Dark Lord

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Chapter 1: Life in a Magical Village

What a beautiful summer day today. Ivor and I are thirteen years old. My whole life is ahead of me. My small village “Likhovia”, is located in the middle of nowhere. And I really like it. Although taxes have been raised, but you can still live. After all, there is a forest nearby and there are a lot of animals in it. Although there are enough magical beasts. The village chief meets once a month in the city and announces the extermination of them to the Adventurers ' guild. They come, so beautiful in armor and armor. Sometimes mages with staffs. So strong, they kill all animals with magic. Even rain is called when it is necessary. I don’t have time to do that. There is very little magic. They test kids for talent. They buy out the most talented students. So my two friends Irinka and Mark were taken away. My dad Eliot is a half-elf like my mom Irina koshkolyudka died a year ago from the clutches of the count’s pet griffin, and he started drinking. It’s hard for him to be alone with me. But he doesn’t want another woman, and who’s going to go after a drunkard now? Well, at least I have a talent for hunting and gathering. We live on them. I also help in the field. We have bull Sense. Nice, affectionate, carries heavy loads. It would have been very bad without him. While I sit near the house and cook onions, local bullies came.

— Look, the drunk’s son is going to the forest. Let the animals kill him in the forest, and we’ll eat his bull. They say the wizard raccoon is raging again. That’s the monster. Elf ears and cat ears. Four-eared. — Said the dirty-looking fourteen-year-old Temyan, nicknamed “Big Root”, the son of the village headman Oleg. “Throw it at the ragamuffin. He likes it anyway. — And as always, five kids, three boys and two girls about the same age, started throwing dirt and rocks at me. I’ve tried to fight them before. But I always lost. They won by numbers. So I started ignoring them. Five minutes passed. I was covered in mud and abrasions and the leader said. “Stop wasting your time on this scum and let’s move on. “And they left. And the ears help me in hunting with them you can hear better. And Thyme didn’t like me, because I’m pretty and girls like me. And I will live much longer than he is a human. I stuck out my tongue.

I dusted it off, of course. Healed with recovery magic. He walked briskly into the woods. My father is sleeping in the hayloft after last night’s drinking. As soon as he wakes up, he doesn’t start eating. And if I don’t find something for him, I’ll be worse off. The butt from his belt still hadn’t healed from the last time. In order to cure him of his drunkenness, I went to the local witch Terimuska. But all to no avail. Herbs and medicines don’t help. He’s a good man when he’s sober. He teaches me how to cultivate the land. He taught me how to shoot with a bow. He’s very good at recovery magic. But as soon as he drinks it, it’s like a demon takes over. He wants to fight. To the neighbor lonely Elena sticks. She’s already got a lot of problems. My husband and son were eaten by a magical lion six months ago. She doesn’t care about us. She has debts. She is kind. He gives me milk and tea, feeds me homemade cookies. I sometimes give her the skins in return. She makes toys out of them, sells them in the bazaar in the city of Kau. That’s how it survives. If my father hadn’t been drinking, I would have been my second mother. But where there.

Many people greeted me on the way. They wished me luck. We have a peaceful village. Poor people are our problem. Taxes were raised. I walked for a long time, about an hour, until I got deep into the forest. It’s dark out there. Just another day. I checked the snares and traps. So little things like squirrels and martens. We need to find some big game. Tax day is coming up. I’ll give you the skin of a large animal, they’ll leave us a month behind. I listened, and it was quiet. What is. Where there are birds or animals. He hid behind a tree stump and waited. In the distance I hear the trees bend. A big one is coming, even too big. I took a closer look. A large magic raccoon five meters long. Well, if he sees everything, he’ll eat it right away. He began to bury himself in mud. Maybe it will help. Buried all the good earth is loose after the rain. Left only the mouth and eyes of the rest in the ground. He held his breath. But the beast, sniffing, comes towards me. It’s scary, but you can’t be afraid. “Magical beasts can smell your fear,” is what my father always says when he’s sober. He used to be a great hunter. Here in the village I am respected, almost by everyone.

The face of a terrible beast prowls the ground. The creature sniffs. He moves his nose. Saliva and blood flow from the bloody mouth. Who did you eat, creature? Here it is above me. Well, that’s it. Goodbye my friends, goodbye father, goodbye Elena. Maybe it will be better without me. I’m just a peasant in the middle of nowhere. This is how my life will end.

The sound of bowstrings being pulled, I can’t mistake it for anything else. The arrow flies and it crashes into the raccoon’s face. The deafening cry of the beast. But you can’t kill him that easily. It rips up the ground, grazing me as well. Large wounds all over my body. A second, third arrow and the beast falls dead to the ground.

“There’s a kid all hurt. A pleasant female voice says. She came over. Beautiful aunt. It looks like a demon with small horns and short red hair. Dressed in red armor. Young, no more than twenty years old. You can’t tell by the demons, though. They can live forever. Well, neither am I a quarter elf.

“Leave him alone, Elsa, he’s a village kid. It’s second-level. Don’t waste your time and potions on him. We did the job. Now let’s go. A rough male voice said.

“No, Zaire, I’ll help him. See how beautiful it is. He will become a man, he will be a handsome man at all. She doused me with a recovery potion and kissed me on the forehead, saying. “When you grow up, find me. — And calmly left.

I lay there for a long time. After all, when I woke up, it was night. There was no one around, just the carcass of a golden deer and a gold coin. She must have left it. But who they were. I didn’t bother to find out, so I took the carcass on my shoulder, put the coin in the sole of my shoe, and ran home.

“Where have you been, kid?” I want to eat, but I’m not a piggy at home. My father said, looking terribly hungover.

“I went hunting, you see. I have to pay the tax tomorrow. Here, eat some nuts and cook some protein. I tossed three squirrels on the table.“I have to clean the carcass.” We’ll give you the skin. That’s enough for a month. And please don’t spoil the skins, Dad, I’ll give them to my neighbor Elena. It’s hard for her, too.

“Shut up, brat. I’m your dad. And you decided to teach me. I’m smarter than you. You’re still a brat. If your mother were still alive, she would teach you a lesson. “My mother loved me and didn’t beat me. “Your mother.” Then he sat down on the bench and began to cry.

I realized that everything was useless. I cooked the protein on the fire. I fed my father. And he began to clean the deer skin himself. Well, at least Dad remembered Mom today. I didn’t beat him, though. I’m going to work in the fields again tomorrow.

Morning. How nice it is to get up at four in the morning and go to work in the fields after spending the whole night cleaning a deer skin. But I’m not used to complaining. So I worked the land until noon. We planted sugar beets. Then they sold it to the local count. He makes sugar out of it for princes and nobles. We are paid a penny that Dad drinks. But thank you for that, too. I know of no other life. So I clean up the weeds. I went home at lunchtime. We need to pay the tax. The taxman came in on time, beast.

“Anyone in the house?” — Why does he ask if he comes in without knocking? Merun is the taxman of Count Tulia. A wolfman with the manners of a bulldog. Likes debtors to be eaten by dogs. But he won’t get it tonight, bitch.

“Good afternoon, Mr. Merun. Come and sit down. Would you like some tea?” The best in town. I said in my sweetest voice. He’s rumored to love boys. So when you talk to him gently with your cane, it doesn’t hit him in the face or back.

— no. Where’s your folder?”

“He works in the fields. You know everything for the count. All for the country. “Pop’s sleeping in the hayloft with a bottle in his arms.

“That’s good. You know, he used to be a good hunter. Even the best. It’s a pity that this happened to your mother. “He’s not sorry. That’s how to smile, you stinky bastard. “The Count didn’t feed Lyon for two days afterwards. He punished me with a stick and beat me. But let’s not talk about it. Did you prepare the tax?

— Yes, about the most beautiful Merun. I was so disgusted by his smile, but there was nothing to do. I put the deer skin on the table. — Clean and fresh. For two months the taxes will definitely be enough, O most beautiful of men.

“Let’s see. — He liked the praise, even licked his lips a little. An abomination. He fiddled with the skin for a long time, then said.“Okay, two months is two months. I can’t say no to such blue eyes. Bye kid. Grow up a little. Maybe you’ll stay with me. “He took the skin and left. Well, at least I won’t see him for two months, and that’s fine. It is necessary to call my father to the table. But first I’ll stop by my neighbor’s house. Give the skins and drink tea with milk and cookies.

“Anyone home?” — Knocking on the gate of my neighbor Elena’s house, I said.

“And my neighbor Ivor, come in, my boy. She opened the door and let me in. Her place was always clean and smelled like cookies. Don’t know. But I really liked her. I wish she was my mom.

“I’ve brought you some animal skins. And here are a few berries, nuts and medicinal herbs. — We were sitting at her table with tea and ginger cookies.

“Oh, that’s good. I’ll need them. The taxman came and made a lot of money, which I wouldn’t have done without you. She looked at me very strangely. I didn’t like it. She patted my head, but not like my mom.

“You know, Aunt Elena, that I treat you like a mother. It’s a pity that my father doesn’t stop drinking. Otherwise I’d be your husband.” At my words, she took her hand away. His eyes grew serious.

“I’ll never marry him.” He’s bad. He molested me. Barely got away with a hoe. But you’re a good boy. Don’t worry. You’re like a son to me. But it’s just that you’re very good-looking, and you’re getting a little carried away. And you drink the tea, otherwise it will get cold. And look at my toys. Like it or not? She took out a few toys made from my pelts. Squirrels in fancy clothes. Some played the flute, some played the drums. Some of them have wooden swords in their hands. I really liked her toys. In the city, they were highly valued and paid a silver coin apiece. — Do you have a girl?’ I choked on the question. ‘You’re a good boy. I guess there’s someone out there?

“No, Aunt Elena, there is no one. Because I don’t have time for this. After you, I’ll feed my father and go to the forest for new skins.

“Oh, I forgot, here’s your share. She placed three silver coins on the table.

“No, you don’t have to. I have enough money. And if my father finds out that I have money, he will drink it (I hid the coin. One gold piece is one hundred silver pieces, and one silver piece is one hundred copper pieces). You’d better keep it for now. I gave a good hide to the taxman. There will be no taxes for two months. When I go to the city, you’ll give it to me in three days. I need a new saw and some good arrows. Maybe the onion is new. This one’s too bad.”

“Okay, neighbor. I’ll keep your coins for myself. You come by my place in the evenings. I’ll keep you warm.” Like a mom, just like a mom. — Of course I’ll never go to her house tonight.

After finishing my tea, I ran to my father, who was sleeping with an empty bottle in his arms. We ate deer meat and some sorrel soup. Then he went into the city to carouse further. I was sitting on the bench by the entrance again, cleaning my bow and arrow.

“That fool’s going into the woods again. Shaggy stuffed animal. The folder is going on a drinking spree again. A drunk. Maybe he’ll get drunk already. My dad had his eye on your bull for a long time. We’ll send you to an orphanage as a fool. There such fools will quickly be put in their place. The truth of Mirka.

“Yes, it’s true –" said a little girl of about six with no teeth, freckles, and black hair. “He’s dufak yefe thoth.

“That’s right. Throw yourself at him, boys. “More dirt and rocks were thrown at me. True, I didn’t hear much. It was more of a show-off. I usually didn’t pay attention. “He’s had enough for one day. We’ll come back tomorrow and do some more work. A four-eared freak. “And be quiet. “Beautiful bastard. And he will live a long time. Magic isn’t what I am.

I stuck out my tongue as usual when they were gone. But it’s time for me to go hunting, too. The forest is loud as usual. Lots of forest creatures and birds. I examined the traps. All the little things again. Nothing serious. And where are the adventurers from yesterday? I went on quietly for ten minutes and then I heard voices in the distance. He hid behind a tree and a bush.

“I don’t think we’ll find him.” We went through the whole forest. Yesterday’s gruff male voice was saying.

“Don’t despair, Uncle Zaire, we did kill such a beast yesterday. I got a huge reward for it. An unfamiliar male mawkish voice said. I sat up to look. The owner of the voice was a thin elf who looked to be in his late twenties. But you don’t know their exact age.

“You’re messing around again, Rudy. We’re here to find this lord. A young demon with red hair said. Very beautiful. I didn’t get a good look at it yesterday. Now I’m admiring it to the fullest. There was no armor, just a light shirt and leather pants. How slender she is.

“I don’t know who’s talking. You saved the boy yourself yesterday. By spending a common potion. We bought them for us, using the same amount of money. Two silver coins were given away. And you personally spent it on it. I also left him a golden deer skin. I guess you liked it. Although you refuse to come with me. And with him, then, no. He’s just a kid.

“He’s a kid now, but he’ll grow up in five years. Then I’ll do a lot with it. I don’t like you slug, that’s all. Don’t bother me. Let’s talk business instead. She pulled out a large map. — We’ve checked this area. Only two left. But something tells me. We won’t find anything here. And what makes you think that the crystal with the demon lord Alejandro is just lying here and waiting for us?

“Look at this. The slimy elf produced an ancient-looking parchment. — This is a scroll of Darkness that says that five thousand years ago, there was a battle of all the tribes of the world with an invader from the world of darkness. But he lost and his army was defeated. The great dragon Neroon bound his soul in crystal and flew away. According to legend, he flew for five days, but he was hit by an arrow of his henchman Alejandro Gnusia and he dropped it into the sea. The sea has dried up for many years and we are now standing at the bottom of it.

“The sea can’t dry up. Old dwarf Zaire said.

“Maybe. It’s a long process, but that’s what happened. Check the cards here. He held up the cards. “You see. There used to be a sea. Now it’s gone.

“I won’t argue with you. But if we don’t find anything tomorrow, let’s move on. Ok? Demon said, smiling prettily. A strange feeling flared up inside me. Is this really love?

I admired her and went on hunting. I didn’t really find anything today. Just a couple of berries and herbs for potions. When he got home, he fed Tolka the bull and went to bed with his father. I couldn’t sleep at all. I kept thinking about the demon. How beautiful she is. I’ll probably never see her again. Maybe tomorrow.

Morning came. When I was done, I ran into the woods, but I couldn’t find her. They’re gone. The hour grieved. It felt like a hole had been made in his chest. I caught two birds with one stone and went home.

On the way, I heard a rustle under a bush. I looked it up. Oh horror there’s a little magical raccoon. Just a baby. Just born and all wounded. Probably, the wolves wanted to eat, but could not cope, here is the body of one lying next to it. I’ll need his hide.” I took it off. The raccoon came up to me and licked my hand. I examined it. The raccoon girl. Pretty girl. With a healing spell, he cured the baby. She came alive. I cut off a piece of the wolf and fed it with my hand. She was eating. It was delicious. I patted the baby. She liked it, I like it too, it’s so soft and fluffy. He conjured up some water and gave her a drink. I guess I haven’t eaten properly since my mother died. I started getting ready to go home. She came with me.

“Don’t come with me. They’ll kill you in the village. — She’s not in what room. “You’ll live here. I dug out a badger hole, put some grass and wolf meat. “I need to give you a name.” You can’t get rid of me. She licked my hand. “Paris, that’s what they’ll call you. I’ll come to you. — There are no friends left in the village. At least there will be a friend in the forest. Magical raccoons are good trackers, and a pet can help me teach my abusers a lesson. She seemed to understand and fell asleep in her new home. I ran home. Then he came to check on the beast for two days. She was so happy to see me.

On the third day, I arrived in the small town of Kau. We need to buy new equipment. Maybe I’ll sell the skins in varnish.

“Hey, kid. Selling skins again. — Said the familiar Uncle Yegorian drakonid. Draconians were not much different from humans, except that they had wings and small horns.

“But look at Uncle Yegorian. “I dumped some skins out of the bag on his counter.

“So that’s two coppers. That’s five coppers. He started counting. “So here are five silver coins. And don’t give them to the folder. Or else he’ll get drunk again. Better buy ice cream or sweets. Buy some clothes, and the way you walk like a ragamuffin. By the way, I have one outfit-only one silver one. He pulled out a stale-looking doublet.

“No, Uncle, I’m fine as it is. — I won’t wear such rags.” And someone to show off to. In the forest and in the field, you don’t need beautiful clothes. But in front of a beautiful demon with red hair, I would like to dress up nicely. Something in my heart ached.

“Kid. Why are you holding on to your heart? Fell in love means. It doesn’t matter. I have love potions. Five gold pieces and it’s yours. Add it to the water or pour it on yourself. You can do it all night.

“No, you’re not an uncle. I’m too young for this. — And yet she’s gone, I don’t know where to find her.

“All right, kid. You know where to find me.

I left Uncle Yegorian’s house to buy a bow and arrow. And I know where I need to go. I walked for a long time. There was an inconspicuous sign in a dark corner that read “Stuff”.

“Oh, my dear. Come in. A pleasant-looking lamia was standing behind the counter. Lamias called people who were snakes from the waist down.

“Good day, Uncle Marcos.” I need a new bow, otherwise the old one has become quite bad. I put it on the table. — It’s in exchange for a surcharge. As always. — I’ve done it more than once.

“You’re lucky. We have a new delivery. Some rogue adventurers came in about an hour ago. They sold me a magical raccoon skin and various old equipment.

— And the demon with red hair was called Elsa?

— Yes, a beauty. And you’re a kid who knows her. Liked to see. That’s how my heart rate grew. We lamias have good hearing and vision. Although it is already visible. But here’s my advice. You village boy can’t handle it. She’ll eat you up in bed. Trust my experience. I have a demon wife myself. He even looked sad.

“Where did they go?”

“You won’t catch up, kid. Better look at the goods here is her bow. Old of course but. He pulled it out from behind the counter

I immediately grabbed it. The pleasant smell of demon perfume filled my nose. Same as back then.

“I’ll take it.”

“I see you care about her. I’ll give it to you for a silver one. Although it costs more than ten. But you wouldn’t have left without him. I see the dope of love. Throw it off your head. You don’t need this.

I paid for it, ran around town looking for it, but couldn’t find it, and went home. Then he spent an hour hugging her, hugging her, kissing her. I couldn’t sleep tonight.

The next few days were fun. I used to come to the woods after lunch and play with Parisa. She’s a very cute raccoon. She understood commands. With her, hunting became a game. It’s very fast. If you tell her to find something, she’ll have something in her mouth.” I found medicinal herbs easily. Especially rare ones. Probably a natural talent. Over time, I began to notice strange looks from her. Conscious or something. More and more, I began to trust her. I bathed her, fed her. Treated for lice. She was licking my face. You can even say that he loved her as a pet.

Chapter 2 The Stone

Everything was going well. Five years have passed. I’m eighteen. Legal age. I didn’t have a holiday like in other families. My father still drinks a lot. But apparently, the fact that he’s an elf gives him vitality. Thyme keeps picking on me. But in a different way. He says I’ll be poor forever, and he’s going to college soon. Well, maybe he’ll finally leave me alone. My pet raccoon has grown into a one-and-a-half meter beast. And it helps me a lot. I don’t sell a lot of skins, otherwise they will immediately guess something is wrong and start asking unnecessary questions. In the city, he began casually buying books on animal domestication, along with with many other books on herbs and mushrooms. Gold had to be spent on two interesting books called “Taming demons” an old book completely worn out and “The Evolution of animals”. I trained her on it. The book is very interesting, it says that all magical animals can evolve into a human form. I really like the idea of making Paris human. He will help me in the field and in the processing of hides, too. Maybe I’ll teach you how to cook. But here’s where she’ll live. Although what to think about it, she is still not a human. The demon lady was never seen again. Too bad she was beautiful.

But while I was thinking, my pet ran off somewhere. I looked around, but there was nowhere to find it. I went to look for it. I see he’s digging the ground. Again, probably found a den of giant worms with a meter growth and wants to profit. I didn’t bother him. Although it is tame, but when there is it is better not to approach it. Instincts, after all. But this is something else. He pulls out a rock. Large in appearance meter by meter. Coming up.

“What you found, girl.” When she heard me, she began to lick my hand. So affectionate. Hisses on the stone, scratches. — What is it?’ It looks older. ‘I put my hand up.

“Hey, kid. So a new vessel has arrived. We need to go around. “A strange substance has entered me. She tried to take control of me. But something didn’t work out. “What a strong spirit. It happens in two cases. Or you’re a hero like never before. Or you are so much rotten life that you outplayed it and did not bend to the changing world. I bent it down myself.

“I knew that the soul of the demon lord Alejandro was here in the woods since I was a child. So I trained from the book “Taming Demons” that I bought a long time ago.

“Then you can’t be conquered. So we’ll have to be friends. As you know, my name is Demon Lord Alejandro. How many years have I been in my prison, mortal friend?

“Five thousand years. And I’m not a mere mortal I’m a quarter elf and therefore immortal. So be more polite. Otherwise, I know a spell that will drag you back into the stone.” Check my thoughts, demon.

“So that’s it. You’re an interesting specimen. An elf and a catman indeed. You really know the spell. You’ve prepared well. This is the first time this has happened to me. I come to this world like this periodically once in thousands of years. Before that, all the people who found me were weaklings. And you’re absolutely unique. That is, special.

“I know that already. Now here are my rules.

— So it’s very interesting that you also set a rule for me.

“And shut up, demon. I raised my hand to the stone, and Parisa licked the other. “If you say a word, I’ll put it back and bury it.” He was silent. “First, I decide when you can talk, but at other times you don’t. Second, you will share your knowledge with me, but you will not tell me what to do. Third, any disobedience from you will return to the stone immediately. Fourth, you have no right to harm me. Any violation and you’re back in jail. That’s all for now, but the rules can be added. Therefore, swear that you will fulfill all the requirements.

“I swear.” At his words, my body was covered in a bright light. Level increased to tenth. It’s already good. — You really are an interesting fellow. We’ll definitely be friends. And what do you want? How can I help you?

“I’m looking for a lady.” But before I meet her, I want to get stronger.

— And love. I’ll give you some free advice, my friend. Love burns worse than a flame.

“I know, not a brat. But first, help me turn my magical beast into a human being. So I have a book.

“All right, read the last spell in the book with me.

He began to read the text, and I repeated it in a strange language. My pet didn’t respond. But when she finished repeating the words to him, she was literally pounding. She rolled on the floor, spitting. Then she stopped abruptly. A bright light illuminated everything around me, and moments later, an eighteen-year-old girl appeared in front of me. She was wearing a bright yellow sundress and a small blue hat.

“Hey, friend. You’re a human beast now.

“At … priv.".privv… hi. Her pleasant voice said. I really liked the freckles on my face and the blonde hair. She’s not exactly pretty, but she’s not ugly either.

“We’ll be friends like before. I want you to be my family. Kind of like the sister I never had.

“I agree, little brother.

We hugged each other. I’m so glad I got a sister.

“I’ll pack my things and we’ll go around the world together. But to others, you’re my wife. This is necessary so that you don’t get molested. Good. There are many bad people in the world.

“I understand. The human world is cruel. My mother was killed by a demon thing. But I understand you want to go with her. Well, as you say.

“We’ll discuss that later. Wait here.”

I went inside

— Demon, what should I tell her so that she won’t be offended, I thought she would become obedient and won’t remember who killed her mother.

“Here’s some advice, friend. A girl in the arms and under the crown. This one will be taken away quickly. Don’t think about the demon. They are dangerous. This one will owe you for the rest of your life. But if it really presses. You take the demon as your second wife, so that it doesn’t arise. Women when the second do not dare. This is the owner of a harem of a thousand wives talking to you.

“I’ll take it into consideration.

The house was a mess. My father got drunk again and started looking for a stash. But where does it come from? Everything he could have already sold. I’m tired of his eccentricity. And only Parisa kept me here. But now I’m free.

“You little brat. Give the folder some money to get drunk. I want to get drunk.

“No, I’m leaving you. And I’ll take the ox and cart for myself. Whatever you want, we’re still alive. I do not care. Pay your own taxes and at least get drunk here. You’re not my father. I’m tired of it.

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