Death in Vedic Astrology

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This book includes the result of research that I conducted during the first months of 2020.

The subject was a type of death determination, its time and the definition of illnesses that threaten a person’s life or remain with him for many years.

In the course of the study, the natal charts of deceased people (80% of the total volume) and also living ones (20% of the total volume) were used. I thank everyone who entrusted me with the birth horoscopes of their loved ones and their own. Without you, this book and the invaluable data that I was able to collect would not exist.

I am writing this book in 2020, while the whole world is griped by coronavirus pandemic, an infection that causes a severe viral pneumonia.

The doctors working at the epidemic epicenter in Spain and Italy say the death rate from the virus is about 20—25%. Chinese authorities say 4,5%. European authorities estimate 1%. Time will tell who is right.

And while people are hiding in their homes in fear, the economies of the strongest countries in the world are making a dizzying peak and billions of people are in quarantine. In this situation, it is extremely important to understand how good the Vimshottari periods that each of us have, and what they promise — a comfortable quarantine at home or mortal danger in hospital walls.

In the natal charts of people who turn to me in recent months, I notice the same thing: the activity of Ketu and Mercury, or the Lord of the 6 and 12 houses. Those more susceptible to lung problems gain valuable insight into the dangerous time frames of their birth horoscopes. I hope this will help them to minimize their contacts and be careful with all their might.

I am pleased to know that this study will help astrologers determine the presence of chronic illnesses, the time of their onset, and quite clearly see the periods that can bring death.

In this book, I will refute many of the classical formulas that are universally recognized as auspicious, while the practicing astrologer understands the degree of delusion of others who do not even try predicting with the help of astrology.

My deepest conviction is that astrology was created for predictions, and not for solving psychological issues, energy diagnostics and etc.

If Western culture experienced a deep interest in a person’s individuality and his inner world, then the Eastern world was arranged more practically — it was important to survive, to find your place in society. Jyotish was formed in the need to predict the future, and not to understand the character of a person, hence there are so many predictive techniques.

Western astrologers, switching to Jyotish, often do not give up the habit of interpreting the horoscope for psychological purposes. I believe that predicting is the priceless pearl of Jyotish, while there is a separate science for determining thoughts and feelings — psychology. Many disagree with me and have no experience in predicting with clients feedback. Therefore, they disseminate non-working techniques and concepts that have nothing to do with real practice.

In this book, I will use Navamsa quite rarely. I do this on purpose and only because I want to shift the emphasis to the division chart D6, since it is unfairly cut off during the usual analysis of the birth horoscope. Navamsa is the most important predicting tool, where all positions of the planets, yogas, nakshatras and all other important points are interpreted on a par with the Rashi. For the same reason, I do not want to dwell much on the analysis of the Chara Dasha, but focus on the Vimshottari. Deeper knowledge of Vimshottari will help you not to doubt 90% of your judgments, and only some horoscopes will require verification by other methods.

I urge you to be philosophical about the topic of death and illness and avoid being dramatic. Sickness and death are an important part of our life as achieving success, having children or starting a family. I have never understood astrologers who come up with fables about the fact that one cannot investigate the themes of death and disease. They say many things, such as: the astrologer takes on the same share that he predicts, and that he will be born blind in the next life…

It is my deepest conviction that only a few can predict with such virtuosity that they distinguish sickness from prison and death from changing jobs. Others justify the lack of skill and unwillingness to obtain this skill by these rumors.

Remember that something Great controls who comes to you for a consultation, at what period of his life, what he should know and what he should not. If the Higher Forces do not want a person to find out what can harm him, you will look at the horoscope and see a fig in it instead of interpretations. That will conclude the prognosis within the framework of this natal chart.


To see a natal chart from the diseases’ point of view means looking for weak points in it. This is a completely different view of the natal chart than usual. It is important to have the habit of keeping many little things in your short-term memory in order to make the right judgment.

Remember: the same planet cannot be just bad or good. It brings many results in every aspect of life, depending on how it is located in each division chart.

What are the weak points? Let’s imagine that in astrology, as in the criminal code, there is the presumption of innocence.

A planet that is not seen to be associated with malefics and inauspicious houses is normal by default. Therefore, if it’s not harmfully affected, which we will discuss in the course of the book, it is innocent and will give a normal state of health in her period and sub-period of Vimshottari Dasha.

It is also important to separate living and non-living indicators of the houses.

For example, the first house’s living indicators are health, human freedom, and well-being in general.

Non-living — his status and brightness of talents, strength of personality and the like.

The Sun as a malefic planet, being in the 1st house, will defeat the living indicators of the house and strengthen the non-living ones. This is how all malefics work (Saturn, Mars, Rahu, Ketu, The Sun).

The amount of damage may be small if the planet in the 1st house does not have significant damages from any aspects and is not debilitated. It is good if this planet does not have extremes — it is not exalted and affected by any malefics.

If there is an exalted Jupiter in the 1st house, that happens for the Cancer Lagna, then its period will give the threat of significant diseases, because it turns out to be a strong Lord of the 6th house, and therefore a functional malefic for the Cancer Lagna. The fact that people with bad horoscopes live up to middle age and longer says only one thing: they have not yet started that very Vimshottari Dasha.


It is very important to be able to correctly look at the horoscope from the point of view of medical astrology and not to confuse the effects received from the planet in the framework of career achievements with the effects related to health. The same period can give a dizzying career rise and body suffering at the same time.

In order to inspect the state of health and the potential of a person to exist without disease, it is necessary to look at the map from a special angle. Here are the pillars on which good health is built in a horoscope:

— No malefics are in the 1st house.

— The 1st lord is auspiciously positioned (no connection with malefics, not combusted, not squeezed between two malefics, etc.).

— Direct position of the 1st Lord and the planets aspecting the 1st house and Lagnesha.

— Kendras occupied by functionally good planets without significant defeat.

— Dusthana Lords are medium strength, without afflictions and signs of a special strength.

— Malefics occupy the 3rd, 10th and 11th houses.

— Dusthanas are free from planets.

— Absence of debilitated planets associated with the 1st, 6th, 8th and 12th houses.

It is hardly possible to find a natal chart that fully meets all the criteria. I will prove it to you “by the opposite”.

The point is that all people are mortal. This is the immutable law of existence in the material world. Whatever one may say, one out of 9 planets must take on this function — to transfer a person through death to a new life. Therefore, there is always a planet or conjunction in the horoscope that looks threatening.

If you keep in your mind the idea that such planet must exist, then the very first minute of acquaintance with the natal chart will show you which planet it is. You just have to look into the periods of Vimshottari Dasha, and the job is done: you know the duration of a person’s life and when a dangerous period begins. The rest is a matter of technology.

I described an ideal situation in which a person never gets sick and dies quickly from the influence of one affected planet. However, we understand that there must be a whole complex of negative influences coming from other planets and important points of the birth horoscope.

The affliction of the planets and health comes from the influence of the Lords of the dusthanas, natural malefics, Gnati Karaka, Mandi and Gulika, etc.

Even if we take into account that there are neither burned or retrograde planets, nor debilitated planets, and the 1st Lord is perfectly located, there is still something without which it is impossible to be born:

— The Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu exist in the sky all the time,

— there are planets that will certainly take control of the 6th, 8th and 12th houses.

Of the 9 planets, only 4 are benefic and 5 are malefic. Of the 4 benefics, two or three may be Lords of the 6th, 8th and 12th houses, which will make them malefic in medical astrology.

In other words, even with a good state of affairs, of all the planets, only 1—2 are ideal for health, and the rest are somewhat affected.

There are many cases where there is not a single auspicious planet. You will see many of these in this book. Why did these people for the most part live till adulthood?

Remember, there is only one planet or combination that is more threatening than the rest. Dasha of this planet will become fatal, and often it does not come immediately.


To predict the state of health, it is important to take into account not only the natural character of each planet in the natal chart. It is important what functions the planet takes on in a particular case and which houses it controls.

How many cases I have seen in which the worst events took place in the Antardasha of Jupiter or Venus, although they are considered the best benefics in astrology.

The planet becomes a malefic for human health if it is :

— positioned in dusthana (6th, 8th and 12th houses),

— a malefic (Saturn, Mars, Rahu, Ketu and the Sun) and positioned/aspects the 1st house or its Lord,

— retrograde,

— positioned in the sign of its debilitation,

— dusthana lord (6, 8, 12 houses),

— combusted,

— in a planetary war with a dusthana or malefic Lord,

— neighbor to the dusthana Lords or under their aspect,

— positioned in the same house with one or more malefics.

These are the most important signs of a planet that will have a negative effect on health in its Dasha or Antardasha Vimshottari.

Example 1. Underweight and a weak immune system.

Let’s take an example.


This woman suffers from an underweight and a weak immune system. She also has eating disorder and chronic neurasthenia.

Among all the planets in this case, the following will be especially harmful to health:

— Saturn, since it is the 8th Lord, retrograde and conjoined with the 6th lord Jupiter. It is also under the aspect of Mars from the 8th house of crises;

— Jupiter, since it is the retrograde 6th lord, conjoined with Saturn, it is also under the aspect of Mars from the 8th house;

— Mercury, because it is the 12th lord in the 8th, retrograde, conjoined with two malefics Mars and the Sun.

In situations where many malefics gather in one place, planets with a mild character, benefics, feel worst of all. Imagine a thief surrounded by bandits. He will be more comfortable than an honest person in such a company. Mercury behaves in this case exactly like that.

When a malefic planet is isolated from the 1st house and its lord, the negative effect may be less pronounced than in a situation when this planet aspects the 1st house and its Lord or is in the Lagna.

Mercury in this birth chart has contact with the 1st house, as it aspects the Moon. It shows that treating current illnesses does not bring a relief. On the Mercury Antardasha, the woman began to experience an aggravation of eating disorders against the background of her divorce.

Strictly speaking, this case does not have well-located planets and inclines a person to have a poor health. It is necessary that the planets, not affected by malefics, remain in the natal chart. Then health will be strong. One can rely on the Dasha of such planets, especially if these planets are located in kendras.

Looking ahead, we can say the Dashas of Jupiter and Saturn will be the worst in this case. Both of these Dashas fall at the age of 40+ and have a connection with the 8th house of death, both are afflicted by Mars. It remains to look at Chara Dasha, and on the basis of this one can make an assumption about the life span of this person.

Try to look at the natal chart from a bird’s eye view and see the kindest and most evil combinations in it. This is a very valuable quality. Then all the subtleties and nuances of predictions will not be able to deceive you.


Throughout the book, you will see many examples of Jupiter not being a planet that always benefits. If an astrologer wants to predict with high accuracy, he must definitely study who the planet has become in this particular case: a malefic or a benefic.

Jupiter is often involved in the formula of diseases such as Cancer, liver disease, thyroid disease, and diabetes. Its period cannot be beneficial for all people. I will say more: in the most cases, Jupiter is hopelessly flawed.

In order for Jupiter to bear auspicious health benefits, it is necessary that it:

— was not Gnati Karaka,

— did not rule the 6th, 8th and 12th houses,

— was not retrograde, combusted or connected to the debilitated planet,

— did not experience aspects of malefics and lords of dusthanas.

These rules must be followed in the main chart of Rashi and in D-6. An affliction of Jupiter in the D-9 chart may relate to matters of marriage or may relate to health. Its role in D-6 will be decisive.

For comparison, I will give you two cases in which the roles of natural malefics and benefics are turned upside down.


Here is the case of a woman suffering from diabetes. Jupiter is exalting in the 1st house. What could be better? However, Jupiter rules the 6th house of diseases, which means that it is a strong malefic in the Lagna. Diabetes developed at the very beginning of Jupiter Dasha.


And here is another natal chart. Its owner is a woman who has twice suffered from breast cancer. This type of cancer often occurs when the Moon is in Libra, especially if it is in conjunction with the fixed star Unuk and Southern Libra, which give them a tendency towards cancer.

In this case there are indications that the disease will lead to complications — the 8th Lord is in the 6th.

During the Saturn-Moon period, she got ill for the first time. Saturn forms classic combinations for the presence of a serious illness that is very difficult to overcome. It rules the 8th and is in the 6th house. It is also under the aspect of retrograde Jupiter, the 6th Lord.

The Moon is located in the Vishakha nakshatra under the conduct of Jupiter, and it is an indicator of diseases for Ascending Cancers. The Moon rules 1st house of health, affected by the retrograde Jupiter aspect from 12th house of treatments and hospitals.

During the Saturn-Mars period, the owner of this natal chart reached remission, meaning the disease receded. Mars in this case is the Raja Yoga Karaka and destroys the affairs of the 6th house. If then I relied on natural Mars, then I could not make a correct prediction about the recovery.

In Saturn — Rahu, the disease returned again. Rahu is a malefic, conjoined with Mercury, the 12th Lord. At the moment, the woman is healthy. When the period of Saturn — Jupiter comes, the disease is likely to return again.

Jupiter is the best benefactor in the opinion of only those people who read a lot of books, but have not tried to make predictions with clients’ feedback.


The planet that takes over the function of Gnati Karaka is dangerous to human health. Gnati Karaka represents the 6th house in the Jaimini system. It shows troubles, debts, conflicts and ailments.

The period or sub-period of Vimshottari Dasha of the planet, which turned out to be Gnati Karaka, will be harmful to the health of the natal chart’s owner. Especially if it aspects the 1st house or its lord, or it is conjoined with them.

Much to my regret, when Gnati Karaka is too strong or weak, it gets the opportunity to do more harm. It is better if Gnati Karaka in the birth chart has an average strength: it is located in a friendly sign, without conjunctions with other planets.

The exalted Gnati Karaka gives enormous resistance and obstacles to the house where it falls. If it occupies the 1st house or stands next to the 1st lord, the person will have to fight for his health and well-being.


Let’s take a look at the natal chart of Prince Albert II, Prince Monaco. On March 19, 2020, the whole world learned that the prince got sick with the coronavirus.

Dasha of Saturn began in the birth chart of the monarch on February 29, 2020. He is living the Saturn-Saturn period by the time of infection.

In this case Saturn is Gnati Karaka. It is also in the 8th house in conjunction the Atma Karaka Moon.

Divisional chart D-9 is also not very good for Albert. Saturn is debilitated, the lord of 6th house of disease and is located in the 8th house of death and the escalation of any problem, either it is a conflict, a lawsuit or an illness.

Undoubtedly, the period of Saturn is the worst period in this birth horoscope, “the very”. Illness at the very beginning of Dasha Saturn is a bad sign, it indicates the qualities of the lord of the period.

If you do not have enough knowledge and experience, make sure to ask the client about what happened in the past Antardasha of this or that planet. This will allow you to become familiar with the nature and influence of the planet in that particular natal chart.

In the divisional chart D-6 of Prince Albert II, it is also clear that the Dasha of Saturn is incredibly dangerous. Shani rules the 12th house of treatments, and its condition suggests that treatments during this period of life cannot completely cure a person.

Saturn is aspected by Mars and the debilitated Sun from the 8th house of death. Moreover, the Sun is the lord of the 6th house of diseases.


Below you can see the birth chart of a person who died in a car accident during the Venus-Saturn period.

Venus is Gnati Karaka in this case. It is disposed in the 6th house. Saturn is the 6th lord in the 8th house, which caused a fatal result.

The 8th house of this birth chart directly speaks of a violent death. The three worst malefics have settled in it and do not promise longevity. Later we will return to this case to examine it in order to determine the type of death.


Non-luminous planets Gulika and Mandi are an important factor in assessing planets that can harm the health of the natal chart owner. These upagrahas are very harmful and destroy everything they touch.

It’s great when they get to different houses. This means that they never affect one area of life at the same time, and therefore will do less harm. When we assess the fate of a person through the principles of Chara Dasha, we must constantly shift the temporary Lagna to the sign of the Zodiac, which period now dominates the person.

It turns out that when Mandi and Gulika are in the same house, they will consistently “spoil life”, moving from house to house, and will inevitably end up in the 1st house of health or the 8th house of life expectancy, which can create an additional danger for human well-being.


Here is the birth horoscope of Ronald Reagan, the 40th President of the United States, who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease and died of pneumonia caused by an incurable disease.

He died in the Sagittarius-Virgo period of Chara Dasha. During the Sagittarius period, Mandi and Gulika aspected the 1st house of health, since all dual signs aspect each other.

The Virgo sub-period did not leave a chance for recovery, since Mandi and Gulika ended up in the 1st house.

It’s even worse when Mandi and Gulika surround a specific planet. Then it harms the well-being of the born, mental suffering or even death. The effect of this situation can be compared to Paap Kartari yoga: a situation where the Lagna is squeezed between two malefics.

Always pay attention:

— whether Md and Gk are in the same house or not,

— if there are any planets nearby.

If Md and Gk are in the same nakshatra with the planet, that will also negatively affect the results a person will receive during the period of this planet.

The worst thing is when the Ascendant or 1st lord is surrounded by Md and Gk. This is a sign of the degeneration of the branch of the genus to which a person belongs. It is also one of the omens that a person is unlikely to have a successful offspring.

Often this position of the Ascendant and Lagnesha suggests that a person’s whole life is darkened by some kind of spiritual or physical illness. Let’s look at an example of such case.


Lagna is located between Mandi and Gulika in this case. The owner of the birth horoscope, who is out of marriageable age, has no children, is poor and suffers from various addictions, and has attempted suicide.

Often I see that people whose Lagnesha or Lagna are squeezed between these Upagrahas cannot have a child, or he is not a successful successor of the clan due to multiple diseases or destructive strains.

And here is an example of a birth chart in which Gk plays an important role for Mars and the marriage life of the owner of this birth chart. The Upagrahas are in the same sign with the 7th lord.


During the Moon-Mars period, a man broke up with his wife for no good reason, which ruined his family life. If Mars was 1st lord or aspected the 1st house, health damage would be done.

By the way, the 8th aspect of Mars concerns the affairs of the 4th house. As a boy, the owner of the birth chart was abandoned by his mother for her new marriage and the boy remained living with his father.


In the following example, Md and Gk afflict the Lagna of the child. He died shortly after reaching 3 years of age.

The Lagna degree is squeezed between Mandi and Gulika, and the 1st lord:

— debilitated;

— under the aspect of Mars, 12th lord;

— under the aspect of Venus, lord of the 6th house of diseases and accidents.

The cusp of any house can be squeezed between the Upagrahas Md and Gk. Always check if these points do not fall on the beginning of the house in order to understand if they will harm it. To calculate the degree at which the house begins, you need to know the degree of the Lagna. Jyotish uses an equal house system — each house will begin in the degree of the Ascendant.


Below is the case of the woman who was mentioned in the chapter on Jupiter. She was diagnosed with diabetes. Mandi and Gulika surrounded the Lagna, and Gulika got close to the Ascendant.

Such an environment of the Ascendant gave rise to a chronic incurable disease with which the owner of this birth chart has been putting up with for 13 years.


Atma Karaka is an important indicator of a person’s health and general well-being. This is the planet with the highest position in the sign, meaning it has the highest degree in the entire birth chart.

Symbolically, Atma Karaka is associated with the 1st and 8th houses, as it shows the state of health and periods of danger to life.

If Atma Karaka is severely afflicted, it creates an unfavorable soil for a person’s life. A weak Atma Karaka can attract events for a person such as:

— poor health;

— low position in society;

— dissatisfaction with their life and achievements;

— diffidence;

— a tendency to bad habits, addictions, etc.

Since the subject of our study is health, we will focus on the first item of this list.

The position of Atma Karaka (hereinafter — AK) should be carefully studied. AK affliction can show:

— a combustion of AK;

— a position in the same sign with Gnati Karaka;

— a sign aspect from Gnati Karaka;

— AK is in the 6th, 8th or 12th house;

— a vicinity with malefics;

— a vicinity with debilitated planets;

— being in Gandanta;

— a conjunction with a fixed star of an evil nature;

— AK position in Sarpa Drekkana.

Also study the state of the Zodiac signs under the ruling of Atma Karaka: how auspicious are they?


Sade — Sati is the transit of Saturn on the 12th, 1st and 2nd houses from the natal Moon. Usually this is a testing period for any human.

That’s when Sade — Sati becomes an identifier for health difficulties:

— when the Moon is the 1st lord or is in the 1st house,

— when the Moon is Atma Karaka,

— when Atma Karaka is located in the 12th, 1st or 2nd house from the Moon,

— when Sade — Sati affects the 6th, 8th or 12th houses.

In all these cases, we must analyze with caution all the years of Sade — Sati through Vimshottari Dasha, transits, Ashtakavarga and Chara Dasha.

Here is an example of a case in which the transit on the 1st lord Moon gave panic attacks and several surgeries due to miscarriages. This happened while Saturn was in Libra.


When Saturn entered Scorpio, the woman became a mother. But she was diagnosed with a breast cancer just a year after she gave a birth.

Later, she experienced a second episode of cancer, when Saturn was in Sagittarius and was transiting through her Atma Karaka Venus.


Here is another case in which Sade-Sati gave illnesses. During the transit of Shani in Sagittarius, the owner of the birth chart was diagnosed with atrophic gastritis, that caused him a lot of trouble.

The treatment lasted for about a year. After Saturn left the 6th house, the man’s health returned to normal.


Many times I have heard the opinion that Viparita Raja yoga is great. Sources describe it like this:

“Viparita Raja Yoga is formed by 6th, 8th and 12th lords, when they are positioned in dusthanas, exchange signs or conjoin with each other. A person with such yoga will be granted with property, health, long life; he makes a good progress in his career; he is skilled, earns good money, makes a good impression and is famous.

When the lords of these bad houses are in the same sign, aspect each other or positioned in each other’s houses and at the same time are deprived of any other connections and aspects, there is stable growth in a person’s life, he has a fortune and a solid social status. The motto of this yoga is: “To rise, you must first fall.”

In my opinion, the good results of these combinations are greatly exaggerated. Here, for example, is the birth horoscope of Joe Biden, an American politician and contender for the role of US president in November 2020.


In this case, the 6th and 8th lords are conjoined in the 12th house. It is classical Viparita Raja Yoga. You know that I watch the events that take place in the Dasha and Antardasha of the planets, and only then I give judgments, whether they are good or evil.

During the Moon-Mars period, Biden lost his wife and daughter in a car accident, and his two sons were injured so much that caring for them came first for him. This period did not result in a sharp rise in status or major victories.

Biden became a senator in the next period the Moon-Rahu. However, the reason for that is not Viparita Raja Yoga, but the good position of Rahu in this case in the Magha nakshatra in the 10th house of his career.

It does not seem that Viparita Raja Yoga was in a hurry to reward Biden with its blessings.

It would seem that justice should prevail it in the period Mars-Mercury. But no, Biden’s biography does not speak of significant changes this year. But a little later, there are problems again in the Mars-Moon — aneurysm requiring urgent surgery, a critical condition and seven months of a break in his career in order to survive.

But other factors work well to determine the success periods. In August 2008, Barack Obama chose Biden for the very prestigious post of the vice president.

Such a gift of fate came in the Jupiter-Jupiter period. In the Rashi, this planet is exalting, rules the 5th and 2nd houses and is in the 9th house of fortune and patronage of authority figures.

Viparita Raja Yogas give health problems and other mishaps, depending on lords of which houses conjoin or exchange signs.

It is especially interesting when the lords of the 6th and 8th houses are exchanged. This often becomes the cause of legal persecution during periods of planets involved in the yoga and significant complications of even everyday colds. However, many astrologers continue to assert about prosperity and positiveness of Viparita Raja Yoga.

Sometimes it is better to warn a person about a negative event and give him a chance to prepare, than to pretend to be a fairy. The carriage will turn into a pumpkin at the appointed hour, and you may turn out to be a nice person, but not a professional astrologer.


Divisional chart D6 is a chart of a sign divided into 6 parts. This Varga shows diseases, treatments, periods of illnesses and death.

One has to understand that the houses of the D-6 chart are connected with the body of the Cosmic Man, and an affliction of one of the houses or Zodiac signs form a tendency to one or another disease.

— 1st house — head, brain, upper jaw

— 2nd house — lower jaw, neck

— 3rd house — lungs, arms, upper thorax

— 4th house — heart area, chest

— 5th house — heart, solar plexus, small intestine, flanks

— 6th house — large intestine, navel area

— 7th house — pelvic area

— 8th house — genitals, sacrum

— 9th house — thighs, buttocks

— 10th house — knees

— 11th house — shins

— 12th house — ankles, feet

Here are some rules I follow when interpreting the D6 chart:

— The lords of the 6th, 8th, and 12th houses are very important in determining the timing of illness and death.

— It is good when dusthana lords are not positioned in the 1st house and do not influence D6 Lagnesha.

— It is good when dusthana lords are in the 3rd and 11th houses.

— It is bad if 6th, 8th, 12th lords are very strong or too weak.

— The 1st house planets can also cause periods of ailments.

The 12th house of the D6 chart evokes my special regards as an astrologer, as it shows the treatment of diseases and how effective it can be. It is important to understand which planet affects the 12th house. The greater its influence, the more important it is for our interpretations.

Here is my algorithm for the importance of planets from most important to least significant, that almost never deceives me:

— a planet is in 12th house,

— 12th lord,

— a planet is conjoined with 12th lord,

— a planet gives aspects to 12th lord or 12th house.

If there are afflicted planets in 12th house or the 12th lord is weak, then the treatment will be ineffective. In this case, a person needs to be engaged in the prevention of diseases all his life in order to prevent complications.

Those are fortunate, who have a strong 12th lord that is involved in Raja Yoga, Maha Purusha Yoga and other auspicious combinations. In this case, the treatment of even terrible diseases will be successful and will give a full recovery. Such people are lucky with a doctor, circumstances of a cure, etc.

If the 12th lord is retrograde or there is a retrograde planet inside the house, the treatment may be repeated.

If 12th house has a connection with Mars, then the treatment of disease will be surgical, associated with a surgical breach of body tissues.

Rahu and Ketu in the 12th house give treatments with poisons, strong medications and are similar to a human poisoning. Also, this position can lead to the need to use narcotic drugs, treatments with alcohol tinctures and other poisons. Complex diagnostic techniques are often required for a person with this position.

Mercury says about a person’s reverent and responsible concern to a treatment, his scrupulousness (if Mercury is in Virgo), and also that treatment helps very quickly, since Mercury is one of the fastest planets.

If it is afflicted by a combustion, a debilitated sign and other factors, then the treatment’s result may be opposite or would be temporary. In general, Mercury gives unstable results from treatments, exceptions are Mercury in its signs or is in auspicious yogas. This person is usually suitable for standard chemical preparations for his diseases.

The Moon in the 12th house of D-6 indicates that a person’s condition improves when he calms his nerves and mind. By the dictates of fate, such people are often prescribed treatments with waters and medicinal liquids: syrups, solutions, drops, etc. This combination makes the owner of the natal chart extremely sensitive to mood swings. Psychological comfort is the key to his successful treatment.

Prayers, pilgrimages and other spiritual measures of correction effectively help a person if there is a connection between the 12th house and strong Jupiter. Also, his treatment often affects a hormonal balance of the body and an adjustment of liver function.

Venus in the 12th house speaks of a favorable outcome of treatment only if it is not afflicted or retrograde. Relief from the disease should occur fairly quickly, and the treatment itself should be comfortable and gentle.

Saturn in the 12th house speaks of being cured by a hunger, a cold and Spartan conditions. The treatment can be protracted and exhausting only if Saturn is not positioned in the sign of Libra and Capricorn.

The Sun in the 12th house or affecting the 12th house shows that treatment can be accompanied by strengthening the immune system and normalizing its functions.


It is bad when the 12th lord or the 12th house itself is severely affected. Below you can see a case of a person who has a rare brain disease — amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. He cannot move or even breathe. All treatment consists of keeping his life in the intensive care unit, but improvement cannot be achieved in his condition.

The 12th lord Mars is aspected by 2 malefics — The Sun and Saturn. Saturn also aspects 12th house from 3rd.

The recovery speed and the onset of the treatment’s effect are often symbolically dependent on a speed of movement of the planets that are in the 12th house.

Here is a list of the planets by their speed and the distance they cover in one day:

— The Moon 13°,

— Mercury 1.2°- 1.5°,

— Venus 1°,

— The Sun 1°,

— Mars 0.5°,

— Jupiter 0.07°,

— Saturn 0.03°.

The fastest are at the top of the list, and the slowest planets are at the bottom. In our judgments, we base ourselves on the average time to heal of the majority of patients from a specific disease, but not on our feelings.

For example, if it takes 1 year to cure a disease, then a person with exalted Mercury in the 12th house may experience significant improvements in 3—4 months. If there is Saturn, it may take 1.5 — 3 years.


The Chara Dasha periods is the main tool for determining the period when a person will lose his life. It is important to understand the following general principles of Chara Dasha period analysis:

— The onset of a period or sub-period shifts Lagna to the sign of a current period. That is, for Aries Lagna, the onset of the Leo period draws Lagna’s shift for the entire Leo period to the 5th house. I recommend redrawing the birth chart from Leo. Let all the planets remain in their original signs of the zodiac.

— The sub-period also shifts the temporary Lagna.

— When we look at the Chara Dasha period, we identify the general trends and promises of the period. When we examine the sub-period, the details and the exact timing of the events become clear.

— You definitely need to find out what kind of karaka this or that planet has become. Good Venus may turn out to be Gnati Karaka and be related to the 6th house, showing diseases, accidents and other troubles.

When analyzing Chara Dasha, we actively use the sign aspects of the planets for this or that house of the birth chart. Based on the principles of Jaimini:

— all cardinal signs (1, 4, 7, 10) aspect all fixed ones (2, 5, 8, 11), except for the neighboring one;

— all fixed signs (2, 5, 8, 11) aspect all cardinal (1, 4, 7, 10), except for the neighboring one;

— all dual signs aspect each other without exception (3, 6, 9, 12).

Karaka is a symbol for some additional functions of the planets in the birth horoscope. I always use the 7 karaka scheme and do not include Rahu in the list of planets that can be karaka.

If your program has a setting for Rahu as one of the karakas, at the time of reading this book, I advise you to make the same settings as mine.

Atma Karaka is a planet denoting the 1st house and human health. Also his physical well-being.

Amatya Karaka is a planet associated with the 2nd, 10th and 11th houses, and denotes money, a person’s profession and his income in a certain period.

Bhatri Karaka is a symbolic representative of the 3rd and 9th houses, denotes brothers and sisters, father, all friends and well-wishers.

Matri Karaka shows property, the fate of the mother and the place of residence of a person. It has as a connection with the 4th house.

Putra Karaka is an indicator of children, creativity and love interests. It has a symbolic connection with the 5th house.

Gnati Karaka is an indicator of diseases, enemies, dangers, accidents. Symbolically it is connected with the 6th and 8th houses.

Dara Karaka has a connection with the 7th and 12th houses, shows a marriage partner and a prosperity of his personal life. Because of the connection with the 12th house it can show periods of illness and death.

In Chara Dasha we also have Raja Yogas, that are formed from:

— conjunctions of Venus, the Moon, Jupiter and Mercury in any of the combinations,

— conjunctions of AK, AmK, PK and DK in any combination,

— a mutual aspect of the planets from point 1 and point 2 to one sign gives Raja yoga to this Zodiac sign.

The onset of death in Chara Dasha may look like this:

— The 1st lord is severely affected (combusted, in the 8th house, debilitated, in conjunction with Mandi and Gulika, and so on).

— The 8th lord is afflicted and / or has a connection with the 1st house. For example, the 1st lord can stand in the 8th from the beginning of the period and vice versa. Or they can stand together in any of the 12 houses.

— The 8th house contains malefics, debilitated planets, Mandi and Gulika or afflicted planets.

— The lack of benefics’ impact on the 8th house can be an important sign of danger to life. This also works for the 1st house of the temporary Lagna.

— Atma Karaka is often found in dusthanas from the temporary Lagna.

Planets in the 6th and 8th houses from the temporary Lagna of the Chara Dasha’s Maha Dasha will say which diseases or events are dangerous during this period.

Mercury can say about viral diseases, Venus — about kidney diseases and accidents, Rahu — about infectious diseases and the like. The detailed formulas of diseases described below will give you an understanding of which diseases are associated with certain planets, so we will not dwell on this in detail.


Death cannot be accurately determined by the Vimshottari Dasha in many birth horoscopes. Usually this applies to birth charts of people with chronic diseases, and those whose life will end predictably after a long illness.

There are also people prone to various injuries, illnesses and struggle throughout their lives. There will be several planets that meet our criteria in all these cases.

Only the combination of Vimshottari and Chara Dasha gives good results. It is also recommended to look at the birth charts of close relatives in order to make sure of the loss of a loved one in the period indicated by you.

Don’t trust spouses’ birth charts. If you predict the life expectancy of a person who would live another 20-30-40 years, there is a chance that this partner will not stay with him.

Better to take the birth charts of children, brothers and sisters. Even the birth charts of a person’s parents are not always reliable, because in many cases a parent will die earlier, only if this does not apply to tragic cases of an early death of a child.

Also remember that your task is to determine the planet that will give death. Death differs favorably from other events because it will definitely happen to a person. An astrologer often looks for something that may never happen at all. And there is definitely a death in the natal chart. The mere confidence that it exists will give you a lot of strength and enthusiasm in determining the right Vimshottari Dasha.

So, what tells us that Dasha of the planet has come, that will give the end of life:

— The planet-leader of Dasha has a connection with the 8th house in the divisional charts D-1, D-9, D-3, D-12.

This list is ranked by importance, sometimes D-12 does not show such a connection.

By connection I call a position of the planet in the 8th house, the 8th lord’s aspect, a conjunction with it or an aspect of Dasha lord to the 8th lord.

— The planet may have a special status in the D-6 chart: it can be located in the 6th and 8th houses, rule them and have a connection with the 1st lord or with the Lagna.

— The planet can be in the nakshatra of the 8th lord or of the planet positioned in the 8th house of the D-1 chart.

Other signs of planetary affliction also play a role. I tried to determine what can distinguish death from illness or other mishap in this list. But you should also take into account a combustion, a presence of a planet in a malefic nakshatra, Mritya Bhaga, Sarpa treshkonas, planetary wars and the like.


Death is a termination and complete cessation of the biological and physiological processes of body’s vital activity.

Types of death:

— natural or physiological death — occurs in old age from the extinction of metabolic processes and a decrease in the efficiency of organs;

— pathological death — death at a young and middle age caused by diseases and other unfavorable circumstances (example: chronic or incurable diseases);

— violent (due to accidents, murder or accident).

We can also distinguish types of death by suddenness:

 sudden or unexpected death — when a person dies against the background of good well-being and relatively good health (aneurysm, stroke, heart attack);

— predictable — death from chronic serious diseases, when a person’s well-being gradually deteriorates, the quality of life drops, the person fades away gradually.

An analysis of a birth horoscope on the topic of determining the end of life should begin with a type of death determination. Later, if there is an opportunity to clarify the disease, you should think about the specifics.

Take your time to identify the disease that leads to death. The instructions are so complex in some parts of birth charts, that complete clarity is impossible.

However, the definition of the type of death already gives us an understanding of how the fate of a person will develop, and what can be done to try to turn fate in a more favorable direction.

The main indicator of how to distinguish between these types of death, we take the sequence of periods of Vimshottari Dasha and Chara Dasha.

As you know, the sequence is always the same:

— Ketu,

— Venus,

— The Sun,

— The Moon,

— Mars,

— Rahu,

— Jupiter,

— Saturn,

— Mercury.

But this sequence in each individual birth chart starts from different points. A variety of destinies is also formed from the fact that the planets are positioned in different ways in birth charts. Jupiter can give death, or can give excellent health. It all depends on his position in a particular birth horoscope.

The position of the Moon finally shuffles all the dominoes that we all play on this planet when we decide to be born.

After all, it is the position of the Moon in a certain nakshatra that determines from which planet the 120-year cycle of Vimshottari Dasha will begin.


A person who dies from natural processes in the process of aging and deterioration of the body has certain signs in the natal chart:

— Health in such case would be good. The Moon is in a favorable position, kendras contain benefic planets (Jupiter, Venus or Mercury), lords of the 6th, 8th and 12th houses do not touch Lagna and Lagnesha.

— Saturn would not aspect the 6th house and its lord in the D-1, D-6 and D-9 horoscope.

— There would be no or almost no retrograde planets in the birth chart.

— The sequence of Maha Dashas would be such that each subsequent period is not much worse than the previous one.

— Almost all Dashas would be equally good for health. Death would seem to be hiding inside the periods, not showing itself brightly and actively. It would seem that death is not shown in this birth chart.

Natural death is also a death caused by a disease, which usually easily takes root on an organism weakened by old age. But this way of dying looks the softest and easiest in comparison with the others. Only death in sleep benefits significantly, but we will discuss this type separately.


Pathological death is a death in youth and middle age from diseases, hunger and many other causes.

We must understand that pathological death is not a standard. This means that there must be serious injuries to the natal chart from the health’s point of view.

This could be:

— afflicted 1st house and Lagnesha,

— combusted planets associated with the 1st house,

— 1st and 8th lord is involved in a planetary war

— a presence of Viparita Raja Yoga,

— Satabhisha nakshatra is filled with planets,

— afflicted lords of the 12th, 6th and 8th houses,

— aspects of the 6th, 8th and 12th lords to the 1st house or Lagnesha,

— 6th, 8th and 12th lords are retrograde.

The sequence of Maha Dashas and Antar Dashas is such that each of them shows negative health effects. It is difficult to determine which Dasha will be final — they are all insidious and show a “on the brink” situation.

Usually the last 2—3 Maha Dashas are equally bad for health in this case. And among Antar Dashas, one can distinguish the worst one, when everything points to death.

The very period of death according to Chara Dasha or Vimshottari Dasha usually comes after this most terrible period and shows some improvement. It seems to be better. But this improvement is deceiving. And a person dies of illness 2—4 months after the end of the worst Antar Dasha.

This is the most difficult scenario and the most difficult cases.


For example, a case of a child who died at the age of 12. All his life he lived with severe cerebral palsy.

We see:

— Rahu-Ketu axis afflicts the 1st house,

— the 1st lord Mercury is in the 8th house,

— Mercury is positioned with the 6th lord Mars,

— the 6th lord is in the 8th house, which indicates a complication for health due to diseases,

— AK Mars is in the 8th house together with GK,

— the 12th lord Venus is in conjunction with Lagnesha in the 8th house of crises,

— The Moon is afflicted by Mars and Saturn aspects.

The boy managed to live a short period from Saturn Dasha and a part of Mercury Dasha.

Saturn is the lord of the 8th house of death, afflicts the Moon and 5th house of neurological health. Rahu’s aspect makes Saturn more destructive. Has a person benefited from Saturn’s exaltation? He remained alive, and this is already a lot in such a situation.

The 1st lord Mercury is in the 8th house, afflicted by Mars. This is enough for death in this case.


And here is a birth chart of a man who died of a lung sarcoma in Jupiter-Saturn period.

There is only 1 benefactor in the kendras of this case, and it is the lord of 12th house of diseases and treatments.

A debilitated planet in the 1st house afflicts health.

Jupiter Dasha, the lord of the house of diseases, began with an oncological disease. Everything was over in the next Saturn Antar Dasha. Saturn aspects the 1st house, which means it is harmful to health. It is also aspected by Rahu and the 6th lord and is in the nakshatra of malefic Ketu.


You can argue with me, but sudden death is often a blessing for a person. As in the popular Soviet film: “Blink, and you’re already in heaven.”

Nevertheless, such birth horoscopes also look wretched and contain signs of a violent death.

However, they still have some recognizable features. Let’s take Hitler’s birth chart. He shot himself on April 30, 1945 during the Rahu-Venus period.


The features of sudden and violent death can be found here:

— Periods before Venus Antardasha are quite good. Saturn, Mercury and Ketu do not show any increasing sufferings due to health and do not indicate damage to health.

— Venus Antar Dasha is bad, as it is conjoined with Mars and the Sun, aspected by Saturn, retrograde and in conjunction with the 12th lord. Venus itself is the lord of the 1st and 8th houses, that is, all functions of survival fall on its shoulders.

— A sharp drop in the favorableness of the period of death from the previous one is one of the main signs of a sudden death.

In such birth horoscopes, we often see only one or two unsuccessful periods, and after that — rather auspicious ones.

So why did death come in Rahu Dasha? Rahu is positioned in Punarvasu nakshatra under the ruling of Jupiter, which is the lord of the 6th house of misfortunes.

Rahu gives an aspect to the 1st house, and this is a harmful aspect.


A predictable death is a long process of illness, during which a person realizes that he may die soon. Of course, this is a huge stress, clearly visible in a birth chart.

Sometimes a deterioration occurs insensibly for a person, as is the case with atherosclerosis. The vessels gradually narrow to critical values and then a heart attack occurs. It would be noticeable that the state of health is deteriorating in any birth chart. But a person may not realize the seriousness of the situation, ignore the symptoms, or simply suppress them with medications without any control and regularity.

Most often a person realizes that he cannot recover and that he is in danger of death.

Saturn very often aspects the 8th lord or the 8th house itself in the D-6 chart, in case of death from a prolonged illness. This formula can be repeated in the main chart.


Let’s take the example of Dostoevsky. For many years he suffered from epilepsy and tuberculosis and died in the winter of 1881 during the Saturn-Rahu period.

Saturn is a karaka of chronic diseases. In this case, it is retrograde and aspects the Moon, the indicator of the mind, as well as Venus, the lord of the 12th house of isolation, treatments and medicine. The position of the Moon in Navamsha does not improve, and the aspect of debilitated Rahu from the 12th house afflicts Jupiter and Mars.

The 5th lord in Navamsa is afflicted again, and the 5th house itself is under the aspect of Saturn and Mercury retrograde, the 6th lord. Mercury itself is also afflicted by Mars.

In the D-6 chart, Saturn is positioned in the 2nd house and gives an aspect to the 8th house. Saturn Dasha began in 1865 and for many years aggravated the writer’s health.

In the D-6 chart, Rahu is positioned in the Satabhisha nakshatra, known for its ability to create incurable diseases.

And if you look even further into the writer’s youth, you will see the long Dasha of Jupiter, which is retrograde and positioned in the 6th house of disease.

The Dashas sequence speaks of complications from diseases and a gradual deterioration in a person’s condition. Each Dasha gives weighty reasons to fear for human health.

We will come back to this case in order to understand the cause of death, but not just its type.


A violent death is not difficult to define and has its own bright and recognizable features.


For example, here is the birth horoscope of Princess Diana, who died in a car accident on August 31, 1997, being in her prime and good physical shape.

Here we see the classic indications of a violent death:

— The conjunction of Mars and Rahu, one of which has a connection to the 6th house of misfortune. This combination is almost always found in the cases of people who have died a violent death and a sudden death. The aspect between Rahu and Mars also works like that.

— The 1st lord in the 8th house. In general the combination of the lords of the 1st and 8th houses usually indicates a violent death. Also — when the 8th lord is in the 1st house.

— Dasha of the afflicted planet (retrograde debilitated Jupiter in conjunction with Mars). This is a common sign of a violent death. This can be the lord of the 8th, 12th or 6th houses. Or Lagnesha Dasha, if it is associated with the 8th house.

— There are many malefics in kendras, that is, there is little protection from benefics.

Death in this birth horoscope occurred during the Jupiter-Rahu period. Jupiter is a debilitated planet, in a cruel conjunction with Saturn in the 3rd house of a road. Rahu afflicts the 1st lord Mars.

That was Gemini-Cancer period by Chara Dasha.

The 8th house from Gemini is severely afflicted. Although the lord of the temporary Lagna is in its own sign, it is next to Mandi and Gulika. In addition, this is the period of the 8th house from Lagna.

Cancer: the 1st lord is in the 8th, together with Ketu. Atma Karaka Sun in the 12th house. The 8th lord is retrograde and conjoined with Jupiter.


It is important to be able to determine whether a person will live without special worries, or whether his health will bring discomfort for many years. In other words, would he have chronic illnesses.

Death caused by a chronic disease is clearly distinguishable by a certain sequence of Antardashas Vimshottari Dasha. Each subsequent period usually has a connection with dusthanas, is afflicted by malefics, combusted or has other afflictions in the D-1 and D-9 charts.

The presence of Saturn at the key points of a birth horoscope is a very important factor of chronic diseases.

A sign of the presence of a chronic disease in the D-1 chart could be:


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