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They lived on the same blue planet fun and friendly Wolves and Rams.

The rams were very nice, kind and law-abiding citizens of country of rams and really, really wanted everything to be done according to the Law. They even «demanded» their rights from the Wolves only by the Law (dressed in muzzles). And since they were rams, they did not even notice that the Laws were specially invented by the Wolves for them, so that they themselves would climb into their mouths, and according to the Law…

And the Wolves were very fond of barbecue and a bloody lamb steak. And…

So they lived peacefully and for a long time, cheerfully and amicably next to each other Wolves and Rams…


Conversation on the lawn of two rams (father and son).

— You see, my son — what beautiful meadows our Great Shepherd gave us! He is very kind and Great-Soulful, with affectionate love and great joy he always takes care of us! He must be obeyed in everything and Not upset in any way Never! Yes, and from wolves and the Devil, he ALWAYS saves us and strongly protects us!

— And what kind of road is this, along which every morning And with great joy and tears in my eyes, and even with the all-ram song «Goodbye!! And see you new — There!» our friends and relatives are leaving sheep and NONE of theme comes back?

— This is my son, Special Road! It leads to Heaven!!! And our Chief Shepherd stands there with a candle and shows the way to Heaven to our sheep.

— Why do rams need Heaven? And in the meadows we are not bad, even good! We have the juiciest weed, and promises too!


— And why didn’t I see this very Great Shepherd there? How many did not peer into this road to the horizon — He is not visible there, is he Invisible or something, this Shepherd?

— Well, how can I explain to you, son, so that you would understand everything correctly? … Our real home is Heaven (according to the stories from our Shepherds). And when our rams get there again, they become invisible and blessed as our Shepherd.

— And the wolves are blessed there too?

— There are no wolves!

— What if they are there too, but also like the Heavenly rams and our Shepherd are invisible and blessed?…


One people lived on the planet Blue.

And we decided to keep chickens.

They built a whole chicken coop, and what would be even more fun — they learned to play different games with their chickens.

And they came up with more for them, and quite specifically all sorts of money, different.

Chickens very liked «Monopoly» more than anyone else — a special game where you had to collect and collect more money, buy and buy property, create and destroy countries.

They bought and re-bought, countries built and destroyed, bought and re-bought, countries built and destroyed…

Our people, on their business, flew to the neighboring city for a short time…

And suddenly…

The chickens are all amicable and they decided that they are the masters of the Blue planet of the one on which our people lived, who built a chicken coop for them, and different games taught them to play…

The morality of this short tale-fable is as follows:

Until you see the World as it really is, you don’t know and understand about who You really are in this World…

When our people returned, they didn’t like the chickens with chicken brains and the people who imagined themselves.

And we decided to modernize them a little:

1. Vaccinate (to change their DNA).

2. Chip (to control their thoughts and growth on the planet Blue).

But those chickens were busy with a completely different game of their beloved (all new laws were written and written and deputies were elected to their chicken parliament, all new laws were written and written, and they were elected to their chicken parliament, they sang and danced and played different arts, in one word — they all played and played in Power and Humans)…

And they didn’t even notice how beautiful and competent they were…


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