CWT Ideology

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This book presents a new vision in the form of an ideology

that brings people of various countries, cultures, religions and

beliefs together in one shared purpose — to become free from

the domination of global financial corporations. From birth we

are told what to do. “You must” is the mantra we are told we

should live by, but in fact it’s just other people’s thoughts that

force us to the life of their choosing. Taking their position of”I

must” we choose a life for someone or something else, not for


“My purpose” — that is what we are really after and what

we believe we want when we are honest with ourselves. “My

purpose” can only occur when we cease to follow someone

else’s ideals and head toward our own. Only in this case we will

discover our personal potential. This “My purpose” has become

the global aim for the leader of the international movement

) — Aleksey Muratov. “My

purpose” is to change the world, which is ruled by the elite of

the world financial empire. They are always ready to start wars,

organize revolutions and drive common people into “slavery”

for the sake of their own greed and monopoly.

However, Aleksey is well aware that improving or

implementing anything new without knowledge or experience

is a hit-and-miss gamble. Aleksey Muratov realized that he did

not want to live like most people do. At a young age he worked

as a leading engineer at the Kursk nuclear power station of

and was a leader of the youth

movement. By the age of 25 he had become the youngest deputy

chairman of the City Duma to the Chairman of the permanent

commission on economic policy. This was not unconnected;

he had a dream to help the people of his city! Soon it came

to him: one couldn’t change people’s lives in a city, region or

country for the better unless the state had sovereignty, unless

it had full independence in its internal affairs and foreign

policy. Unfortunately, most countries of the world do not have

that sovereignty. So the desire to rid society of the negative


movement’s ideology.

One cannot win if the rules are constantly being changed

for the benefit of who making the changes. The rules must be the

same for all participants. Aleksey Muratov tried to implement

this idea by participating in Sergey Mavrodi’s infamous project

.Aleksey was engaged in the creation of political parties

outside Russia. It should be noted that this was his first experience

with an association of people from different countries, different

cultures and religions, who desired to change the rules imposed

on them. However, when the Ukrainian legitimate government

was overthrown in Ukraine with the help of the world’s financial

elite and the pro-Western puppets, Aleksey considered it his

duty to come to Donbass.

He realized that the background of that conflict was not a

national idea by the Ukrainian people, not a desire to enter the

European Union but a threat from international corporations to

start third world war. This would prevent Russia from further

development and stop it from becoming a new superpower. That

spring Aleksey Muratov became an official representative of the

Donetsk People’s Republic, after its proclamation, in Russia. He

became an active participant in the creation of a new ideology,

which would unite the inhabitants of Donbass. As the head of the

Executive Committee, he is engaged in the development of the

— the most widespread one in

the Donetsk People’s Republic. After that he started to working

at the Central Office of the People’s Council (Parliament) of

the DPR and Aleksey created its structure. He took the work

to a new level and built relationships with his colleagues from

the Russian Federation. Despite the successful nation-building

work in the young Republic, Aleksey Muratov kept his dream to

create a new international movement. The political experience

he gained became a strong background for this movement and

the formation of a new international association.

Thus, the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation

Change the World Together

) on August 17, 2016. Aleksey Muratov has become the


The Earth and humankind are being held hostage to

the political and financial system. This system protects the

interest of financial elites and is bitterly unfair towards people

and destructive towards nature. This system is based on the

colonization and exploitation of people, states, energy, minerals

and technologies. The way global capital is being exploited is at

the root of religious conflicts between people and communities.

For centuries the financial system has been taken control of

the world’s resources and markets, and influenced governments,

mass media, education, medicine and even our food supply. A

few of the world’s richest families and their corporations exert

direct control over the scope of all major human activity.

How could this happen? To answer this question let’s turn

to history.

The history of money extends back over thousands of

years. At the dawn of the human civilization, when there was

no money, only hard work could give you clothing, shelter and

food. Over time the main human occupations (gathering and

hunting) moved to the next level and our ancestors could raise

cattle and grow their own food. As a result, a surplus of goods

and produce started to appear.

A tribe which had a large number of animal skins but short

of grain could exchange with another tribe that had a surplus of

grain. This is how bartering started. As humans developed, the

barter also developed and covered an even greater number of

goods and services.

The most famous example of bartering in human history

is the bargain of Peter Minuit in 1626. For trinkets and beads

costing $24 he obtained the island of Manhattan. In 1993 the

island was valued at $50 billion.

Gradually people realized that carrying a bag of wheat or

dozens of skins for exchange was not very convenient. By trial

and error humans began using silver and gold as an equivalent

for exchange. Gold and silver could not be faked or spoil, so

they served as money for a long time.

Jewelers began minting gold and silver coins. They needed

a reliable storage for gold and silver ushering in the first safes.

Soon, traders and the general population began to rent space in

the jewelers safes to store their coins and valuables. So, long

before credit existed jewelers began to lease shelves in their

safes earning income from that business.

Years later one jeweler began to understand that people

never came for their gold all at once. This occurs because

people were holding onto obligatory bills given by the

jeweler as a proof of the stored gold. These bills were

considered real money in the market instead of the gold

as it was more convenient and easy to exchange. Sellers

of goods accepted them as receipts for payment of goods.

Borrowers began to take loans in this paper form instead

of real gold.

The jeweler came up with another business — he started

to lend his gold at an interest. He used his own and the

stored gold of the merchants and townspeople, who kept it

for safekeeping. But since everyone never come at the same

time, this business grew rapidly. The ability to give loans

was limited only by the amount of gold in the safe. Then

the bankers came up with an even more daring idea. Since

they were the only ones who knew how much gold was in

the safe they could issue obligatory bills for gold that they

did not have. If all the investors would never come at the

same time to collect, then who would find out? They figured

out how to make money out of thin air. This was the origin

of the phrase “to make money out of thin air”. Jewelers

who realized how to make money out of thin air are today’s


That principle became the ground of the existing

financial system that began to take shape about 400 years

ago. Bankers began to lend to governments, who used that

money to wage wars of conquest, and to merchants, who

conducted “business” by exploiting new territories. Since

the governments depended on the banks’s money, they not

only allowed them to make money out of thin air but also

legitimized this process by skewing the ratio making it 9

to 1. Today this is called a “fractional reserve” system.

Today this works in most of the worlds banks and

accepted as a part of the banking philosophy. For example,

if you deposit $1000 into an account, the bank can then

turn around and lend someone else $10,000 in the form

of credit based on this fractional reserve system — legally

creating money out of thin air.

State fraud

The first major state endorsement of this financial fraud was

the Bank of England in 1694. That institution was as a result of

the so-called transaction between a nearly bankrupt government

and a group of financiers. The bank was private and so the state

gave it the official title and the right to issue money. The King

of England was in great need of money for the war with France

and willingly agreed to give the bankers this national title and

get the loans he needed.

In the 1690s the banking system of England included

lending bankers, who provided loans out of borrowed funds,

and jewelers receiving gold for deposits and extending loans

as well. Bankers realized that the power over money might

well result in unlimited opportunities. In a couple of centuries

the British Empire became a leading world power due to the

relentless colonization of other peoples and continents.

In 1913 the next leader emerged surpassing the Bank of England

in the scale and scope of using this fraudulent system. This was the

Federal Reserve (FRS) of the United States. But the Federal Reserve

was not a governmental organization. It was a private enterprise

made up of bankers, a joint stock company established by 12 Federal

Reserve banks, which in turn had been created by commercial banks.

The FRS operates as a private bank. The US government issues bonds

to procure the “national currency” and the FRS prints bank notes and

lends them to the state through the sale of the bonds. The state buys the

bonds and the money returns to the FRS with interest.

Thus, the main objective of the FRS was its income through

seignior age — the difference between the face value of the bank

notes and the cost of their production. For example, if a hundreddollar

banknote costs 10 cents to make, the seigniorage will be

99 dollars 90 cents. Like the Bank of England, the FRS is not

part of the state.

The third US President Thomas Jefferson (1772—1782)

said: “Banking institutions are more dangerous to our

liberties then standing armies. If the American people ever

allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first

by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations

that will develop around them will deprive the people of all

property until their children wake up homeless in the country

their fathers built”.

Deception, fraud and racketeering are the modus operandi

of the bankers. You’ve heard of names like Rothschild and

Rockefeller. What do they have in common? They both became

rich and powerful using these unfair and corrupt methods and

the law never stopped them as they achieved their goals.

During the great Anglo-French battle of Waterloo in 1815 the

London Stock Exchange was thrown into disorder. If Napoleon

won, the market would be ruined, but if he lost, the market would

be enriched. Rothschild saw this battle as an opportunity to make a

fortune for himself. Using messenger pigeons and signals from boats

along the English Channel he was the first to learn that Napoleon

lost. He quickly spread false information that Napoleon had won to

the London Stock Exchange. He started selling his shares with others

following him and the price of securities went spriraling downward.

Rothschild and his partners, knowing that England had

actually won, bought all the shares for a pittance. A day later,

when the London Stock Exchange learnt about the victory of

England, those shares skyrocketed and were worth a fortune.

Nathan Rothschild earned 40 million pounds on this information

flip. This fraud went down in history as one of many examples

showing the impropriety bankers and their principles.

Rothschild Rockefeller

Rothschild was a great deceiver, however Rockefeller often

used openly criminal methods for doing business ruining the

businesses of his competitors. His criminal infamy reached such

a level that mothers used his name to frighten their misbehaving


The ability to print money without constraint is the dream

of any financier allowing him or her to print as much he desires.

This large supply of money was used to seize the treasures and

resources of others from around the world. Millions were robbed

of the opportunity to share the wealth of the world. The Federal

Reserve engaged in the bribing of politicians, the take-over of

competition and the buying of entire governments in order to

strengthen its position. And in order to protect its position it

financed the world’s strongest army, that of the United States of


What does an ambitious entrepreneur do if he can obtain

a surplus of money? He expands his business. And that is

what the bankers did. In order to increase their earnings

they began to give out loans. This also began to happen

on a governmental level giving out massive loans to build

up armies through the sale of arms and pitting one country

against the other. This led to the destruction of countries,

which gave the banks the opportunity to turn around and

begin giving loans for the rebuilding of these countries, and

the cycle repeated itself. The First and Second World Wars

were examples of this scenario.

Shortly after the FRS was established, the First World

War began. It culminated in the collapse of two currencies

secured with gold — the Russian ruble and the German mark.

However, many American businessmen opposed the bankers

and realized the real motives of the financial robber barons.

In 1929 the Great Depression began. The discount rate of

the FRS suddenly increased and almost half the money

supply was withdrawn from the economy making the credit

cost skyrocket.

Companies that relied on credit went bankrupt and

the regular investors’ lives were ruined by the gratuitous

consumer loans. Securities were not worth a penny and

millions people became unemployed and idle. Some

people flaunt the idea that during the depression in the

United States all of the country’s assets were lost. But this

is not what happened, when someone loses value — another

receives it. The well-kept secret is who had bought those

assets. Those who control the FRS bought them, the same

people who organized the economic depression with the

help of the FRS.

In 1932 Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected president

of the US. He began “fighting the crisis”. US citizens were

barred from possessing precious metals and had to hand

them over to the authorized banks, or the owner would face

a prison sentence. Soon after the expropriation the price of

gold went up significantly.

At the same time American industry was being procured

by the bank clans and the FRS. This was not only about

saving American industry.

Not everybody kept silent, congressman and banker from

Pennsylvania, Louis McFadden, gave a famous speech that exposed

the Great Depression. In a highlight he said: “It was no accident.

It was a carefully contrived occurrence. The International Bankers

sought to bring about a condition of despair here so they might

emerge as the rulers of us all”. In 1936 the politician suddenly died

at the age of 50.

World War II made the United States the world’s richest

country. Investments in the construction plans of the Third Reich

were successful. The list of American backers of Hitler included

names like Rockefeller and Morgan. In the summer of 1929, at a

special meeting of bankers, representatives of the Morgan Financial

and industrial group acknowledged the need to support the German

Nazi movement.

At the end of the war, in 1944, all States signed the

Bretton Woods agreement, which made the dollar the only

legitimate global reserve currency. Since 1944 these green

papers, printed by a private organization and unsecured,

were supposed to be used for all the settlements and storage

of foreign-exchange reserves. However, the US suddenly

experienced problems.

The young and charismatic president John Fitzgerald

Kennedy — a representative of a large Irish clan — started a

crusade against the FRS. In his speech about the “secret

societies” the president called for the construction of an

alternative power system. The Government began emission

of banknotes, secured with precious metals through

the Ministry of Finance, under the presidential decree

No. 11110. Those dollars were endorsed under the name

“United States Note” not “Federal Reserve Note”. That

is they were reprinted and endorsed by the State, not a

private entity. They were secure.

Six months later Kennedy was killed. Then his brother

Robert was also killed. Some believe for knowing more than

he should. The Kennedy rebellion was suppressed. Banknotes

were withdrawn. Now the two- and five-dollar bills of 1963

are rare.

As president, John Kennedy felt like a puppet of the FRS,

and he did not like it. Thus, Kennedy fought for the interests

of the American people and actually tried to make a coup

d’etat from above.

There remained a detail that got in the way of the

banker’s ultimate objective. This was the problem of

Bretton Woods and the issuing of money. Remember that

money had a gold equivalent and could be exchanged for

gold under the Bretton Woods agreement at any time.

However, the bankers had printed one thousand times

the amount money than they had gold in stock. But the

bankers were legally obliged to make such an exchange if

demanded. If all the bank customers came at the same time

requiring the exchange of money for gold, their system

would collapse there and then.

So they decided to change this obstructive law with

the help of the then president of the US, Richard Nixon.

He implemented a series of economic reforms in 1971

known as the “Nixon shock”. The most significant reform

was the refusal of the US to secure the dollar rate with a

gold equivalent, which resulted in a virtual collapse of

the Bretton Woods system. The bankers were now free to

produce as much paper money as they needed. Money truly

became paper, as the Nixon decision gave the dollar note a

value which was not backed by anything.

The way to organize

and control crisis

The same banking system caused the mortgage crisis

of 2007—2008, which gave hundreds of thousands of US

households to the banks. A huge number of Americans were

unable to pay their financial obligations to the bank. The

banks took the debtors’ houses and put them up for sale.

Why had lots of Americans suddently become insolvent?

The reason is that the creditors gave loans to questionable

borrowers who defaulted on these loans.

This play started in 2001, the bankers began to give money

to all takers. They were considerable amounts, as it was for

real estate purchases. Some banks offered loans with a floating

interest rate, adjusted yearly from the start of the third year.

At the beginning the rate was unusually low. Others advertised

loans that pushed even the first payment for a new house into

the future. No first payment or security was needed.

The seductive conditions that they offered Americans

were tempting to those who were not even considering

buying real estate. Everybody began to take loans trying to

improve their living conditions. People, who had no money,

took out loans from institutions, who also had no money

but borrowed and raised the funds in order to loan them out

under this scheme.

One debt caused another one, debt was everywhere. But

the system of selling debt had its industrial logic. The sale

of mortgage bonds and loans was performed like this: the

rating agencies assessed the degree of credit non-repayment

risk and depending on that degree, the securities had various

degrees of “freshness”. Extra Grade and Grade I were more

expensive but had less risk and found their buyers quickly.

However, second and third grade ratings were also quite

popular. The price of the risky mortgage “package” was low

and had a large demand.

Everybody was satisfied. Banks ended contracts with

private persons, got its money from investors and could start

the affair again. Investors had invested and were waiting for

profits as skeptical yet willing customers could apply for

loans again.

The hilarity of the situation was that investors, or

speculators, who bought cheap “second-rate” mortgage

obligations on the so called scientific basis propagated by

rating agencies divided them into more grades. This time

the “highest grade” (reliability rating) was not the best of

the best but the best of the worst.

This went on for 6—7 years! The US economy was

growing, GDP was increasing, everyone was happy. Many

people were not only kept occupied but also made large amounts

of money, but produced nothing. This debt pyramid was supported

with constant growth of real estate prices, which enabled attraction

of new players with new financial resources to the housing and

mortgage market.

Banks, major reputable companies with many years or even

a century or two of operation started the same game, let’s call it

“give everybody as much of your money as you can”. This resulted

in filled postal boxes but no prospectuses of some productive and

beneficial business opportunity, only thick envelopes with bank

contracts. Each envelope contained a credit card. Its activation

required nothing. Just take it and start to buy, the agreement was

straightforward and endorsed by the bank. “Real” money has been

sent out by mail, carelessly, to everyone en masse.

The logic of this mailing system was straightforward:

mass non-payment of debt on credit cards. The USFRS

data stated the cumulative “plastic debt” of Americans

amounting to approximately $950 billion at the beginning

,the rate of nonperforming

card loans increased from 4.61% to 6.82% from

August 2007 to August 2008 which is a growth amounting to a

48% increase. Withdrawals from credit cards during the

period of unemployment be truly of historic proportions. The

existing policy had become impossible as the credit system

with its low lending rate had mad large, that their re-payment

was impossible. The consequences of the US bank games were

made visible for all to see.

This brings to mind the statement that US President Woodrow

Wilson once said: “We have come to be one of the worst ruled,

one of the most completely controlled and dominated governments

in the civilized world — no longer a government by free opinion,

no longer a government by conviction and the vote of the

majority, but a government ruled by the opinion and the

duress of a small group of dominant men”.

His statement is not only meant for the US. The Arabs

traded oil for dollars, the Germans sold machines and

equipment for marks (having eliminated the Euro), the

Chinese manufactured for yuan. Until today no one seems

ready to fight against this system in the United States,

although everyone understands that the FRS is robbing the

world creating virtual money at the expense of our benefit

and instead of legitimate material resources.

Key areas of life

and forms of control

It has become common knowledge that the world’s elite

and the bankers profit and benefit from the crises that befall

ordinary populations around the world.

How else do they implement their control and plans on

populations? This is a product of their control on the world’s

energy reserves, food supplies, health systems, education

and social media. One can even argue that the scientific

establishment colludes with these sponsors as they are the

benefactors for their research.

Energy and oil

The dependence of humankind on oil & gas and coal

corporations ensures massive profits for those at the top of

the financial system. The group of energy companies led by

BP, Chevron, ExxonMobil and Royal Dutch Shell and the

OPEC cartel and national

oil producers control about

88% of the worlds energy

reserves and its production

and sale. Do you think

they want to see the petrol

driven car replaced with the

electric car?

This is one of the

reasons that alternative

energy sources are yet to

become mainstream and replace the destructive use of fossil

fuels. There is a strong incentive for those driven by profit

to continue the dependence on oil for as long as possible

disregarding the effect this has on the environment. Free

energy will put these corporations out of business and

therefore it is a matter of survival for them to fight this

change, even if it puts the survival of our ecosystem in

jeopardy. Petrodollars are at the root of power in today’s


Food products

Derivative of oil are being used in many of the world’s

vital products. In the agriculture sector they are used for

fertilizers and herbicides to control food production.

Agriculture has paid large sums to the Oil and Gas giants

through the purchase of these products. But when you realize

that the same bankers are behind Big Agriculture as well as

Big Oil then the picture becomes clearer. Governments pay

billions of dollars in subsidies to these companies and yet

their promise to end hunger has fallen short, very short.

Toxic chemicals are poisoning people and wildlife polluting

soil and water and producing harmful food that poses a

serious threat to our health.

Monsanto, DuPont, Cargill, ADM, Glencore are the

global agriculture giants. They produce genetically modified

products at the seed level creating all sorts of undefined

complications to the human body. This unnecessary invasion

on the human body is destroying our immune systems and

the rise of cancer rates around the world is a case in point.

We have also seen a rise in infertility which scientists

believe is related to these modified products.

Not only are these corporations ruining our health by

degrading our food supply, they are also destroying the

livelihood of the farmers that would otherwise supply us

with natural organic produce. The farmers cannot compete

with the corporate giants and are forced to purchase the

modified seeds to survive. These seeds can only be planted

once and will not produce more seeds as per the natural

cycle. The seed has been modified and made sterile, so the

farmer returns to buy more from the corporations. This is

how the profit incentive has colonized and exploited our

food supply.

So, two key areas, energy and food, are controlled by

the same elite banking families and the corporations that

represent them. The destruction is obvious today as the

geopolitical wars driven by resource shortages wage on,

and the GMO debacle still continues unabated. But that’s

not all the trouble.


Medicine is also under the control of these international

bankers and their corporations. The health system has been

controlled by a network of pharmaceutical companies who

have strong incentive to produce and sell as many drugs

as possible. It’s how they succeed in the financial system.

They fund medical education, medical studies and results

are always in their favor, not for the benefit of those who

need the health care. Doctors profit from selling specific

medicines and they are trained at the expense of Big Pharma

companies. Medicine seems to be designed not to eliminate

the disease but only to relieve the symptoms and prolong

the disease so more medicine can be sold.

The pharmaceutical industry controls our society.

Its interests control medical researches and make all

professions related to health care dependent on it.

Pharmaceutical companies manipulate the law and mass

media in order to preserve and protect their dominant

position. Mass-media large-scale advertising campaigns

create a “smokescreen” and hide the true interests of the

pharmaceutical industry.

The advertising statements of pharmaceutical industry

falsely claim the destruction of infectious diseases. In fact,

the most important therapeutic drugs, such as penicillin and

other antibiotics, were invented in institutions funded by


The pharmaceutical industry is also trying to prevent

the dissemination of information about vitamins, knowing

that, in this case, the life time of millions people will be

extended for several decades.

Revenues of pharmaceutical companies over the past

25 years exceeded the revenues of all the other industries

on average by 500%. In other words, the disease business

is the most profitable business in the world and millions

of people pay the bills directly or indirectly. What should

we do?

The most important way to change the situation is that

we should not only reveal but also to participate in the

creation of a new health care system. Healthy aging should

be the rule rather than the exception.

Novartis, Pfizer,

and others carry out a lot of scientific

investigations, but they are not transparent about the

extent of these investigations. There is strong evidence

that pharmaceutical companies are creating some of the

diseases that they also create cures for, all in the name

of more profit. They invest in the future by creating

the problem and the solution simultaneously. Are they

using human beings for their experiments? Are they

engaged in the sterilization of people through their

questionable vaccines? We already know that they are

creating biological weapons for warfare, commissioned

by the military-industrial complex, and all underwritten

and controlled by the same bankers. This puts all of

the medical industry in question on whether it is really

benefiting humankind at all.

We see the systematic legalization of harmful drugs

and chemical psychotropic substances all over the world.

Children are being subscribed harmful substances for

fictitious diseases. Do you still think that the power players

value the health of the human populace?

Science and education

Science and education is also under the control of

the financial system today. What do bankers and their

corporations want from schools? They want to indoctrinate

our minds from the start to produce an obedient and docile

work force which is easily controlled. The school follows

curriculums set by authorities and keep us bound to the

system for many years until we become submissive to this

hierarchical system.

It is apparent that the bankers do not want to see an

educated populace. The quality of public education has

been steadily declining and the ability of people to think

differently has been stunted. It is much harder to control

a man or a woman who thinks critically and can look at

things from different perspectives. They want us to turn into

robots who obey and consume on demand.

The scientific establishment has also been subjugated

to the will of these elites. The funding of science has been

primarily channeled into areas that do not create the most

value for humankind. This is evident in the slow adoption

of the renewables industry and other sectors such as

transportation, education and health. The unlimited capital

at the control of the few has been set against the benefits of

the many.

Do you want to live

in such a world?

People’s main purpose under this system is to survive,

not prosper. It has become a modern form of slavery driven

by the financial elite. They’ve created a system to control

people’s minds. We work to pay back debts, loans with high

interest and to afford to send our children to schools. All

this is for the benefit of a few and their exorbitant life styles.

This system looks like a pyramid separated into

divisions with ordinary people making up the bottom level.

This is the economic term of the “bottom of the pyramid”

where most of those living in poverty are categorized.

The next level is where we have government workers and

those that benefit at the expense of the masses through

tax collection. At the next level we have the corporations

who influence government and control much of our social

behaviour. The next level is where the big banks and

various finance institutions sit and is run by the financial

elite that control the corporations. At the high tip of the

pyramid are the 300 richest families that influence and

control all that is below them.

Researchers from Zurich have analyzed the data of 40

million companies from 200 countries around the world

and came to a disappointing conclusion. About 80% of all

the global funds and companies are concentrated within

150 transnational corporations (TNCs) consisting of

banks, investment funds and insurance companies that are

controlled by a very small group of people.

Many experts believe that a world government is

already acting through the institutions it has created: the

World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the World

Health Organization, and the World Trade Organization

lead the list. They believe that a totalitarian world power

is being formed, a military dictatorship led by a fringe elite

— possessing everything and setting all the rules. We can

already see this elite seeking to control access to almost all

the resources we need to live.

One of the goals of this clandestine organization is to

create what is known as the “golden billion”. This golden

billion includes 24 countries that represent the “worthiest

of the developed” nations. About 900 million people from

these countries have been assigned the role of service and

mining and the other 6 billion people are classified as

“unnecessary” and systematically destroyed by the means of

harmful substances, viruses, wars and government injustice.

The story

of the disadvantaged people

In most of the cities in India people live in slums and cardboard

boxes on the streets. They work as servants for the wealthy people

or hold low-wage jobs. These are the “disadvantaged people”

perceived by the rest of the world as the people in need. More

affluent citizens pass these slums on their way to and from work

and try to ignore the situation and plight of these disadvantaged

people. The people in need themselves have become resigned to

their predicament and accept it as their destiny. Most of them do

not consider it necessary to change these conditions. It makes no

sense for them to fight the unfair conditions they were born into.

When we look at disadvantaged people, we consider ourselves

successful and lucky by comparison. After all, we live in

comfortable conditions, receive good education and many of us

have prestigious high paying jobs. We have loved ones around

us and we feel that we have advantages in life. However, we

are also “disadvantaged people” for those who live better than

we do, compared to the world’s financial elite. For them we are

also second-class citizens who live pitiful lives while they spend

fortunes on extravagant luxury.

There is an obvious injustice that exists, we understand that

we are being manipulated and deceived. Our hard work is used to

get the wealthiest of us even richer and we must be content with


What have we done to change this? Almost nothing. This

unjust world will be passed on to our children and grandchildren

and they will continue to live in the same way as we do.

Generations and generations will replace each other without

changing anything. But is this right? No!

I suggest stopping this cycle of injustice in the world and to

change our lives for the better with Change the World Together!

Money and authority have merged under this corrupt

system. Their power stems from this unity, a secret held

by those in power since time immemorial. Those in power

follow the “divide et impera” or divide and rule principle.

This allows them continue their control by wearing down

the forces that try and hamper their plans. The problems we

face today are a result of our inaction. Taking the “waitand-

see” approach we enable these controllers to define our

future and the future of our children. Change will not come

by itself. We must combine our efforts.

If we unite we can do much more, together we can

change the world!


It is clear that these “bubbles” and the buying up of the world

for dollars has given the world’s elite almost unlimited financial

and administrative power and resources. This will continue as the

world plays by the rules of these robber barrons.

Charles de Gaulle —

the first knight for humanity against

the dollar in the 20th century

The US wishes for sole control over the global foreign

exchange market was transmitted to all the countries during the

Second World War. In April 1943 American experts launched

the global monetary system scheme. World War II was in full

swing. Great Britain, the Soviet Union and other participants in

the anti-Hitler coalition had to pay America gold for delivery

of arms, machinery, metals and food. Conventional bank notes

were worth almost nothing in wartime. The dollar had become

the equivalent of precious metals and the gold standard was

pegged on y to the dollar. Here are some figures: The gold

reserve of the United States was 13,000 tons in 1938, 17,700

tons in 1945, 21,800 tons in 1949. That was 70% of the world

gold reserve at that time.

On February 4th, 1965 the President of France, Charles

de Gaulle, told journalists at his regular briefing at the Elysee

Palace: “Truly it is hard to imagine any standard other than gold.

The international exchange has the highest law, the golden rule,

which is to be restored. It is an obligation to provide balance

of payments for various currencies by actual revenue and

expenditure of gold”.

After the creator of the Fifth Republic stopped talking, the

press representatives rushed out of the hall to nearby telephone

sets. Everyone understood that a war had been officially declared

— a war against the US dollar. De Gaulle proposed that the postwar

world financial redistribution in favor of the dollar as the

main currency not be accepted. He called back to the international

payments system effective before the World Wars. In other words,

he proposed to bring back the classical gold standard where any

currency had real value and was literally worth that value in gold.

De Gaulle did not intend to bring back the gold standard,

which would ensure the stability of the global financial system.

Quite the contrary, he was proposing a return to the role of gold

as the general equivalent. Americans were torn between the

Vietnam War and problems in the Caribbean, they hoped that

the anti-dollar rhetoric of the French leader would remain just

words. However, it did not go that way.

A secret report by famous economists Robert Triffin and

Jacques Rueff, prepared in 1959, informed General De Gaulle

that the forced participation of France in the so-called “Gold

Pool” was ruining the economy. The international structure of

the central banks of seven Western European countries under

the auspices of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, which

included France, were acting through the Bank of England.

It was not only keeping the international price of gold at $35

per ounce (one ounce is equal to approximately 31 grams) for

the convenience of Washington but was also trading the gold

for their benefit and reporting monthly to the US financial

authorities. If they had to increase the selling volume of the

metal, the pool participants gave the Americans the gold

from their reserves. If the pool bought more than sold, the

difference was shared at a humiliating ratio: half was given

to the Americans, half to the others. France had 9%. Experts

reported to de Gaulle that the activities of the Gold Pool had

caused over $3 billion in loss to the Europeans.

General de Gaulle knew he irritated the US government,

particularly after France had accelerated development of its

own nuclear weapons program in the early 1960s. In January

of 1963 De Gaulle rejected the “multilateral nuclear force”

created by the Pentagon and he took back the control of the

Atlantic fleet of France from NATO. By that time only two

French divisions remained under the American command

instead of the fourteen that were agreed on. However, the

Americans never guessed that this was just the beginning.

In 1965 De Gaulle formally proposed to his American

counterpart Lyndon Johnson 1.5 billion dollars in cash from

the French state reserves to be exchanged for gold. Washington

responded that the US would regard such an action by France

as unfriendly and would have consequences. “Politics is

too serious a matter to be left to the politicians”, — retorted

the general and announced that France was walking out on


In spring of 1965 a French ship anchored in New York

harbor. It was not a combat vessel, but it had a weapon with

which Paris intended to win the financial battle with the

United States. The French ship had brought bank notes to the

value of 750 million dollar to the United States in order to

exchange them for “real money”, that is for gold. That was

the first tranche payment to the Federal Reserve System.

“All the formalities are met. The representative of the

Bank of France is ready to provide half of the said amount

to the US Treasury. The money is here”, — read the official

dispatch from Paris to Washington. Exchange under the rules

of the Gold Pool could only be made to the US Treasury. The

hull of the first French “money” ship was waiting to unload

the 750 million dollars. At an exchange rate of 1.1 grams

of gold per dollar, Paris’s move away from the US currency

turned out to be very productive. 825 tons of the yellow metal

is a large amount. Another ship carrying the same amount

was on the way and that was only the beginning. By the end

of 1965 there remained only about 800 million dollars of the

$ 5.5 billion French foreign reserves in the US.

Of course, de Gaulle had not brought down the dollar

alone. However, the French currency intervention had

created a dangerous precedent for the US. Following the

unpredictable move by France, zealous Germans pulled

together to change dollars for gold bars. Their exchange

was several times larger than the 1.5 billion dollars of

France. Americans were shocked by this bold play but had

to change the “greenbacks” for gold. Then the central banks

of other countries — Canada, Japan — followed suit. The news

about the US gold reserves at that time were like front-line

reports on the battle field.

In March of 1968 the Americans limited the free

exchange of dollars for gold for the first time. By the end

of July, 1971 the US authorities declared the gold reserve

of America had dropped to its lowest level — less than

10 billion dollars. This is when the “Nixon shock” happened.

On August 15th, 1971 the US President Richard Nixon made

a television appearance and announced the dollar would no

longer be secured by gold.

Since that time the world currencies have been subjected

to the principle of a financial pyramid without any checks

or balances. Incidentally, the US has yet to recover from

the gold shock.

After the “Monetary Austerlitz” De Gaulle’s power did

not last long. In 1968 massive student riots with a motto

“13.05.58 — 05.13.68, time to leave” flooded France. On

April 28th, 1969 de Gaulle left his office voluntarily before

the end of his term. We must remember that bankers use

wars and revolutions as tools of influence, so it is easy

to guess who had a lot to gain from the dismissal of this

outstanding politician.

Hugo Chavez

and Saddam Hussein

The Venezuelan leader

Hugo Chavez was one of

the first who attempted to

break out of the vicious

circle of petrodollars.

Under his leadership

Venezuela — the largest oil

producer in the Western

Hemisphere and known

to be unfavorable towards

American oil corporations

refused to sell oil for dollars and preferred barter transactions.

Venezuela stopped selling oil and instead bought goods for its

“black gold”.

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