Crisis: Time of Losses and Opportunities

Бесплатный фрагмент - Crisis: Time of Losses and Opportunities

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Your soul won’t see a rainbow unless your eyes have seen tears.

— Indian wisdom

Everything passes. This will, too.

— inscription on King Solomon’s ring

Kingdom of Darkness

Everyone of us faces dark periods from time to time. To see the light again, you must light a fire inside of you.

The time we have feared has come. The old world is slowly sinking into the darkness of chaos, taking us down with it. Darkness and uncertainty are now our home.

Can you imagine it? It’s a common situation in the middle of any crisis. And crises happen quite often.

But what if you refuse to bethe victim of circumstances? How to learn to benefitfrom problems, failures, and defeats? How to get out of an impasse? How to see new opportunities when you are falling?

The Kingdom of Darkness is just the beginning. It’s time to rethink your values and remove “the rust” of the old world. It’s time of great opportunities for those who won’t sit theredoing nothing. It’s the time of pioneers and creators of a new reality.

Don’t give up. It’s just the beginning!

In the rut

Fall and rise.

Our life consists of ups and downs. After a triumph, we stumble and have to rise from the rut again. Can it be changed?

Life has a cyclical nature. If you think you’ll be going up all the time, you’ll be bitterly disappointed when you take a hard fall. The first fall may leave you discouraged and broken at the very bottom of the pit.

If, however, you understand that this is how life works, falls only make you stronger. You learn and benefit from your failures. You use your defeats are a springboard for future victories. This is how leaders are born. This is the path of victors.

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