk nonsense! I can see that you need. Tell me how much and be done with it.

— Well pack.

— And money is enough?

— “Yes, he is a fool, or what?” — Dmitry thought irritably, but decided to continue — Enough!

— Drive a hundred dollars and all yours. — The guy pulled out a bag of white powder in the plastic package and handed Dmitri.

— Why so expensive?

— You’re a fool, or what? It’s heroin, the highest standard.

Dmitri suddenly glad of such a meeting, because with this person, you can safely sell at least the entire bottle of golden sand. Darker still digging in your pocket stretched a hundred dollars, and took the bag, hidden in his pocket. Dmitry has boldly said:

— Listen, man, I have items that you want to sell. I promise you ten percent of the total profit.

— Show! — I said with unconcealed spark interest in the view of a person advertising. Dmitry trembling hand, I took a test package, with about ten grams of gold dust. The man took the bag, examined it and then asked: — A lot?

— Ten grams.

— I do not how much you have it?

— With kilograms typed.

— Wait for me tomorrow with the goods! — Advertising man stood up and casually walks left his advertising buy gold on the chest and back.

The next day, Dmitry was sitting in the park on the spot. At his shoulder was a duffel bag, which he held in his lap. He was approached by three men after them came the familiar man in a denim suit. He greeted him and said:

— Let’s go to the car.

He sat in the back seat of white “Mercedes”, and soon found themselves all have some — something lost in the grove near Moscow dacha. There’s a room furnished with antique furniture waiting for him groomed kind gray-haired man.

— Product! — He said shortly logged along with the entire company, a person advertising. He nodded Dmitry shows a pier.

Dmitri took out a bottle of champagne. Bottle took one of the new arrivals, health-th gray-haired fellow and presented. He opened it, removing the cork, poured the sand into his palm, looked at the golden sand, then shook him to the floor.

— Can you supply me? — Carefully looking at Dimitri, waiting for an answer.

— I have not heard the price you pay? — And became determined to face grizzled. The man smiled wryly and answered: — Ten percent, all right?

— I travel in Moscow, I want to sell and tie, so the price is too low. For such cases it is necessary to increase the rates.

— Rafid, bringing with him busy, take the bottle and shoved him.

— Shut up, here I decide, I realized! And you will not climb in their case sent to the village pigs graze, realized! — All together neighing.

— Look here, — asked the gray-haired to Dmitri, — I have a legitimate business buying scrap gold and even gold. As you know, this is the roof, because there is the flow of illegal and if you are ready to supply sand to me, I will not hurt you. So, tell me how much you can get sand in the quarter, half a year, a year?

— No, I travel and do not intend to do the delivery.

— And where are you going? — Almost tenderly he asked gray.

Dmitry told all about himself and when he finished gray said:

— Good. — And walked over to the guy, I gave a bottle of golden sand. And he added: — I’ll be back. — I went out.

As soon as the door closed behind him, clutching the iron hand grabbed the back guy, not even had time to come round. Gagged deprived him of opportunities to scream…


For centuries, wars, raids and robberies died priceless treasures of human history. Disappeared priceless treasures of human history. Disappeared priceless articles of gold, silver, pearls and diamonds. Hidden Gold of the Inca civilization, the conquerors of Tamerlane, Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan.

At the bottom of the oceans and seas lie the merchant ships of the seventeenth, eighteenth centuries, transporting goods and currency, sunk as a result of natural disasters, armed attacks by pirates or sea animals. How many more do not solve the mystery hidden under the water and on land. The history of humanity is rich in colorful events of accidental discoveries of mysterious caves and uninhabited islands with hidden there placers of gold and jewelry. In our age of rapid space age, grand buildings and businesses seemingly no place for fun adventurers departed last far into the story tells about himself pages of books Mayne Reid, Kipling, Jack London and other famous writers historians.

The sun was high in the sky. Sultry heat enveloped the body in the soft blanket of abundant heat. On a day where I want to lie down in the shade or whether on the banks of the river cool and not think about nothing. It seemed that even the thought of such a day to get hot and they reluctantly swim in the head, breaking off unfinished chain of reasoning.

It was Sunday afternoon heat. On the banks of the picturesque rivulet vacationers. The steep right bank allows fans throw away fishing line fishing rods and catch the cool evenings of bream, pike or any other fish. Now, no one was there except the two boys in swimming trunks trying to dive from the steep bank and are now opting for this convenient location. On the left bank of sand lay a blade of grass in his mouth a face to the top guy. He had just bathed and is now in the sun-Hal asks surrendering stuffiness caressing sunlight. Two burst one after another, heard from the right bank. The guy lazily raised his head and looked to the side, where there’s head soon surfaced and the other. Man chew a blade of grass grimaced in disgust and spat out the stalk, then lay on his stomach returned. The blanket on which he lay crumpled and hit the foot on the sand stuck to its abundant grains of sand grains. He winced, and sat down, began to shake off the sand. He collected a blanket and clothes, and went to the side three hundred meters of pine forest. Mountain ran into the woods, disappearing in it and guessed only by the green hills of the tops of pine trees. The coolness of the forest refreshes the body its balsamic scented air to insist on the delicate scent of fallen leaves, needles, mushrooms and resin serving on the trunks of pine trees.

The boy went into the forest picked up a hiding place in the bushes of hazel, coming down to the water. I spread a blanket and lay down in the shade, his head resting on his hands, face down. He wanted to rest, he wanted to get away from the noise of tourists, forget at least an hour. He soon fell asleep. But sleep would not have him for a long time, the body is warmed up, though the sun did not break through the leaves of the hazel, but still it seemed that glowed white-skin, headache from the heat. He felt overheated. “We need to get up and go into a deep shadow” -Think him that he did. And under a spreading bush got spread out on his Odyssey le. Rummaging in the manual bag and took out a pill for a headache and not swallowed with water. Head calmed down, and he was still lying on his back, looking at the leaves of hazel. Green leaf with a serrated rim around the perimeter of approximately swayed by whiff of wind. “And he, too hot” — thought the guy jumping to his feet and ran to the river. The water burned icy touch, but this feeling lasted only a few moments, then gave in the gentle embrace of the river and catch some guy they sailed over entrained further and further into the forest.

“I will go as I can” — he thought, and saving power measured waves hands behaved on water surrendering the river. And the river was carrying guest’s fun splashing on him wave, then closer, then delaying the shore. Playing with the river fascinated Man. He sailed too far, and when he felt that he decided to leave the power to shore. Before him stood a steep mountain steep sand cliffs and only thirty meters behind the wall on the river was a small playground Bank. “Yeah, I’m up there and relax! — He thought — Forward!” — And determination to collect the remains of forces began to fight with the river. It seemed to him that the river liked this game, and it will accelerate over the nail him to the precipice. Before the site was fifteen meters. The guy tried to bottom, but it took the seething abyss of water, which was trying to pull the weakened body. He continued rowing and soon jumped to embrace the cold flow. The body ached. Exhausted feet touched the bottom last. The guy on all fours and crawled ashore with pleasure sprawled on the sand. He lay in the sun long enough.

“Why not bake, do …?” — He looked around and saw the sun, which was already late in the afternoon.

— Well, it is necessary to stamp! — He said to himself out loud. I looked up at the cliff. “I’ll go on horseback, in fact swim to the left bank,” — he thought, and began to climb the ten-sand wall. The feet trod softly rolled away on the rhizome pieces stuck on the side of the cliff. He was raised up. In the middle of the slope of the man he paused. Before him stretched a vast panorama shrouded in a blue haze late afternoon forest, interspersed with cultivated fields and the picturesque scattered here and there Ukrainian villages, clearly visible from here his little white toy brick house. Nez-ribbon Throw back roads could guess by slender poplars, like spaceships shot up to the sky green crown housing. River snake curled in the green, glistening ripples of waves, justifying the already exact name of the river, “I do.” Long shadows lay in the lowlands filled with mysterious black ravines, cool mist concealing veil. Looking around the guy began to rise above his feet, feeling tired reluctant to seek support, resting his hands on his knees, he eased the upward movement. It bumps will be no end to the top was only half of its growth as a foot, finding flimsy support slid and it uplifting clubs sandy dust flew head over heels for almost vertical slope down. Tripped over a piece of rock sticking out of the cliff, painful scratched his leg above the knee. Angry at a bad climb, he was going quickly, he surprised his swagger, climbed to the top. And only then at the top, really I felt the pain in his leg. Wound was like a wound from a sharp object. Blood flowed, folding cup on the knee, stained with mud.

“The wound was an urgent need to wash!” — He thought, and began to descend again to the water. “And, that’s the one.” — Going down closer to her abuser, the guy thought. And he began to consider it. It was a sharp Chipped edge of the pot sticking with the collapsed slope steeper.

— You’re from there took a pot? — Asked the space in the ear.. Dropping to one knee, his hands began to tear yielding soil. Soon it appeared the thin neck bellied surface Greek amphora with two arc-shaped handles on the sides. The outer surface kept some color illustration jammed with mud. Wounded amphora guy is faster, uncork vessel. Amphora was the size of a bucket. The guy tried to pull it out, but the vessel was heavy.

“Probably full of sand.” — He thought. And turning the neck down, he began to shake with her sand. But it was all to no avail, the sand does not spill.

“We must stick may be easier. I’ll take to the water to wash out there.”

In the water he washed the wound, the blood ceased to flow, but the pain did not go away. Not paying attention to the wound unwell, he pulled the vessel into the river, began to wash the amphora. On the surface of the picture stood out from the life of the ancient Greeks, hitting preserves the purity of colors. They showed a woman in a long white dress with amphora on his shoulder. Next scene of warrior fighting a hunter holding a spear in his right hand directed to the edge of the image of a brown bull. The neck amphora was chipped off and the sharp end of it sticking out outwardly. Slipping his arm, the guy came across a solid barrier compacted soil cap scored the internal volume of the amphora. Rinse mouth with water, he was convinced that this was the tight tube poking fingernail pliable tube material he stared substance. That may still be there honey? Ancient wax compressed time, he guessed. A vague presentiment of something unusual hidden there, shivering swept through the body, making you forget about the injury. “The treasure?! Maybe it’s a treasure!” — Frantically raced in the brain. He tried to remove the nail jam. Nothing worked. Wax pressed for centuries as a monolith stuck in the neck of the amphora. Finally, I break guessed right stick. Hazel branch, thought about, and that if you break it. No break an ancient work of art, to clean the house and put as decoration. Well, that is interesting, what is it? He became a broken branch to pick stopper. Scratched, pulled rotten rag from time to time, put his hand into the neck. Fingers groped hard roundels and oval plate. The treasure, and is a treasure. He took out a coin and looked at her, the glint of gold for a moment blinded Man, gleaming in a ray of the setting sun.

— Wow! Yes, I am richer than most of Tutankhamun! — He exclaimed. Tilting amphora, coins spilled on hand yellow circular plates were piled on a bunch of hard palm…

Thirst of money

— There is no sense to wait any longer. — Said the gray-haired man of medium height tall and broad friend.

— Yes, I’ve seen at a bus stop one sleek boy out of the brand new “Audi”. Why do they have to ride in jeeps, sedans, Mercedes and we do not? We have to have money!

Two figures were moving at a slow pace through the alley of the old park. Twilight gradual, but concentrated in the crowns of centuries-old pines and lindens. At nightfall, a keener sense of the idea of tormenting both, ideas mining money. They are intertwined in the minds of the interlocutors in the most improbable plans. But on closer analysis shows their inconsistency, absurdity, and the thirst for easy money harder inflames the imagination and the desire to obtain money doubled with renewed vigor. One of them, of the shorter name was Igor. Igor did not differ athletic build compared to his old friend. But he had a sober mind and ability to think analytically. He wore long denim suit with a faded and worn in the fashion of trousers. He wear usually black hair streaked with gray. He did not like to drink and did not smoke. Early he started a family and did not have time to walk properly. He hated all my heart the work in design and technology bureau. He not loved specialty acquired at the institute and specialty dreamed superb obtain coveted money to lead a life without work for fun. A first step to destroy the hated diploma acquired profession that not to stay at home to find work in shifts as a blindfold blind, burning and not skipping prey dog. His melancholy eyes blue intelligent eyes looked indifferent to the world around us, and only at a meeting beautiful girls animated twinkle subdued melancholy passion. Yes, he was men love women, he wanted to throws the money, he wanted to have an expense car, but in an honest way, he understood that earn a lot of money will never work.

His companion was different harmony. High growth. Square jawed, chiseled nose, and to top it all had beautiful blue cornflower blue eyes, and not one pair of female naive eyes could not help but sigh, looking at friends. His name was Oleg. He was wearing a shabby old coat. Wrinkled pants and boots laced to the nodes connected to the laces. He loved life. His eyes were alive with enthusiasm. He received his education at night school. He worked on the basis of a transit of imported goods as a loader. He was tormented by an obsession thirst for money.

He wanted to live in the age of forty years instils. What prevented him to reach the previously prosperous life; a number of circumstances. A failed marriage to actress of the local theater and its constant betrayal. One day, finding her lover’s wife in bed gave him a severe wound with a knife, which led to a ten-year prison term, and then, finally, he is at liberty. Around simmering, but angry at his fate loser he is increasingly returning to thoughts of easy money. And now on this Sunday, day strolling old park thought both friends hovered in the production of easy money.

— Oleg, has an idea! — Suddenly exclaimed Igor.

— Speak, speak, rather than push?

— The head of the base, you have spoken, elegant living.

— So what?

— So, we milked.

— It is as yet?

— Very simple. We meet in a secluded place threatened him with knives and demanding money from him that he brought to the appointed place, let’s say twenty thousand dollars. Well, ten each. A?! — Igor said briskly.

Oleg’s brow furrowed in thought.

— No, do not go.

— Explain why?

— Yes, the fact that he can find us.

— Then the phone call.

— How to organize the transfer of money?

— Need to think.

— Ha! On the highway, near the bus stop country “Piney”. Under the pine tree above us he should bury the bundle of money. We went down for three months to avoid the tail, calmly take the money.

— Then destroy with the machine. Conventional magnetic mine. For the other is a science.

— You’re a genius, Igor.

— Then to work.

— They have a long time strolling the park. Already the lights were lit, illuminating the dark alleys. Darkness once, he retreated, hid his face in the bush, and the conspirators, walk a little more out to the bus stop.

House Igor waited for his wife.

— What a slacker, again I met with these crooks? — She asked.

— This is my friend! Remember, the woman! — The evil he replied.

In the morning, Igor, as usual went to work. His thoughts were occupied only by the invention mines.

— “We need to get the TNT and will make the fuse of potassium chlorate.” — He thought, sitting behind a computer working with the drawings production model of the mechanism…

— Listen, Oleg, — said Igor someone at the next meeting — I need add.

— Toll? I do not know where to take, though, I remember as a child, once found a shell in the woods. But I go to sleep-sewed leave. I remember that place. We must get it on the fire and heated with TNT.

— You’re that? He can explode? — With an ironic smile, said Igor. — We will not fry it on the fire. Quietly analyze, and seize all that we need.

— Then tell the wife you’re going to work tomorrow.

— Well, what I say on the job, and again, my wife when my boss starts to call her cope, why I have at work? — With naive eyes I looked at Oleg, Igor, but he already knew what he would say to his wife. Oleg was silent, as a partisan, not knowing what to answer, Igor.

The morning was bright and calm. Comrades with backpacks and fishing rods came out with the shuttle bus at the stop “Grove” and soon into the woods toward the river, “Irpen”. In ferns, nettles and bushes across crumbling trenches and dugouts with reinforcement ribs sticking out from the bushes, dilapidated bunkers. Near one of them with blocks of concrete sticking out overgrown bushes, they stopped. Oleg pointed to the mound said:

— It’s here. We need to look.

They have removed backpacks. Igor took two bundles. And he began to manipulate these improvised skewers in two long rod. This done, he gave one rod Oleg with the words:

— Here, each gently grope ground.

They began meter by meter probes pierce the soft ground, listening to the sounds stumble upon something probe.

— I think found. — I withdraw Oleg.

When Igor came up to him, Oleg began to stick the probe into the ground at each butting heard the sound of metal on metal, dim ground.

— Let’s shovel.

Igor gave Oleg Sapper shovel as those enjoyed by soldiers. Oleg began to gently dig. Soon the dull glint of metal. Igor Oleg removed himself hands gently began to rake the sand, shell lying on the hands of Igor. He mentally weighed the load. Kilo three, four. With these thoughts, Igor said: — Now let’s stand back away, I’ll try it out.

— And you dealt with them?

— In the army, I was a sapper, and before you go here, delved into the computer all I know, and then how to make a magnetic mine, and run it as a simple mobile phone signals. Get away from harm’s way! — Igor sternly ordered.

Comrade listened departed, and just in case hidden behind a tree trunk. Oleg sat under a tree with five minutes, could not stand it, all the same Igor thoroughly savvy. He is stepping cautiously, he came from behind to someone over his shoulder and watched the manipulation of Igor. He specially prepared pincers tried to unscrew the head shell, where the fuse and he has managed to turn her. At the same time, Igor noticed the shadow of a friend and startled, involuntary jerking shell. There was a stunned a deafening explosion. Echoes from the explosion swept echoes of war, far from the forest, down to the river Irpen and it was quiet on the opposite bank of sand. People gathered at the scene discovered a huge crater exploding shells hidden under the ground. Nearby, in the thirty meters of land in were found two abandoned backpack…


— I want to live! I have to take everything from life! — Almost screaming with pain in his voice these words a tall, broad man to his companion. — We need to find a way out.

— I think that there is a solution — a calm voice replied a second — but we do not eat it-knowledge. Have to search. — Answered friend.

— Why do others turn their money as they please? Why they can buy an expensive car, build a cottage, drinking expensive cognac aged, women, and have all the benefits?

— Yes bro! And here you are Serge, not fucking have not fuck will not be! — Interrupted his friend. — Imagine, Serge, that we could have if we had to you, well, at least a hundred thousand dollars?

Sergei is tempting to remark friend, tilted her head towards him and said:

— Sing, is not transferable, firstly, we have given up on the south. There would lead themselves in order. Then our old dream could be realized b. We would have gone with you abroad, where it would be possible to open a case or whether, and without worries, having fun, today, say in Japan tomorrow in Argentina or in Hawaii paradise to spend the night in a circle of beautiful fairies. Drink expensive wine and live among the pleasures of earthly paradise.

— Serge, I want you back on the ground. In the first one hundred thousand dollars you can not open the case in Western countries, where wealthy businessmen and visionaries such as you to the wealth of a dime a dozen. A fierce competition out there, so if you do not have sufficient support in the community is a penny you price your hundred thousand dollars.

— I feel like a million dollars three four we should appear. But as I can not think of anything.

Two friends Sergey and Peter walked on the avenue of the park dreaming of the rich life. One in a rumpled, which gave V-types dressed in gray, the other in a windbreaker with a hood and sweatpants. The rays of the setting sun lit up even the tops of maples and lindens and betrayed the gloomy park bright vibrant look, getting tangled in the leaves rustling in the breeze. Sergei was higher Igor. His stately tightened figure and the face, the embodiment of virile male beauty, come Wail his mysterious and romantic look. But his eyes, looked poignantly of a frown ever in moments of irritation flashed wildly flickering lights of irony. He loved women, he liked the appearance of women, but his eyes, human eyes greedy and cunning always repelled them. He also thought that with the obtaining of money it reaches all. Yes, life is not spoiled Sergei their sweets. Early deprived of his parents, he had 14 years of work on the farm assistant blacksmith, seven years after finishing school. When he was fifteen and eighteen he raped her and got to the dock. And after serving a ten-year sentence, he, being already adult man with a gray streak on the jet-black head, decided that youth is gone, that time is lost, that life has played a trick on him. What the people around him is entirely thieves and hacks. What an honest living, he will not reach all of that so colorfully painted and draws his imagination. And he, Sergey Konotop, frantically crave money. He felt their rough touch in my dreams. He saw a pile of crisp packs on his desk. But he had to open his eyes, like a ghost money swam, flew, teasing and daring imagination. Sergei Konotopskiy uniformly dressed in wearing a gray suit with the eternally crumpled trousers and black laced shoes. But the shirts were always white, clean laundered and smoothed with an unbuttoned collar, which is viewed through a powerful bull neck. The plant in the blacksmith shop, he carefully dressed in the locker room in a clean robe, which is often carried home and washed, because could not stand the filth that surrounded his whole way of life. Both at work and in the park with a friend Pyotr Alexeyevich Garkusha, which was a good cafe. They drank beer, walked the park and dreaming about big money.

Peter Garkusha unlike his friend was slightly lower than his companion. Blond hair, well combined with the color tasteful shirt, this time he was wearing denim trousers and boots fashion platform, complemented his clothes thrown over the shoulders was a gray jacket with a hood. The correct oval face, thin profile chiseled nose and blue eyes irresistibly feminine act on women. He was endowed by nature, and all looks and respectable life, but growing up without a father. Mother, she thought, well bred son. She graduated from the school, his successfully entered road in college and after graduating, he worked in scientific and research institute of the designer. Having tried all the temptations of life, he sank into an apathetic contemplation of the world, becoming in his twenty-five years, the young man with the soul of the old man. Peter was attracted to Sergey, as a person to crave fruits partaking of them. He was interested in the community adult child, to find those nuggets of wasted energy and effort that so sparkled in the eyes of other caustic. He lived another, he wanted all of what one wanted and thought he wanted money. Ideas mining money came unbelievable, but all seemed absurd and ridiculous. Tired of their friends on the past will go happily through the alley without thinking about anything.

Sergei said suddenly, looking at the girl walking in front of a huge black German shepherd dog breed:

— My grandfather, I remember, was a sorcerer.

— Ha, ha, ha! — Peter laughed — How long did you think about it?

— Do not laugh. I seriously.. — the concentration of said Sergei. And after a pause, he added: — I got him some power seems called hypnosis.

— Well, you try it out?

— I did not believe at first, and then…

— Wait, let’s see if this is the case, then… Here! Quickly you must inculcate the girl that she is not a dog and a man.

— What, so soon?

— And you, what powerful magician? You think I’m kidding?

Sergei looked indifferently at each other and said feebly: — Well, good try. — With these words Sergey focused, making the stone face and stared at the front going to twenty meters from friends, a girl with a dog.

Peter watched him, walking around, trying not to breathe. He suddenly keenly felt some ma-cal therefore, became suddenly strange, face each other. Peter curiously looked at the girl. She moved carefree light-footed with no signs of impact Sergei her. But suddenly somehow it reduced the step, and now moving slowly looking thoughtfully at the top of the light from the sun maples. Dog leash, which she kept not naturally began to touch his right hand. Peter surprise knew no bounds. He looked with admiration at Sergei, but he did not seem to notice anything around and with a stone mine on the face of an ongoing session. Peter curiously looked at the girl. She walked slowly down the alley and suddenly started talking to herself. No he was not heard. Friends were close, about five meters away from the girl and heard what she said to the dog:

— Do you love poetry, Pavlik? — Peter was told to astonished.

— What have you done? — Whisper asked Peter, Sergei. Sergei glad experiment, replied with a smile: — The main thing that I’ll prove it! — Smugly I looked at his friend.

— Hey, Serge, I can not believe that you it can. Come on now disperse to their homes, but we’ll see, as they say, tomorrow is another day.

— Well, until tomorrow.

— I’ll come to you tomorrow. — Said Peter, shaking a friend’s hand.

The day was sunny and warm summer Sunday morning. Friends met and decided to sunbathe on the rivulet flowing near their village. On the beach there was none. They settled down in the sand, substituting back the morning rays. Both were silent, both were busy thinking of extraction of money.

— I have an idea! — I exclaimed Peter.

— Speak, speak, — urged his patter Sergey

— The machine, which carries the money, well, such a bank armored car, brings much of the time?

— Where you bring? — He stared blankly at his friend Sergei.

— Yes, at your plant?

— Thousands of fifty, one hundred. What?

— Yes, brother, Serge, you certainly talented guy hypnosis, but it is clear that a child fell from the oak.

— But what … — Peter presented his idea

— I agree salary on Monday in four days. So tomorrow!

— But, you recheck your ability not to let! — Peter suggested.

— On whom?

— Why, even if those two. — Peter pointed to the two guys, sunbathing on the opposite bank of the creek, which were in thirty meters from his comrades.

— I’ll try, — said Sergei, and again, as in the experiment with the girl in the park, made of stone centered person turning on the Sphinx Valley of Giza, near the pyramids of Cheops that in Egypt. He stared at the boys lying serenely. One of them was soon pulled leg, once, then a second, then suddenly jumped to his feet and, pointing a finger in the sand in front of him said something to his neighbor, who was also on his feet and began backing away with it, faster and faster away from the coast river. The impression one gets is like a river burst its banks, and its waters become a flood beach.

— Well done! Ha, ha, ha, — he laughed loudly Peter.

Sergei is also hilarious. And the guys from the other side, standing a little and rubbed his eyes, got dressed and left.

The next day at the entrance of the plant Sergey met Peter, he said:

— I’ll go out and decorated with a day off, and you wait for me here. — And he disappeared behind the cab. Peter was waiting for a friend not long. Sergey appeared as suddenly as it disappeared, going up to Peter and said: — Come on. — And headed to the bus stop.

On the track following a bank armored car they chose a place where the road crossed young oak grove. Time is right to sixteen hours. On the highway the car flashed, hurrying to deliver the goods, buses and taxis. Friends located at the side of the road in the shade of trees.

Minibus with an emblem on the door of the cab factory, has emerged as a surprise, fitting into the bustling traffic. An unusually tense face Sergei on the bull’s neck, slowly turn, following the minibus. Armored car suddenly slowed down and pulled to the curb. Then he drove onto the lawn and stopped. Door opened. First came the driver, followed by two collectors with pistols strapped to belts in leather holster. The driver was in the middle of the green lawn, took the side of his jacket pocket handkerchief, unfolded it carefully and lay on the grass. Then he sat down beside him, took out cigarettes and matches and started unfolding of the imaginary basket imitating serving picnic. Collectors followed suit. Peter, without hesitation jumped into the cab of the armored car and got behind the wheel. When the armored car roared, Sergei jumped into the seat next to an armored car and pulled from the place by jumping over bumps, flew out of the woods on the highway.


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