Creating global brand

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What is the audience for this book?

Same question any manager of any rank must have in his mind about 99% of his life.

Is it simple you think?

Yes it is, when you used to it.

When my habit is to live like this.

If you know how to think 99% of your life about others, about the planet, you can lead.

I lead when I think about other people, my people.

But in reality (and your couch will tell this better) you think only 1% in such reality.


In my opinion this book can read (read and understand I mean) any manager let’s say starting from:

Regional manager position for international companies;

General manager for regional companies.

I will use as possible simple terminology so managers from such countries as China or Russia also will understand what I mean in this book.


This is I am sure very very important thing — to know and really know who can possibly be your Audience.

We will use this word so often in the book, and also word Environment.

Also Leadership and Leader need to be explained so we can understand better each other.

Modern world needs to be explained — what we will understand by this term.

And the last one — creating, the word from the title also very important to understand clear, so I think we will speak about it.


Modern world

If you are 60 and more then present chapter is not for you.

I mean you already know what phrase Modern world means and you can go read further.

Why 60?

Because I think about my father now who is about this age and I understand the difference in our ways of thinking.

My grandfather is about 90…

Well, if you are at this age I have nothing to give you.

But you can possibly read this book to understand how people who lead today think, how to hire them.

Problem with people who are about 60 is that they are too clever to go for an EMBA.

And they can’t understand how modern leaders think, how to hire them.

So if you are about 60 but you don’t have EMBA this book possibly will be interesting for you but it will be very difficult reading.

So, what I mean when I say modern world?

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